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On my way out the door, I thought I’d snap a few photos of today’s outfit. I figured that if I was wearing something that felt semi-professional and fun, I’d feel motivated to check more of the to-do’s off of my long list. I’ve just sat down with a tea and my computer at a local Starbucks, so we’ll see if the outfit proves effective.

Wearing: Sheer ruffled blouse, a vintage metallic leather belt, Kersh cardi, Fidelity jeans and espadrille wedges by a designer who’s name I can never remember, vintage leather bag, Michael Kors watch, vintage gold ring.

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With Lindsay Lorimer, Project Manager, Special Events and Marketing woman for Guess? Canada and Niki Blasina blogger of A Haute Mess and co-host! (Be sure to check Niki’s blog for event coverage as well!)

Thursday night a crowd gathered around the entrance of the Marciano store on Robson St, waiting to be let into a fabulous party co-hosted by Niki and I to celebrate Guess by Marciano There was wine, cocktails and delicious h’ordeuvres being passed around as a DJ played the latest tracks, and what seemed like hundreds of people to mingle with. Amongst the crowd there were fashion editors, stylists, both corporate and freelance, club promoters, marketing pros, CEOs, real estate agents, models, bloggers galore, PR people, fashion aficionados and mega-shoppers! Not to mention, the lovely representatives from Dress for Success, the non-profit we partnered with in putting the event together, (Dress for Success received a portion of the profits from the evening’s sales). Thank you to everyone who came!! The night was such a wonderful experience and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it! 

Niki and I with the Guess? Canada head honchos, all the way from Toronto for the event!

Andrea Pahn, founder of Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics was on site to give girls a mini mani with her brilliant polish!

With Liz Sperandeo, a member of the board for Dress for Success, and a Dress for Success volunteer. Guess? asked Niki and I to choose a non-profit to work with, and who better than Dress for Success?! “Dress for Success® Vancouver is a registered Canadian Charity that helps low and no income women to transition into the workforce by providing professional attire.”

Second from left, stylist Dani Barnes of Dani Barnes Productions.

The swag!

Lovely fashion & lifestyle photographer Christine McAvoy!

Dessert: amazingly delicious mini cheesecakes… No I did not have three of these…

The outfit: Thank you to Guess for Marciano for allowing me to choose an outfit for the evening! In response to some of your questions, yes I got to keep it. : ) Head to toe Marciano, (except for the watch, that’s mine). I love this colour! Reminds me of a Tiffany’s box!

Cheers to a fabulous party!

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Listening to Fashion Magazine Editor-In-Chief, Bernadette Mora speak about the history of Dior watches at Holt Renfrew. 

Thursday afternoon I headed down to Holt Renfrew to meet Fashion Mag’s Editor-In-Chief and see Dior’s beautiful watches, which did not disappoint! One of the most delightful parts of the afternoon was meeting and chatting with Holts’ West Coast PR woman, Lenirose Espiritu! Lenirose has been with Holt Renfrew for about eight years now, and started on the sales floor working for Gucci. We quickly got to talking fashion, specifically bags. Her favourite purchase is her brown leather Balenciaga tote, one of the “it bags” of 2006, (I have always coveted the pink version of this bag, even to this day). 

(And that fab Dior gift bag Lenirose is holding? Filled with the summer edition of Fashion Magazine, a Dior eyeshadow compact and a sweetly wrapped box holding four delicious macaroons! Thank you Dior and Holts for the lovely gifts!)

With Bernadette Mora. I loove her look, so Audrey Hepburn, and it’s so working for her.

With fashion journalist, and writer for String Magazine, Nadia Chu. Check out her gorgeous vintage Manolos!! A rare limited edition shoe done for a Neiman Marcus anniversary!

Fashion Magazine’s West Coast Editor Rebecca Tay admiring a friend’s shoes.

That ridiculously fabulous watch on the left has my name all over it. (A mere $23, 000).

Thank you to Lenirose for inviting me the lovely Dior event! 

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Recently I received an email informing me about a new sports book for ladies, PERFECT! I thought, because honestly, all I know about sports is that there is usually a ball of sorts involved. Though I do enjoy attending sports events. If like me, you could use a little help understanding the world of sports, read on! (And if you really need help, get the book: She’s Got Game by Melissa Malamut.)

This is not a guide for impressing your boyfriend (though you will), it was written to help women fall in love with sports.

This hilarious and practical guide to the world of sports for women provides outlines of the rules as well as superstitions and customs of the four major professional sports. SHE’S GOT GAME, ($14.99) is a must for any woman who doesn’t want to be clueless in the bleachers or on the couch.

