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So what’s a “fashion blogger” like me doing writing about these hefty marketing concepts?? Well, over the past few months I hope that I have succeeded, even a little, in identifying myself as more than a fashion blogger. One of my biggest interests is branding and all that that entails. I’m currently on the journey of trying to identify my biggest strengths and how I can successfully, and appropriately, brand myself. This is where being conscious of social responsibility and the angle taken on that, comes into play.

It’s always more fun to document thoughts in a video post, but I thought of more things to say shortly after wrapping up the “shoot.” (Me and my Mac at my desk with mediocre, at best, lighting, but at least I got to wear something cute! Leopard top by Zachary’s Smile, NY, lip gloss by Dior).

In that video I gave an example of how corporations could get their customers involved with their charitable efforts, I realize my example was best for big business, but for smaller businesses, why not get BLOGGERS involved? Just a Thought. From the article I mentioned, to do with Corporate Social Responsibility:

The 2 different methods of approaching social responsibility:

1-The Traditional Approach: Choosing an organization to affiliate yourself with by donating funds or time.

2-The PR Perspective: Choosing a cause to associate and fully involve yourself with that will lead to a sustainable, mutually beneficial relationship that will also provide an opportunity to demonstrate the company’s core values to the media and community.

And from the second article to do with Cause Marketing, (by definition: linking a company or its products to a cause as part of a social responsibility campaign and a PR campaign), here are some points that I appreciated:

“There are potential pit-falls. Companies tend to support non-controversial causes such as cancer research. Few jump on board to prevent STDs or take sides on abortion. Playing it safe creates clutter around popular issues, which makes it difficult to own the cause.”

“Programs [set up between companies and a cause] should be relevant, sustainable and clearly related to the interests of the company – and be wary of one-offs: if it’s an event, it should be a recurring one; if it’s sharing profits form sales it should be a long term commitment.”

“The more popular the cause, the harder it will be [to successfully identify your company as a serious supporter of the cause], the longer it will take and the more it will cost for [your] company to achieve the results it wants.”

I think that the bottom line is when a brand is looking to associate themselves with a charitable cause, whatever their motivation may be, it’s very important to choose the most appropriate company-cause relationship and to choose a cause that you have a passion for or a connection to. Make sure the relationship will be mutually beneficial. If there’s one thing analysts and customers can smell, it’s hypocrisy. 

Okay, that’s it for now! Off to CRAVE Vancouver’s Symposium on Main St.! Will blog about that later,


I am an avid reader of magazines. I buy approximately 3 or 4 a month. Beyond my standard magazines that I consider must-reads, (Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar), I will often purchase UK editions, like Harper’s Bazaar UK, or Elle UK. Well today I went through the magazine aisle at my local London Drugs to pick up the latest Vogue featuring Blake Lively on the cover, (which London Drugs STILL hasn’t stocked, why are they always the last to get the next month’s mags in??), when the latest North American-received issue of Harper’s Bazzar UK caught me eye!

JENNIFER ANNISTON ON THE COVER?!?! AGAIN?!?! Does she seriously move magazines? Because I know that when I see J.A. on a cover, I am instantly repelled. She is just not of interest to me, nor to many of my friends. How about featuring someone fresh and interesting??? Just sayin’.

That’s all.

Feels like I’ve been away for a week! Maybe because I missed blogging this past weekend, usually I’m writing or posting or planning a post each day, but 3 whole days without my computer! (Though, sometimes you need to do that!) Anyways, the majority of Saturday was spent on a bus waiting to get through US customs, (we left Vancouver at 8am but didn’t arrive in Seattle until 5pm… Brutal! Turns out all of Vancouver was headed to the States on Saturday morning), so there aren’t too many glam photos from Saturday. 

Pictured above at Pink Door. But there was a glam dinner on Saturday night! If you go to Seattle, you MUST go to Pink Door for dinner! It was a magical restaurant, better than I could have imagined and so perfect for a first night in the city. The door is hidden, unmarked in an alley near the Public Market, and when you descend the stairs down into the restaurant, you walk into a dimly lit room with light pinky peach walls that are adorned with dozens of scalloped-edged vintage mirrors and many vintage chandeliers of all sizes hanging from the ceiling. That dinner was definitely one of the best I have ever had out. Our server was wonderful, the music and ambience were just perfect and the food was amazing! Five stars. After dinner the boy and I got caught in a rain storm, which apparently appeared out of nowhere while we were enjoying our triple-layer mousse cake. So we ducked into a busy Irish bar across the alley for a drink while we waited it out. It ended up being one of the most fun nights, very impromptu and spontaneous and just right for a weekend away. 

