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I seem to equate summer with lazy mornings and relaxing sunsets, margaritas and colourful sandals. This summer, however, hasn’t been quite so decadent, though I certainly can’t complain! I’m very grateful to be kept busy with work I enjoy and meeting new contacts. I am planning to “un-plug” though, starting tomorrow night! (Although, only for a few days.) Sunday night I head over to Thormanby Island for some r and r. I feel a bit creatively drained at the moment, so I’m hoping not having to try to be creative will allow great ideas to pop into my head! We’ll see, either way, I know I’ll come home with a tan! On the list of things to do before going away, get a pedicure, (check!) buy a little harness and leash for Marie, (check! She’ll be staying with my Mum while I’m away), do heaps of laundry, tidy my apartment and pick up a few other necessities, like the above pictured candy-pink sandals, (check!). Sandals from Urban Planet on South Granville, $15!

Note to my readers: I took your comments regarding Marie being on the balcony very seriously. I feel that she deserves fresh air, so I’ve bought her a little leash that will allow her to walk about half way out onto the balcony. I don’t often put her on a leash, just for when she’s curious about being outside, which she seems to love!

Summer reading, (there’s a Vogue under there somewhere), and fresh cherries! And endless amounts of technology… thanks goodness for mini getaways! 

New posts coming Tuesday night when I’ll be back in the city!

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Standing at the entrance of Capilano Golf and Country Club in West Vancouver, ready for a wedding!

Saturday afternoon Tommy, (my date), and I got all dressed up for a wedding on the hill. I chose a red bandage style dress from BCBG Max Azria with yellow Zara faux snakeskin heels, (5″), a vintage Pierre Cardin snakeskin clutch and vintage Rayban sunnies while Tommy went for more of a “running for prez” kind of look. Nothin’ like a navy jacket and tie! You’ll notice I’m wearing a rather low-cut dress, like I mentioned earlier about my crop top, this isn’t something I do often. But sometimes it has to happen, for me this was the dress that said, “BAM! I’m here!” Now back to my regular programming of t shirts and blouses. 

The groom led the bride onto the dance floor for the first dance… that dress was heaven.

Love weddings!!

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Since I’ve added Formspring to my blog, the questions have come rushing in! Rather than answer each question individually, I thought I’d do a post on them, so the questions and answers are shared! Here we go!

1. What are my favourite flowers? Definitely peonies! Sadly, they’re poisonous to kitties so I no longer bring them into my home. I also love hydrangeas!

2. Who’s my favourite model? Hands down Abbey Lee Kershaw! Adorable. (It used to be Agyness Deyn, was who the inspiration behind cutting my hair short a couple years ago).

3. How do I keep my skin so nice? Well, I battle with keeping good skin just as everyone does. Recently I’ve gotten more serious about a skin care routine and now use Skoah products religiously every morning and night. Other than that, I try to drink lots of water, eat well and of course avoid smoking. (Never have, never will).

4. Do you ever go thrifting? What are your favourite stores to get vintage clothes? Yes, I adore vintage clothing, though lately I haven’t had much time to shop. I would say that I don’t have a favourite vintage shop, as each may hold one treasure amongst a sea of not-so-great pieces. But generally Deluxe Junk in Gastown is good, as is Front & Company on Main St.

5. Who do you relate the most with out of the SATC girls? All of them, for different reasons. Just like with the Spice Girls back in the day, one day I’m feeling sassy, the next I’m feeling a bit more conservative. There’s a piece of each girl in all of us, which I think is a large part of the reason Sex and the City has done so well.

6. Do you ever feel insecure about yourself? I used to more than I do now. Of course I have my moments, but as I get older, I find that I face less insecurities. Confidence is key!

7. What personality were you in high school? I was fairly outgoing and friends with an eclectic mix of people. I was very academically inclined and was therefor gung-ho for committees like the student council and grad committee. I was also a tad obsessed with acquiring as many academic awards as I could. I guess that means I’ve always been a bit of a geek!

8. Do I get many hurtful comments on my blog? Occasionally I get a random comment telling me an outfit is horrible. Here’s what I think about negative comments: if that person is reading my blog everyday and continually checking up on what I’m up to, then I will give them the satisfaction of having their comment posted. After all, they’re adding to my number of visitors each day! I knew that when I started a blog I was making myself susceptible to criticism, heck, I was asking for it by putting my life on the web!  (To those of you who do make the few negative comments, thanks for reading!)

