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(Life has been NUTS. But things are starting to calm down, so you can expect more from me)


This morning I put together a little photo shoot wearing a DIY project I did a few weeks ago. I had a leather jacket from Zara from years ago that needed a little love, and a fur caplet I purchased at a vintage store some time ago with plans to turn it into a muff (obviously that never panned out). Then recently I thought, maybe this leather jacket could use a little fur trim, and sewed the caplet right onto the shoulders of the jacket and PRESTO! Insta-Fendi! Or something vaguely resembling a Fendi style jacket. I think Karl would approve, despite his very odd penchant for faux fur these days. (Worst collection, ever. Dear Karl, what was he thinking).

And here is an outfit to go with my fabulous new jacket, I felt a bit Amelia Earhart, probably because my pants could be from the 40s, and the leather jacket felt like a pilot’s coat from the 40s. Now I just need a leather cap and some goggle-tastic flying glasses.

{Wearing: DIY Zara bomber w/ vintage fur, white Sirens T, DIY navy wool trousers, (these were made at fashion school years back) and white leather Zara flats. And of course my rose-gold Fossil watch.}

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Here’s what I’m thinkin for today!

Let me know what your goals are for today, the week or for the month. I can always use more inspiration!

Xo StyleStruck


My next Must-Have! Miu Miu Spring ’10 platform pump

This post was inspired by my twin sister who is currently living in London, England. Monika is living on a bit of a budget, but when she visited a popular British store and fell in looove with a dress and pair of boots that she wanted but didn’t know if she should spend all that money on, she thought to herself, “what would StyleStruck do?” And thus, this post was born! My ideas on what’s right for me may be a little crazy to some, but they’ve been working for me for the last couple decades! (This post is meant for fun!) So here we go, what would I do?

1. Well in Monika’s case, you betcha I’d buy those pieces because 1. you’re only in London once, (unless of course you go again, but that’s beside the point) and 2. undoubtedly the pieces are fabulous and what’s one thing you must be above all when you are in London, England? FABULOUS. 

2. Buy anything fashion related over the necessary items? While I do try to maintain quite a responsible image and I am all for life’s big purchases and therefor saving, I am a person who can not resist the soft feeling of a dove grey silk tunic, even when I know I’m down to my last XX dollars. (A girl doesn’t say what she spends on clothes, all the time). This happened to me last week. I shall find out if it was worth it when I debut said tunic to a variety of important blog-related meetings. I will report back. 

3. Risk lovely shoes in bad weather? Never. My shoes are my art and they are very important to me. Rain kills shoes. It’s like rock over scissors, you just can’t avoid it. Some girls wear their loveliest of shoes 24/7 but I believe that it is important to keep your nice things nice. Wear wellies. Though I am developing a bit of a hatred towards these, they make all woman look stumpy. Investigation into an alternative to stiff rubber boots will commence immediately. (No, this does not mean run to the closet, reach wayyy back and pull out 2004′s Uggs).

4. Indulge myself when I know I should be saving that money? Don’t we all? I seem to remember going for the most wonderful relaxing facial when I should have saved that money for bills. The way I saw it though was that the bills were causing me stress and so to undo the awful effects that stress has upon my young face, I needed to get a facial. I highly recommend the relaxing environment of a spa treatment. 

5. Read blogs, fashion sites and endless amounts of magazines over my school books? Why yes I do. It’s all about priorities, and mine are just fine, for me. You see, I am having a hard time grasping on to the fact that I am learning anything that I will really actually use in my career. You don’t go around defining odd terms for people, which is what I learn week after week, but it will be necessary for me to know the latest of who’s who and what’s what when I have a career in fashion PR. (Or fashion journalism, or fashion marketing or…) I am also having a hard time appreciating school right now because all of the best networking events and most fabulous fashion events seem to be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. When are my classes? Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Grumble grumble grumble… P.S. I scored 95% on an exam last week. I say again, my priorities are just fine. ; )

6. Get my hair done rather than buy groceries? Yes. And I’ll do it again. Spend money on shoes when I know rent is right around the corner? Yes. How do you think I got those GORGEOUS sequin Miu Miu’s? Did everything work out fine? Why yes it did, I just had to kill myself picking up extra shifts at work to make rent. But it was sooo worth it. Max out my credit card for that one amazing luxurious designer item? Yes! You get the point.