From the top: Looking out over the harbour, (wearing a Zara jacket, Trina Turk shorts, Zara silk floral blouse, yellow pashmina, Zara leather flats, vintage Raybans and vintage Pierre Cardin snakeskin purse). Pike Place Public Market, Tommy outside the market with a carriage horse, fresh peonies inside the market.

Sunday morning was spent eating a decadent breakfast of eggs benedict with crab cakes at Boka, the restaurant adjacent to our hotel, Hotel 1000. Afterwards we wandered through some fine home stores nearby, (Tommy really is a girl’s dream when travelling, if we pass a shop he knows I might like to go into, he takes me in and then sits in the designated “boyfriend chair” while I try things on. I hope he knows how much I appreciate his patience, especially when my “ten minutes” usually turns into more like 30, or 40 minutes…), and then walked over to Nordstrom Rack, (where all of the discounted designer Nordstrom merchandise go). I’d been talking about wanting to go there for weeks, and after much searching through the racks, it did not disappoint! I left the store with a pair of dark Sevens with rhinestones on the pocket for a third of the retail price, a pair of white Trina Turk jean shorts and a Jason Wu pleated silk skirt which was marked down from $1650 to $100. That’s a savings of $1550. (WHO WOULD PAY $1650 FOR A SKIRT?!) For lunch we visited McCormick and Smicks, a popular seafood restaurant that has about 85 stores across the country. I tried an oyster, I don’t know why, but I was feeling optimistic and adventurous and so I slid a fresh, or raw, oyster into my mouth. Ewwww. Never again. But the salmon burger was delish! Afterwards we went to the market, a very popular Sunday destination. (Pictures above, and below). 

After the market we wandered over to the actual Nordstrom department store where I found a charming pink Tasha bib-style necklace made of pink ribbon, lace and beads. Very pretty, and conveniently it went perfectly with my outfit for dinner on Sunday night, or maybe I planned my outfit around the necklace.

Monday was our last day in Seattle so we really made it count. We did a big walk downtown, visiting a number of shops including Barneys, Victoria’s Secret and a FABULOUS designer consignment shop that Tommy spotted where I found a white eyelet Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress, that just like my other DVF wrap dress, I swear was made for me. It was like heaven in a dressing room, that moment when you really like an item and reeaally want it to fit and work for you, and then IT DOES! Oh happy day. We went back to the Public Market again for delicious freshly-baked Nutella-covered crumpets, looked through a vintage book store and finally drank a mango cosmo, (me) and a pale ale, (Tommy) at Boka before packing up our bags and getting into a taxi destined for the bus depot. It really was a wonderful weekend away of exploring and relaxing.

(Above, wearing: Zara jacket, Guess army jacket, black Target tank top, vintage necklace, white Sirens jeans, Coach wedges and a giant Cole Haan black leather bag).

Sad to say goodbye to Seattle! Now back to Vancouver life, I’m accompanying my friend Steph to a tattoo appointment this afternoon. Never mind that needles make me squirm. 

Xo StyleStruck

As silly as this may sound, packing stresses me out. Especially when it’s for a short trip because then there’s a lot of pressure to only pack what you need and to pack light. This pressure is only intensified by the fact that I am traveling with a boy. I always think boys will think you’re nuts if you bring a trunk full of your shoe collection and garment bags carrying all your precious jackets and silks for a weekend trip, which to be honest is what I wish I could do. I am just not one of these people who can simply decide what she will want to wear in 3 days time and pack only that. In this moment I want to wear Betsey heels and a short black sweater dress on the bus tomorrow. (Yes, I said heels and bus in the same sentence, I’m a fashion blogger, it’s my job to be a bit ridiculous. And I enjoy it.) But for all I know tomorrow morning I may be feeling a bit safari and maybe I’ll want to wear my military jacket with a bunch of gold bling for the bus ride there. I can’t predict these things! LET ALONE what I will want to wear for walking around SEATTLE tomorrow. And then of course there’s the dinner outfit, and then possible an outfit change if we go out to a club or lounge or something… Oh dear, the stress is getting to me again. Figuratively I can’t handle the stress of packing, sadly, literally my suitcase can’t handle it either. Oh what to do, what to do. Heels or flats? Sequin purse or something more edgy like white and black alligator print leather clutch? Can’t I just bring it all? A few hours ago I gave up and ran myself a nice hot lavender bubble bath, poured a glass of red wine, lit yummy candles and turned on SATC the movie. That made it better, until now. 

