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Nelson St in the west end

Nelson St in the west end



Fall Day outfit: Leather Zara boots, leather H&M skirt, Splendid waffle shirt, vintage ring

Fall Day outfit: Leather Zara boots, leather H&M skirt, Splendid waffle shirt, vintage ring

IMG_5362What is more beautiful than Vancouver in the Fall? Watching the leaves turn from green to orange, walking through piles of leaves and layering on scarves and sweaters are some of the best things about Fall. Can’t wait for more….. (When will it be cold enough for ear muffs and fur??)



Tuesday night! At Celebrities! Stephanie and I got ourselves a bottle of white and had a toast to the last party night at my old apartment, before I move on down to the harbour. Here we are all dolled up to party!

Just before I left I found this little peice of black and white polka dot ribbon and asked Steph to tie it around my neck. I’m quite liking the effect, and I think I’m gonna do it again, maybe with a white satin one next time. Of course I’ve got my favourite Zara heels on here, they go with everything, and an AA dress.

Steph wears a vintage pink satin skirt, lace top and platform pumps.

Steph is one of those friends who influences your style, and mine has definately changed since I met her, I think she turned my like of vintage to a full out obsession.


Both of these dress I made when I was 16, (for a high school fashion show – each took about 7 hours). They both fit me when I was 16. So I think it’s both a fabulously amazing and utterly depressing fact that I still fit both. Although I couldn’t get into either of them last year, so maybe I’ll see it as a good thing. Anyways, I LOVE the pink/white dotty dress sooo much and was always sad I wouldn’t be able to wear it again. But I can!! I must get boyfriend to go out somewhere fancy with me soon before the weather turns too cold to wear a white strapless dress. 


Finally made it over to my old apartment on Haro, oh pretty spring time on Haro St, I will miss you, but then got distracted with lots of clothes I haven’t seen in weeks. And ran around my apartment taking pictures. The ruffly black dress is a vintage find, I’m gonna go with 80s. 

First pic up: Flash! I decided to being back my beginner days on blogger when I didn’t realize my camera had a timer on it and thought every picture I ever took of myself was going to have to be done with the help of a mirror. 
2nd to Top: Pack, pack, pack. 
Bottom: This is my all-leather look. That dress is just about painted on. Zara knee high boots from last season. 

Saturday night was a big night for Tommy and I and about 200 other people. A wedding reception! I stupidly forgot to take pictures of Tommy and my outfits, we both glammed it up, but I did do some paparazzi-ing! Anyone recognize the man holding all the purses? …Is that Karl??


I’ve been lusting after Michael Kors’ hot pink fur coat, (F/W 09), and thinking how on earth will I ever come up with the $5000 to make it mine?? When I realized I already own a sweater similar to it. I got this sweater about 3 years ago at a vintage shop on Main St, and wore it to school the next day. Nobody was wearing anything like it – this was the time of tight flared jeans, hideous printed hoodies, those awful yoga pants and lots of Uggs – but I thought, I love it so I don’t care. It sheds like crazy, but no more than the now ever-so-popular purse dog, so I can handle it.


Im supposed to be packing up my apartment right now, transferring all my stuff from my old apt to the beautiful new, (actually it’s 100 years old), one! But I procrastinated instead. I figured I haven’t done a post in ages, so I should invest part of my day in doing that. Winter here I come!

The 2nd picture is a mash of everything I love, pink fur, pink sequins, high high heels and plaid. All in one. I don’t actually plan on wearing this out.
P.S. Notice anything different? I took the plunge last week to really get ready for fall, and dyed my hair dark brown! Kinda scary, kinda wonderful. I’m learning to love it.

I’m in the process of moving my blog over to WordPress. In the meantime, please visit my old site on Blogger:

I had to share this article! For all the ladies who love to blog, READ THIS FAB ARTICLE!

