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I’m off to dress up for tonight’s Halloween Bash, will post many pictures tomorrow!

I hope everyone has a wonderful night, I’d love to know what your costume is!

Xo StyleStruck


IMG_5848The Outfit for today’s shoot: LV scarf, (from Sears, this is the only thing I think I have ever bought from Sears, at least in the past decade!), Wilfred Blazer, White Sirens Jeans, Elie Tahari Black Patent Pumps. (Un-touched picture)

Today I felt like playing around with the picture settings to see what kind of effects I could come up with… Each pic has a little tweak, (by tweak I do not mean photoshop. I do not believe in photoshop, however I may change my mind if I one day find myself on the cover of an international magazine. I reserve the rights to be hypocritical on this issue). : ) In the moment while I was feeling inspired and throwing scarves around  like mad in the fashion room, (there’s now one on pretty much every surface-and they look quite pretty on the lampshades all lit up and what not), I didn’t think to put on a tank. But since when do fashion-y pictures need to have anything to do with being realistic?





All dressed and ready to go!

All dressed and ready to go!

Kim Bowie

Kim Bowie

Philip Lyle

Philip Lyall

 Yesterday was practically a day of hysterics for me, my schedule was made down to the minute, from studying to errands to finishing a project to writing a midterm to going to Leone for a party to the after-partying… Crawling into bed was lovely at the end of it all! While it was crazy busy, I’d being looking forward to cocktails and couture at Leone for awhile, (and only decided at the very last minute what I should wear, before that I was all, “I have nothing, nothing! to wear!!” In the end I wore a wilfred boyfriend blazer, a pleather H&M strapless mini dress, tights and my Chanel heels, with a blue cheetah bracelet and sequin Zara purse).

The fashionistas did not disappoint, pictured are a few of my favourites, Kim with her gorgeous green fitted dress, Philip with his gingham and black skinnies and everyone else between. Lots of heels and gorgeous blouses. I am happy to report it seems that the ladies of Vancouver favor a more sophisticated silhouette over the more skin-tight looks that used to be so popular. 

Thanks Kim for hosting a lovely party!


This lovely lady, (above) had on the most amazing necklace that she bought in Greece. It was a chain of Swarovski crystals with each end of the chain finishing in bits of fur. It’s always great to see someone wearing something totally different! (Also, LOVE the heels.)

IMG_5807Vintage SEQUINS! Brilliant top, she and I joked that we should have had my bag with her top together, girls love their sparkles!

Today's Outfit

Today's Outfit

This vintage angora sweater is a fall favourite

This vintage angora sweater is a fall favourite

What I wore today: (above) Vintage angora sweater, Odyn skinnies, Browns tie-up booties, Zara leather chain bag, scarf a girlfriend left behind ages ago, vintage gold coral ring

Monday morning and lots to do, #1 on my list? Go to Chapters on Robson and pick up the new Vogue! And a latte at the in-store Starbucks. That Starbucks holds a special place in my heart, it’s where I first decided to become a blogger, I was flipping through Elle, sipping a latte when I came across an article about bloggers! And it occurred to me, I could do this! Anyways, so I did that today, and then I went on a hunt for bits and pieces for Tommy and my halloween costumes, I found a couple things for each of us, so it felt like a very successful day. 

I went to Used looking for some vintage chains and came across the most amazing selection of fur stoles, so if you’re in the market, head over to Used! (Robson and Granville, upstairs) As well as this gorgeous snakeskin purse that is probably about a 100 years old. 

Here is what I wanted to wear today: (Below) The top got nixed because sequins just aren’t that warm, and if I was going to wear it, I didn’t want to cover it up!

Vintage sequin top from Woo Vintage in Gastown

Vintage sequin top from Woo Vintage in Gastown





After months and months of waiting to see The September Issue, I must be honest and say that it wasn’t all I had dreamed it would be. And with all their promotion, I really had high hopes. I felt the film was a little heavy on the melancholy Grace Coddington, “Woe is me, Anna killed another spread” bits, I might go as far as to say that I wanted to see more Anna drama. She’s the character I am so fascinated by, as brilliant as Grace is. For me the highlight was seeing all of the clothes lining the hall ways of the Vogue office, the feathers and bedazzlement….and the feathers….soo gorgeous! I don’t want to say too much in case you haven’t seen it yet. 