Well, I’m off to bed, stress never did the face any good. 

Xo StyleStruck

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I think that your home, like your clothes, is a reflection of you. Only until recently have I really felt at home in my new apartment, (well new since January). Lately I’ve been adding a few little touches here and there… lamps, decorative diamond paper weights, pillows and other trinkets have all helped to make my little home a piece of heaven for me. 

My bedroom, small but quaint. Recently I purchased my bed-side lamp. Previous to this gorgeous crystal lamp, I was using a small pink desk lamp, I think this so much more sophisticated, not to mention glamorous! Also recently added, the pink throw pillow, amazing how a small touch can add so much. And of course my passport is out as I’m readying for a little trip away this weekend!

My reading for the weekend: The latest Marie Claire, Smart Cookies’ book, “Making More Dough and Getting Out of Debt” and Candace Bushnell’s, “One Fifth Avenue”. 

Lighting is oh-so important. (I’ve only just realized that this month.)

Above: A bathroom trinket and the gems inside, crystal diamond paper weights! Find these at any fine home stores, or be like me and skip the $15/each price tag and purchase them at Home Sense where you can get a set of 3 for $12. (StyleStruck-home-decorating-tip: buy anything crystal in bulk. Meaning, buy a couple sets of these diamond paper weights and litter them all around your apartment for sparkle in unexpected places! I did!)

Okay, that’s enough about me! Hope you enjoyed another little peek into my home!

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When you pick up a book, or a magazine, or a dress, or really anything that speaks to you, you feel a little bond. Vogue usually does this to me, as do a very high pair of pink platforms. Today I got that little feeling from a beautiful blog written by Emily, called “Cupcakes and Cashmere.” I had never heard of it until I looked at the bags Coach has just unveiled that are designed by bloggers! (All American, of course.) Emily designed a pretty, pink leather sachel that looks just right for Spring 2010. Unfortunately at $498, it’s a little out of my price range at the moment. (Find the blogger bags here!)

Above: Teen Vogue features the lovely ladies and their Coach designs! (Can you imagine receiving that kind of national press as a blogger?? Uh-maaz-ing! Umm, hello Flare? This Vancouver blogger wants some attention!)

Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere. Sophisticated and adorable, just like Audrey.

Now go have a read of Emily’s blog, you’ll find recipes for delicious baked goods, summer time treats and savory entrees, as well as many photos of her fabulous style.

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Saturday morning brings travel! Yayy! I LOVE to travel, whether it is to a far flung location or just a nearby city, hotels, transportation, cute totes to hold your camera, passport and many, many lip glosses make me so excited! ADVENTURE! Saturday morning we are leaving Vancouver for a couple nights away. Here are a few things I intend on bringing with me this weekend…

I always lay clothes out on my bed before I pack, helps me visualize outfits, I’m thinking the H&M denim vest would be really cute over the silk leopard Cynthia Rowley dress, perhaps with a belt to give me a waist, and my red buckle boots! Even packing gets me excited! (Clothes from left: H&M denim vest, Guess military jacket, Cynthia Rowley silk dress, H&M metallic dress).

My passport… This will be my second stamp this year, the poor thing really needs more attention. Specifically some Parisian stamp-love. (Leather passport cover from Danier).

Clothing-wise, I would describe this location as urban, cool, a great place to wear contemporary edgy clothes that are casual. Of course, this won’t stop me from having a “Ladies-who-lunch” moment in this pale pink Danier leather jacket and obnoxiously bling scarf. 1 part leather jacket, 1 part neck scarf and 1 part ballet flats = well coiffed 60-something classy woman in my mind, I get quite a kick out of creating different personas with outfits. To complete the look I really must have a giant Hermes tote! Who’s got an in at Hermes and $25 000 lying around?? ; )

It’s fairly close by… can you guess where I’m off to??

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Well, it’s that time of year again! Time to bring out the short shorts, bikinis and minis! (I’m having a bit of a light-denim shorts moment right now, kinda over minis, but then again ask me in a week and I may have a different opinion.)

