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Out and on the prowl for all things pretty. A casual Friday afternoon outfit. Oversized black cashmere sweater, white Sirens jeans, B. Makowsky leather bag, cheapie sunnies from Bang-On and black Aldo leather wedges. Mmm cozy.

Well, today was my big day to accomplish all of the many things I have been putting off all week. The day started off quite productive with a breakfast run to Waves, (mmm the apple muffins there are so tasty), the usual collection of newspapers, (whilst I prefer the internet, I still have a love for traditional media), two blog posts, and even a walk over to the Vancouver View office in Yaletown to pink up a few very heavy boxes of the latest issue for an event I’m helping with in mid-May. Pretty productive right? Well after I got home from the VV trip, I decided I deserved a little break and immediately got caught up with too much reality TV. Which turned into an absolutely necessary trip downtown to see what the shops had to offer. Luckily for the plastic in my purse most of what’s in stores now does not appeal to me. (ENOUGH PLEATHER ALREADY! Where are the classic, moderately priced clothes that are made of good quality fabrics with care in construction?? Does that even exist? Do I have to start making my own clothes??) 

It’s 9:15 pm and I haven’t even started on the laundry, or my homework… Good thing I’m taking a night off of being fabulous tonight, (meaning no dressing up and going out tonight!), though I am wearing a brilliantly subtle shade of Dior lipgloss that is littered with sparkles. I suppose that is rather glam, as is the new Vogue in my lap.

Okay, that’s it for now. Ta ta. 

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Shoes by Aldo. Fruit by the overall-ed, fruit-picking people of the Okanagan Valley. (Although I suppose oranges are international travellers, so we have a mix of Cali and BC produce here. Just to be precise.)

The StyleStruck Diet: Load up on fresh, local produce and of course fresh styles from your local retailers. Such as these hot pumps from Aldo. Then add a dash of bling, (conveniently, also from Aldo. No this is not paid advertising, but it could be… ; )). I’ve been dying for a pair of comfortable high heels, (don’t let the 5″ heel misguide you, these are seriously comfortable heels. I heard a rumor that certain shoemakers are over the platform. YOU’LL HAVE TO FIGHT ME FOR MY PLATFORMS. This pair is fabulous enough to be unique, but also simple enough that I think they could be understated.) The leopard booties were a steal at the Aldo outlet on Granville for only $30, I’d been eyeing the Louboutin leopard booties from a couple seasons ago and sadly had to choose rent over them, so these look-a-likes make me very happy! Another Happy Frugalista moment!

And on a bit more of a serious note, just like every other girl on this planet, I diet, or at least try and be conscious of what I’m eating. I have 2 major reasons to watch what I put in my mouth:

1. I have a bit of an affinity for body conscious dresses. Sadly my beloved Alfredo and the body-con silhouette just don’t go together.

2. I want the inside of me to be as healthy as it can possibly be. Feeling snacky? Fresh fruit is the best option I think, so tasty, so fresh and so good for you. And if knowing that you’re being healthy isn’t a good enough reason to stock up on nature’s candy, then know that fruit and vegetables have the power to give you that lovely glowing skin we all want. ($100 facial or $5 fruit, just sayin’)

That’s it for now. Haha I wonder how my neighbors feel about my blasting Spice Girls as I write this… I’m sure they love it as much as I do!

Xo StyleStruck

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I’ve been eyeing this trend for some time now, always a little on the fence about whether or not I liked the idea of a woman in clunky mens’ style shoes, until now. Seems GUESS by Marciano knows how to turn a mens’ style shoe into something a little more feminine. Wouldn’t these cream suede oxfords just be perfect with a little flared skirt and tshirt, or rolled up khakis and blouse, or leather pants and tunic or … you get the idea. I think they’d go with just about everything. 

I want. Happy Shopping!

Xo StyleStruck

p.s. Did I just post about FLAT shoes?? Well that’s a first. 

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I know you wanna be there. I wanna be there. (This image instantly conjures up thoughts of bikinis, huge sunnies and platforms galore. HELLOO TAN LINES AND FRUITY DRINKS!) 

