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A week ago today I attended VMFF at Barcelona Night Club on Granville St to see the Parasuco and SuperTrash shows. This post is a little late, mostly because this past week I have been so consumed by running around Vancouver in the day time, and obsessively going over Spring’s trends and fashion show videos on And also because I wasn’t sure what I was going to say in this post. Let’s start with a picture.

A nice, casual menswear look. 

You see, the trouble I am having is that I am a little disappointed with Vancouver’s fashion weeks. Although it’s not Vancouver’s fault, or the fault of the people who put on these events. These people are fantastic and without them we’d have no fashion week at all. The problem lies in the fact that Vancouver has little to no big business to support fashion designers who want to be different and break the mold as the international designers do each season. Why don’t we have the big success stories of people like Alexander Wang here in Vancouver? Surely we have talent that equals that of Mr. Wang? Of course we do, but we haven’t got the backers and buyers that NYC, London, Paris and Milan have. Money = more creativity on the runway. And so, every F/W and S/S season in Vancouver the fashion group gathers to watch runway shows that give us trends that are already prevalent on our streets. I have nothing against the companies that provide the clothing for these shows, like Parasuco and SuperTrash for this particular event, it’s just that these are commercial companies who don’t strive to create “editorial” fashion, they strive to create everyday clothes for their young consumer and they do a very good job of it. So while I understand all this, I still felt a little melancholy watching the shows last Saturday night. That being said, here are my favourite looks from Parasuco: (Including the above picture)

I quite like these skinny jeans. The cardigan looks cute pushed up over the sleeves of the flannel too, I must make a mental note of styling my shirts that way.

The performer during the Parasuco show. 

And now for SuperTrash:

The performers during this show were the Tito Deville Band, they did an amazing job. 

Loving the shoulder detail on this gold lame dress.

I never tire of sequin skinnies paired with architectural black patent pumps. Sequins are so fierce coming and going!

I’d love to wear this on a bit of a windy spring day with a great pair of peep-toe heels and clutch!

Now I’m picturing this suit with a loose silk blouse and Miu Miu’s S/S ’10 platform heels with the bird print. *Siigghh* Heaven… I’m just dying for the pink pair of the Miu Miu platforms, the pink ones have crystal detailing on the toe. 

I have to say that through both shows I really did appreciate the styling that went into the outfits, which was done by Karolina Jez and Amanda, (so sorry I don’t know the last name – if you do, let me know! :)). You could tell there was thought behind how the pieces were put together. 

Parasuco is available at the Parasuco store, there’s one on Granville at Dunsmuir and SuperTrash is available at Lola Bleu, Wear Else and Jack & Jill on South Granville. 

Thank you to all the people who put together Vancouver’s fashion events, it is really nice to see everyone at these gatherings!

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It has just become apparent to me that I have been favoring a certain pair of Michael Kors boots over the past few months, and you’re probably all sick of those boots. It’s just that, even at 5 inches high, they’re so darn comfortable! I’m a bit frustrated with myself though for having gotten into a shoe rut. I ought to give my other shoes a chance to shine, and so I will. Starting tomorrow! 

Just wanted to get that off my chest before I went to sleep. Night night readers. Xo


Wearing: Vintage fur vest from Mum’s collection, Grey hoody taken from a boy, Sirens black studded tank, Zara bleached jeans, Michael Kors leather boots, Silver multi-chain necklace from Aldo and big big leather bag by Cole Haan. Smile by me. 

This morning I woke up wishing I owned a chic pair of cashmere sweatpants that could be worn with heels. I wanted fierce comfort, but an over-sized boy hoody and comfy jeans did just fine! This was a perfect outfit for me today, I felt good in it from 10:30 am when I left my apartment til 6:30 pm when I finally got home. 