I know all you ladies are very diligent in your skin care routine, shaving those lovely legs and keeping your hair smooth and voluminous, but there is a new product out there, for an area you may have been neglecting… 

Muff stuff” is brought to you by Ritz Clinging, a fabulous Vancouver entrepreneur. Clinging says, “I created I Love My Muff to provide women with eco chic and effective products for daily love and care down there. It’s a muff movement!”

A little info from My goal was to create fabulously effective feminine care products that cater to the modern lifestyles of savvy, empowered and informed women of today.

I have achieved this goal in the creation of i love my muff premium feminine care products.

With the promise to provide daily love and care for down there, i love my muff products have been developed with an uncompromising commitment to mildness, biodegradability, non-toxicity, cleansing ability, moisturizing ability and luxurious feel.

i love my muff products are vegan, free of any parabens, SLS, synthetic colors and fragrances. They have been handmade (with love) in Canada using the finest natural ingredients like pure beneficial essential oils to create a perfect balance that’s suitable for all skin types.

It’s no longer taboo and with it’s clean packaging and bold message these products are a statement of confidence and a must have for every woman.

Looking to purchase Muff stuff? It’s available at Beauty Mark in Yaletown, and Clinging has gone global with it! Muff stuff is now available in NYC, as well as major Canadian cities like Toronto. 

I’m a fan!

Wearing: H&M rhinestone tee, Urban Behaviour denim shorts, Zara wedges and vintage Raybans.

(Dontcha just love how eclectic this blog is? From tips on business to feminine hygiene, I’ve got ya covered! ; ))


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I mentioned in an earlier post that I wore a Guess by Marciano dress to the JK Models 1 Year Anniversary Party at Leone that had a marvelous back to it. Well here it is! Photos by Christine McAvoy!

With Katie Mogan, a.k.a. The Urban Stylist and fashion professional! Also with Jennifer Sharon, Director of JK Models.

Checking in with Jennifer while seating guests for the show! It was a busy, busy night, but I sure love working an event! 

Xo StyleStruck

Okay, so this blog is slowly turning into a bit of an online diary for me. Looking back at what it once was though, I’m happy with what it is now and where it’s going. I, like this blog, have undergone a transformation as well. Everything that I post on this blog is current to what I’m learning in my life. Just as you see an increase in my mentions of PR, Internet Marketing, etc, my knowledge and passion for all things marketing grows. I hope you enjoy it! (And if you learn anything from me along the way, well then daamn! Give me a pair of oxfords and an argyle cardi and call me a teacher!) ; )

On that note, today’s lesson is dedicated to business owners and how keeping an honest and open relationship with your customers is more important than ever. 

I recently read an article for my communications class that’s actually a letter written by a CEO to his shareholders. The author was acknowledging that now is a tricky time for business leaders because they can no longer just count on their customers to pay the bills, that companies must work for their customers. Here’s my take on the matter and how businesses should push forward:

In this time when businesses are stepping back to look at what they’ve become, (post recession, wait, can I say post recession? I know the economy hasn’t fully recovered yet, but it seems like day by day it’s becoming a thing of the past, so I’ll go with that), leaders need to be realistic about the changes in the economy and the changes in the formula of success, (for businesses of all sizes). Gone are the days of taking customers for granted. It’s obvious that consumers are no longer spending as freely as they once were, every business owner has felt it. (Oh how I long for the days of the dot-com era… Oh wait, I was 9. Okay back to being serious.)

We are now in an age of needing to not only fully understand exactly who our customers are and what they need, but how to directly communicate with them. With the rise of social media comes the responsibility for organizations to be fully functional in reaching their customers on an international scale. Building a team within your company, (whether it be 2 people or 10 people), that specializes in targeting and reaching your customers online is vital to staying relevant in the market place. I think that internet marketing as a whole must be viewed as an integral part of your business strategy and plan, along with the more traditional components like choosing the right distribution channels or maintaining a balanced and effective cost structure. 

Post-economic-shock, it’s also time for CEO’s to acknowledge the importance of transparency within a company, and beyond. Shareholders, now more than ever, are going to question where they invest their money. Both shareholders and customers want to know they can trust the companies they support, therefor demonstrating a consistent set of values is mandatory. Show your audience why your company is the right choice for today and for tomorrow.

Well, those are my thoughts on the matter, what are yours?? And more posts coming tomorrow!

