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 Saturday afternoon we headed up to the very northern tip of Manhattan to Fort Tryon Park where the wedding was being held. The ceremony was beautiful, outside in a park overlooking the river. The guests sat on white chairs facing an open area surrounded by lovely trees and listened to acoustic guitar as the wedding party walked down the aisle. It was such a simple and sweet ceremony, which allowed the guests to really focus on the words exchanged. When I get all fancied up in a big white dress one day, I think I’ll do the same, leave the focus to the sweetness of the day rather than an extravagant decor.

The lovely bride, Lauren Bucquet in Lanvin.

After the ceremony we walked down a small hill to the park restaurant where the reception was held, and were greeted by servers offering these adorable drinks: Arnold Palmers (iced tea and lemonade), with bourbon

The reception was held under a large white tent, which had small lights strung across the top, sooo romantic and pretty, and also quite 1940s looking. I adore that idea. Here is Tommy, the best man, giving his speech to the guests under the romantic tent:

And you may recognize these boys…

David Neville and Marcus Wainwright, co-founders of the Rag & Bone label! LOVE their clothes, and love them. Lauren works as a designer at Rag & Bone, as seen here.

These boys were so lovely to meet and chat with. David began by introducing he and Marcus by saying they were in the fashion industry, and had a “small operation.” Lovely and modest! I told him I was familiar (and obsessed, though I left that part out, after all, I was trying to keep my composure), with their clothes and thought they were wonderful. Then David asked me who made my dress! I sheepishly said, “Well… I’m sorry I’m not wearing Rag & Bone…” and he said, “Oh well I know we didn’t make it!” So then I told him it was BCBG and he said he liked it. And I will now forever remember that he liked my blue dress. : ) I should mention a note to the ladies: I’m sorry to say, both David and Marcus are married! Marcus’ wife was at the wedding and she was also very lovely!

I wore: BCBG dress, vintage belt, vintage rings, Stuart Weitzman heels and my vintage Pierre Cardin snakeskin clutch – I know you know the one!

After dinner and speeches, the night was spent dancing to music from the 60s through to the 90s, it was a fabulous night!

Xo StyleStruck

Can you tell I’m having a french moment? It’s because I am absolutely DYING to go to Paris. DYING. I am in the midst of trying to learn a little french, hence my integration of the language in my blog posts. Plus, what is chicer than french? (By the way, “Style frappé dans le village ouest” means “StyleStruck in the West Village,” a.k.a. Greenwich!)

Saturday morning I headed out of the hotel in search of breakfast nearby. Strolled down a few blocks and ended up, by accident, exactly in front of the Empire State Building! Quelle chance! Fabuleux! In all my time in NYC, I’ve never been up the Empire State Building! Breakfast was put on hold as I wanted to check it out. (If you’re going to do the Empire State Building, I highly recommend going early in the morning, I was there around 10 am and for once, there was no line! I’ve seen the line go around the block, and then what you don’t know is that once inside the building, there are several floors with ropes set up like mazes designed for more waiting. It could take hours.) The view was breathtaking, I’m so glad I did it!

Oooh squinty sun! Wearing: Sirens ruffled top, Talula spandex tank, vintage Levi’s cut offs, Zara leather flats, Fossil watch, bracelet from a SoHo street vendor, Gianni Chiarini leather carry-all.

At the tip there, that’s downtown Manhattan. With the Hudson River on the left, and the East River on the right, (I think).

Looking at the Upper East and West Sides, with Central Park in the middle! 

The Chrysler Building! 

Off in the distance is the Brooklyn Bridge. If you go to NYC, I highly recommend walking across the bridge, it is such a wonderful experience and view is incredible!

After breakfast I went off to the West Village to do a little sight seeing and shopping! The West Village is home to the 4 or 5, I can’t keep count, Marc Jacobs stores, with most of them being on Bleecker St. If you walk further down Bleecker, you come to Jane St! And right near Jane St. is one of my favourite New York City stores, Darling.

This is the shop, called Darling, where I purchased my favourite vintage rings, and going back again did not disappoint! This time round I picked up a vintage silk scarf with navy and purple lions and a vintage pony hair leopard print belt.

After darling I visited a shop called Soapology, where I found the most delicious soy candles and walnut face and body scrub.

After shopping and sight seeing, (Carrie’s apartment on Perry St!), I took myself for lunch at The Pink Tea Cup. A small restaurant where the servers wear all black with touches of hot pink! The perfect place to order a glass of pink champagne.