(A little movie info: it came out Friday evening at Tinsel Town and is playing there for 2 matinees and 2 evening times, I think, something like 1-ish, 3-ish, 7-ish and then just after 9. I’m betting the tinseltown site will be more helpful.)

And what is a fashion flick without some heels? These cream patent leather double-strap heels are by Marc by Marc Jacobs.




Excuse me while I hide from the paparazzi

Excuse me while I hide from the paparazzi


Striking a pose for the paparazzi (a.k.a. Tommy)

Striking a pose for the paparazzi (a.k.a. Tommy)

Last night Tommy and I cracked a lovely bottle of red as we got ready to go out to Chill Wintston, it made for a very funny evening. I seem to remember being compared to some sort of winged mascot, something about a cute chicken… (it was the fat bomber jacket-my “show-stopper”) Teasing is what boyfriends are for. Besides, I know he secretly adores it when I wear my silly but fabulous pieces. Anyways, so we went down to Chill Winston in Gastown and met up with a group of friends. I made a very nice connection with a lovely lady named Brittany Wong, the Marketing and PR Director of StyleCanvas, an online fashion magazine. I love how when you go out, you never know who you might meet. Brittany and I bonded over talk of Christian Louboutin, New York City and of course, everything fashion. It just got me more excited for the upcoming NYC trip!! I can barely handle my excitement!


Me and Brittany, of StyleCanvas

Me and Brittany, of StyleCanvas

Because this is a fashion blog, I will include what I wore:

Vintage fur bomber jacket from Deluxe Junk in Gastown, Cynthia Rowley rhinestone blouse, H&M leather skirt, Stuart Weitzman heels and Zara sequin purse.

I’m not quite sure what Brittany was wearing, but I do know that she had on the most fabulous Christian Louboutin leather booties. Gooorrrgeous!



I mentioned in my last post that one of my errands was to get my Chanel pumps re-paired. The last time I brought them to the Chanel store they were so helpful and fixed my shoes in a week, free of charge. This time, the lady quoted over $100 for someone to draw with a silver pen on the bits of leather where the silver coating had rubbed off. So I picked my shoes up, went to Staples, bought a $3.14 set of silver sharpie markers and got to work. And I must say that I did a good job, they look like new!











Woke up the other morning with a huge list of things to do:

Re-pair Chanel shoes

Visit _______ store (I can’t tell because it has to do with Tommy’s birthday present, and if I told, he would read it and the surprise would be gone). 

Laundry, (my favourite)

Clean house

blah blah blah, the list goes on. Sadly not all of my to-do’s are as glamorous as the first. One day.

I thought, if I have to do all this running around, I may as well look cute while doing it. On went the red Zara coat, (that I save for special occasions), a black satin Cynthia Rowley blouse, K by Karl Lagerfeld Jeans and nude patent leather Prada mary-janes, (which I also save for only very special occasions. Actually, I think I’ve worn them a total of maybe 3 times since I got them over a year ago). And then the black leather Cole Haan bag that my Mum convinced me was necessary about 2 years ago at Holt Renfrew. Thinking back, maybe she wanted me to buy it so she could borrow it, which she can, anytime, just call me, Mum ;)

This production of an outfit was worth it in the end, I met Tommy for tea and he was also dressed up with a suit and a fancy elephant tie from Hermes, (when the suit and elephant tie come out, it means he had a big meeting), so we suited each other quite well.



Quickly running out of the house to get a mani down at Chi Chi on West Pender. I threw on an oversized charcoal sweater, white jeans and Coach wedges, and was then pleasantly surprised by how it all looked so I snapped a pic. And then added a leather clutch for some glamour.