- SS


If you’re in the Twitter loop of the Vancouver fashion-savvy, you know that Wednesday night’s event at Leone for the JK Models 1 Year Anniversary party was a fabulous bash! The guests were an eclectic mix of designers, bloggers, photographers, journalists and socialites who sipped on Grand Marnier cocktails and enjoyed the Pixstar photo booth and She to Shic Beauty Lounge full-service manicure station! The event, which was brought together by the most organized, thorough and fabulous fashion professional, The Urban Stylist, a.k.a. Katie Mogan, featured two fashion shows and ample time to socialize with old and new connections. The first show featured clothing from Leone’s edgy downstair’s boutique, L2 and the second featured clothes from the upstairs show rooms. Looking for a little designer in your life? Go to Leone. They have such a beautiful collection of designers. Don’t even get me started on the shoes… Let’s just say their shoe collection is a must-see for every shoe loving gal out there. (I know us ladies never need an excuse for a new pair of heels, but Sex and the City 2 will be here soon! What will your feet be wearing?? Something ravishing, I hope!) Others who must be mentioned are A Moveable Feast Catering company who provided the guests with the most delicious bites and of course the team from Avant Garde Hair Studio for providing full hair and make up. I quite liked how there was a dramatic change in hair and make up between the two fashion shows, the first being a little more casual and the second being sexy and dramatic! I’ve been lucky enough to be in the hands of Avant Garde‘s brilliant and always stylish Jon Paul, and the man knows how to work the hair!

Below are some of my quick-pics from the night, but I hope you’ll follow this link: JK Models Event @ LEONE pics to see all the beautiful photography from the evening by photographer Peter Jensen

JK Models do double duty, these two models also manned the door, and did a wonderful job.

With Vancouver fashion bloggers Erin Gee of Haus of Hybrid and Nicole Soon of Le Mode de Jour!

Just a small portion of the JK Models, Leone fashion show audience. 

JK Models model Sunny walking the pink runway in L2 clothing. 

Hosts of the night: Kirk Renard and Erin Ireland of FMA. These two were the best hosts you could ask for, funny, witty and charming, not to mention great to work with!

Model Sunny again looking gorgeous, check out those Prada mesh and lucite heels! (I’m the lucky girl who got to tape the bottoms of the shoes, meaning, I got to hold these beauties, try them on no, but just to have them in my hands was enough for me!)

With Katie Mogan, The Urban Stylist! Need an event put together, this is your woman. Seriously impressive! (I’m wearing a Guess dress, too bad I didn’t get a shot of the back, it was all cut outs and skin, one of my favourite quotes of the night, “Olivia, your dress is like the new mullet! Business in the front, party in the back!” Yep, I’ll take that! : ) and heels by Luichiny.)

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the pictures from Wednesday’s event at Leone! Click here!

Xo StyleStruck

Went out last night and wore this checked trench with my party skirt and Aldo heels. This post is purely devoted to my love for this jacket. 

Will write longer later,

- SS

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This past Wednesday night was the JK Models 1-Year Anniversary party at Leone. Jennifer Koning, the Director of JK Models, got me involved about three months ago when she needed someone to cover her PR needs. I’m happy to say the party was a wonderful success and also rather fabulous! Thank you to everyone who came!

These bags hold boxes of designer shoes, shoes that make my rent look cheap! Among other things, I was responsible for taping the bottoms of the shoes. I didn’t mind, it meant getting close and personal with $1200 Dior strappy sandals. 

One of the girls from JK Models strutting in 5+” Pradas. 

PR representative for Leone Kim Bowie and I just before opening the doors to the guests! Looooving Kim’s fierce hair colour!

Susan Vu of Boudoir with Jillian Crago of Operation Style.

Niki Blasina of A Haute Mess with Peter Hoang of The Starving Stylist. 

Well that’s it for now, more photos to come later today! 

Xo StyleStruck

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That’s what a young woman said to me as I marched down the street in my red suede buckled ankle boots. Why thank you stranger on the side walk, I did feel very fierce! Sadly I had to leave my DSLR at home last night, it might’ve been a bit creepy to take that big hunker of a camera on a date, so my little point-and-shoot had to do. (Hence why the photo isn’t so sharp). My date outfit last night:

Top: Outside of the fabulous Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel, Bottom: Standing between the two convention centres, but more important than the view is my snakeskin Pierre Cardin purse, obviously. Wearing: White blouse from I don’t know where, I got it years ago, H&M leather skirt, vintage purse and red suede boots found at Winners. 