Okay that’s it for now! Stay tuned for Part II of Day IV! It features the wedding and a couple fabulous designers you may recognize!

Recently I did a phone interview with a journalist from a Victoria paper on back to school fashion. The article has run in 6 various Victoria papers, check out the article here!



Kitten update! She keeps on eating and eating and growing!

Today I stripped my couch of its covers in an effort to clean it. Of course the kitten had to get involved, or rather, stop the process by sitting on the couch. She’s such a good room mate. 

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Friday morning I awoke with a mission: do not let last night’s festivities affect today’s adventures! I feel as though I was rather successful. I don’t have a picture of my outfit for the day, so I’ll just tell you what I wore. A bright peachy orange dress-jumper from French Connection with white leather Zara flats and a sequin purse with a chain strap. And biiig shades to cover my tired eyes! (3 pairs of aviators, the only style of sunnies I like, for $10!) We hopped in a taxi to SoHo where we found a very quaint and charming restaurant serving breakfast sandwiches on fresh croissants and mimosas. Sooo good! After breakfast I was left on my own to shop around, and boy did I do that. First to TopShop where I found a great Rodarte-esque cardigan and 6″ platform heels with a great floral pattern. I also picked up a bracelet and three adorable old Vogue images, with mattes and frames from street vendors. A very successful shopping day! Afterwards I went along home to take a nap before heading out for a big dinner downtown. Here’s what I wore:

Matthew Williamson for H&M wrap dress, Guess by Marciano gold hoop earrings, Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch, Aldo elephant ring, Fossil watch, Stuart Weitzman nude pumps.

After dinner there was no hope of rallying for a second night out, off to the land of dreams back at the Ace.

- End of Day 3 -

My apartment building doesn’t provide us with mail boxes, so the mail people push it right through the slots in our front doors. Marie always freaks out when the mail slides through and hides under the couch, so cute. Today, this arrived:

It’s a notification of the new Chanel space being designed at Holts. I know what you’re thinking, there already was a fancy party for a new Chanel boutique at Holts, but according to this there will be further changes made to the upstairs Chanel boutique in order to accommodate the merchandise currently held at the W. Hastings location, which is in the process of being closed. (I doubt very much though that this means a sale will be held). 

Nothing like french mail.

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In English, “Strutting up Park Avenue in six inch platforms.” 

Thursday morning we woke up ready to hit the streets! Off to the Upper East Side for some “light” shopping, as in, I brought back a lip gloss from Chanel. But nonetheless, visiting Miu Miu, Prada and Chanel was just grand. 

The Dior store was getting a facelift, so the exterior was covered by a giant quilted purse. Amazing.

Wearing: H&M army green top, Talula spandex tank, Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace, Macy’s enamel bangle, Urban Behaviour denim shorts, Gianna Chiarini leather carry-all, vintage Ray Bans and Chanel platform sandals.

For brunch we re-visited a favourite, Palace Restaurant. I couldn’t tell you where it is, but I know it’s right around the corner from Miu Miu (where sadly the shoes were fabulously impressive and also highly priced), and just down the street from Turnbull and Asser (a marvelous place to find lovely pocket squares for the gentleman in your life). Palace was full of lunching business types and women meeting to share gossip and news of their grandkids, a perfect midday stop for sugary, syrup-covered french toast! After brunch, we visited the Waldorf Hotel – I’ve never seen such amazing bathrooms! (Except for maybe at the Plaza.)

And to our third and final Upper East Side desination, Bergdorfs! I’ve really never seen a restaurant so glamorous and so full of glamorous people in my life. I could lunch there every day of my life.

My only picture of the Bergdorf’s restaurant and I’m mid-chat. Anyhow, it sure was a treat! By the way, my lunch consisted of pink champagne. After lunch I dragged poor Tommy through the shoe salon, which is more like an amazon of stilettos and leather and crystals. I practically needed blinders on, I was going shoe-crazy. Unlike the last time I visited the shoe salon though, this time I left with no bags. Plenty of wishes and wants though. (Summer 2008 my mother and visited NYC during the July sale season when I purchased a pair of leopard Manolo Blahnik flats, seen here, and Prada nude pumps, seen here. Swooon.) Of course since Bergdorf’s is just next door to the most fabulous hotel, I had to take a photo in front of the Plaza, ohh memories!

Yep, I changed into flats. Zara white leather flats. 