9. What makes a true and great friend? My very closest friends are the girls in my life who I can tell everything and anything to. They’re the girls who laugh at me, laugh with me and leave the unsolicited advice at home. 

10. In social parties, do you go up to strangers and start a conversation or are you more reserved and prefer to be approached by people? Both! I love to chat with everyone! I’m certainly not shy!

Okay, that’s it for now. If you didn’t see the question you asked listed here, that’s because in the past few days since I have installed Formspring, I’ve received a lot of questions. I’ll answer more in the coming days! : ) Thanks for your interest!!

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Lately, I am going blog-crazy! In a good way, of course. Recently I began writing articles for Bratface Marketing’s blog on various topics related to internet marketing. The two articles that are posted thus far are:

Do You Know Your Target Market?

Search Engine Optimization 101

I’d love for you to take a look and let me know what you think! my hope is that if you’re involved in the business of internet marketing, or business in general, you find these articles helpful! My posts for Bratface Marketing will be coming weekly now, so keep checking back!

- SS

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Bernadette Chirac

Recently I came across an article in Canadian Business Magazine explaining about the quotas set in European countries for a certain number of women to be on company boards. The legislation for the quotas was set as a way to increase diversity in corporate management. However, it seems that those who held the power pre-legislation have found a way to maintain their power hold; bring on elderly women who haven’t held a job in 40 or so years who can act as female representation. For instance, the LVMH company brought on 76-year-old Bernadette Chirac, the former first lady of France. I found this article quite interesting, if you’d like to read more, click here!

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Spending Saturday morning tidying, running a few errands in a crop top and sans make up, which feels good. I’m not usually much of a crop top type, but I figured, with this heat, why the heck not? Although, this is probably the only time my belly button will feel so free, unless you catch me at the beach. 

Wearing: Vintage crop top, (a whopping $2 purchase), Sirens white denim, Zara flats, H&M sunnies.

And the latest home-decor addition to my little apartment:

A fierce feline! Rooowwwrr.

You may have noticed a new hot pink box to the right, I’m now on Formspring! The social media platform for asking bloggers all sorts of questions. So get to it, type into that little box and ask me something. Now I must go get fancied up for a wedding, it takes some time. 

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This outfit was worn to enjoy Friday night cosmopolitans at the Opus Hotel in Yaletown. All day I had been wondering what I should wear, we were going to be meeting up with quite a big group in the Velvet Room and I wanted to look fabulous. At the last minute I settled on this outfit, deciding that I needed a print moment. The women thought my outfit was a dress, so I suppose the two pieces were a successful combination! 

Wearing: BCBG Max Azria silk heart blouse, (as previously seen at Chanel), Zara silk snakeskin print skirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch, vintage ring, Stuart Weitzman nude pumps

And for a little kitty update:

Marie is a happy, healthy and ever growing kitten! Happy home over here with little Marie!

Till next time,

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Last night, Chanel hosted a cocktail, (or champagne), party at their new beauty and fragrance bar in Holt Renfrew. The space is GORGEOUS! It is truly a Chanel wonderland of sparkly lip gloss, perfume galore and the latest Shanghai collection of nail polish. I’ll have to be careful about going near it, as I know I’ll be bound to find a few, or a lot, of things I just have to have! The party-goers last night were an eclectic mix of local celebrities, (Erin Ireland, Elisa Estrada), Chanel clients, beauty gurus, PR pros, bloggers and people from the office of Chanel. 

Niki Blasina, of A Haute Mess, and me at the event! Love this girl’s style, and fierce boots! 

With Ryan Bazely, of PINQ.

DJ Blondtron, a.k.a. Samantha Mathews spinning for Chanel. 

Maria Jose Hernandez Cos and Nadia Chu of String Magazine with Marilyn Wilson of Vancouver Fashion Ezine.

The fabulous Niki and I went for a little Granville stroll after the party.

Wearing: BCBG Max Azria silk top, B.B. Dakota skirt, Chanel sandals, Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch, Fossil watch.

Thank you to the PR & Event team at Holts and at Chanel for putting on such a wonderful party, and for inviting me! And THANK YOU for the swag bags!! Eeee CHANEL USB STICK! Best thing ever!

Now off to play in the sun! 

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This evening was spent biking along the beautiful sea wall around Stanley Park! Such a wonderful way to spend the evening!

Wearing: Silk Zara blouse, leather Zara belt, vintage cut offs, Zara flats, Guess back pack, H&M sunnies.