I believe in buying items that you feel you must have. Not just shopping for the sake of shopping. But if you see something that you feel is so you and you just have to have it, do what it takes to get it! Of course, I DO NOT condone doing anything illegal. I mean maxing your plastic out every now and then or being a little ridiculous in the name of fashion. Hey, that’s why I’m StyleStruck!

That’s it for now. And lovelies, remember one thing, guilt is not becoming, so hold your freshly facial-ed head high and walk proudly on your new designer heels!

Xo StyleStruck

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Fresh flowers, or flowers from Friday evening rather. Aren’t the colours magnificent??

Welcome to a post about some of my favourite things. It’s a bit of a look into what makes me happy, colours, textures, items that stir up beautiful memories and other items that make me feel creative.

Flowers from the same bouquet, soo lovely! I’d never seen this flower before, it’s now in the running to be my favourite flower, alongside peonies. So vibrant!

White textured leather flats from Zara. What could possibly be better than the softest leather flats? Perhaps faux snakeskin heels (right). There’s just something about putting on a beautiful pair of shoes that makes me feel like I can go out and accomplish whatever I want. I know what you’re thinking, “Olivia, you’re putting a heck of a lot of pressure onto one little pair of flats.” But that’s the effect shoes have on me! I shall blame it on seeing Dorothy slip on her ruby red slippers and have them take her just where she wanted. 

Well there you have it, a look into what makes me feel good. It’s the little things that brighten up these dreary Vancouver days! 

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Balloons in place, it’s time to start the fun!

As I may have said a couple, or a few, or more times, this past Friday was my Birthday! Friday evening was spent having a lovely dinner with wonderful company at Cardero’s restaurant in Coal Harbour. Mmm the Wok Seafood was so delicious, so was the Beringer White Zinfandel! As well as the Torta Milano, with candle, to finish. Just delightful! Then Saturday night was the night to put our (bedazzled) party hats on! I don’t have many words for this post, but they say a picture, or 10 in my case, can say a thousand words. So look on! 

From left, Stephanie W, (of Elle-ectric), Dani B, (of The Fancy Pirate), Me, Kristen MT, Katie K. Apparently we all got the memo about short skirts!

And that’s it for now! It was a lovely Birthday and thank you to all who sent Birthday wishes!! They were much appreciated and helped to make Friday a very special day for me!

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This post is for all the people reading who are, or are looking to be, in business on the web. Like myself, kind of, only I don’t make money off of what I do, yet. (Hopefully at some point this hobby/passion of mine will become lucrative!) Anyways, so to all you who are trying to figure out how to harness the power of the virtual crowd? (A.k.a. Harnessing the power of a crowd on the internet). Sounds interesting, right!??

I bet you think I have the answer to this. Well I’m a bit too young to have business advice of that level, (gimme a couple more semesters at BCIT and I’ll be your girl!). BUT, I do have an event to tell you about where you can learn how to do this!

On MARCH 10th, (that’s a Wednesday, mark it down), the IIMA, International Internet Marketing Association, is putting on an event at the YWCA on Hornby St. on just this topic! And they have a guest speaker you don’t want to miss! Richard J. Goossen, CEO of MakeGood and author of E-Preneur – from Wall Street to Wiki: Succeeding as a Crowdpreneur™ in the New Virtual Marketplace will be engaging the membership of the IIMA regarding the strategic concept of crowdsourcing.

