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Tuesday evening I was running late, as usual. Before meeting Jeanne Beker (and the other dozens of Jeanne fans), at The Bay for her Edit showing, I had a date with a cosmo and an old friend at Gotham. Boy, do they make strong drinks! I adore old school restaurants like that, they’re all service and atmosphere. Inside it’s so much like an old boys club; leather club chairs and decadent velvet booths (talk about a perfect first date location!). For the occasion I chose an outfit that felt a little dressy, but also casual, which for me means faux leather pants (pleather does not exist in my dictionary), and a vintage hot pink angora sweater.

Above: Standing just outside Gotham for a quick outfit shoot. Wearing: Zara coat, vintage angora sweater, vintage faux leather pants, Zara suede heels, Zara leather and chain bag. Top photo: I’m reapplying my gloss, Chanel gloss. Love that sparkly stuff.

From there I walked up the block to The Bay where I found a crowd gathering on the second floor. Jeanne came out to big applause and many eager fashionistas, the crowd was filled with young fashion students all dying for some career-altering advice. (To which Jeanne honestly said, if you want to make it big in fashion, you have to leave Canada. I feel this is true if you want to be a designer. I want to be in corporate PR – at least for the first part of my career – and I believe I can achieve this in Canada. Though the east coast may be a better bet for me than the west coast. We’ll see.)

And now, my fully documented Jeanne experience:

Doesn’t she have amazing arms?! So Michelle Obama of her. Jeanne really gave an inspiring and interesting talk Tuesday evening. She detailed her experiences chatting with Lagerfeld, Gautier, Alexander Wang and the Mulleavy girls of Rodarte. Jeanne gave the crowd a delicious story of her first big celebrity encounter; an impromptu interview with Rod Stewart at a disco in which her first question was, “What colour of underwear are you wearing?” to which Rod naturally replied, “Chewing-gum grey.” I found Jeanne to be refreshingly honest in her opinions of the Canadian fashion scene as a marketplace for young designers and aspiring journalists. Rather than sell us her line when asked about the top trends she said she felt we are in a time when there is no one trend, but the trend is that everything goes. The only thing I disagreed with was when she told one audience member that leggings are okay for whoever wants to wear them. That is absolutely not true. Leggings are an awful excuse for fashion – unless of course you’re on the Alps and you have them tucked into fabulous furry boots with a big cozy puffy Moncler, (or Joe Fresh!) jacket. At the ripe old age of 22 and a half, I’ve been a Jeanne fan for 17 years, and counting!

Check out Jeanne’s Edit line here, available exclusively at The Bay.

Xo StyleStruck

That hot pink card? A StyleStruck card! Let’s hope she uses it!


A few more Formspring questions that need answering! Thank you for your questions! Please note that if you don’t get an immediate response it’s because I’m planning on using your question for an upcoming Formspring-dedicated post! 

1. What’s your favourite part to running your blog?

Every single part of it. I love the creative side of developing post ideas, whether it be a photo shoot, a story idea from a far off PR person, a video or just pictures of my cat. I adore reading feedback from readers, meeting readers (shout out to the lovely girl at Giovane Cafe who recognized me last week!), and of course attending events. I love it all. 

2. How long does it take you to create a blog post? When do you know if its “blog-worthy” of an outfit or of anything?

Each post is different. Some posts take 15 minutes, others take a day or so of deliberation on wording, photos, etc. I don’t know if there is a “blog-worthy” standard at all. When I want to publish a post I always stop before making it public and think, “Is this something that my readers will enjoy? Does it fit within the brand I’m trying to create?” At times I feel a little challenged with this because I aim to reach a readership that enjoys both frivolous posts like new shoes as well as a biz related topic, such as Prezi as a new presentation tool. So there is worry there that a post may be too girly, but then I have to remember that my blog is also an extension of myself, so if I find it interesting, generally it gets published.

3. What’s your current job?

I get asked this a lot, generally I don’t answer because I think it’s a bit weird to post where you work on the internet. As much as I love you readers, I don’t want one of you showing up at my work places. That said, I feel comfortable saying that I work at Best Buy Canada headquarters and spend a little time there each week, with the rest of my hours done from home. I also dabble in a little freelance social media and fashion work, ex. fit modeling for Fidelity Denim. In addition, I spend a few nights a week serving tables at a local casual-fine dining restaurant – I like to shop, if you haven’t noticed. ; )

4. So are leggings totally out? I thought they were okay with tunic style tops? Are skinny jeans still cool?

MY MESSAGE HERE IS THAT LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. THEY NEVER HAVE BEEN, NEVER WILL BE. I don’t want to see every crook and cranny of your, um, area. Wear a LONG sweater, or tunic. Or, better yet, throw away your leggings. If you read my NYC posts, you will remember that I was a giant hypocrite and wore leggings for the flight to NYC (traveling is a whole other story, and I wore a long shirt with them.) I really hate the way they look, thing is, I know they don’t add any bulk, but ladies, they are the most unflattering things. I swear they make thighs look double the size that they look in good denim. And most tunics only emphasize this. Skinny jeans will never be out, I think we are passed having only one style of denim per season being “in.”  However, let’s keep in mind that tapered pants are probably not the most flattering for all sizes of women. We must wear what compliments and flatters our own bodies, regardless of what the magazines say. What do they know anyways? They show us the trends on stick-thin 16 year olds. *eye-roll*

5. If you could add anything to your wardrobe right this moment, what would it be?

A YSL bag-any kind, flat tan leather boots and a great big cashmere plaid scarf. 