Well you can get close, Saturday, May 1 at 9 pm designers from Kwantlen’s Design Program will be putting on a fashion show featuring clothes with a Caribbean, tropical theme! 

The Featured Designers:
Vickie Tse
Olivia Tang & Alisha Leong
Meagan Squire
Jamie Carlson
Amy Shaw

The Need-to-Know details: 

Tickets are 10$ and will be for sale at the door. You can find the Fashion Show @ Shine Caribbean Edition on Facebook! Message the event coordinators there for tickets, or use the addresses below! 

Shine Night Club, 364 Water St

9 pm

This fashionable production is put on by:

Amaan Jaffer

Karsten Ergetowski

Step Up Promotions


I’ve just heard from a little birdie that there is going to be a HUGE Moulé sale held in a week here in Vancouver

Get your calendars ready: Moulé Warehouse Sale APRIL 29th, 30th and MAY 1st @ 1355 Parker St! 

AND everything is up to 80% off!!

I’ll see you all there!!

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Above: My boots, Below: Balmain Buckle Boots from a few seasons ago. (Mine: $89, Balmain: $1200)

Happy frugalista over here! 

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Perhaps it’s the beginnings of a StyleStruck zoo, but it’s definitely turning into a collection, little mini animals are everywhere! On bracelets, necklaces, rings…

Little elephants just playin. Apparently I have a real affinity for little elephants. (Elephant ring by Aldo) More of my little pets…

I always wanted a pet growing up, but because of where we lived, we could never have one. So each year for Christmas there would be some sort of little pet under the tree, be it a purple duffle bag with a fluffy bunny head on it when I was 5, a stuffed white kitty that purred when you grabbed it when I was 8 or these tiny ceramic figures when I was about 15. Now I’ve moved onto bedazzled wearable animals. This time last year it was a royal blue serpent  that coiled around your wrist into an elegant and sparkly bracelet. 

Xo StyleStruck

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So there’s a new movement upon us, it’s a T-shirt movement that is spreading two words; “Fuck Cancer,” in order to stop the spread of this deadly disease. The “Fuck Cancer” campaign was started by Yael Cohen, a young woman from Vancouver who has a loved one fighting the disease. Fuck Cancer has an amazing website where you can share your story with cancer and read other’s stories. Upload a picture, share some love or share some cash. Either way, let’s Fuck Cancer! I did, click here to see my entry.

So have you joined the movement yet?? T shirts are available at Moulé. And of course, because this is a fashion-ish blog, I had to wear mine with something fabulous… the BOOTS! I am in LOVE with these boots! Mmmm red suede and buckles! (I’m wearing the Fuck Cancer T shirt, skirt from H&M and boots found a rack at Winners, unknown brand).

You may have also noticed that my hair is looking a little different, it’s BLONDE now!! And I finally got a cut to give it some much needed shape. Big thank you to my wonderful hair stylist, Vanessa.

That’s it for now, share your story on FuckCancer and then share it with me!! Leave me a comment with the link to your picture!

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Wearing vintage sequin jacket, H&M oversized T, Zara snakeskin print skirt, Zara leather flats, Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace, Michael Kors watch and an H&M studded bracelet. Hair, styling and photography done by my twin sister, Monika Lovenmark.

Who doesn’t like fun photos? Thought you might like some more, I like these ones! : )


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 So by now you now that one of my passions is marketing and pretty much all that falls under the marketing umbrella. At the moment I am taking a course called Strategic Corporate Communications that encourages exploring the new methods of communicating with your business members and target audience. In our first class last week the professor asked us to create a blog that will serve as a platform for our take on some given readings. I thought that since I dabble in a little bit of marketing related info, (events and bits I find here and there), on this blog already, I would include some of the tips from the readings on my blog. If like me you are interested in pursuing a career in public relations and marketing, you might find these insights helpful! And as always, why not include pictures to make this visual!