From the IIMA site, here are some benefits of attending:

  • Understand how to use the concept of the “crowdpreneur” – to use crowd power as a practical business tool
  • Make sense of the linguistic alphabet soup of “crowd” related terms, from “crowdsroucing” to other variations
  • Understand individual v user-centered innovation & the impact of the web
  • Understand the six principles of crowd power
  • Learn the Four elements of a Crowd-Power Business Model
  • Lessons from case studies such as Fluevog – “Home of the Crowdsourced Shoe”, Cambrian House – Home of Crowdsroucing.
  • Examine how crowdsourcing can be used for non-profit purposes such as MakeGood
  • Learn how the use of crowdpower can be a competitive advantage for your company
  • Reconsider the strategic positioning of your company in light of the concept of crowdpower

Not only will you learn lots, but this will be a fantastic opportunity to network

To be able to go to this event and many other events of this quality, become a member of the IIMA. (The IIMA is a non-profit marketing association with a goal to link marketing professionals together locally and around the world. This is definitely a cause worth supporting!) Become a member by clicking here!

There are 3 levels of memberships: 

1. GOOD NEWS FOR YOU MARKETING STUDENTS! An annual Student membership is only $35!

2. The Professional membership: $99/year

3. The Corporate membership: $399/year

And now for more pictures! 

Wearing: B.B.Dakota black lace dress, Accessories black woven leather belt, vintage pins, H&M bracelet, vintage rings, London Drugs brand tights and Zara white leather flats. Though I love heels and will always be a devoted fan, I’m really having a flats moment right now. And it seems the best ones are from Zara! Theirs are just the right shape, none of this pointy toe or toe-sticking-up business. Don’t even get me started on the prices, we all know how great those are!

Now go be pro-active and get out there and network! And look fabulous while you do it. I’m thinking blazers, skinnies and some outrageous heels! (In December I went to one of these web-people gatherings wearing the pink sequin Miu Miu’s and made connections because people liked my shoes. Seriously.)

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Today is Wednesday, the day that gives you some hope because you’re finally in the middle of your week. Unless you’re like me and haven’t had a real weekend since you were in high school because you thought it’d be great to enter into the world of the service industry. But this weekend is going to be different and wonderful because I don’t work until Monday because IT’S MY BIRRTTHDAY!! I know it’s only a number, but I can’t help but get really excited, what’s not to love about balloons and funny hats and ice cream cake and gathering your closest friends all together?? And of course wearing whatever the heck you like, because it’s your day! On that note, I really must figure out a birthday outfit… Anyways, something GORGEOUS for you to look at on this mid-week day:

Winter 2010 Collection from stylestalker on Vimeo.

A bit about the ladies responsible for this video:

Finally, a label for self-confessed style addicts…

stylestalker is the lovechild of Sue-Ann San and Rachel Zeilic.

We were drawn together by our mutual addiction to ‘stylestalking’; scouring magazines, trawling the web and travelling to all parts of the world to devour all things style. We decided to create a label to satisfy our fashion cravings.

The result is stylestalker, launched in August 2008.

I think this viral look book is brilliant and wish I could create something like this myself! Stylestalker, the label, is fantastic. The clothes are unique and edgy enough to set you apart from the rest of the body-con, leggings, grunge wearing girls because they have a simplicity and chic-ness to them. I’d like to order one, or two, of everything. Credit card, get ready! Check out their website here to see what’ll fit into your closet! And don’t forget to check out their blog too! Stylestalker Blog

Xo StyleStruck

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Casually strolling through my living room in a vintage rabbit fur/sheepskin vest, zipper-edged bow belt, (faux) leather pants and Chanel heels. Naturally this is a regular Saturday activity for me.

Hairband from True Value Vintage on Robson St. I love this thing, it’s got personality. 

This vest and these pants are two of the birthday gifts I got for myself on Friday while shopping on Main St. at Front & Co. LOVE that shop. 

My beloved Chanel shoes, purchased on a summer trip to New York City in 2008. 

The belt, which was taken off a B.B. Dakota dress I got in New York on the second and latest trip, November 2009. 

Me. Very happy me decked out in fur and Chanel, which in my world equals fabulosity. This post was put together while listening to Paul Simon’s “She Has Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes.” 

The Brands: Vintage vest and pants. Black tank, hidden by vest, from Target, B.B. Dakota belt and Chanel pumps. 

Only 4 days until my birthday, let the countdown begin! xoxo

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