Fast forward about six hours and you would find me, along with a slew of other Vancouverites and hip New Yorkers sipping cocktails in the Ace Hotel lobby, which also doubles as a very popular bar in the evenings. The men went on to a bachelor party, (we went to NYC for a wedding, which happened Saturday), while one of the other boy’s girl and I marched off to the Meatpacking District to find some fun! And did we ever! I’m still waiting on the photo from Jen, but we met, and got a photo with, Lance Bass! It was all rather extraordinary the way our night panned out. We jumped in a cab from the Ace with the intention of getting out at a random spot in the Meatpacking District and getting a drink wherever looked good. It just so happened the cabbie let us off right in front of Ten June, a popular NYC club, (which, thanks to Miss Andrea Milner, I’ve been to before!). Of course, being only 10:15 or so, it was too early to go clubbing, so the bouncer told us to get a drink next door and come over around 11:30. Into the next lounge we went! Only after ordering a drink and grabbing a menu did I realize we had ended up at a spot I’ve been dying to go to for years, STK, a fantastic steak house and “it” spot, where we met Lance. 

Wearing: Sirens white t, Zara pleated leather skirt, Zara leather studded belt, Marc by Marc Jacobs quilted clutch, vintage ring and H&M stud bracelet, with matte bubblegum pink Rimmel lipstick. Martini by STK. (You can’t see my shoes, but they were Stuart Weitzman patent leather 5 inchers).

Afterwards it was off to Ten June where we danced the night away!

- End of Day 2 -


Monday  morning I arrived back in Vancouver after a very long and grueling 22 hours of traveling, (darn weather caused us to miss a connecting flight leaving us stranded at the SeaTac Airport at 12 am, how ultra glam). But I’d like to start this fashion story at the beginning! So here we go, with Day 1 of the NYC 2010 trip:

Sitting on the floor at the Minneapolis airport waiting for the connecting flight to JFK. Just flipping through Marie Claire when I saw THE KENSIE AD! Gorgeous! Faithful readers may remember I was behind the scenes at this photo shoot, seen here.

We had to get up at 3 am last Wednesday morning to catch the flight to Minneapolis, which explains my “look.” Although I was proud of myself for getting a bit of a tan before we left, (usually I am the palest of pale). My girlfriend Steph and I spent the day at English Bay on Tuesday… I really enjoyed the slide. (Wearing a Victoria’s secret bikini).

Finally we arrived in New York, at the JFK airport in Queens. The drive into Manhattan was absolutely gorgeous and was a brilliant welcome to the city!

About 8:30 pm we checked into the Ace Hotel in Midtown. I LOVE this hotel, if you’ve been reading Vogue the past few months, you know of the Ace. Alexander Wang has been featured there for his latest work, as well as countless other mentions in the various columns of the magazine. Clearly, Anna is a fan of the Ace. 

Even after a long, long day of traveling, when you are in New York, you do not sleep, you go out! So we re-dressed and grabbed a cab headed for the Meatpacking District in search of a fabulous dinner. Just casually strolling through the Ace hallway en route to the elevator…

Wearing: Vintage black chiffon blouse over a Talula spandex tank, Zara leather skirt, Zara faux snakeskin heels, vintage Pierre Cardin snakeskin clutch, white enamel bangle from Macy’s and a rose gold Fossil watch.

Tommy picked the restaurant for the night, which was the Old Homestead Steakhouse, keeper of the most delicious sirloin I’ve ever tasted. As well as a knockout cosmo. Full and happy, it was back to the Ace for some much needed rest! 

- End of Day 1 -

Woke up one day last week, checked my day timer and saw that I had a couple appointments for the day. One casual, a lovely brunch with a girlfriend who I spent time galavanting around Manhattan with a couple years back, (actually, you may have seen her on this month’s Vancouver Magazine cover! The gorgeous model in the black one-piece; Andrea Milner!) Then an appointment with local boutique Invito Couture to check out the new fall collection. 

Wearing: Blouse brand unknown, Sirens spandex tank, Zara leather skirt, (as seen here), Fossil rose gold watch, H&M bracelet and an Italian leather bag, brand unknown, shoes, (which you can’t see yet, are Nine West).

With Invito Couture co-owner Yeliz Delaney in front of their Tinseltown store.