This post will feature my thoughts and ideas from a reading explaining how to “make your message visible.” I thought I’d combine it with a little photo shoot my sister and I did together that features how I make myself visible, all sequins all the time. (Photography and styling by Monika Loevenmark).

So this reading was particularly interesting to me because it highlighted something that I think I’ve been doing all along, but didn’t know that it was a strategy to lure you readers in; captivating the audience’s attention with imagery, or “data visualization,” via social media and creating that one-on-one connection with your audience. Although, I wonder if writing a piece on marketing and including fashion shots with it counts as “data visualization”… But it sure does make it more fun!

The reading: “How to make your message visible: On becoming better visual storytellers” by Susan Suggs, APR, (from Public Relations Tactics Journal by the Public Relations Society of America). That’s sure a mouthful. 

So what I took from the reading was this main principle: “the more visual you make your data, the greater its potential impact due to a stronger impression and better recall.” What this means to me is when you want to communicate a message, use creative and strong visuals to promote and enhance what you are saying. I think this is why blogs have become such an important part of internet marketing. Blogs are the perfect platform for communicating a message because the posts are infused with captivating pictures, (who doesn’t love peeking into someone else’s life, or closet?). I can learn from this principle, the more I continue to make my posts visual for my readers, the stronger the impression I will give to you about what I’m about and will probably have you coming back to check my blog, hopefully! On that note, time for a photo…

This reading also says, “for PR professionals to be better visual story tellers, they should try using a problem-solving outline or a direct human interest story.” So, does this mean that as a wannabe PR professional that I am promoting myself through this blog and the way that I communicate with you, my readers, by telling little stories from my life, could be considered “visual story-telling” through my own “human interest” stories? And therefor I am making this a stronger connection with you? Rad. Lets keep this going!

A quote that I like from the reading goes like this: “audiences today mine data for the short vignette that encapsulates the best and brightest ideas.” Your audience still wants “access to pertinent data, but perception of key messages improves when delivered with an understanding of the shortened attention span of today’s media-infused consumer.” So keep it short and sweet. Say what you gotta say in the most effective way possible, make it interesting and if possible, unique to all the many thousands of messages out there on the internet, (since we’re talking about an online forum). On that note I shall end the writing portion of this post, (see how I am showing that I understand what I’m reading?? Haha), now for SOME FABULOUS PHOTOS!


Im wearing: vintage sequin jacket, H&M over-sized T, Zara snakeskin printed skirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace, Michael Kors watch, H&M bracelet and Zara leather flats. 

Hope you enjoyed my thoughts, : )

Xo StyleStruck

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Friday morning I woke up and the first thing I did was check – I was so excited about my Girl of the Week feature! About 10 days Aliyah from The Style Spy contacted me about being featured, (Eeee excitement!!), so I had to get busy preparing what she needed! What you see on the site is the result and I couldn’t be happier with it!

Thank you to the lovely ladies at TheStyleSpy for choosing me! Visit the site to read a list of my 10 favourites! In order to get the shot they picked to use, I had to take a bunch of photos, here are the others from the shoot we did in my neighborhood:

And finally, the picture the girls chose…

I am wearing a sequin beret that I got at the Patricia Field store on the Bowry in Manhattan, an H&M sweater dress with embellished shoulders, Express knee socks and Zara leather boots with a leather Zara clutch. 

Thank you again to TheStyleSpy for making me Girl of the Week!!

Xoxo StyleStruck

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Nearly two weeks ago, (oops I’m a bit late with this post), I was a guest judge for the queer improv comedy group Tops & Bottoms. The group performs every Monday night at J Lounge on Davie, (at Bute St), and is a must see. These people are hilarious, one guy had me crying laughing with his drag impressions to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. You gotta catch this show, it’s free with a donation at the end. Here are some pics from my judging experience!

Two lovely ladies that came with me, Marion Young and Stephanie Walker! (I also brought my Mum : ))

That night I wore an H&M black sweater mini dress with embellished shoulders, a crystalized Aldo necklace and hot pink nails, (Essie polish) with 5″ black heels, which unfortunately you can’t see in the pictures, but they were fab. 

