From the monthly archives: January 2010

Now, I don’t usually like to post pictures from evenings out, this isn’t a party blog after all, but I can’t resist. Last night was the Redbull 3Style DJ Competition at the Commodore, and it was nuts! We were there to support DJ Sam Demoe, but obviously to do our fashion thing as well. (At the risk of sounding like I’m bragging, I will add proudly that I fit into my “skinny” dress last night, and it’s been at least a year since I fit into this little strapless pleather number! Yes, I said pleather. There is a time and place.) No reason not to start the fiesta in the elevator, pictured here with The Fancy Pirate,” a.k.a. Danielle Barnes. (Click for her blog). 

With the ladies of Operation Style, Jillian Crago and Kristy Rogerson. We ran into each on Granville St after they had an afternoon of shopping. I feel a tinge of jealousy, they look this fabulous after shopping? After a significant amount of time spent rummaging through racks and trying on blouse after heel after skirt, I am an over-heated, usually frustrated mess. But not these two! Tres chic. 

DJ Sam Demoe revvin’ the crowd up!

My “look” for the night! There was nothing in my hand. Especially not a beer. I do not condone drinking, I just like a beverage every now and then. This was one of those times. : ) Wearing: Glasses found at a sidewalk vendor in NYC, H&M pleather dress, Vintage Pierre Cardin clutch, Accessories leather belt, drugstore tights, Michael Kors leather boots and Zara leather bomber jacket.

I’ve got a copious amount of posts coming that I’m very excited about! Please stay tuned! Til then,

XO StyleStruck

Note: Hot pink ostrich feathers available at all fine crafty-type retailers. 


I am not going to lie, I’m writing this post to you as I sit in class listening to Prof Rich talk about the “chronological patterns” of speeches. The whhaaat? I have no idea what this Rich fella is talkin about, but what I have learned in past half hour is that this pretty blonde girl over in Milan knows her fashion!

Vancouver ladies, meet Chiara Ferragni!  Chiara’s blog, The Blonde Salad, features pictures of her wearing mostly casual outfits with a heavy dose of designer. Chanel, Gucci, Balenciaga, Alexander Wang and Louis Vuitton to name a few. I’ve chosen to feature Chiara because for ages now I’ve been searching for a female blogger whose style I could really relate to. Though I’m a blogger, I’m not actually sure what my style is, I’ve knocked off Hipster, Skater, Preppy, Glam, Chotch, and Sporty from the list, but can’t seem to figure out what I would be labelled. I think perhaps I’m just a blend of everything. So is Chiara, from green skinnies and jeweled head bands to knee-high socks and bows, she wears it all. As well as being a fierce fashionista, Chiara is a student with a love of photography, and she does most of her own with her trusty camera and tripod. A couple of my favourite pictures from her blog…




Got home from a fabuuloouus weekend in Whistler, (THANK YOU KATIE K!), and immediately went to work on a new post. This is going to be one heck of a week, with little time for fun things. I can’t complain though, we crammed a whole lotta fun into 3 days at the mountain. Yesterday we went boarding and I managed to make contact with the snow a few times, as in my bottom is very, very sore, so I took today off from boarding and hit the village instead. There’s something about a skinny vanilla latte and cold mountain air that can make a girl smile.

I was also on a bit of a mission; a girl I saw in a club last night who was wearing these awesome red vans and I couldn’t stop thinking about them, so I tracked down a pair at Showcase! And here they are. What is not to love about red shoes??

Oh, and I am officially a bit of a hypocrite. For years now I have been adamantly against the wearing of leggings… On Friday I caved and bought a pair. They just looked so comfortable and perfect for a mountain getaway! And they were. And now I can’t stop… BUT! I still say they are not pants.

StyleStruck rules for wearing leggings: One must not wear leggings with a short top. One must always ALWAYS have her bottom and front area covered while wearing leggings, which is easily done with a long top. Leggings are not pants. 





Wearing: Wilfred Blazer, Sirens studded tank, H&M leggings, Vans California edition sneakers, Dior hot pink lipstick. 



After a very busy month adjusting to a new apartment, a new semester at school and a bit of a club hiatus, I am soo excited to be heading out of the city for a weekend getaway! My girl friend Katie and I are driving up to Whistler this afternoon; my board is packed and so are my party shoes. I figure a club hiatus doesn’t count in a different zip code. I’m partially excited to see what the mountain will be like all set up for the Olympics, but at the same time I’m a bit ready for the hoopla to be over. (I feel a bit like a traitor saying that about my own city…)

In the midst of pulling clothes out of my closet for our little trip, I came across an old favourite that I haven’t worn in at least a year, and so an impromptu photo shoot ensued! The last time I wore this sweater my girlfriends and I spent the day running around Stanley Park on a crisp, bright fall day. It seemed appropriate at the time. Now I’m not so sure where to wear such an item, all I know is that it makes me very, very happy. Any ideas for me on where to wear this would be greatly appreciated!!