You may have noticed that lately I have taken to wearing hardly any make up, or none at all. I am having an I-hate-eyeliner moment right now, and I’m not into gloss with fur, so minimalism is my new thing. Til next week anyways. : )

Today I took two busses and one sky train to Main St. to visit my friend Jennine Banks. Jennine has the most AMAZING apartment, as I showed you earlier in December, and can also cook up one yummy omelet. Today she made us green apple-caramelized onion-goat cheese omelets with fresh brewed coffee imported from Seattle. I brought the dessert: a fresh croissant and blueberry muffin. Mmmm. Catching up with friends is such a lovely day to spend the day. 

Afterwards I ventured further up Main St. to Front and Co. where I scored some incredible vintage finds!!! = A bag of birthday presents for myself! My finds: 1-white rabbit fur vest with sheepskin collar, (PETA please do not hate on me. It’s all vintage, which in my opinion makes it better than buying new). 2-very fitted leather pants!! Which makes them borderline leggings, but styled like jeans, and without that awkward frontal area that leggings create. Which is why I hated leggings to begin with. Again people, leggings must be accompanied by a tunic or long sweater of some sort. Please adhere to this. 3-a loose knit black sweater that has thing amazing lace-up detail up the sides of the sweater that continues down the arms on the inside, so the lacing holds the sweater together. Très chic. Pictures coming soon, I can’t decide whether or not I will save these delicious items for my actual birthday, WHICH IS ON FRIDAY, FYI. Yayyy!! I shall be 22 years old. I may even do a retrospective post on my year being 21, after all, it was a huge year for me; StyleStruck came to be!

Ta-ta for now lovely people! And thank you very much for visiting my blog, you make me very happy!


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Above: Suzy Menkes, head fashion editor of London’s Herald Tribune and of hair bump-fame. 

VIDEO: Suzy Menkes and Fashion Bloggers on Fashion Blogs

A MUST WATCH for all those in the fashion blogging world, or just interested in it! You may have already seen this video on Bryan Boy’s blog, but doing my blog catch-up tonight, I’ve only just seen it now. I loved it. I love Suzy Menkes. I love her way of speaking. I’d like to have tea with Suzy Menkes while wrapped in some sort of chunky knit sweater and sporting big hair.


Just as the weather turns grey here in Vancouver, I’m getting my wardrobe ready for sunny days galavanting around our fair city. One item in my closet that will be making many appearances this Spring and Summer, are my vintage leather high-waisted shorts. March through August, here we go:







I can’t wait for warm spring days and summer heat that makes you crave those drippy yummy cyclone popsicles from 7-11. I can’t wait for fresh peonies and iced lattes while strolling down Robson. I just can’t wait for all the new spring sandals at Zara and weekends away wearing them… Till then, I’ll be keeping cozy in shalls, leather and over-sized denim. 

You may have noticed that I take most pictures in my apartment, this is because 1: I don’t have as much time on my hands as I’d like, so rather than spend a day out taking photos with a friend, I do it at home and 2: as much as I do take pictures of myself for this blog, surprisingly I really don’t like being in front of the camera, especially when there is someone behind the camera! When I’m alone doing it, I find I am able to be much more creative. 

I am wearing: vintage leather shorts from Legends on Main St. and…

March: Zara cropped jacket, I <3 NY tee from a NYC vendor, Zara wedges.

April: Kersh long cardigan, Forever 21 bolero, Betsey Johnson mules. 

May: H&M denim vest, orange blouse-brand unknown, Manolo Blahnik flats, vintage snakeskin clutch

June: Vest from a street-side shop in Mexico, Zara studded belt, Heels… secret… 

July: Zara blouse, vintage vest, Prada mary-janes.

August: Wilfred dress worn as shirt, Bang-On gold belt, Zara yellow faux snakeskin heels

New posts coming this week featuring events I recently attended and an upcoming Vancouver stylist! Stay tuned!