Tonight couldn’t have been more lovely, riding a cruiser with the wind in your hair, stopping for ice cream and photos, fun, fun, fun! 

Amazing!! In the distance, the North Shore, (West Vancouver).

Hope you had a lovely summery weekend!

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Wearing: New Era hat, H&M vest, Dynamite tank, Trina Turk denim shorts, Vans California edition sneakers, Carrera sunnies and an orange band aid. (Marie scratched me this morning.)

Off to play now! Pitch and putt! Have some SUMMER FUUNN!! 


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Blogger’s Disclaimer: These are my thoughts. I may be ridiculous, I may be brilliant, (it has yet to be determined), but I’m on the road to figuring it all out, and this post is part of that. So I ask that you read this post as though you and I were having a conversation, a casual discussion of a current topic. Thank you in advance. And please do leave your thoughts below in the comments section!

Sitting on a Yaletown patio, (Starbucks), thinking about biz. Notice, I’m wearing a collared shirt, which is obviously very professional and pretty much makes me a bonafide business woman, (insert touch of sarcasm). (A Tommy Hilfiger collared shirt. From Winners. Love Winners.)

Today I’m thinking about perceived value, and how you can create that in the way you establish your own personal brand. Recently BC Business published a blog post on their site about perceived value, from blogger Tommy Humphreys, author of The Shift Key, and it made me re-think my strategy in terms of how I position myself as I build my career. Being a blogger, or a “fashion blogger,” as I’m often introduced as, (I prefer: “fashion, lifestyle and PR blogger,” but no biggie ; )), it can be tricky deciding who and what I should and should not align myself with. This is true with every single brand, and I think every organization really has to think and do their homework to make sure that when they do choose to partner with another brand, that their ideals, goals and values line up. If they don’t, the brand value can be damaged. What I’m aiming for, in terms of brand perception, and this is a lofty goal here, so get ready, is to be perceived as a luxury brand, like a Chanel, or YSL blogger. I don’t say this because I literally have hopes to work with such luxury brands, (though, wouldn’t that be a fierce job!), but I mean it in the sense that I hope for my brand to hold serious cred in the minds of those in my industry. Take Chanel for instance, we all want a piece of it. We love Chanel for the craftsmanship, the quality, the sense that it is special and limited in quantity and of course the fact that it is indeed, very top shelf. (I’ve got Chanel on the brain as I am currently wearing the CC sandals.) The ideal situation for a blogger is to be taken seriously, to be understood and of course, to be wanted. What I’m trying to get at, is when you are building a brand, and trying to create a strong, positive perception around that brand, how do you know when an opportunity to work with a company is a good or bad choice for you? I’ve asked around and put together a short list of check points that should align when such a relationship is considered: 

1. Values: Is there a shared set of values? Think community involvement, philanthropy, treatment of employees, quality of life and quality of work.

2. Goals: Are you working towards common goals? When thinking about a brand partnership, consider what kind of relationship you’d like to create with the potential partner, is it short-term or long-term? And does the potential partner want to create short or long-term relationships with their clients? (The obvious answer is of course long-term, but many companies do not operate this way. As I’m sure you’ve noticed when you didn’t receive good customer service at that restaurant you visited recently when they forgot your food and then it was cold. Just an example.) Do their financial goals match with yours in terms of budgets and what kind of money each part of the budget is worth. Example: Is having an influential host at your event worth paying for? (Answer: Probably. It pays, literally, to have a job well done.)

3. Mission: What are you working towards? Does this potential partnership aid in growing your biz/brand? Do both brands hope to make a difference in society through their work?

4. Target Market: So important! Are you and your potential partner selling to the same market? This is an easy one to figure out, and it’s a deal breaker. If your markets align, then fabulous, if not, what is the point of such a relationship? If you want to be the Chanel of your industry, align with companies who also strive to be at the very top of their game, with brands of value. 

I shall now take my own advice and (try to) apply it to my own decisions. Tell me what you think.

- SS

And what I wore while I wrote this business-themed post: Tommy Hilfiger striped collared short, white denim Trina Turk shorts, Chanel platform sandals, rose gold fossil watch, vintage bling, H&M sunnies and a tan leather Makowsky bag. Laptop by Apple. Just another day at the office!

In the hall way wearing: T shirt from French Connection, skirt from Dynamite, Aldo wedges.

