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Lately I’ve been deeply immersed in all things communications. I’ve spent the last four weeks working with a well-known and respected Canadian company at their head quarters in corporate communications. Today I found this video highlighting the benefits of creating a public blog for your company, whether it be corporate or a small operation. BLOGGING IS AN AMAZING TOOL FOR DELIVERING A MESSAGE THAT YOU CONTROL AND SHAPE. Check out the video here and see why blogging can benefit you:

By the way, if you don’t already blog and seek help on how to go about it, contact me! I’m blog-obsessed.

- SS

Wearing: Zara leather jacket that I attached a piece of vintage fur to, Alternative Apparel hoodie, (this season), Dynamite tank, Fidelity jeans, Browns boots, (this season), Gianni Chiarini leather carry-all.

Today the weather felt just right. In fact, it quite suited my mood. I spent the morning trying to be as productive as possible, then ran out for a lunch meeting, and now find myself again at home with Marie. She’s actually sitting right beside me on the desk, edging on the computer. I keep having to push her off because she tends to mess with my typing. She’s the best little companion a girl could ask for! I must go now, press releases and research call my name. 

What I get most excited about for fall is playing in the leaves at Stanley Park, big giant lattes, mittens, fur and cozy layers. What do you love about fall?

Traveling with my nerd-box, (computer), as always! Mmmm fall : )

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Yesterday at 12:30pm, Oakridge Centre and style team presented an impromptu fashion show at Hornby and W. Hastings. The idea was to create a sensation similar to those now-famous ads depicting a group of people in the middle of a busy place who start to dance, and are then joined by many others who are also in on the game. Soon you have a thousand people all dancing choreographed moves to music that seems to come out of nowhere. 

The fashion show went down like this: Two “construction workers” are casually leaning around on their lunch break in the heart of downtown when all of a sudden music starts to blair and a red Oakridge carpet is laid out. Majorly made-up models start to strut the runway and onlookers gather. I suppose the only give away was the small white tent that was set up before hand, to house the models. I arrived just in the nick of time to capture the looks:

Congrats to the Oakridge team for putting together a great show! 

P.S. How great does model Andrea Milner look? (Seen in images 4, 5 and 9).

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Recently I visited the Fairmont Pacific Rim for a media preview of what will be available at the One of a Kind Show, which is being held at the new Convention Centre in December. To fill you in on what the One of a Kind Show is about, here is a little excerpt from their site:

The One of a Kind Show is Canada’s finest craft show, bringing innovative artists, craftspeople, and designers together to share their unique creations with the rest of the world. With a proud focus on homegrown talent, our shows bring together the best of Canada, for a personal shopping experience like no other. Our vast selection, on-site perks and endless show features make us ‘destination shopping’ at its best.

Images mounted on wooden frames, I’d love to have a collection of about 5 of these to display together. Especially the one with the flowers and crystals. Misfits dolls on the right, so cute, each has a given personality.

I mentioned that each Misfit has a personality, well, I’d be the pink one above. 

Fabulous one of a kind necklaces.

This is how you make your media preview go extra well: yummy treats, which will also be available at the show!

One of a kind wool sweater wrap by Desperately Different, by Katya Revenko and leather jacket by rachel.f. by Rachel Fortin.

Be sure to check the show out December 9-12 at the new Convention Centre! And if you visit their site, you can get $2 off your admission ticket, which is rather sweet.

See you there!

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Monday night in late September and a group of girls decide it’s time for a ladies’ night. We put on our party clothes and made our way to Yaletown’s 100 Days, (the restaurant formerly known as Opus) for some good food and girly chit chat. Unfortunately the night didn’t quite go as planned and so here I am writing a blog post, rather than giggling the night away. On the bright side, however, I will be asleep soon, which means I’ll (hopefully) have some smart contributions for a meeting at work tomorrow morning. Here is what I wore this evening, (I know it’s hard to know it’s me, since I’m so well camouflaged…):

Mesh camouflage top from Winners, woven leather belt from Accessorize, (remember that store?? It was on Robson St a few years ago), leather skirt from Zara, red suede buckle boots from Winners. LOVE Winners.

