From the monthly archives: June 2009

Went down to Holts to check out the blogger windows, and they’re fantastic! I was a little disappointed though that the Bryan Boy window and Garance Dore window were both still unfinished, or maybe being re-touched, (the curtains were down). Yet another excuse to visit Holt Renfrew again! I took some pictures, sadly I realized after that day time is the wrong time to take pictures when glass is involved, you can see me and everything else reflected. I’d like to direct you to, where Erica Lam has posted some much better quality pics of the windows.

I was feeling rather intrigued by the art of window styling, so I’ve included pictures of a fabulous H&M window, and an Aritzia window. 
Maybe one day I’ll have a window… I’m going to make that an official life goal.

So this is my first post where I’m feeling less than happy. Why is it that so many people see fashion, (the purchasing of shoes, clothes, accessories, etc) as a waste of time and money? Because they don’t understand the passion behind it. Clothes are art for the body, what you wear expresses who you are. Shoes, in my opinion are more of an art form than say some odd sculpture, they transform your mood, your stature and your look. (And they act as art, well mine do, sitting atop shelves, tables, and sometimes the fridge-I want to see the sparkly Miu Mius every minute!). 

I’m writing this because yesterday a girl at work heard how I love shoes, and that I have a lot of them, (I haven’t got a figure for you, as I have never counted how many pairs I own. One day I will.) and she wanted to talk to me about how wasteful that is, and that you really only need a few good pairs. I would die if I had to choose between a few pairs, as would every other fashionista I’m sure. 
I’d like to thank Carrie Bradshaw for making it more acceptable to be proud of being a shoe-addict. 
I’m done now, and off to Holts, I hear they have Blogger-inspired windows!!

This is Monika, doing club wear, we’re identical twins. I think she looks a little bit Bridgette Bardot, (in her younger years obviously), with this styling. I don’t know where her clothes are from, but I do know that she is wearing a gorgeous skirt that I made back in high school for one of my sewing projects. Love that it is being worn!


My way of toughening up this soft cashmere oversized sweater: Add latex-looking leggings, knee-high suede boots, a tough chain necklace as a bracelet and a sequin-chain purse. 


Top: Tailored navy blazer with white shirt, (and gold cufflinks!), charcoal fitted jeans and vintage black patent leather shoes. (Don’t worry, I’m not gonna mention that you were wearing an “H” belt).

Bottom: These shoes caught my eye in the club! Fabulous cream heels, is that a red sole I see?! I think this is a very chic, and very man-friendly look, perfect for the occasion. 

Love the lacy-like detail on the back of this shirt, you know Vogue says that the back is the new front. Clearly this girl reads Vogue, (it is the fashion bible after all). Also love the wide-leg jeans. Too bad she doesn’t know she’s on a style blog.


The Prince of Pop, and sequins, Rest In Peace

It seems trivial to think of fashion at a time like this, but Michael really was a trendsetter, he marched to the beat of his own drum. Style-wise, I’d like to thank him for his use of all things sparkly, if it weren’t for him, my closet would not be jammed full of sequin-everything, (jackets, sweaters, skirts, hats, shoes, etc).
Soo sad, hope his kids will be well taken care of.

Stephanie and I did a little bit of a pre-game photo shoot before going dancing tonight, here’s what we came up with for tonight’s club wear.

Me (top): Vintage sequin jacket, Aritzia tank dress, B2 shoe booties, Zara sequin purse
Steph: American Apparel Bodysuit, vintage cargos, brand unknown of brown suede fringed heels

My fashionable sister’s advice of the day:

“Wasting money puts you in a real party mood.” – Andy Warhol

I can’t believe I did this…. They’re finally mine!! Lucky lucky me I found these crazy expensive Miu Miu shoes on sale! Although they were still an investment, I consider them art, and everyone spends lots of money on beautiful art, right? (Thinking that makes me feel okay about it, thank goodness I have wonderful girlfriends who applaud my shoe investments). 
But what I didn’t think of is where does one wear shoes like these? Certainly not to a club, and not casually, maybe they’re date wear? Or maybe I’ll just wear them everyday, all day and live happily ever after in my pink sparkly shoes… 
I’m going to come up with an outfit for these and post it soon, stay tuned… or maybe some suggestions for outfits??