Well that’s it for now, I hope all you lovely people in Vancouver have a fabulous weekend and enjoy this amazing weather!! Maybe I’ll see some of you at Dusty’s tonight, or on the hill. 

Xoxo StyleStruck


DSC_0020Today’s post will be dedicated to the low-lying clouds that seem to have taken over this city. The gloomy-ness is starting to creep into my brain, it really is time for some fun in the sun. The other day I was sitting in my apartment, not knowing what to do with a free afternoon. With another ten days without internet and tv, I decided to get some fashion inspiration from the great outdoors, and this is what resulted. Comfy, casual, simple and subtle. In the meantime while I wait for sun, I suppose I will take advantage of this grey weather and do “cozy” things like play board games, read books, experiment with new recipes and further indulge myself with old movies. Maybe the clouds aren’t so bad after all…




Wearing: label-less stripey top, Mac & Jac vest, Bedo leggings, Zara leather boots, Marc Jacobs necklace, vintage Wayfarer Raybans.



New posts coming this week, each of my evening classes is 3-4 hours long, blog posts are sure to be an outcome of that. : )



Perched atop a stool at a Starbucks counter with her laptop and giant venti skim-vanilla-latte is StyleStruck; READY TO BLOG! Haha. I fancy myself as a super hero blogger! (Well I am wearing a gold studded belt…)

A little photo shoot I put together last night with visions of running around London in the Springtime in my head:

IMG_0135Way back when I was a student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and studied Fashion Design and Technology. These pants were one of my first year projects! We were given the pattern and had one class to complete them. You can’t see the pattern in the fabric very well, but these trousers are navy with a royal blue pin-stripe. At the time I thought they were just the most hideous things ever, I mean can you imagine high waisted pants WITH pleats!? Now I adore them, now that Stella McCartney and Chloe are all about the high waisted mens’ style trousers. Wearing: white chiffon blouse from Sirens, vintage gold scale belt, DIY trousers and Zara heels. 

Note to M.E.L.: All your galavanting in London Town has made me nostalgic for all things proper and old-man style. Maybe I’ve been watching too many old movies! And YES I’d like you to bring me back a sequined union jack dress! I don’t care if the back is see-through! Brilliant. 






IMG_0144Gorgeoouuss vintage 1930s purse!! This is definitely for art rather than use, it’s already starting to fall apart. 

Zara has got to be one of the best places to find amazing and reasonably priced shoes! These blue suede heels were a bit of an impulse buy on the way to work one morning last summer. I think maybe my impulse buys are some of my best purchases, it means the item is too gorgeous to leave at the store and I must have it at once. Generally these pieces become favourites in my closet. (Although I do try not to play favourites with my clothes and shoes, it’s just not fair.)


Ta ta for now! Time for tea.




Wearing vintage Raybans, white blouse and leggings from Bedo, shoes by Alice and Olivia for Payless. I’d say black and white make up about 70% of my wardrobe. There’s really nothing better than a white shirt, whether it’s a woven, knit or anything else, I just can’t help but feel very fresh in white. And black, well, black is just plain chic. Now if only I could find the perfect black and white stripe top… If anyone sees a great Breton style stripey top, let me know!


IMG_0096Just sitting in my bedroom, casually strapping on 7″ heels. 

IMG_0099Platforms make my day. Sometimes I put shoes on display in my apartment, and sometimes weekly I rotate them to my next favourite pair. Sometimes I do the dishes in yellow snakeskin printed leather 5″ sandals. 



Really loving these vintage Raybans… so very Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

IMG_0115“Here’s looking at you, kid,” hehe 

So tomorrow morning I am doing a photo shoot with the lovely Gwen of Simple Details Photography that I won at a CRAVE Vancouver/Operation Style Party at Boudoir in Yaletown. Looking forward to seeing her work, but very nervous about being in front of the camera when there’s actually a person behind it… I much prefer tripods. I suppose it’s time to upgrade to a real live photographer! Wish me luck!

Xoxo StyleStruck




I wish I spent my teenage years in the 90s, partied in the 50s, was a model in the 40s and was a career woman in the 80s. I also wish I was Audrey Hepburn’s BFF back when she was having her movie “moment,” and knew Brittany Murphy during her Clueless days. 

I say all this because lately I have been obsessed with all things older than I am. For instance, I am currently collecting old album art, (Debbie Harry mostly), and various black and white photos to create wall art with, am enthralled with all of Audrey’s movies and am reading a 1962 revision of Dale Carnegie’s “Effective Speaking.” I plan to be able to speak like the President in a matter of 258 pages. Here are some photos I took today whilst wishing I were on a Roman Holiday just like Audrey…



IMG_0086I’m flying away! To Rome to have my own Roman holiday! In my head…

Clothing: Grey cropped top from Forever 21, hot pink Party Skirt, rose gold Fossil watch, Stuart Weitzman shoes and vintage Raybans. 