This season I’m really into a few things, including:

- Toned-down military, meaning I adore army green, big brass buttons, zipper and pocket details but minus the Balmain-style flash of last season.

- Leather. Pants, shorts, bomber jackets, skirts, bags, etc, etc. Leather for daayyys.

- Snakeskin, (what else is new?). Yesterday I bought a lovely, very soft ladylike sweater with a light snakeskin print on it that I intend to layer over a white collared blouse and wear to work. Tomorrow. Perhaps with pearls.

- Thick, liquid eyeliner instead of the usual smokey eye. 

AND, this year, for the first time since I realized I am naturally very “fair,” I am embracing my pale skin and forgoing the bronzer in favor of light blush. I feel that that is a very mature thing to do. That, and the kitty broke my bronzer.

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While in NYC, I picked up a few framed pictures of vintage Vogue covers, though I don’t think they’re legit covers, but rather just pretty images with “Vogue” stamped on them. I picked three I loved from the salesman and promptly mounted them on my wall when I got home. I’ve also added my cheetah and some Chanel bling to the assortment of femininity. My apartment is officially my happy place.

Pictures and pearls from NYC, candle sticks and cheetah from HomeSense! 

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This afternoon I found myself seriously craving potato chips, but with none in my apartment, and not wanting to trek to Safeway, I decided to make them! They’re all gone now and boy, were they good! Here’s how I did it:

Step 1: Find a very cute, very fuzzy assistant. 

Step 2: Slice your raw potatoes, (I prefer golden potatoes), thinly and evenly.

Step 3: Fry your potatoes in a light pool of virgin olive oil. (Pre-heat the oil in the pans first, I put my burners to about a 6 so that the oil is just bubbling, but not so hot it’ll burn the potatoes).

Step 4: Lay paper towel down on a large, flat surface so that you can cool and drain the potatoes of any excess oil.

Step 5: Lightly salt.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Yum, yum, yum.

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What I wore to do my daily blogging duties: H&M striped top, BCBG Max Azria army green skinnies, Gianni Chiarini leather bag, sunnies from Bang-On, plaid cape – unknown brand. Chair from Urban Barn, table from The Cross Design


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So last week I was visiting my girl friend Katie, (previously mentioned in the last post), at her workplace, Fidelity Denim. Katie is the Production Manager there and as part of her job is often taking off to LA to check up on their factories, (cool job, right?!). So there I was checking out the office when her boss, Jason, asked me what size pants I wear. 26, I said. Before I knew it I’d been handed a whole pile of Spring 2011 jeans to try on, good thing I wore big heels, so that Jason and Katie could check the fit of each pant. Now, usually trying on jeans scares me right out of any store. The knees are always too tight, or the waist is too low or the lighting makes me want to run to the gym. But these jeans, these fit like a dream, and not to mention the perfect washes; just the right amount of fading around the thighs and knees, or perfectly dark indigo that would be sensational with a killer pair of stilettos or casual boots. I’ll admit that for a brief moment I considered running out of there with those pants on, but I reconsidered when I remembered that Katie was my ride home. Anyways, so after trying on a few pairs, they asked me if I could come in on Tuesday to do a little fit modelling. (Me?! A fit model? Apparently companies are no longer looking for “model” size when it comes to fitting their jeans. Yayy!) 

Tuesday: 70 pairs of jeans, 5 pairs of heels and 6 hours later. I am officially tired and hoping that the pictures don’t show that huge plate of yam fries I shared with Katie the night before at Section 3. I feel bad for the intern, because she may have a little photoshop work on her hands, darn delicious yam fries! 

I haven’t got any photos yet, as the jeans are part of the Spring collection, but I will share some when they are ready!

Check out this video featuring the latest collection of denim from Fidelity featuring founder and designer, Jason Trotzuk!