My first time dining at the posh new hotel! We had a drink in the Lobby Lounge, I had a cosmo and it was seriously the best cosmo I’ve ever had, and then went upstairs to Oru for dinner. Mmm the Korean short rib dish, just delicious. (T Hump: you get serious date cred). Then off for a walk through Gastown over to Chinatown to visit the Keefer. I’ve heard so much about it but hadn’t been yet. And yep, I walked the whole way in those boots! A note about the Keefer, great drinks and great atmosphere, but don’t go on a Tuesday night, we were the only people in the place. I suspect they are very busy on the weekends though. 

That’s it for now dear readers, til later today when I come up with more thoughts for you!

Xo StyleStruck

P.S. And I’ll be seeing some of you at Leone tonight! Can’t wait to see all the ladies lookin fiiieerce!

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So it seems I have created a personal brand, “StyleStruck,” and I love it. It has taken me a year to create this brand, built primarily through my blog, but also through the use of fabulously outrageous clothing. When I think of myself, I think of two identities, one being “StyleStruck,” and the other being the me that I’ve been for 22 years. StyleStruck wears sky-high shoes, hot pink skirts, animal print and anything and everything sparkly, specifically sequins. Olivia wears t shirts, jeans, the occasional pair of vans, cute flats and a leather bomber jacket here and there. There has become such a division in my mind between these two sartorial identities, that sometimes getting dressed can be quite a headache. And probably, this is all in my head, but it got me to wondering, when you have developed a personal brand that hinges on your public appearance, do you maintain that style of appearance 24/7? 

Let’s say you’re a successful realtor who has a “take no BS, I’m the woman who will always get he job done” kind of persona. In your professional life you wear serious blazers, killer heels and always maintain a very coiffed look. What happens on Sunday when you’re pouring your cereal and realize you’re out of milk and must run the two blocks to the corner store to get milk? And you live downtown where it is very likely that you could run into a client or colleague? Do you pull on those Gucci booties, slick on some red gloss, throw on your biggest sunnies and get your milk? Or like most people, do you pull on those oh-so-comfy but not-so-aggressive-looking Ugg boots and yoga pants? How does an empowered working woman balance between her professional personal brand and herself? 

To some this may sound like a silly issue, but I don’t think it is, especially if you’re an entrepreneur who has to pitch herself and her abilities to get the clients she wants. I plan to be in marketing and public relations. If I choose at some point to work for myself, then I’ll have to have that strong I-am-your-woman attitude all the time. All the time is serious business. You can’t exactly get sloshed at a club with your girlfriends after you’ve had your heart broken, for fear of photos ending up on facebook or worse, running into someone who might know you from your work. In a small city like Vancouver, word sure spreads fast. 

Unfortunately, I haven’t got any words of wisdom on this topic yet, but I’m only 22, so I’ve got time to figure out an action plan. (Perhaps I’ll buy a giant brunette wig for the nights I want to dance to stupidly loud top 40). 

I’d love to know your thoughts! (Oh, and I’m working on getting more pictures, in order to up the quality of content on my blog, I feel I need someone behind the camera snapping the pictures, rather than propping my DSLR up on a pile of Vogues in my living room, so stay tuned!)

Xo StyleStruck


Such a sweet email from a reader:

Dear Olivia,

I just had to write in to express my love for your blog!

Not only do you have great style and fantastic pictures, and that you
too live in Vancouver, but you write with a voice that is much
different compared to other bloggers out there. Especially fashion

Keep the posts coming, because you have fans out here.

- N. 

Wow, thank you sooo much!! Messages like this make me so happy to write this blog! Thank you! And I will most certainly keep it up, blogging has become a real passion for me! :)



I started this day off rushing around my cramped apartment, (I’ve pulled everything out of my closets in an effort to de-clutter and re-organize as well as down-size), readying myself for an important appointment. This meant running out last minute to London Drugs with wet hair to buy a toothbrush and toothpaste, (somehow the night before a big morning I lose my toothbrush and use the last of my toothpaste??), giving myself my best version of a blow-out and a last minute iron job on my silk blouse. I left feeling fairly confident, which I considered to be quite a success considering how panicked I was when I jumped out of bed!