The owners of Invito Couture invited me down to their shop to become better acquainted with their merchandise and have a look at what’ll be hitting their racks in the coming fall months! The store boasts a fantastic selection of evening gowns and party frocks, but also a wide array of cocktail dresses, some casual enough for a dinner date. The line is brought exclusively to Canada by Prahlad and Yeliz from Turkey, where the dresses are designed and made. Upon close inspection of the garments you can tell there is a lot of passion and care behind each piece as there is great attention to detail and a lot of integrity behind the label. Something you might find interesting is that Yeliz and Prahlad only bring in one or two dresses of each design, meaning you’ll be guaranteed to avoid those awkward, “Oh my gosh, we’re wearing the same dress!” moments we all cringe at. I bring you a look at some of my favourite looks from Invito Couture, and invite you to check out their store in the Tinseltown mall!

Co-owner Prahlad Delaney shows off a silver satin number.

I was admiring the studs on this Fall 2010 dress…

So naturally I had to try it on! And then another…

Everyone needs a gown in their closet, we ought to all get fabulously dressed up more often, don’t you think?

Thank you to Yeliz and Prahlad for having me to their store! Check them out here and visit them in Tinseltown!

Now I must be off, the final touches must be put on my packing before I can leave for New York City in the morning! (This is why I’ve been slacking a bit on the blog posts!) Expect a FULL report when I get back!

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In a West End alley, yesterday. 

I’m sitting on my yellow couch, pining for a cosmo, writing a potential marketing blog post. I know this isn’t want you readers want, but my next fashion post is coming tomorrow, which will feature the above outfit and a trip to a local store to check out new fall fashion! Thanks for staying tuned!



1. Other than blogging, what it is that you do for a living? Well, my current career goal is to work for a corporate company as a PR/Communications specialist so I am working as an intern. I also attend fabulous parties, photo shoots, fashion shows and social media events which is basically a full time job in itself-who will pay me for this?? However, I pay the bills by serving tables a few nights a week. I’m not telling you where, though it is a very nice place.

2. How did you find your apartment? Is it reasonable for the area? I live in Vancouver’s quiet and quaint West End. I have a junior one bedroom with a view of English Bay and pay a very reasonable amount, lower than what most places seem to be going for. I lucked out with my place! I found it by walking around the area looking for signs indicating availability, but I’m sure you could also find a lot on craigslist! 

3. What are you biggest pet peeves? Hmm… I think probably inconsistency with people. For example, acting one way then acting polar opposite. I like consistency. That and when you’re out for dinner with someone and they’re rude to the server, not good.

4. Will you take pictures of your flat soon? And your closet? Sure, I can do that very soon for you! Keep checking back!

5. What are your favourite tv shows that you don’t like to miss? Well, I don’t watch much tv since I don’t own one, but I love Gossip Girl, 60 Minutes and 20/20. I can also get pretty wrapped up in any of TLC’s baking shows. OOOH and I love all the “Real Housewives” shows, can’t wait for the DC version to air!

6. What radio station do you listen to? If it’s on, it’s probably tuned into the beat 94.5. I like dance music.

7. Have you met any other bloggers? Who? Are you talkin Vancouver bloggers? If so, then I would say just about all. 

8. What’s your favourite restaurant in Vancity? Oh, this is hard. I like so many for many different reasons. If I have to choose just one, then probably Joe Fortes, sitting on the patio with a cosmo and a steak. Mmmm.

9. Do you like twitter or facebook better for communicating? Twitter is great for connecting with the community, but Facebook is better for friends. Phone is best though.

10. What makes you nervous? Not knowing what I am going to wear to an important event, or not have a hand bag to match with my shoes for an important event. Trivial, I know, but that’s me.

11. What’s your favourite ice cream flavor? Chocolate!!

12. What is your target audience for your brand, StyleStruck or blog? Will it grow to be older as time goes on, or stay the same? Interesting question. I think my target audience is a woman between 18 and 30 who appreciate fashion as well as business. I hope to keep my current readers, so that as I get older and continue to blog, my readers will continue to follow me and read

13. Do you ever do online shopping? No, never have and am not likely to start. Shopping is my cardio and I really do prefer to try things on and see them in person.

14. Would you consider yourself a tidy or an unorganized person? Is your closet organized? I would say I can be a very organized person and that most of the time I am tidy. At the moment my closet is a bit of a mess since I am re-organizing everything as I ready my wardrobe for fall. (Though the time to pull on any sort of a sweater is still months away it seems.) I like to always be clean, but I can’t say that I am always tidy.