Partly because I am sometimes absent-minded, and partly because I get lazy when I get home, my jewelry is everywhere; a ring on the bathroom counter, a necklace on top of the fridge, bracelets on the bed side table. 
I used to think I should learn to be tidier, but I now think that this behavior is brilliant as it allows me to pop on a piece of jewelry that maybe isn’t the perfect match, or I wouldn’t have thought to pair with a particular ensemble. 
Ex: Slipped on a huge cocktail ring this morning while brushing my teeth. I was wearing an oversized white T and skinny jeans. By breakfast I was thinking, “this glam ring is just right with these favourite, worn in pieces”.
Style Instinct
I remember reading a quote from Agyness Deyn that said something like, wear the outfit that you first put on because those are the pieces that you want to wear, and don’t second guess yourself. (While I totally agree with this, I can’t say this is always what I’ve done; once I imagined how great it would look to wear this new wide belt I had just bought over a cream, winter wool coat, (I was trying to channel my inner Patricia Field for SJP), I looked in the mirror and saw a belted twinkie. It was awful.) But the gist of Aggy’s idea is brilliant, wear what you love and what suits your mood and go with it. Once you walk out the door, leave all self doubt behind.  
When dressing I always try to stay away from wearing top and bottoms that are of the same silhouette. I think it’s much more flattering to wear 1 thing fitted, 1 thing loose, when talking casual wear. (Obviously work attire is different because both top and bottoms should be appropriately fitted, as in not tight, and not sloppy). 
If you’re having a “fat day” a men’s style button down is a dream, especially when paired with a tight-ish skirt, or fitted jeans, the look is stylish and comfortable as you’re not pulling your shirt down all day because you’re worried the jeans might create the “love-handle” effect. 
I was asked lately about my personal style, and it got me thinking, so I thought I’d share. Happy styling!

(Picture: Showcasing the work of Rhea Le Riche, BA Fashion: Specialist Make-Up Design)

For years now I have dreamed of attending the London College of Fashion in England. It’s a very expensive dream, but I still hope to one day make it happen. In the mean time I visit the school’s site every now and then to check out the current students’ work, and a blog called Pigeons and Peacocks, which is produced by the students, (Pigeons and Peacocks is also a magazine-one of my very favourites, but only produced and distributed in London). 
I came across the work of a student, Emma Gibney, that I quite liked, especially her portfolio of street style photography. 

Thursday night in NYC must have been amazing, I wish I could have been there. Hundreds of celebrities, designers and models prancing around the city from party to party celebrating fashion with a glass, or two, of champagne. Sounds like heaven to me. Click here for the link to see all 137 pictures from the event!


Sitting on the couch, staring out the window at the most beautiful view; the coal harbour marina with the stunning north shore mountains and blue sky as the back drop. And yet I do not want to go outside. If I do I will have to give in to the sun and take off my precious wool cape and maybe even put on sandals. Can’t we pack those away already?
However, yesteday I did venture out into the sun to have lunch with a girlfriend and a visit to Woo Vintage in Gastown. And thank goodness I did because LOOK WHAT I FOUND!! Oh my goodness I am in looove with this reversible red cape. It’s dutch, well made in Holland anyways, and it’s so cozy and fun, I can’t wait to layer scarves over this, with knee high black leather boots. I’m wearing it with leopard print Manolo Blahniks at top, and below with Marc by Marc Jacobs patent leather heels and my vintage rabbit fur stole-turned-muff. Bottom: a navy wool cape I’ve had for about a decade, but never really loved until a few years ago, it needs a bright red scarf and maybe a beret. These things will come. 

I’ve been wanting caramel coloured leather boots for ages and ages!! And finally I found some! Except that they aren’t leather, they’re a synthetic look-a-like and the price tag was only $39.99, (found at a trendy mall store near you). I’m thinking they’ll be perfect for fall running around when it’s raining, I don’t have to worry about ruining leather! I’m wearing a bathrobe because I just woke up, I couldn’t wait to show the boots!


Top: A rolling rack in what Tommy refers to as “the fashion room” in our apartment. It’s the room where I get to put all the girlie things, all my clothes and shoes and pink and sparkles and glitter and feathers… It’s a very happy place for me. 

Our mornings, get on our computers and check the latest tweets, posts, what’s in the news feed, etc. I thought this morning was particularly cute and felt compelled to share. (Those mid-night blue toes are evidence of my pedi yesterday! Loving the colour, especially when worn with borrowed, over-sized PJs).
StyleStruck bakes!! From scratch. No help from Betty Crocker for this fashionista. This is my Crumb Cake, sooo yummy and perfect with tea for breakfast. I am so very domesticated. 
Now off to Kelowna for a trip with one of my besties, Steph, will post pics and tell stories when I return!
xoxo StyleStruck

Just sittin at home waiting for the girls to get here so we can go out and dance!! And they’re running fashionably late, so I thought, why not do a little photo shoot to post my friday-night-party-outfit?! Here it is: (Boyfriend calls it my “Biker-chick look”, Tommy got it exactly right)
Tee: H&M
Belt: Bang-On
Leather Shorts: Vintage, (from Legends on Main)
Shoes: Zara (as per usual)

Girl’s Day! Today started with a lovely little browse around H&M while I waited for my girlfriends to meet me for Bellinis. I ended up with a $6.95 purchase-a fab over-sized white V-neck tee. Aannndd I tried on some cute faux-fur coats, but I couldn’t decide, and I don’t really know if I need more fur coats, especially when they’re faux fur when I already own a couple vintage fur coats. But anyhow, I snapped some pics in the dressing room of the coats to show you all how they look. I think I might pass, although I really do like the grey/black one. Last is a pic of two of my girls and I getting pedis on Davie St. Definately a lovely girlie day.