There is nothing like hopping around Main St. on a sunny Sunday morning, (which is more like 11-3am, because who gets up earlier than 10 on a Sunday?). Today was the day of the Recessionista Shopping Event at Heritage Hall on Main, which I have been looking forward to for weeks! A room packed with local designers selling their items for $25 and under, obviously I’m so there. And all who went got a gift bag with a free yoga session coupon, and 3 free tanning coupons, (hello instant beach body!). I got an amazing “gold” coral ring that has “diamonds” set into the coral, fake, obviously, but gorgeous all the same. 

After Heritage Hall we visited some of the vintage shops, like Bohemia Gallery. This place has to be one of my favourite vintage shops, there’s such quirky stuff to look at, and somehow I always find a real gem, like the white and black Italian leather purse that is printed to look like croc, soo excited to wear this! So we’re browsing around and the owner of the shop tells she just “got a new designer upstairs!” And how she “loves her new designer!” I’d like to have my own designer upstairs too, some people have all the luck. Anyways, good thing we heard about the upstairs because there was heaps more vintage! I found a fabulous sequin bolero, black with gold tiger stripes. I plan to wear it for day, I think sequins make everyday an occasion, why hide them at night? In the sun they shine like mad and it’s just fabulous. 
Check out the “new designer’s” loft where she sells her work, called ODP Designs. The collection is created with old clothes made new by re-designing the shapes, cutting up, adding buttons, straps and everything else. Amazing loft she’s got there.
My outfit: 
Sparkly pink hoody: American Apparel
Dark skinnies: K by Karl Lagerfeld
Nude gladiator wedges: Nine West
Rose gold watch: Fossil

This black jacket is incredible, so stylish and so on trend, and he created the look himself! He added the studs, they add so much! I adore the white shorts and hamptons-esque summer shoes balanced by the edgy jacket. Five fashion stars.


These are my glass slippers. Beautiful shoes that are annoyingly fragile. I remember seeing them in Chanel’s denim/USA collection, and then I went to NYC, and there was a sale… and now they live in my shoe closet. They’ve already been repaired once, and now they’re retired until another very special occasion. The heel looks inspired by the Empire State building, utterly fabulous. 

Now if only I could get my hands on the matching belt…

One of my very favourite dresses, I’m always asked where I got this dress. And I would certainly never tell anyone that I got it at H&M and only paid $15 for it… I think it’s best with fabulous shoes, like black patent peep toe Elie Tahari pumps. (Oops, wardrobe malfunction with the hanger strap showing)


JP Valdes: Event planner, graphic artist and party-person extraordinaire. All in black with some serious white and silver sneakers. 


Plaid? Check. Leather mini skirt and jacket? Check. High waisted skirt and lace leggings? Check. Love the Nineties.


Agyness Deyn is by far my favourite model, last August I saw a picture of her and because of that picture, I cut my hair very short. Isn’t she just gorgeous??


Top: my desk at the moment. This is what I call a beautiful mess.

Boyfriend says magazines are a dying art, that it’ll all be digital soon. This horrifies me, one of my greatest pleasures is to sit down with a beautifully put together and well-written magazine. There is something about fantastic art direction that makes me want to read and re-read a magazine from cover to cover. My opinion is that the best magazines are British, with the exception of US Vogue. This UK Vogue (featured on top with Natalia Vodianova) is incredible, I got mine at Chapters on Robson/Howe. They have a little Starbucks attached where, if you sit outside, the best people/fashionista watching is.

Just got this amazing purse from my favourite store, you guessed it! Zara. When I saw it, it reminded me of Chanel’s Paris-Londres collection, (Lagerfeld’s 6th Metiers d’Art show), which was so amazing. All of the compliments I’ve received on it have been from men, they love the sparkle!


My first skate photography! I can’t skate to save my life, but I think it’s pretty great to watch, so I went with a couple girlfriends over to the RDS Block Party on Lonsdale Ave yesterday to catch some rays and check out the skills of the local skaters. Skaters have a pretty defined style, lots of bold colours and lots of matching, check out the pic of the girl with the neon green high tops.