Anyways, when I returned home, I was greeted with a MESS. Winter coats strewn across my bed room, shoes everywhere and old school books lying around, something had to be done! So naturally, I reorganized my purses, even though they were already doing just fine in the purse cupboard…

Top: My collection of evening clutches. Bottom: A stack of soft purses. Braided leather handles peek out from a vintage sky blue leather tote. 

I then moved on to reorganizing my shoe collection, and ohh boy there are a lot of them! Altogether only about 70 pairs, that’s not so bad, (compared to Imelda Marcos). Though, I’m starting to think that it would be a good idea to get rid of some of these shoes, especially since most I don’t often wear, or wear at all. While trying to figure out the best way to store my boots, I discovered a little trick to make them store standing up…

Stuff your boots with Vogues! Or really any magazines. Brilliant. 

I try not to play favorites with my shoes, but really, who am I kidding? Miu Miu sequin heaven!

And then there are these lovely mules, passed on to me from my Mum’s friend’s friend. They fit, but are not so comfortable to spend much time walking in. Which makes them the perfect sitting-sandal, which I suppose is appropriate for the lady who buys Chanel sandals, it’s not likely she has to walk very far at any given time. So they sit in my closet waiting for the day I decide to have a “sophisticated WASP” moment. 

And now a snapshot of my decidedly reorganized coat closet and purse cupboard:

That’s it for now, tomorrow morning I think I shall report to you on social media, though if you’re reading this you’re probably already fairly versed in social media, as this is a blog, and I tend to promote it via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, which are all tools of social media. But in any case, that’s what I plan to do. Goodnight readers!


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So I’m really into goals lately, I even bought a cute little pink notebook yesterday that I can write my goals down in and carry around in my purse. I even went to Delaney’s yesterday morning and spent a little time sipping a skim latte writing down all of my goals, it felt more official to do it in public that at home on my own. Of course, since I’m trying to curb my spending on the little unnecessary things, I probably didn’t need that $4 latte. 

Here’s what I wrote down:

Financial commitments I’m going to make to myself: 

Stop buying a million magazines a month, $6/magazine (with tax), X approximately 4-5 magazines a month = $28, plus French Vogue which is $12 = $40/month on magazines. Why do I whine about a $50 cable/internet bill when I’m willing to spend almost as much on magazines that most often I don’t even end up reading. (I’m mostly into the editorials, which I suppose I could find online quite easily for free.)

Stop going shopping when I’m bored. I’m ashamed to say I’ve bought so many pairs of shoes over the past two months I haven’t even had the chance to wear half of them yet, or even post about them. 

My goals for the next few months:

Make a significant contribution to my sad little savings account. (Yes there’s money in there, but not nearly enough.)

Satisfy my long-awaited need to buy a designer bag. I’ve been thinking about a YSL tote for I don’t even know how long. 

Read more books, reading makes you smarter, even if it’s chick lit. (It can be the simple act of reading someone else’s style of writing or speaking that can benefit your vocabulary and therefor make you sound that much smarter – I think.)

I’ve decided that in order to make these commitments to myself, it’s important for me to write down what I spend in order to figure out where I’m unnecessarily spending too much, that’s where my cute little notebook comes in. Okay that’s it for now, maybe you’ve been thinking about getting control of what you want for your life, when better than a sunny Thursday morning to start?

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Carine Roitfeld, the editor of French Vogue is a very fascinating women. She is simplistic, impossibly chic and incredibly un-p.c. Her hair is always messy and her eyes darkly rimmed. The woman is at the helm of France’s fashion bible, yet doesn’t know how to use a computer. She has had no formal training, but calls her vision just “a feeling” she has about what is right for her magazine. I can’t help but be in awe of this person, she is the antithesis of what we expect from our professionals over here in North America. I think I’d rather live in France.


From :

A Glossed Over Guide: How to Be Carine Roitfeld, Editor of FrenchVogue

Carine Roitfeld, the editor of French Vogue, is the subject of a profile in the current issue of New York magazine. The article by Amy Larocca radiates a staggering amount of antipathy—perhaps best exemplified by the choice to recreate Roitfeld’s Gallic accent and broken English verbatim. (Actual quote: “I have in my office—what you call in America?”)

Perhaps because we’re so accustomed to the sickly sweet world of fashion magazine profiles, where everybody loves everybody else, we were thrilled to see an actual, honest-to-goodness point of view. Whether we agree with Larocca’s take is almost irrelevant; we learned so much from this profile. Roitfeld may be near  universally revered as an arbiter of chic, but many of her secrets were laid bare. What did we learn about navigating the tricky path to becoming a top magazine editor?