Sporting events raise so many questions. What is March Madness all about? What on earth is a pop fly? If they just had the fourth down, then why is it the first down now and not the fifth? What’s a down anyway? What do I wear? Will I wipe out if I wear heels? Should I wear makeup? And how do you say that player’s name?

Melissa Malamut brings a lifelong love of sports, a girly-girl’s sensibility, and insight from fashion editors, friends and her own experiences to this guide. SHE’S GOT GAME is packed with all the rules and history of the games, personal anecdotes, and do’s and don’ts. In this incredibly well-researched and engaging book, Melissa gives you everything you need to feel at ease and fall in love with sports.

NBA Finals Talking Points
The Girlie Girls Guide to Basketball

The NBA has a Dress Code. Why Wouldn’t You?
*       Pro basketball is the most stylish and dressiest sport. It’s really the only sport (maybe with the exception of hockey) where you can get away with high heels. Even stilettos.

*       You can wear anything from team gear to your work suit. Fashion-conscious females in the basketball business suggest jeans, a cardigan and heeled boots, stylish flats or city sneakers. The season goes from winter to summer but the climate controlled 72-degree arenas never change.

Tips for Female Fans
*       Best time to leave the seats (or the couch) to not miss the action: Obviously halftime. Time in between quarters is short (only about two minutes.)

*       Best time to leave the seats (or the couch) for the shortest lines for the bathroom/food: Beginning of the second quarter and beginning of the fourth quarter. You may miss some game play, but the lines will be short and you’ll avoid the halftime rush.

*       When to cheer/not to cheer: You cheer on your team throughout the game whether they are on offense or defense. But when a member of your team is shooting free throws it is customary not to cheer so he can concentrate.

Lingo – Shout it loud – Love this!! 
*       And one! – Shout when a member of your team is fouled while shooting and he makes the basket. He now has the chance for a three-point play by earning a foul shot.

*       Denied! – Yell it after a member of your team blocks a shot.

*       Airball! – When the other team shoots and the ball misses the hoop, backboard and rim completely. Touches “nothing but air”. Slowly shout, “Aiiiiiiiir-baaaaal!”

*       Brick! – Shout it after the other team shoots an ugly looking shot that clanks off the rim or backboard Terms to know

*       Travel – “Too many steps” A violation if a player takes more than two steps without dribbling (bouncing the ball to the court) or moves his pivot foot (one foot must be planted to the ground when not dribbling). The team that commits a travel loses possession of the ball.

*       Double dribble – When a player stops and then restarts a dribble or uses both hands. The team that commits this violation loses possession.

*       Swish – “Nothing but net” When a shot goes right through the basket and touches nothing but the net. Makes a noise that sounds like “swish”.

*       Bench points – Points scored by non-starters.

*       Shot clock – “The 24 second clock” is the time a team has to make a basket. The ball must at least hit the rim before the clock expires or they lose possession. If the shooting team gets their own rebound (takes control of the ball after a missed shot), they get a new 24 second clock.

AMAZING! I coulda used this aaaages ago!! Hope you enjoyed the read!

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The kitten has grown! Marie loves to play and dress up! She’s definitely my little kitten! (The truth is, she puts up with my dressing her up for about ten minutes, then tries to bite the bows and kitty shoes off, yes I said kitty shoes, no I have not made her wear them.)

Sooo precious! If only I had a mini strap-on tiara… ; ) Marie is officially 10 weeks old now!

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With Niki Blasina of A Haute Mess, and yours truly! Now this is one Olivia that WILL be wearing Guess to a Guess event… (unlike a certain Palermo who couldn’t get it together).

Very excited!! See you fabulous people tonight!

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(Above: Ms. Anna dello Russo) Remember, fashionistas and fashionistos, these rules are very important if one wants to become the most fabulous fashion-show attendee. Thank you Anna d R for these bits of brilliance taken right from her blog, (literally taken exactly as is, spelling errors and all!):

” During the fashion week I havemy rules to follow and I’m goingto tell my top ten list for theFRONT-ROW “ 











Serious fashion advice from Japan’s “it” editor!

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I’ve recently discovered the many uses of the RSS feed and am in the midst of incorporating such uses into my blog, but for now, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned!

Just in case, RSS as defined by Wikipedia: RSS (most commonly expanded as Really Simple Syndication) is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format.

1. At this point, RSS feeds are relatively spam free, unlike email, (making email a very ineffective way of distributing information, in my opinion). An RSS feed allows the subscriber to control what they receive, meaning they’ll be much more likely to receive your updates.