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Helloo lovelies! I wasn’t sure if I was going to jump on the bandwagon with the “What’s in my bag post” but a Twitter follower gave me a few good reasons why I should. And so I will. This morning before I went out for a day of Olympic festivities, which quickly turned into scoping out the best home stores with my Mum, (best scores were found at HomeSense! YES I WILL buy that $5 big decorative candle holder!), I recorded a little video of “What’s In My Bag,” and here it is!

You will have to forgive me, I know it is almost border-line inappropriate for a fashion blogger to wear the same thing twice, let alone in back to back in posts!! But, life does go on. And I’m having a purple moment with that sweater right now. 

The Bag: 

The Essentials: 

The bag, found at Zara. The goodies inside found at all sorts of stores near you. If there is one item there I couldn’t live without, I’d have to say it would be the camera. Without a camera I have no material and no creative outlet. I think realistically the phone would be somewhere near the bottom of the list, I’m just not that attached to it. That being said, karma please don’t teach me a lesson by having me lose my BB! 

Well, it’s been a long day of pure fabulosity, (1-home store shopping and purchasing with Mum, 2-Pedi at ChiChi Nail Salon on W. Pender and 3-Parasuco & SuperTrash Fashion Show at Barcelona Night Club). I am so beat, so I am off to the land of Harper’s Bazaar and cozy white sheets and pillows. A.k.a. spending the rest of my Saturday night reading fashion magazines in bed. : )


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Note: Oops, I can’t take the credit for the “champagne bar” comment, that was all Mat! Keep Reading.

Mat Wilcox, photo credit: The Globe and Mail.

In the field of Public Relations, one woman in particular stands out. Her name is Mat Wilcox, founder and CEO of the Wilcox Group. Just to give you a bit of an idea of what Mat does on a daily basis, she and her team handle corporate communications and crisis management. For example, when we were all hearing about the Avian Bird Flu scare, or H1N1 sine influenza, Mat was behind the scenes managing the communications side of these high-profile crises. Pretty big stuff hey? Impressive doesn’t do Mat justice.  

A bit more background from The Wilcox Group website:

In 1995, Mat founded Wilcox Group, one of Canada’s largest national corporate communications and crisis management firms. 

Mat has provided strategy and counsel to prominent Canadian business leaders on more than $4 billion worth of merger and acquisition projects, garnering millions of dollars in media coverage and national – and international – headlines. She has personally advised CEOs of multibillion-dollar, publicly-traded organizations and provided key counsel to client accounts including TELUS, KFC Canada, Obelysk Inc., Scott’s REIT, Translink, BHP Billiton, Whole Foods Market, Dave Wireless, and Priszm Income Fund. 

I believe the word you are now looking for, is WOW. I know, right?

So how did a fairly new blogger like myself come in contact with such an outstanding and powerful woman? I’ve been familiar with the Wilcox group for sometime now and so when I joined Twitter I looked Mat Wilcox up and immediately became one of her followers. Oh, the power of Twitter! Anyone who spends enough time around me is lucky enough to hear me go on about how much I adore Twitter. 

Let me take a moment out here and take this opportunity to tell all of you non-Twitterers what you are missing out on: if there is someone you admire, say a celebrity, a journalist or a woman of PR BRILLIANCE with fun, witty 140 character “tweets,” GET ON TWITTER AND START FOLLOWING. What makes Twitter so amazing is the contact it allows you to connect with just about anyone. I often tweet to @FLAREmagazine, and now, oh happy day! Flare magazine follows me on Twitter! And this is how my relationship with Mat Wilcox came to be.

Mat sent out 140 characters saying something cute about how she wasn’t getting full use out of her kitchen at the time, so I responded and she wrote back! 

StyleStruck @matwilcox I really think modern kitchens ought to accommodate the modern woman: more shelving, perhaps a shoe rack or two and a wine cellar

MatWilcox @StyleStruck And a full on champagne bar. Plus an automatic hair stylist.

StyleStruck @matwilcox you speak my language!

That was a big day for me. 