IMG_0069What StyleStruck reads: I found this gem in a thrift shop off Denman St. $1.50 gets me a new life skill. I just so happen to be taking an “Effective Public Speaking” course this semester at BCIT, wonder if the prof will accept this book as my version of the text? 

IMG_0073If you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend it! I think it was her first big movie, and she is just adorable. Speaking of adorable, you gotta see her leading man in all his grey-suit glory in this sweet love story, he’s a bit of a hunk. (The cover does not do him justice.) 

Byee for now!


To my lovely ladies around the world who didn’t get to visit my new home before they left Vancouver, and everyone else, welcome to my new apartment! On January 2 I moved to Vancouver’s West End from Coal Harbour, and have officially found my favourite neighborhood. Of course I’ve always known about this area and frequented it quite a bit, but living here is quite different. Here we go on a little tour!

IMG_0020The Kitchen! Where I cook, bake but spend most of the time cleaning. (I am without the new luxuries, like a dishwasher, or a microwave, or a toaster for that matter. If anyone feels so inclined to help out a starving stylista, I accept donations in the form of kitchen appliances! My problem is I prefer to stock my shoe rack rather than my kitchen. Ooooh there are these Fendi heels I have my eye on… My Mum would be happy to hear though that my domestic gene is kicking in, slowly but surely. The other night I was bored, so I baked a million chocolate cupcakes. And then took most of them to work after eating 3 in one sitting, thank goodness. I continually have to physically stop myself from eating yummy things, must remember beach season is really just around the corner. Or chant Kate Moss’ famous phrase over and over in my head, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels… Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels… Girlfriend obviously never had one of my chocolate cupcakes! Okay, I digress…)

IMG_0023Here is my desk/work area. You will soon notice that “girly” is the theme of my apartment. Quite fitting, seeing as a chick lives here. Some girls say having a girly home is a man-repellant, I disagree. I think men appreciate a woman who embraces her feminine side. To the right you’ll see a stack of ugly boxes, ohh the lovely task of re-selling all the old university books. Anyone taking fashion design at Kwantlen and need books?? I’m your woman! 

IMG_0024The bookcase: Filled from top to bottom with some of my most prized possessions. On the top is a candelabra type decoration that I looove and got from Esprit when they needed to get rid of their store display pieces. Some of my friends have referred to these as “menorahs,” May I remind them that menorahs have 7 candles, not 4. Below is my beloved Anna Wintour post-it, with the MK & A Olsen “Influence” book, one of my all-time favourite magazine covers ft. Natalia Vodianova and a beaded baguette with a pretty mini trunk.

Second shelf down we have a vintage 1930s snakeskin bag that I have coveted since early September and was lucky enough to find under the tree, (thank you Tommy!), the original vintage snakeskin bag by Pierre Cardin that sparked my love of all things snakeskin, V. Beckham’s “That Extra Half an Inch,” (truly an inspirational read, I say that with just a teensy bit of sarcasm), and a picture of my sister and I in Mexico in ’06.

Third shelf down and barely visible, a collection of some of favourite chick lit and all of the prettiest books I own. 

IMG_0028To me, this is what’s known as camera heaven! The much anticipated new Nikon DSLR. (Hahaha I’m taking pictures of my new camera, but have yet to figure out how to use the new camera… Obviously I can point and click, but learning how to use this thing seems quite complicated! Maybe I need a camera-tutor.)

IMG_0026Hello Gorgeous! The picture that sits atop my desk. What a beauty. 

IMG_0030And down the hall to my bedroom we go… What’s better than being greeted by Jacobs by Marc Jacobs for Marc by Marc Jacobs in collaboration with Marc Jacobs for Marc by Marc Jacobs? (That’s what both bags say, that Marc sure is clever!)

IMG_0032I liken my bedroom to the inside of a jewellry box: it feels precious, it’s pretty, soft and sparkly! And the ultimate in girly. What’s odd is that I don’t own much pink clothing, an occasional pink sequin skirt and pink sequin heels to be sure, but not every-day pink clothing. It’s mostly black, grey, navy and white actually. 

IMG_0034Check out this bedside-table lamp! Pink with a little pink boa around the base. Pretty major, right?? This little lamp was purchased from the kids house section at Wal-mart when I was about 17 for a whopping $13, and though my tastes have changed, I still love it and am a girly-girl at heart. This table was a school project in woodworking class in tenth or eleventh grade, I can’t remember which. Anyway, I designed and built it myself. I’m kinda proud, can you tell? I also have a few other pine pieces in my apartment that I made, one of which is a large cupboard that was built in tenth grade as a “shoe-closet” and is where my obsession with collecting shoes first began. (I think, it may have started earlier, like when I was born.) To the right is a map of Paris, which can be found at The Cross. 