1. Portray yourself in the best possible light. Literally.

She is a fiftyish woman having a double espresso in the lobby of the Carlyle on Madison Avenue. “For me, it is best to be the youngest in hotel,” she explains, “and I was not having this feeling at the Mercer.” She has come to New York for her son Vladimir’s 23rd birthday, which she celebrated the night before with dinner at Indochine. “It makes me happy because there is vewy great lighting,” she says about the restaurant. “Vewy flatter.” (Roitfeld has reached a compromise with the hard American r by converting them all to ws.)

2. Believe in yourself, regardless of immaterial details like training or education.

“Some editors, they have that, they know all the designer from the beginning of the nineteenth century. They know this is triple cashmere, this is simple cashmere. Maybe they went to fashion school. Me, I don’t. I just get a feeling about what is exciting. It is all just from feeling. So I don’t know”—she pulls her lips into a pout and gives one of those poufy little French exhales—“I think maybe I have a talent.”

3. Do everything you can to keep fashion the exclusive province of the wealthy and slender.

Because of this, Roitfeld’s French Vogue is the polar opposite of most American fashion magazines. It is unconcerned with making fashion wearable or accessible to its readers. It is not inclusive: There is no advice on how to dress if you’re shaped like a pear or about to turn 50.

In Roitfeld’s world, models are never too skinny, diamonds are never too expensive.

4. Lob passive-aggressive insults at more influential editors. (Excellent! We’ve got a head start on mastering this one.)

“The American editors are very, how you say, slick,” Roitfeld says. “Very perfect. Hair is perfect, they have a manicure. They are very clean, they follow fashion. I don’t think they take many risks. They do the total look of Prada. Me, I wear a lot of Japanese piece mixed with a bit of classic Hermès and Prada. Even though jeans suit me, I never wear jeans.”…

“It’s very difficult not to become a puppet,” she says of it all. “Like Anna, she becomes so iconic that she becomes like a puppet. I don’t want to be like that, I don’t want to wear this uniform, I don’t want to be just an envelope.”

Roitfeld styled a shoot last year in homage to Wintour’s look, puppetlike or not, starring a model with a bob, dark sunglasses, and many a fur coat. (“PETA, they like to pay attention to her, not to me,” she says, “so this is good for me.”)

5. Bite the hand that feeds you.

In an industry where accessories count for the bulk of her advertisers’ revenue, she has this to say: “Right now I think that fashion in the world becomes a bit boring. There is so much money, and I feel a bit when you go to shows they want to sell so many handbags, and for me, well, I do not like handbags. I do not wear handbags. It is not a nice look, to carry a handbag.”

6. Look for the good in everyone!

“…So people always say that I weigh my staff, and it is totally wrong. All my girls are very skinny and very chic and very beautiful. And if they are not beautiful, well, then they are very charming. So people always say that I weigh them, but no. I don’t weigh my girls.”

7. Know what tools are essential for doing your job well.

Her desk is nearly empty—Roitfeld does not know how to use a computer—save for a telephone, a pair of black suede gloves, some color printouts of a fashion shoot, and a tiny snakeskin clutch.

8. Have an open mind about other cultures!

Roitfeld is 48 hours off a ten-day vacation in Thailand during which she worked a great deal on meditation.

How was this trip?

“You think this will be so glamorous,” she sighs. “You have the idea in your mind and then you get there and the people in the hotel …” She grimaces and gestures hugely in the hip area. “There were lots of people who were so fat and like that.”

Well, we hope they were at least charming!

Click here for French Vogue. (Available at Chapters)

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Part of the work assigned from the current course I’m taking at BCIT, (Strategic Corporate Communications), is to blog about course readings, (which are listed as pages to your right titled “Sharing Education”) and write general posts about life happenings that relate to the course material.

Here’s something that I think is helpful to all those who have anything to do with communications, anyone who owns a business with an online presence and BLOGGERS OF EVERY VARIETY: Recently on BC, one of their bloggers published this post about how to convert leads online by creating a great and seductive landing page. The BC Biz blogger, Tommy Humphreys, (also seen on this blog in cashmere, see my last post below), gives three keys for creating your own successful landing page. So read on! CLICK HERE!

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