In January I got to thinking, I’d like to publish a few posts about inspiring and influential established and up-and-coming women. All are Vancouver women with a story to share, and a closet that would make any girl a little envious! Here is the first interview; the role fashion plays in a busy, professional and fabulous woman’s life:

StyleStruck: How do you think fashion influences your life?

Mat Wilcox: I am a minimalist. I look at fashion that I can travel in easily. I have offices in Toronto and Vancouver so I buy two of everything that I love so I don’t have to pack a suitcase. When you travel as much as I do you want clothes that can stand up to airplanes yet look professional and stylish at all times. i.e. my Laboutins!

SS: How does fashion help you shape your personal image/identity?

MW: I am a big fan of structural and clean lines. I love the minimalist look – especially a black turtleneck and riding boots. However, that said, I am having to break away from my all black routine. My favourite designer these days is Pink Tartan – they have a striped coral wrap dress that’s the perfect day to dinner dress for spring. The silk jersey fabric makes it an amazing solution for a weekend away –  just pack and go!

SS: What is your favourite occasion to get dressed for?

MW: Truthfully, I don’t enjoy black tie events and fussy hair even though I have to attend a lot of these kinds of functions. My favourite occasion is well…New York anything. I do love to get dressed in New York. It is where I feel most comfortable, especially in the fall. Maybe it’s the all black theme women wear there? I like the sophistication of the city and I feel like a million dollars there. 

SS: What have you learned about fashion as your style as changed?

MW: I learned early on to buy the most expensive classic style you can afford. I remember when I was broke buying two items a year. The great thing was that over time you build a wardrobe. Amazingly I still have those pieces (i.e. a classic Chanel bag) and I rotate them in and out. 

SS: How did you get your start in Public Relations?

MW: I launched the Globe and Mail newspaper in Western Canada. That was my first PR job and I immediately loved it and knew I had found my niche. From there I worked at the Olympics, Hyatt Hotels and then started my own corporate communications firm. We specialize in corporate communications and crisis management for major companies all over North America. 

SS: What part of your job do you enjoy most?

MW: I really enjoy working with our clients and coming up with solutions. I sit on several corporate and charitable boards and really enjoy my work with them. It’s a challenge and keeps me thinking.

As I edit and re-read this post I can’t help but feel an urge to be entrepreneurial! I hope you do too! : ) Check back for more of these over the coming weeks!

And of course, a big THANK YOU to Mat for generously giving her time!!

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Saturday, February 13th the boys of DSQUARED² did a meet and greet at Holt Renfrew to launch the release of their new men’s fleece hoody sold exclusively at Holts. Jeanne Beker hosted the event, and looked très chic in a fabulous bomber jacket, jodpur style leggings and knee high black Louboutin boots avec 5″ heels! (I’m having a bit of a french moment).

Running home from work I was panicking because I knew I was going to be late for the 5 pm start time and that the line would be murder, but luckily the boys didn’t show until 5:30 as they were busy with media interviews until then. The line to meet the famous twins was as crazy as expected; it wove around the racks of the men’s department and went on for ages. So rather than wait, I snapped a few pics of Dean, Dan and Jeanne, and then when Jeanne left them to the signing, I wandered off to see what else was going on and met some wonderful women!

With Erin Ireland, host of TV show FMA. One of Erin’s signatures is her hot pink YSL lipstick, très joli! (Want to talk fabulosity? This woman’s lipstick sponsor is YSL!!). Want to see more of Erin, click here!

Jeanne and I go way back, at least 8 years! Which was when I started watching her on television. Fashion Television quickly became my favourite show and everything in my world stopped when it came on. It was just me, Jeanne and a whole lotta fashion. Saturday I met her for the first time, and this was a true celebrity sighting for me. (Where I work celebs seem to come in all the time, but have no effect whatsoever on me. Jeanne however, made me shake and fumble my words; “Jeanne, oh, Jeanne I uh I just admire you so much, oh my god you’re sooo nice! Eeeeee!” Something like that). I shall frame this picture and put it along side my Anna Wintour Post-It note

Upon meeting one of my idols, I became useless. I could hardly walk I was so excited, so I fumbled around trying to regain my composure, when I spotted a very well-dressed DJ… All DJs should really consider dressing like this. 