Date night is upon me and I can’t quite decide what to wear, here is what I’m feeling. I’ve been told to dress up, but I’m feeling a little bit edgy today, maybe it’s the stressful morning I had, so I thought a pvc skirt would be perfect. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

So far I have only picked four of the available September Issues: Flare, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Elle. I am trying to restrain myself by not buying them all at once. 

FLARE: I was soo impressed with Flare this month!! Lisa Tant has really outdone herself. From having Daria on the cover, to using Kate Bock in a fabulous fashion spread to the relevant articles and intense use of Canadian designers and realistic price points, Flare really delivered a useful fashion tool. There are several items I will be scouting for thanks to Flare. And I will be keeping this issue, not tossing it as I suspect I will be doing to Elle-music to Tommy’s ears, (I own stacks and stacks of magazines from past years-”one day they’ll be vintage!!”).
HARPER’S BAZAAR: When I saw Leighton Meester on the cover I was thrilled!! But then disappointed by the very ‘bazaar’ aging spread they did of her. Where did that idea come from and why wasn’t it nixed? It was weird and a very short piece about the cover star, maybe an actual fashion spread with Leighton and a full article would have been better? Just a thought…. However, I was soo excited about Aggy playing Michael Jackson in the “Thriller Fashion” spread, shot by Terry Richardson. Also, loved the “Proud to Shop” bit, the pictures were beautiful, and while I can’t afford to shop like they think I should, I did find the piece relevant and the photos were beautiful.
VOGUE: Question: Why put Charlize on the cover? I get that Vogue thinks she is the ultimate “movie star”, but haven’t we seen Charlize on many, many covers already? Maybe it’s just me, but I think that the September issue needs to showcase something new and be a real trendsetting magazine and therefore putting a NEW star on the cover would’ve been a better idea. Or maybe even a MODEL. Especially since the Supermodel era is back, why not put Naomi, Linda or Cindy on the cover? Or maybe all together like back in the day… Anyways, I did enjoy the escape Vogue provided me, they always provide fantastical fashion spreads and articles-particularly the article and photos showcasing Gela Nash-Taylor’s beautiful English country side home-I’m sure we all dream of owning that one day.
ELLE: WHAT THE HECK DID THEY PUT JENNIFER ANNISTON ON THE COVER FOR?! I mean COME ON. Have we not heard enough about sad J. Anniston?? I used to be on team Anniston, now due to J’s seemingly “I lost my only true love to Ang” persona, I am fully on team Brangelina. I’m tired of reading about her, tired of seeing her in/on magazines. I know that’s harsh but her story is over, it was past over back when she was on Oprah. I don’t particularly care about what she has to say, partly because I find her to be dull and boring…… I haven’t even read the issue yet, something about seeing that terrible picture of her on the cover, (couldnt they have at least made her look fabulous?!), makes me not want to even open the magazine. Why did I buy it? Because I wanted to give Elle, a magazine I usually love, a chance. One of my fellow twitterers says that the magazine is full of big prices and unrealistic fashion this month…. Ohhh Elle, try again next month. Better luck then hopefully?

This past Monday I had a day off, (which are rather rare these days), and so I did a big loop around Vancouver running errands and hunting cheapie shopping destinations. And I found them! I had been on the hunt for a few things and I found two!!: lace gloves and a fur stole

I bought 3 pairs of lace gloves from Dressew, (ONLY $1.99!); 1 dainty pair with bows, 1 plain lace pair and another plain pair that I plan to cut the fingers off of… if only I could figure out where Boyfriend put the scissors…
The rabbit fur stole was a steal at $30!! And in mint condition I couldn’t believe it! I got it at Woo Vintage on Cambie in Gastown. That store has amazing vintage, they had a Shiaparelli fur hat!! Sadly, it didn’t fit. I’m wondering if I should turn this stole into a muff?? 
Bustier: Forever 21
Ripped Jeans: Sirens
Heels: Stuart Weitzman
Bracelet: H&M
Gloves: Dressew
Stole: Woo Vintage