Such a fun night, seriously, you gotta go!

Xoxo StyleStruck

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My internal clock woke me up at 6:45 this morning. While I was a little cranky to be waking up so early, I was fortunate to catch a beautiful sunrise. Nothing quite like lying in a big bed of fresh white linens watching the sun come up, even if it is through the cracks of the downtown buildings.

After sleeping a little more I pulled myself out of bed and sat down at my desk to plan my day, 1-definitely go for a long run, those 8 mini croissants I ate to myself last night aren’t going to work themselves off, 2-publish a blog post! and 3-finish off some PR work. Then my phone reminded me that I had scheduled a facial at Skoah for this morning at 10:30, and the clock staring at me said 9:45, too late to cancel, well then, off to Skoah for an impromptu major self-indulgence, (goodbye beginnings of my April savings…).

Since the sun was out I decided to walk home which brought me right by The Cross Design, (Richards and Davie), how convenient! I need a sugar and creamer set for tea! I found the cutest little set, they’re both white porcelain elephants; total: $13, but then I spotted a deliciously scented and not to mention pretty, candle from Paris that would just be perfect in my girlie bathroom, it was quite inexpensive as well so into my basket it went. Can’t wait to use it!

Being at The Cross is so inspiring, the store is so full of wonderful ideas for making your home elegant and charming. There are now a few items I must have for my home: 1-A lucite chair for the living room, 2-A mirrored side table and 3-A small dining table for two. Currently I eat in the kitchen or on the couch, which is awkward. I also need a coffee table… Oh boy… maybe next next month, and the month after this can all come to be. In the mean time, I’m very happy with how my place is looking!

Once past Yaletown I walked home along Davie and made a few more stops for tulips, (3 bunches for $5!) and fresh strawberries at Kinns Market. This morning felt like one of those ridiculously pleasant and cute days in the neighborhood.

Oh and then I found a new hair salon; Chemically Addicted just off Jervis. I walked in because of the huge crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, (yes I said plural, there were about 6 different ones, all goooorgeous and fabulous). Yayy! FINALLY a hair appointment to bring me back to blonde!

So that’s been my day so far, not bad at all. : ) Hope you’re enjoying the sun too!



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Hannah MacGibbon says wear socks and I say ” How High?” Christopher Bailey says wear socks and heels and I happily oblige! And here we go, more socks. This time with a little bit of a Miuccia influence with the enormous platforms. This is my “I play inside” outfit. 

I really know how to get the full potential out of today’s technology. I’ve had this TV for months, I don’t know how to turn the darn thing on sadly. Either it’s the TV, or it’s me. 

Wearing Zara blouse, Express socks and Alice & Olivia for Payless platforms. 

Ta ta for now, I need a latte. 

Xoxo StyleStruck

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Well, I’ve been a TAD MIA over the past few weeks. It’s been a crazy month for me, school, working like a nut case and trying to take on other fabulous challenges that I won’t discuss, yet! Blogging sadly had to take a back seat to projects, speeches and exams. I did a little post about my being proud of my decisions and so what if my priorities seem a little crazy, well sometimes you gotta put your head down and just get to work and get it done, AND IT’S DONE! And I have a feeling I showed those exams what’s what. And now I am very happily back! So, enough of me going on and on, what you need to see is PICTUURRES!! RIIIGHT?!! Well I took a bunch and it felt good to get back to it! : ) 

I never thought I’d do the whole socks as fashion thing, but I was really feelin this outfit! Wilfred wool sweater, B.B. Dakota belt, Express socks, Zara wood/leather wedges. 

I’ve been 22 now for a month, and I feel like I’m starting to settle into this age. I can’t believe how much my life has changed in the past year, but it sure has. I’m feeling very thankful for the constants, and excited for all the new opportunities. But with Spring coming into full bloom, I do feel the need for a change, maybe a little blonde… stay tuned!

Xoxo StyleStruck

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