00200mLying sick on the couch for the past few days, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. Much of which is spent ogling fashion shows, such as the Chanel Pret-a-Porter Spring 2010 collection. I’ve never seen a piece of Chanel clothing that made me feel like I could save for a year to have it, (shoes, yes, but the clothes sometimes leave something to be desired), until I saw this dress. It’d be perfect with everything, for every occasion and it is just so cute. I can’t find a price online, but I’m guessing it’s around $2000. Craazzzy, but I still want it. I need a plan…



How am I supposed to buy these if I can't see them in store?? Heels by Christian Louboutin

How am I supposed to buy these if I can't see them in store?? Heels by Christian Louboutin


A few days ago I twittered about how certain stores, *cough* Holt Renfrew *cough*, are very uncomfortable places to be if you feel like the sales people can see through your bag into your two-ten-dollar-bill-carrying wallet. The stores we all dream of shopping at, and sometimes do after a period of maniac saving, (and starving), have the most frustrating atmosphere!

So take Holts for instance, I have bought shoes from there in the past, and might continue to, but I can’t buy shoes if I don’t know what they are currently selling, no? And at this point, after many times of going in there to browse the selection, and being stared down because my bag is vintage and not Burberry, I step one foot towards the shoe department and feel my legs wanting to run the other direction as fast as my platform heels will carry me! It’s rediculous! There is one sales person there in particular who has this stare, it’s like he looks at you and sums up the cost of what you’re wearing and if it doesn’t total over some thousand dollar amount, you’re not worth his time. 

I used to work retail, so I understand what it’s like to have to wait on customers who are only there to have fun and try things on that they will never buy, but I am not one of those shoppers! I just want to see, and maybe touch, the shoes. So if at some point I do want to buy, it’d be nice to feel just a little bit welcomed, or god forbid, like I belong there.

I’d love to hear what you think about this! Leave a comment (at top of post)

Xoxo StyleStruck


IMG_5661IMG_5663Friday night Tommy and I did a little pumpkin carving. Neither of us had done it since elementary school, but it’s fun! And I want to do another, this time I wanna carve shoes. Carving pumpkins is a fabulous date activity!

Karl on the left, his burger on the right.



IMG_5670IMG_5671The photographer, (Tommy), told me to give him sass, so here’s sass. 

IMG_5670_2A close up of my shirt and necklace. The necklace was previously posted about, (a new purchase from the new Forever 21 store!), and the shirt is one of my very favourite pieces I own. It belonged to my Mum, until I finally was allowed to have it, and I think she got it around the 80s. The designer? Famed Canadian ballerina Karen Kain! I think that is so amazing! Karen had killer taste. I remember being about 5 and thinking, one day I will get to wear the silky leopard shirt! I feel fierce in it. 

(leather skirt: H&M, leather shoe booties: Guess)



Yesterday I trekked out to Metrotown to visit the new Forever 21!! AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL! I found soo many things I wanted, but I went there with a strict resolve to only make one purchase. I found the most gorgeous necklace that instantly made me think of Lagerfeld’s use of jade in the Fall 09 RTW collection! Karl approved for only $8! Then I put my responsible hat back on and lugged home a huge bag of groceries. Weight-lifting in coach wedges is not cute. It is disastrous, but the recessionista in me felt it would be ridiculous to pay a cabbie to take me from the Burrard sky train 4 blocks home. Even though I now have a monster blister. 

The comparable Chanel jade:

chanel jade jewelry






Since my restaurant has cut back everyone’s shifts to just 3 a week, I’m finding myself with a lot more free time. At first I thought I’d be able to spend that time freely on fashion, posts and more fashiony things, but now it seems there is always something not-so-fun to do. Like today’s to-do list:

-Re-new passport (took approximately 2 hours)

-Get Halloween Costumes from Dressew

-Pick up house things, like toothbrush, kleenex, etc

-Buy pumpkins, (Tommy and I are having a pumpkin carving contest tonight. Just me and him, he doesn’t know what he’s in for. I’ll post pics of our brilliant pumpkin artistry tomorrow)