Got home quite late tonight and thought I’d capture my outfit! just a simple, casual look, but I was feeling a bit playful, even sassy, (me sassy?? Can you imagine?? ha), hence the t shirt. Then Marie begged me to be part of the photo shoot, so I let her. Just me and Marie hangin around my apartment on a Wednesday night! Time for a midnight snack!

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Well, it seems as though the brilliant women’s clothing designer Christian Lacroix will now be designing shrapnel. I mean coins. I’m happy for Christian and his new position, that’s assuming he’s happy about it, but I can’t help but feel as though his skill will be lost on the hard, non-chiffon-type-swooshing surfaces that are silver, copper and other various metals and alloys. Read it for yourself.

With further tears over the end of a Lacroix era that I was never able to take part in,


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Working away, late at night on a few overdue things. I’m in the midst of creating some good blog content, or that’s what I’m trying to do anyways! Wearing: Dress from French Connection, Zara leather flats. You can’t see, but I’m wearing pearl studs. I feel that with short hair, big earrings just don’t work. Is it just me, or is it very easy to feel distracted in the summer time? Especially when the sun is streaming in my window, hence working in the evening. Though, I have managed to not go to the beach this last week, but oh do I want to!!

Yep, workin’ reeaal hard! ; ) Okay, back to work. 

 Xo SS

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Monday morning and there is a blustery wind storm making an incredible racket outside my window. The kitten is scared, she’s curled up in a ball in my lap and won’t leave. I’m a bit late with this blog post, the past few days have brought with them a lot of late nights, (thank you work), and a serious dizzy spell. Anyways, I owe you some pictures of this new table and chair set I mentioned!! But this post is a little different than any other I’ve done, I decided to snap a few photos soon as I woke up, as to make it natural, sans make up! HORROR! I didn’t even brush my hair, which you’ll see. Welcome to breakfast at my place! Mmm raison bran!!

My new favourite seat in the house. You’ll notice the shabby curtains that my landlord has stuck me with. But first things first, 1: table & chair set, (check!), 2: living room rug, 3: coffee table, 4: new curtains! One at a time, unless anyone wants to sponsor the fixing up of my apartment?? (Note: Wearing: Pajamas. Tank from Le Chateau, sweat pants from El Costco and slippers from La Senza!)

Chairs from, table from The Cross, (my FAVOURITE store!), pine desk from Ikea and desk stool that Marie is enjoying, from Walmart! So very cheap and chic, non?

Now I really do need some gorgeous white sheer curtains, or perhaps white curtains with a light taupe design on them… or black and white?? Something subtle or dramatic?? This could take awhile. 

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This past weekend I spent my entire Saturday and Sunday devoted to re-arranging and fixing up my apartment. Sunday night was spent picking out black and white photos from a stack of old Vogues, then framing them in matching black frames, (see above). A few of the frames feature one picture with a dash of hot pink in it for a little needed color. The three pictures at the bottom are images I took out of a vintage Versace book I found in Brooklyn! All of my furniture has found a new home in my living room, which made room for the new table and soon-to-arrive new, and much anticipated, chairs! It also allows for space for a coffee table and perhaps another comfy chair. Or not, apparently there isn’t a money tree growing outside my balcony. But one day I will have all my dream furnishings! 

Nothing like fresh flowers in the summer time!

If you live in the downtown area of Vancouver, I highly recommend visiting the flower vendor at the corner of Burrard and Dunsmuir. Unlike other flower vendors, their prices are quite reasonable and they provide an excellent selection of flowers! Today I chose a bouquet of a dozen yellow roses, then carried them all about town as I did my errands. I felt a bit like a pageant queen. 

A table teaser! 

This is the year I decided to grow up; I’ve finished school, taken on an internship, (with Andrea Baxter of Bratface Marketing), gotten my apartment in order and I’ve stopped the late nights out, (save for a few dancing nights out with the ladies!). I buy real groceries, like fruit and vegetables and other various ingredients with which I actually cook and bake and I do house work – almost every day, there’s 3 loads of laundry in right now. Oh, and sweatpants are now strictly for at-home only, which of course is very adult of me. And then there’s Marie, my little sweetheart. I’m having a bit of a proud moment that life is starting to straighten out into a more predictable path, rather than the hap-hazard path it used to seem like. Now I’m rambling, anyhow, you get the point. : )

Now I must go take out my laundry, sort it and put it all away. (Oh the joy.)

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Only a few days away and it feels like it really has been too long! First, I received some questions as to where to purchase Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics, they sell their products over their website, which is HERE! And be sure to check out their “Drink Pairings” for the nail polish! Amazing! Love that. 