2. RSS feeds are an ideal tool for press rooms. Journalists can access updates on your company’s happenings without their inboxes constantly being filled with press releases. This is also a good way to let journalists be aware of what’s going on with your company/organization when perhaps a press release isn’t necessary. 

3. A hassle-free way of ensuring your partners are informed. Add an RSS feed to your extranet, (again, just in case you’re not familiar with this term: an extranet is a computer network that is partially accessible to chosen authorized users outside of an organization/company). Generate content that will inform and update your partners on the latest company info like press releases sent, media coverage received, financial information, top-management decisions, etc.

4. Create specific categories of interest for your RSS feed that people can subscribe to. This is especially effective if your company or organization offers a variety of services or products, or if your site covers a variety of topics. Make the information that people desire from you easily accessible. 

5. Planning an event? Create an RSS feed for it! This is a sure way of informing your attendees/subscribers of changes to the event, what to expect and who will be attending. 

6. Create an RSS feed to give awareness to all coverage your company/organization garners. Not only is this a great way to generate a further buzz around your company, but a simple way of keeping your employees and customers in the loop. 

7. Use an RSS feed to provide up-to-date information on promotions! Give limited-time promotions to your subscribers so that they benefit from following your information stream. Also, publicize that you’re offering these promotions to your RSS feed subscribers as a method of attracting more subscribers.

Hope my thoughts are useful!

- SS

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Hot pink leather Kate Spade bag, all the way from Palm Dessert!

Recently I was the lucky recipient of this beautiful bag, which has quickly become one of my favourites! I take it everywhere, from photoshoots, (it held my Nikon on the day of the Kensie shoot), to Starbucks to school, (at school it sits proudly, though kind of in the way, on my desk). It is just exactly the right shade of hot pink! And I have been searching for a pink bag for years, it’s hard to find one that is the right balance of cute pink and sophisticated pink, seems bag designers out there want to make all pink bags out of pleather, or cheap vinyl, which is like handbag suicide. And the gold accents are so beautiful, it really makes me very happy to carry it around town. 

Outfit I wish I’d captured: Last week I went to meet with the lovely lady I’m currently interning with, Andrea Baxter of Bratface Marketing, and wore a navy and cream striped knit blazer, a light pink ribbed cotton tank tucked into super dark, super long Fidelity jeans that have this fantastic wet-look waxy finish to them with my Chanel platform sandals and this bag! I felt FABULOUS! Though, I spent the majority of that day traipsing through the city, walking city blocks, catching a bus and then another bus to get to all my appointments. In the afternoon, after I finished my hair appointment, (got a little blonder, LOVING being blonde!), I had to walk through this unpaved alley, it was like off-roading in Chanel. I nearly broke my ankle on those 6 inchers trying to make my way over a seriously uneven road. I must have looked ridiculous, but I’d wear them for a day of adventure again!

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Last night what seemed like hundreds of fabulous Vancouver people joined together at the Renaissance Hotel’s 360 Room in support of YEF, Youth Education Farms, a non-profit founded by UBC grad Mr. Riley Mari. YEF’s mandate is to purchase farms in Swaziland to run as businesses that employ, nourish and finance the education of youth in the African country. The model is a brilliant example of sustainable philanthropy and I am grateful to Riley and his board for bringing it to our attention!

The goal of the event last night was to raise as much money as possible to build additional farms in Swaziland, YEF already has one working farm. I’m not sure how much the event raised, but I did see some wonderfully high figures below the items during the silent auction! I won’t also mention that a certain notorious Vancouver business man offered my date 1 million dollars to take me on a jet to vegas. Unfortunately I had to pass, I just can’t whore myself out in the name of philanthropy. It was all jokes, of course. But in seriousness, the event made for a fantastic evening of raising money, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Congratulations to the YEF team for all of the good work you’re doing! 

And because this is a fashion blog, here is what I wore to the YEF event!

Wearing BeBe top, B.B. Dakota skirt and Aldo heels. (Miu Miu look-a-like Aldo heels).

Below: Check out this fabulously fabulous woman, Joan Gusola, mother of Hayley and Katie Gusola! She has such an amazing taste for clothes, point-in-case: her shoes. It takes a fashionista with some serious cred to pull off such a fun look as this vintage Cheap and Chic Moschino soccer ball jacket. So appropriate with all the soccer frenzy going on right now. I love a woman with a sense of fashion humour! I hear she has an AMAZING vintage collection. I die.

And finally, one more fashion picture: 1 skirt, two girls!

Meghan Parks, representative for Alternative Apparel via Diverse Group and I both working the B.B. Dakota skirt! I must apologize to the lovely Miss Meghan for cutting our faces off, I was caught with horribly squinty eyes. Next time we shall take more pictures!