DJ R I C C O spinning at the event.

Making the champagne proud was Dax G, model and friend from our bartending days!

After Dean and Dan finished signing pictures, they left the table to meet the fans and came upon a star-struck blogger…

Another star(s)-struck moment! How perfectly festive and patriotic we are! These boys have got to be some of the sweetest and most down-to-earth designers I’ve come across. And those jackets!! I am now wishing for a cherry red blazer. 

The photo of Dean, Dan and I was kindly taken by Chris Naidu, pictured above. Chris and I also met on Saturday after numerous tweets sent back and forth, see his post about the event here! As if the day couldn’t get much better at that point, I met Jose Luis Reyes, Editor-in-Chief of The Fashion Guard! Click here for his twitter photo, because sadly the picture of Jose and I features me with my eyes closed. Not a good look.

After all of this excitement, I ran home to get ready for a birthday shin-dig at Venue Night Club. Here comes an impromptu photo shoot by blogger and stylist turned photographer Danielle Barnes

Posing alongside the very colourful Kate Moss, (a painting my sister did when we were in 12th grade. Impressive right?!!). Wearing: H&M denim vest, B.B. Dakota white tiered skirt, LaSenza tights, Michael Kors leather boots, H&M gold bracelets and Zara sequin purse. 

My complete look for Saturday night. Vintage reversible cape from Woo Vintage in Gastown. (One of my all-time FAVOURITE vintage shops!)

The always fun and fabulous Danielle Barnes!

And there you have it! One of the most crazy and wonderful days in my life! Hope you enjoyed the read!

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LOOKING FOR A HIP AND STYLISH EVENT TO ATTEND THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THOSE WINTER GAMES? Look no further! and Shine Nightclub present “An Awesome Showcase” of local Vancouver talent. A little excerpt from the organizers:

The three part visual arts show will feature Vancouver’s top established and up-and-coming artists, photographers and designers throughout the entire two weeks of the winter games.

Running from February 12 – 28, the show will be viewable to the public throughout the daytime and will offer visual displays for the night scene as well. When taking in the art works, daytime guests are also invited to slip into Shine’s cocktail lounge to relax and sip on tasty libations.

Each day for the duration of the showcase, Vancouver Is Awesome will be blogging live from the venue, giving the public up-to-date information on the event’s happenings and  sharing favourite Vancouver stories from the people who visit the exhibit.

Tuesday evening was the launch party of this fabulous event, which was put together in part by DelaCruz PR firm. The launch party was a gathering of Vancouver’s most artsy, from photographers, graphic designers and artists to bloggers, public relations people and various other reporters. 

The curator of An Awesome Showcase, Randy Laybourne and I. (I’m wearing: Bebe mesh and sequin top, Zara leather jacket, black ripped Sirens jeans and rose-gold Fossil watch).

I can’t think of a better venue for an exhibition like this, the art was displayed so effectively against the lit-up walls.

Four of the featured artists.

Kelly Litzenberger, photographer and Editor/Art Director at Concrete Skateboarding Magazine with one of his pieces. 

When I asked Kelly what his reasoning was for placing two panoramic images together, Kelly replied simply, “I don’t have a deep reason for doing this, I just thought they looked good together.” To me, this is art at its best. I’m not one for drawn out lengthy and philosophical meanings behind art. It’s either aesthetically pleasing to you, or it isn’t. And Kelly’s piece is! (Two panoramic images of the pond and path near it at Granville Island, taken from above on the Burrard St. Bridge).