IMG_0036Half of my new closet. Darn, I thought I’d hidden “Princess Sparkle” out of site. Top right of the closet you can see the hind legs of a stuffed pink pony. This was a gift from a man friend in high school that is just too cute to part with. I won’t bother listing all the shoes seen here, I’ve posted about the majority of them many times before. FYI the shoe boxes above are empty, for the most part. (When I die, I’d like to be buried with my pink sequin Miu Mius. Thank you.)

IMG_0031The purse closet in the front hall, (that the pink MJ bag was hanging on). 

IMG_0029The old fashioned phone at the front hall which acts as a door-buzzer-people-letting-in-thingy. So cute, right? My sister gave me this black border wall-art for christmas and I think it works perfectly with the phone! Thanks Mon! Then I bedazzled it. 

So that concludes the tour of my new home, I hope you’ve all enjoyed it! Visitors welcome anytime, with champagne in hand, of course!

Xoxo StyleStruck


IMG_0013(It’s almost like I meant to make this photo all grainy, like some sort of cool effect… (insert sarcasm here) It’s an effect all right, an effect of dropping your camera on a dance floor one too many times. Haha, definitely worth it! Besides, Sir Nikon is readying up to make his official blog debut.) So this is what I wore walking to work the other day. Due to the stealing that occasionally happens in the work change room, I can’t wear nice clothes to work. This plaid shall is a fairly new purchase that I found stuffed into the racks at Winners, and it was instant love. I have wanted something with this print for ages, but a coat or sweater just seemed to be too “done”, as in everyone and their Mom has one, but a cape! Now that’s a little different! I have paired it with an oversized, very soft and perfectly worn in black Kenzie Girl sweater, a John Mayer concert T, Odyn skinnies and black Zara booties. All in all a very practical rainy-day outfit. And I won’t lie, I may have skipped to work in my cape/shall, for a few blocks anyway.



John Mayer concert T, $40 well spent!

John Mayer concert T, $40 well spent! (Apologies for the icky grainy-ness... )

IMG_0016When oh when will the rain stop?? I have all these brilliant ideas for photo shoots to do in my new neighborhood, but I do need the rain to cease! I plan to turn the camera around and become the photographer for a bit, too hard to try to relay your self-proclaimed brilliant idea to another person and expect the same execution. Now to find a lovely female model with nothing to do…



HELLOOO READERS!! So good to be back!!

First of all. I’m sorry for yet another blog hiatus, as I’ve said before I just moved into a new apartment, and sadly I am still without internet. So here I sit at the Starbucks on the corner of Davie/Denman typing away sipping a non-fat caramel machiatto in the window. It’s actually quite a nice thing to do on a rainy Vancouver day. Except the window in front of me is starting to fog and it’s getting a bit sauna-like in here, question: how many people can you fit inside a Starbucks coffee shop? Answer: too many. Anyways, on to the important stuff, a NEW BLOG POST!!

(Side Note: Over christmas I was lucky enough to get a Nikon DSLR camera, which I have been coveting for months and months and months. I’ve been very busy snapping away with my camera, only now I have to figure out how to make the pictures small enough to be uploaded to this blog. Apparently WordPress isn’t a fan if high-resolution, a.k.a. good quality, pictures. One small hurtle after another. Will have this sorted out by Monday hopefully, does anyone else feel like life is one loong to-do list? With a dancing and cocktails smushed in there as well, otherwise I’d go crazy. So those fab pictures are coming!)

In the meantime, here are some pictures Miss Ellectric and I took while going for a little evening stroll through Chinatown. We later ventured down to Celebrities, hence the party outfits. (Top: a borrowed yellow 10Deep sweater, thrifted polka dot tank, vintage black leather high waist short shorts, tights from Shoppers and my beloved Michael Kors leather booties. Oh, and my vintage white/black snakeskin-printed leather purse)


IMG_0004Okay, yes you caught me with a champagne bottle. Actually you probably couldn’t call it champagne, it’s $6 “Canadian Premium Sparkling” that Steph brought over to celebrate the new place. Personally, I much prefer to drink the higher end sparkling, like $13 Pink, for instance, now that’s good stuff. We didn’t have a chance to drink it at my place for we were drawing on eye liner, and that is something a girl must do without a drink in hand, so we brought it with us! Champy for the road! 

IMG_0009Miss Elle-ectric, or Steph Walker of Elle-ectric Blog. 

Ta ta for now, will be back Monday for another post!! 

To KMT: I hope this is enough to tie you over til Monday, I take my responsibility to entertain you all the way over there in Aus very seriously. Pictures of my new pad coming soon!!