See you all Thursday night at the Guess for Marciano Event!!

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Meet Marie! The sweetest kitten…

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Recently I spent a few hours behind the scenes at a photo shoot for Kensie Girl! The crew were all very busy, so I didn’t want to bother them with too many questions, but I did find out the model was flown in from New York, and she did a fantastic job working for the photographer. Thanks so much to the Kensie team for letting me watch them in action! It was a great experience.

I love being able to see all of the talent and work that goes into a photo, at this particular shoot there was about ten people collaborating to create the finished piece. The shoot was done at Judas Goat in Gastown, I think the black, white and greys look amazing with the bright yellow accents, looking forward to seeing the published shots!

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Sad, but true. Mat, we are all looking forward to seeing what your next moves will be! You’ve been a tremendous source of inspiration! 

Here is the story, written by Fiona Anderson for

: ( – SS

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Thursday, June 24, join Niki Blasina and I at the Marciano store on Robson St for a marvelous party!

An excerpt from the press release sent by Guess to the media list: “This exclusive event, hosted by fashion bloggers Olivia Lovenmark, the fashionista and social media/public relations obsessed blogger behind Vancouver style blog and Niki Blasina the pop culture enthusiast, public relations professional and creator of, is the perfect setting to unveil the summer collection. A portion of the evening’s proceeds will go to Dress for Success Vancouver, a network of support for economically disadvantaged women that provides career development tools and professional attire to help women in work and in life.”

If you would like to attend this fabulous event, please RSVP right away to by Monday, June 21 to secure a spot! The party will start at 6:30pm!

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Recently I attended a trunk show hosted by the founder of weboutique;, Laura Caravaggio. Nestled in a fabulous studio in the heart of Railtown was a vast array of colourful clothes designed specifically for women between the sizes of 12 – 24. Lola and Gigi is a company that provides style to fit your curves. 

Of creating her store Caravaggio says, “I love clothes and I love helping people transform themselves through their clothing. When I see someone put something on that fits them perfectly, I can just see the difference it makes. They glow! The size on the label suddenly ceases to exist and they are in their element.” 

 Looking for the perfect summer piece beyond the usually displayed size range? (For some reason it seems most stores don’t carry clothes past a 12) Look no further! Click HERE to shop Lola and Gigi! And while you’re on the site, don’t forget to take advantage of the very helpful expert advice that is offered! 

Laura Caravaggio dresses a client.

A Lou Lou contributor shops the racks.

The brilliant women behind Lola and Gigi’s road show, Shelley Mantei of MediaTonic PR and Malania Dela Cruz of Dela Cruz PR.

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Recently I did a blog post on a certain new pair of summer sandals, well, here are said sandals!! (Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness, I beg to differ with them. There are times when money can buy you a little happiness, and one of those times involves Chanel.)

Wearing a vintage silk top, Sirens jeans, Chanel shoes. Bracelet brand unknown, from Macy’s, H&M headband.

It’s been ages since I’ve done one of these types of outfit posts, it felt good today to get the camera out and snap some photos. I mean, get the Nikon out, stacking it on top of a huuuge pile of books that balanced on top of my stool, then setting the camera to a 10 second automatic timer, getting a shot, then running back and forth from pose to camera to check each shot. Oh, the life of a fashion blogger without her own personal photographer. Fun. : )

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So you’ve started a business and brought on a team of capable people who are going to lead your company into the next phase of ENORMOUS business growth and development and even BIGGER profit margins. Right? Do those people you’ve hired understand your brand to the full extent? Do they know that they work for a company that believes in treating its employees like family and that’s why you bring them chocolate cupcakes from time to time? Or maybe they just think you’re trying to fatten them up so they won’t be able to waddle away from their positions. If your employees don’t understand the value behind the company beliefs and vision, how are they supposed to help your business reach its potential?

This post is dedicated to the smart ideas I recently found in an article explaining “how to create communications materials that employees will actually use” by the Harvard Business Review. Communicating with your employees is an equally important aspect of marketing as communicating with your customers. I am very interested in marketing, hence, this post.

A bit I liked from the article: “Internal communications materials are vital to energizing employees and helping them understand and embrace the brand vision, but they are usually so dull and generic that they have the opposite effect: at best they gather dust, at worst they’re widely ridiculed.” Make sure your style of communication hits all the right notes:

1. “Don’t Preach.” – Avoid developing internal communications tools from a top-management perspective, most likely it won’t be read or understood. Instead, have your employees tell you what they’re thinking about in terms of the company’s values, then develop materials that speak directly to your employees. And don’t forget to use their lingo when communicating. Nothing worse than trying to understand something that’s full of pretentious jargon. Dumb it down, (I mean that in the most PC way possible), and make the writing interesting. PLEASE. 