Left: Another piece of panoramic photography by Kelly Litzenberger

The vibe in Shine was amazing, low lighting and lots of great people to meet, not to mention very visually stimulating, (I’m talking about the art. Although, for all the single ladies out there, this type of event was a prime spot for mingling).

STYLE at An Awesome Showcase:

Vancouver entreprenuer and Lily & Jae designer Jude Feller. It was a pleasure to meet this woman. Jude, Niki, (Blasina, of A Haute Mess) and I engaged in a very interesting discussion about Vancouver’s fashion industry, not only are these events fun, but also insightful. 

I have one word to describe photographer Christine McAvoy: adorable. And sweet, so maybe two words. Here Christine stands with one of her photographs. Christine will be blogging daily from the exhibit at Shine for the duration of the show, Feb.12-28. Check out here work here!

Fabulous PR woman, Melania Dela Cruz of Dela Cruz PR

Stylish Bloggerina, Niki Blasina of A Haute Mess. I had the pleasure of spending a good part of my evening viewing the exhibit with Niki, the girl is smart and will definitely go far in her chosen career of PR. 

And just a little reminder, this exhibit is running from February 12-28 at Shine Nightclub! Enjoy!

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What do you get when you mix two cute chicks with a mess of a closet? CLOSET DETOX. This is the latest and greatest way to renew and cleanse oneself without having to pass on that glass of bubbly, in fact, I say when partaking in a closet detox, having a bottle of champagne on hand is probably a very good idea!

So what is a closet detox you ask? It’s when two brilliant and stylish women take over your closet, leaving you helplessly clutching your champagne flute while they dissect each and every piece of clothing you own. This is an absolutely wonderful way to start off any season, especially the Spring season when you’re itching for a Spring cleaning, or a fabulous new wardrobe. 

I spent my Saturday afternoon with the ladies of Operation Style, Jillian Crago and Kristy Rogerson, who came over on a mission: to give my over-stuffed closet a much needed detox and me a much needed lesson in closet organization. They started by completely emptying out my closet and then sorting out all of its contents into neat categorized piles; long sleeve, collared, vests, skirts, etc. Once everything was organized Jillian and Kristy examined each piece of clothing for its shape, colour, fabric quality and relevance to today’s styles. Most pieces were lucky, others, like an old black stretchy and very short Wilfred dress, were not. “Faded goes,” Jillian told me. I don’t know why I was hanging onto that dress, the last time I wore it I was blending drinks behind the bar at Cactus Club. 

We all have items like this, say an old sweater that you haven’t worn in a year but that you haven’t gotten rid of because you “just might” wear it one day. Or maybe there is a pair of jeans hanging in your closet that haven’t fit properly in, oh about eight months, but you’re saving them because they’re your skinny jeans and you’re hoping that one day, mayybe one day they’ll fit again. (okay yes, I’m talking about my beloved Karl Lagerfeld skinnies). “Those pieces you never wear just stare at you when you’re trying to get dressed, which just makes it harder to find the right outfit!” Brilliant advice from Kristy. 

As Jillian and Kristy went through all of my clothing, they created outfits for me with pieces that I would never have thought to pair together! I kept thinking things like, “I’ve had those for years, how come I never thought of pairing them with the cream blazer??” to myself. I won’t lie, at the start of all this I was feeling very nervous, almost nauseous at the thought of other people seeing what my closet actually holds. Some of those things have been in there for years, and I’m not talkin one or two, I’m saying yeeaars, like since 9th grade years. How embarrassing. Although my pride in showing the girls my Chanel pumps did ease the pain a bit. So I pressed on. As each outfit was created, Kristy took a picture so that I could remember them. 

Wearing: Forever 21 Blazer, Wilfred stretchy tank, DIY trousers, Michael Kors flats. 

Wearing: Cynthia Rowley dress that’s been shortened by the girls of OS, vintage gold belt, Manolo Blahnik flats.