So I mentioned I purchased a set of fabulous chairs, which were supposed to arrive today. But apparently there was some mix up over at Urban Barn and now the chairs will be coming on Thursday. (They better come Thursday because I neeeeed them for Friday!! Urban Barn, you listening??) Anyways, I FOUND A TABLE! So very excited about this, it’s only been 6 months without a table to eat at. I found the most beautiful mirrored table-for-two at The Cross. It sits under a sunny window and is just divine, last night I sat and stared at it for nearly an hour, thinking of how beautiful baked goods and peonies would look sitting on it. May I just take a moment to say how much I adore The Cross? It is like a little bit of heaven in that store, and to be able to take a piece of that home with me, well, *swooon*. A picture of the table and chair set will come Thursday, so that you can see the set together!

For today I wanted to post about an article I just read in July’s edition of American Vogue. A brilliant article FINALLY declaring the end of the gothic-waif-thrifty-hipster! Hurrah!! WE ARE WOMEN. LET US WEAR BEAUTIFUL SKIRTS WITH PRETTY HEELS AND FEMININE MAKE UP. PLEASE. 

“All Dressed Up” by Sally Singer

“… right now, the look that has been doing the rounds for what feels like, oh, forever is suddenly tired, tired, tired. The biker jacket with one too many zippers. The slouchy distressed tees that now only cause frayed nerves. The heavy buckled platform ankle boots that are a dead weight. And the leggings! The leggings, in leather or nylon or gleaming PVC; time for them to walk to the back of the closet. Girls who once dressed for their inner rocker don’t want to hum that tune anymore. “It started as an easy, careless, thrown-on way of dressing that was fun to wear,” says Vanessa Traina. “And then it became trendy and too self-conscious.” (Read the rest of the article in the July Vogue, pg. 61.)

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! I do admit though, during the fall I did try to have a “grungy” moment, and am a self-declared failure. I now know that preppy chic is really what makes me most happy and what suits me best. Speaking of which, last night I wore a blue and white striped polo to class with cuffed dark denim and white leather flats. A classmate told me I looked preppy, my heart swelled as I said “Thank youu!” 

More post with lots of pictures coming soon, soon, soon!

Thanks for reading,

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Lately I’ve really been feeling like I need to get my apartment in order. I need to make it an adult apartment, with real furniture. A couple days ago my Mum and I arranged for the delivery of two lucite chairs from Urban Barn! I’ve had my eye on these chairs for what seems like at least a year now, and they’ll finally be mine! Now I just need a fabulous table, maybe something in black lacquer? A white vintage wooden table? Round or square? I have no idea, but I need to find one quickly!

What would you put with chairs like this? Help!

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I spent my Canada Day with my Mum. It was a glamorous day of shopping for a cat carrier, (pink), a watering can, (pink) and a frying pan. Though I did add the pink Kate Spade to this outfit and that made everything feel a little bit more fabulous. And of course I showed my patriotism with this ruffled red and white striped cardigan from H&M! 

Wearing H&M striped cardi, white H&M tank, vintage denim cut offs, white leather Zara flats and Aldo elephant ring. Red nails by Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics.

Did you dress for Canada Day??

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What: BC Business Top 100 Businesses Luncheon  Where: Fairmont Hotel Vancouver  When: Wednesday, June 30, 11:30am

I’ve never seen so many suits in one room! I accompanied BC Business blog writer, Tommy Humphreys, (he writes The Shift Key), and was able to meet so many people, including bumping into an old high school friend, hear some inspiring stories and have a great lunch. It also gave me a great opportunity to dress up!

Wearing Jason Wu skirt with a blouse from Target, Prada nude mary-janes, Kate Spade purse and a Fossil watch. I looove this skirt, walking up and down the marble staircases at the Hotel Vancouver, my skirt was swishing and flouncing around. Very pretty! (Previous blog feature of the Jason Wu skirt)

The Shoes! A pair of Pradas I snapped up at a Bergdorf’s sale a couple years ago in NYC.

Tommy introduced me to his BC Business online editor, John Bucher, so I snapped a picture of the two of them:

Notice John’s matching silk tie and pocket square, very nice John. 

BC Business’ Top 100 is a list of the year’s top revenue producing companies in British Columbia. To view the list, click here! And to see more pictures from the event, check The Socialist blog on BCBusiness online!

- SS

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