2. “Emphasize Beliefs Rather than Intentions” - “Beliefs come directly from the brand essence, they reveal much about what the company is at its core. Intentions describe how you’ll achieve your business objectives.” Beliefs don’t change, intentions do.

3. “Make the Medium Part of the Message” - Present your communications materials in a new way that will inspire your employees to read it. For example, you could create an internal company blog with daily posts featuring stories you gathered from your employees and messages about how your employees can accurately represent your company both in their work and in their lives. If you already have an internal blog, be real, is it interesting? Would you want to spend your time reading it? 

4. “Design Materials to Fit the Purpose” - The likelihood of your employees reading a gargantuan book of company messages is slim to none. I feel like we all know that, with “we” including those who are managers. So why are intense and intimidating documents still being created and shipped out? Perhaps because companies don’t want to change, the whole text book thing is pretty old school. Personally, I think that that method of communication won’t effectively reach employees 35 and under. Create a piece of company literature that your employees can easily carry with them or easily access, like a blog, to constantly be reminded of the brand they’re representing. Having something that’s easy to access makes it much more possible for each employee to remember what you’re trying to tell them. 

5. “Have Fun” - Communicate in a memorable, effective way by speaking to your employees’ senses of humor. If you can make them laugh, I believe you can have your employees understand and appreciate your message.

- SS


Anyone remember that SATC episode? The one where Carrie loses her silver Manolos at a baby shower? Well I didn’t lose any shoes, (the horror!), but I sure did add a pair to my collection! As I’m sure all the Vancouver fashionistas are aware of, Holts is having a MASSIVE shoe sale right now, (and it’s quickly being picked over, so run, don’t walk, to Holts to get in on the good deals!). MASSIVE because for the first time that I’ve shopped their sale, Chanel was 50% off. I know right?! What the heck?? That never happens! (In Canada anyways). Wellll, I fully took advantage of that 50% off. The funny thing is before I reached the Chanel boutique in Holts, I was going through the shoe sale racks and wouldn’t even look at anything over $250, and in the end convinced myself I was better without and should keep my money in my savings account. But then there was the land of Chanel, where 50% off of $825 seems reasonable, and my card practically came out of my purse on its own. Practically an out of body experience. 

Now I just have to create some outfits for these (now favourite) fabulous platform sandals! What would you wear with shoes like these??


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Wednesday afternoon I went down to Ginger 62 where the designer, Theresa James, behind Retarded Velvet and photographer Candice Albach came together with a group of talented stylists, hair stylists and make up artists to produce a fabulous photoshoot. Check out these behind-the-scenes photos I took! (Sans flash, can’t mess with photog’s lighting!)

Want to check out the Retarded Velvet line? Which by the way is a local line designed by two very inspired people, Theresa James and Roger Prince. Click here to see and read more about the collection! Thanks to the ladies putting on the shoot for inviting me! 

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On Monday morning dozens of entrepreneurial women joined the CRAVE Vancouver team at Heritage Hall on Main St. for the CRAVE Symposium; an event held to support various local business women and help them figure out how to grow their existing businesses. There were 8 businesses chosen that needed support. The attendees, about ten to a table, sat with one of the designated businesses and bounced around ideas that could help each business with marketing, branding, the financials, team building, etc. There were also a number of mentors at the event, who led each session. Andrea Baxter, of Bratface Marketing and Smart Cookies was a mentor in marketing, as was Heather White of Ghost CEO and 20/20 Communications. I have never learned so much in just one day. Some pics from the event! (Photos by Candice Albach of Albach Studios).

From the top: 1-Arpen Thandi of CRAVE Vancouver, 2-Danielle LaPorte of and Cortnie Clarke of Crave Beauty, CRAVE Founder, 3-Melody Biringer looks over one of the business sessions, 4-marketing mentor Andrea Baxter, 5-Heather White, a marketing mentor weighs in on local biz Urbanity, 6-the CRAVE books. 

If you are interested in learning how to grow your biz, then I highly recommend attending the CRAVE Symposium next year. It seemed it was best to come if you were a business owner, or on the verge of starting your own business. 


Now for some exciting news for you, the reader! Would you like to own a CRAVE book?? This book is  wealth of knowledge of many, many local businesses, (owned by women!), from retail to marketing firms to aesthetics, the entrepreneurial women of Vancouver are documented in this book! To enter, just leave me a comment about why you think CRAVE is great, or tweet it to me at @StyleStruck! I’ll have a winner picked by next week and will send you the book! Good luck!

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