Wearing: Guess jacket, silk top from (212), white Sirens jeans, Stuart Weitzman heels.

Wearing: H&M shirt, H&M striped dress, Michael Kors flats. Kristy also laid some outfits out for me… This one (below) I am really looking forward to wearing come Spring!

Once it was all over, I felt like I had a whole new closet and more importantly, a whole new wardrobe! And thanks to these two lovely ladies, my closet is professionally organized, right down to the colour-coded arranging of the shoes.

A note to guys: A closet detox would make an awesome Valentines Day gift for the lady in your life! I don’t know one woman who wouldn’t love to have this experience. Information on women’s services click here!

And now for the before and afters, top picture shown is my closet before… Here is the after!

If you’d like to see what kind of magic Operation Style can work on your closet, send them en email! They’d love to hear from you!

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Well, that day of all things mushy, red and lacy is almost upon us. Have you made your Valentines plans yet?? If not, I have some Valentines Day suggestions!

Because February 14th is one of those days on which most people strive to impress, here is a list of 5 of my top romantic spots that will be worth the $$$ spent: 

1. Cioppino’s in Yaletown – 1133 Hamilton St. 604 688 7466   $$$

Cioppino’s is a classic Italian and Mediterranean restaurant situated along the cobble-stone like brick sidewalk, (girls in stilettos beware!!) of Yaletown. If you plan to eat here, I recommend requesting a table in the Enoteca room. The main room of the restaurant is lovely, but this back room is beautifully lit with candles at night and is very romantic. Lining the walls of the room are the restaurant’s supply of wine which adds to the Italian charm of Cioppino’s. Highly recommended. 

2. Bacchus at the Wedgewood Hotel – 845 Hornby St. 604 689 7777   $$$

I have never seen as decadent an interior as the one in Bacchus. Many of the seats are done in plush velvet and there are huge flower arrangements surrounding the tables. The environment is decidedly luxurious, with a bit of an old world feeling. I have only been to Bacchus for brunch and for drinks so I’m not able to comment on the food, but I have only heard great things! Note to guys: this place will most definitely impress any lady!

3. Yew at The Four Seasons – 791 W. Georgia 604 689 9333   $$$

If you’re looking for a restaurant that is contemporary yet warm, Yew is the right place for you. The interior is gorgeous with a lofty 12 ft ceiling, rich wood panelling and a floor-to-ceiling sandstone fireplace. The menu features items from “the Pacific region,” as they say on their website. I have never had a bad dining experience at Yew. Sometime last year I enjoyed a dessert for two that was something like a sundae in a huge martini glass, now I’m not sure if they still serve this, but if they do, indulge and let me know so I can say “I told you so!” Note to girls: On Fridays Yew hosts “Dive Fridays” from 2:30-10:00pm when ladies wearing pink are entitled to a free appy!

4. Bridges on Granville Island – 604 687 4400   $$$

I’ve never seen a view like I have from the upstairs patio at Bridges. It was a warm summer evening when I was there, but even in the winter with the sun setting the Burrard Inlet is nothing short of gorgeous. Bridges is the House of Switzerland during the Olympic games and so for the two weeks there is a separate Swiss menu to choose from for both day and night. One item in particular from the day menu caught my eye; Macaroni with ham, potatoes, onions and cream with a side of apple sauce, ($17). Talk about comfort food! And for dessert, Swiss carrot cake! Why not make this a destination dinner with a walk along English Bay’s seawall and then a boat ride over to Granville Island? (Boarding is just under the Aquatic Centre at the end of the sea wall when walking east). Two can ride the cute little boats for $5. Adorable. 