-Clean house. (My personal favourite)

But finally I get to spend some quality time on the blog! Here is today’s rainy-day outfit: Zara coat, Siren’s jean pencil skirt, (for $7!!!), Burberry look-a-like scarf from I don’t know where, Gap plastic rainy-day purse and Juicy Couture rainboots! I bought these boots at their huge store in Greenwich Village last summer in New York. They’re flippin heavy and I bought them in the morning, meaning by the time we returned to our apartment in the evening I had emerging biceps. Eww, I’m not such a fan of lady-muscles, I’ll leave that look to Madonna.



If there were ads for my site, I’d want the tag line to read something like this…

StyleStruck is like that friend who says, “Of course you need that pair of Manolos. Who needs to buy groceries anyways?”

StyleStruck is like that friend who says, “Of course we’ll have another round! Cosmos are the new water, Darling.”

StyleStruck is like that friend who says, ”Practical isn’t in my dictionary, Darling.”

StyleStruck is like that friend who says, “I thought corduroy was a myth?”

StyleStruck is like that friend who says, “Mondays are the perfect excuse for champagne.”

StyleStruck is like that friend who says, “But high heels are appropriate footwear. Shopping is my cardio!”

StyleStruck is like that friend who says, “Sweetie, sequins go with absolutely evverryyything!”

These tag lines are part of my 100 Headlines assignment I had to do for my advertising class, except I took out the product I used and put in StyleStruck. I think it works. I thought these particular lines were quite amusing, hope they make for a little laugh!

(A disclaimer: I am not endorsing not eating for the sake of high fashion. Although I have been known to forgo the usual grocery shop in favor of ramen and shoes.)




Spending today locked inside the apartment to write 100 headlines for an assignment worth 15% of my mark for my advertising course. The assignment is due tonight. I’m at number 58! Only 42 to go… I got stuck, so I thought I’d make some tea. And when creative brains get stuck, they need something that inspires them… Hence the 5″ sequin heels. Okay, now I’m at 60. Here I go…




IMG_5598IMG_5606Sunday afternoon I boarded a teeny tiny plane, (it held 6 people), to Vancouver Island to visit Tommy’s grandparents for Thanksgiving. The plane was built in 1954, luckily for me I didn’t find that out until after landing, otherwise I don’t know if I would’ve gotten aboard. The views were incredible! That’s the Lions Gate Bridge there.

I wore: green plaid wool coat from Zara, Odyn skinnies, Michael Kors silver snakeskin flats, a pink pashmina and my Makowsky bag. 

I highly recommend this form of travel, much better than hours of driving and ferry line-ups! 




I’ve only wanted a kitten for my whole life, and I may finally be getting one! That is if we can convince our landlord to let us get one. The building we live in is pet friendly, but the people who make the decisions around here have decided no new pets from now on. I was walking past the pet shop at the mall in West Vancouver the other day when I spotted this little sweetie in the window and I waaannt her, even though I know it’s much better to adopt from the SPCA. I’ve always thought a white and grey kitten would be adorable, and she is! (Kitten on the right).


What to wear to a fashion show? Fashion shows make me go through about 5 outfit changes before I go out the door, so this time I picked one outfit, put it on and did not let myself change. Even though I was thinking to myself, this outfit needs a belt, this outfit needs a belt, your waist looks thick… I had to shove those thoughts out of my head and just go with it. The dress definately had enough going on, a belt would have just put it over the top. See for yourself:


At Republic after Sanafir, for a drink

At Republic after Sanafir, for a drink

IMG_5571At Sanafir with Niki of popular Vancouver blog A Haute Mess. I’ve been following her on twitter for some time now and checking out her blog, so it was lovely to meet her! 

I’m wearing: H&M dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, Zara shoes

Niki is wearing: vintage dress and belt, H&M shoes and jacket

I’ll be working like crazy for the next little while, (a trip is in the works!), and away for the weekend, but I’ll try and post soon as possible!

xoxo StyleStruck