15. How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Oh heavens, I don’t know. I would hope others would say I am outgoing, friendly and stylish. I hope. And possibly a bit smart as well. 

Well, that’s it for now! I will answer more soon, thanks for asking!

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Every August I start to pine for blustery chilly days, the kind of days that are perfect for piling on scarfs, ear muffs and warm woolly capes! The only problem is that Vancouver is currently suffering from a heat wave. I shall just have to wait. However, I have already begun to amass my fall wardrobe! The stores won’t wait! All the best merchandise will be taken by the end of August, I say, get a head start and store those lovely velvets, cashmeres and wools for a couple months and then voila! You’ll be a fashion dream.

Here are my top trends for Fall 2010:

1. Military – Yep, it’s back! I kinda thought that Balmain fashioned the life out of military, but it’s back in a more authentic way, less bedazzling, more practicality. Note: Zara is showing some beautiful military style pieces right now, such as this cape I found.

And to compliment army greens, stripes! Striped boat neck tops, $14.95 each at H&M.

2. Leather – Specifically, short leather skirts, as seen as Proenza Schouler: (Creeeepy make up. Please don’t do this for fall).

Or in my closet… pleated leather skirt from Zara. Wear them with your chunky knits from last season, a fitted turtleneck and fur vest, or a slinky blouse, which are so very in this fall.

  3. Leopard – Leopard for everybody on everything! Boots, bags, coats, everything! As seen at Gucci:

4. Camel – Camel trousers and coats were huge on the Fall 2010 runways, and the colour is so very flattering for all skin variations. Seen here at Chloe:

 5. Fur – Now I know some of you may hate me for this, but I’m a fan of fur, as seen here and here. Although, I personally choose to wear only vintage, (I know that’s like a vegetarian saying they only eat chicken, but I believe vintage fur is a whole different story from new fur.) Either way, it looked beautiful on the runways, like here at Fendi:

6. Shearling – Picture yourself cozy and happy walking through downtown on a winter evening, dressed in a luxe shearling jacket. Mmmm, I love winter. This coat from Burberry is just divine:

7. Capes – Plaid capes, fur capes, wool capes, capes of all kinds! Toss on your chunky woolly, or if you’re lucky, cashmere, scarf and mittens and you’re ready for the windy weather! I have about 3 capes of my own, after spending some time scouring vintage shops. I also really like this one from Rag & Bone:

This summer I have put together some big plans for my fall. I’d like to go to New York, then Paris for a couple weeks. Since I hope to travel, I won’t be spending too much on clothes and shoes, so I decided to set up a rolling rack in my living room and hang everything there that I already own that will work for the fall season.

By doing this I realized I own at least a few pieces that work for each of these 7 trends. I will now try to keep that credit card from jumping out of my wallet at the sight of a pair of leather platform booties… Sigh.

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Out and about in downtown Vancouver for lunch during this crazy heat wave, (bento boxes at Urban Sushi), and cooling drinks, (Murchies’ un-sweetened iced tea).

Wearing: H&M button-up shirt, B.B. Dakota ruffled skirt, Aldo wedges, Zara leather clutch, Forever 21 faux-jade necklace, vintage bracelet, vintage Ray Ban sunnies.


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Left busy city life for a few days over the Auguest long weekend for sun and sand on Thormanby Island, one of BC’s beautiful Gulf Islands! Days were spent reading, cooking, swimming  and tanning, while evenings were spent watching sunsets, sipping red wine and cozying up to the wood burning fire place. Here is a small collection of photos from the trip! Thanks to Tommy for taking me along on a lovely little summer getaway! 

Not exactly high fashion, it’s cabin-fashion! A seasons-old Talula hoodie worn with vintage ray ban sunnies. 

Off we go to play on the beach!

(I’m having a bit of a nature moment.)

Tommy is very serious about his golf game. 

I’m also very serious about my golf game, I try to play at least a few times a year. I also brought my own caddy, (Charlie, behind me). Wearing: H&M oversized tee, Sirens white denim, Flojos sandals, (remember those!?) and vintage sunnies.

Sometimes Charlie doesn’t want to give the ball back, though.

Out for a swim on the white sandy beaches! But soon it was time to head home…

The automobile of choice, naturally.

Wearing: French Connection dress, Urban Planet sandals, Thormanby tan, (for me this is tanned!).

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!  

For the Marie fans out there, she stayed with my Mum while I was away. : )

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