5. Sandbar on Granville Island – 1535 Johnston St. 604 669 9030   $$

Another fabulous date spot! Sandbar has a very cozy atmosphere with excellent staff who are ready to recommend a brilliant wine to pair with your fish, steak or pasta. The year-round patio is heated and has a lovely view of the water, very romantic! Sandbar is an excellent choice if you are looking for seafood. Ask the server what their feature dish is, each night the restaurant will prepare a list of meals only available for the evening prepared fresh that day!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO TIP YOUR SERVER. No one likes a stingy date. It’s just as bad, or worse than a date with bad breath. On that note, carry extra mints. Here to help. ; )

Also, obvious, but worth mentioning, CALL AHEAD FOR RESERVATIONS! 

And now for some pictures:

This is me in all my casual-Valentines-Day-inspired-outfit-glory. 2nd pic from bottom: Trying to get the shot, I fell -whoosh!- backwards. I try so hard for you readers. Wearing: Lips printed top from the Patricia Field shop in NYC, Zara jeans and Miu Miu pumps with rose-gold rolex, just kidding! Rose gold Fossil watch.


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Here I am prancing around my apartment in the morning hours before work. I consider blogging my work actually, my other work is really just a way to support it. And speaking of all things fashion-work related, I was recently told about a new fashion site that allows you to network with everyone and anyone in the fashion industry. It’s called Afingo, pronounced Uh-fingo, meaning fashion, and is what the four co-founders consider the “first fashion-centric online platform that merges a marketplace and a social network; a virtual tradeshow, showroom and industry directory enclosed within an online community where members of the fashion community will connect and interact.” Well now that’s a mouth full! I’ve just been introduced to Afingo, but I’ve already signed up! Find me:

Thus far it seems the site has done a great job at making sure all details are covered; when you sign up you fill it all out, from what you do and where you’ve been educated to where you shop. Because the site is so new, only time will tell if it will be the next social networking spot for fashionistas, but in the mean time I’m looking forward to connecting with all you  fashionistas and fashionistos there!

Note: When you sign up for a profile, you won’t be asked for a password. The site sends a link with an opportunity to create a password shortly after you sign up, so be patient and it shall come. 

And now back to the previous programming: StyleStruck Prances Around Her Teeny Apartment:

I’ve been dying to post about this new military style jacket I got while in Whistler. What my closet really needs is a good shot of Balmain, but for now a Guess look-a-like will do! And paired with my pink sequin skirt found at Patricia Field’s shop and Marc by Marc Jacobs cream patent leather mary-janes. Another Note: My hair is currently growing out, please bear with me as I endure the very awkward phases of growing ones hair out. I’d say I’m currently in phase one, ohh only about another 6 months of hair-hell to go through. 

XO StyleStruck

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Sometimes when I put a post together it’s a bit of a production, but not today. Although I did wipe everything off my desk with my swipe of my hand, it was very dramatic! Okay, that’s not true. I was dying to go shoot photos outside, but no thanks to the rain here I am perched atop my desk. Does anyone else feel like this winter season is dragging on and on? Winter coats be gone! Soo ready for pretty heels and shades everyday! But anyways, while we are dealing with this grey weather, lets make the best of it. It’s the perfect opportunity to host a tea party or dinner parties, (although my tea pot would probably pour out a cup of sparkling pink champagne! Save the tea for my Starbucks runs!). Luckily though, I did have the opportunity to get dressed for an occasion today as lovely lady KMT got home just yesterday from Australia! So happy to have her home! A ladies lunch at Cactus Club was definitely in order. So today around one o’clock, I indulged in the short rib beef dip sandwich with yam fries. Yumm yum yum. Sorry to all the tables around us who had to sit through our loud excitement. : )

Wearing: Silk top from (212) in Gastown, studded Zara belt, old jeans from who knows where that I chopped, Michal Kors boots, vintage ring from a very quaint shop in NYC. 

Well that’s it for now, bye friends. 

And a big thanks to my male readership! Sometimes it doesn’t occur to me that males are reading this, but I love that you are. I also love it when I climb up into a limo bus and the first thing I hear is “STYLESTRUCK!!” from two guys. That’s what I call a Saturday night. Brilliant. : )