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I am lying belly-down on my incredibly comfortable yellow sofa, staring out into the grey sky and rain soaked street. I can’t help but love the rain, when I’m inside of course. And even better, I have no obligations today, thus making the rain welcomed as I curl up with old movies, (Arabesque ft. Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren) and my current flavor of chick lit, Chasing Harry Winston. Marie is also curled up beside me, having spent most of the morning chasing ribbons from my ballet shoes around, last night I pulled out my beloved pointe shoes for the first time in years, and managed to squeeze my feet into them again! Here is a blog post of a random collection of images and thoughts from the past week. Hope you’re enjoying the rain, or sun, wherever you are!

FYI I’m wearing a bodysuit under the shirt, which is from H&M. Pointe shoes by Bloch.

Last week I spent a quiet night at home alone with the lights off and tons of candles lit around my apartment, turned on some Norah Jones and cuddled up with a giant mug of tea. *sigh* Delightful!

Also last week Katie K., (she works at Fidelity Denim), and I went to an event hosted by Alexandra Isenberg of Searching for Style at Opus for Imran Ahmed of the Business of Fashion. Imran spoke about luxury houses’ use of social media, and how some are really embracing it, like Burberry. The talk was informative and interesting, very glad to have been a part of it! A big thank you to Alexandra for putting on such a wonderful event! (And Skyy Vodka for those yummy cocktails!) Apologies in advance for my not-so-great photos this post, my little Canon just fits so much better into my purse than the giant Nikon.

That’s all for now, much more to catch up on and to come! …. I do believe I mentioned I met Lance Bass


Back soon!

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I’ve been having technical difficulties the past week, hence no new posts! At the moment I’m not able to upload any new photos, but I am assured this will be fixed soon! Please do check back!



Sunday morning was one of those morning when you know that something good must come to an end, like leaving Manhattan for home, and leaving the glamorous and exciting Ace Hotel for Vancouver’s quieter West End. I should have gotten up early that morning to pack, but those giant beds with enormous white down duvets and endless pillows trapped me, so I simply couldn’t get up. I paid for it half an hour later though when I was rushing around like a mad woman trying to stuff all of my new purchases into my already stuffed suitcase, (as usual, I brought double what I needed, but how is one supposed to know what she will feel like wearing?!). Luckily, I was traveling with a man whose suitcase was barely half full! In went my new 6″ heels, hair dryer, straightening iron, magazines and accessories. What someone might of thought had he had his suitcase searched at the air port haha… but Tommy is a sport! (Thanks Tommy!)

After barely getting my suitcase to zip up, we ditched our extremely heavy bags at the front desk and hopped in a cab to the West Village for brunch! We spotted a cute restaurant, Phillip Marie, that had the feel of a southern home and served “new American” cuisine. I chose the chicken, brie and pesto sandwich and a cup of hot coffee, perfect for a cloudy New York City day.

After brunch we wandered through the Village till we found the Rag & Bone shop, (above), where Tommy got a beautiful pair of leather sneakers and went halfers with me on a gorgeous navy Fall 2010 cashmere sweater which I will post about soon! (I’m in no shape for a photo shoot at the moment).  You can find Rag & Bone in Vancouver at Holt Renfrew, Misch, (womens) and at Gravity Pope, (mens and womens). Click here for an mini-feature on David Neville, and here for Marcus Wainwright!) As if on cue, the rain started to come down and it was time to go back to the Ace to collect our bags and make our way to the dreaded airport, (I hate flying).

The travel experience was less than desirable. Because of the torrential rain, our flight was delayed 3 hours, meaning we would miss our connecting flight in Seattle that evening. Which did indeed happen, and thank you American Airlines for treating us like lowly customers-I will not be flying American Airlines any time soon. We found ourselves stranded in Seattle for the night with no option other than to pay for a night at one of the airport hotels, synthetic sheets anyone? Finally, on Monday morning we made it home, still wearing Sunday’s clothes. Luckily, I wore a cute outfit, though Tommy did point out that perhaps all white wasn’t the best for traveling. However, I made it home without a spec on those white clothes, and somehow still smiling. All in all, it was a wonderful trip that I won’t soon forget! 

Wearing: Cecico blouse, Sirens white jeans, Poetic License platform sandals (5″ for travelling), Gianni Chiarini leather carry-all, Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace, Michael Kors watch, bracelet bought from a street vendor in SoHo and aviators from a mid-town street vendor, ($3!!).