6. I have a red tommy hilfiger designer purse and I have never used it what should I wear it with?

Considering that I have no idea what this purse looks like or what it’s meant to be used for – evening, day or work, I’ll give a recommendation based on the colour. I ADORE red. Let’s assume this is some kind of day bag and you want to wear it during the fall/winter seasons. I would pair it with dark denim and a navy pea coat (I don’t love black and red together, although if it was a black leather bomber I think I would feel differently). If you’re looking for a practical look, how about a cream sweater under a white puffy vest for the festive season? Accessorize with a plaid scarf that has a little red stripe in it, or perhaps a tan/caramel scarf. On that note, own any tan/caramel coloured sweaters or jackets/coats? What’s more chic than tan and red? Oooh and add red lipstick. I know this is a little different, but my Kate Spade purse is a violent shade of hot pink and sometimes it’s challenging to pair it with a casual outfit during the colder seasons. Last night I wore it with all sorts of black textures (leather, denim, wool and cotton) and hot pink lipstick. I was rather pleased with the effect; the lipstick tied it together.

7. What three things do you think a PR/marketing person must have to make themselves successful in the business world?

If I had the answer I’d be out there running some crazy big PR operation! *One day!* But I think gumption, a unique view and unique ideas and a big personality are all key to becoming majorly  successful. (Why isn’t majorly a word? Perhaps the Oxford dictionary ought to be introduced to Victoria Beckham, who is majorly major. Oh wait, I just looked it up, it’s counted as slang on Just FYI.)

8. What do you describe your style as?

Oh good heavens, you may have noticed that my style changes daily. One day I’m nautical, the next preppy, the next more rock and roll. The continuous theme may be that I feel more comfortable in conservative clothes – as in clothes that don’t expose a lot of skin as opposed to boring, plain clothes. I adore pattern and texture.

9. I bought a black skinny tie from H&M’s men’s section. i bought it for my son, but I’d like to wear it at my business-casual job. Any thoughts on possible outfits?

Ooh! I love this question! I think a good tie on a woman is hot! I think you could really pull off the tie with a good quality v-neck style cardigan. I say good quality, because if the cardi is a cheapie (while those are great), the look could come off a bit teen punk. I say do a chunky grey wool cardigan with dark jeans, or dress pants if you have to wear those to the office. Heels are a must to keep the look feminine. It’s also important to remember that the silhouettes of your clothing will really lend themselves to either making this outfit a smash or an “attempt.” Go for a fitted white shirt, a cardi that shows your shape and fitted jeans. Hope that helps!

The question and answer period is now over. (Until you ask me more questions).

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Late last week my girl friend Steph (of Elle-Ectric), and I were running around downtown Vancouver in search of all the bits and pieces we needed to make our costumes. At the local fabric/sequins/feathers/Halloween-paraphernalia store I found this teeny little sweater. It’s meant for a teddy bear, but perfect for a kitten. Poor thing could barely move her front legs though, so we snapped a few photos then took it off. Oh Marie, you melt my heart.

It’s almost Halloween!! Have you chosen a costume yet?? Mine is 100% home made, and won’t be ready til Friday, I can’t wait to wear it out!

Xo StyleStruck & StyleStruck Jr


Last week on a sunny afternoon I met up with friend and photographer Jamie to shoot photos around the city. We both adore Stanley Park so we spent much of the day shooting there. The last two photos were done in the West End and at English Bay. Here’s a little peak at what we did: (The rest is to come!)

All photos courtesy of Jamie. View her work at!

Wearing: from top: 1- Talula spandex tank top, Party Skirt. 2- TopShop cardigan, Talula spandex tank top, vintage denim shorts. 3- same clothes, Rayban aviators, hat and Burberry rain boots (Jamie’s).

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Heard of Prezi? If you have, good. If not, get crackin! This is the new way to present; a website that gives you the tools to really impress a crowd. I’ve been playing around with Prezi myself lately, and in an effort to hone my skills, I thought I’d create a fun presentation giving a quick look into this blog. Enjoy! (Press the forward button to move from part to part, it’s a manual presentation – I have control issues ….kidding).


Last week I was working away at my computer when I received a lovely surprise all the way from the other side of the Atlantic… a press release from Prada!  The press release told about the label’s use and appreciation of location-unique methods of craftsmanship. 

*pause for a second here* I’m not sure how my email got onto the Prada PR team’s blogger list, but oh happy day it did! 

I think it’s fabulous to embrace the best techniques, not to mention very tried and true techniques, of each culture, especially for such an internationally recognized brand like Prada. Why try to recreate the brilliant job that Scots do with their wools, when you could have them expertly create the genuine article and give them their due recognition? Not to mention that the quality will be top notch. 

Now if only I could get my hands on one of these pieces – ideally I’d like to build my Prada collection beyond the pair of heels I own. 

What do you think, is this a smart move on the part of Prada? 

I think yes.

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Last night marked the official launch party for the new Joe Fresh flagship store at 540 Granville St, and what a party it was! 

My party date and I, (Brittany Yu of Stiletto Marketing), joined the festivities after a quick drink at the Shore Club, where we coincidentally sat down beside Marianas Trench at the bar – Marianas Trench was one of the bands playing at the Joe Fresh Style Street Party earlier in the day, and were also headed over the party. The carpet leading up to the door was of course bright orange, in keeping with the Joe Fresh branding. Inside were a few of my fashion favourites: Joe Mimran (the brilliant mind and namesake behind Joe Fresh), Lisa Tant (editor-in-chief of Flare magazine), Adrien Mainella (host of Fashion File), Niki Blasina of A Haute Mess, Peter Ty of The Starving Stylist, Nicole Soon of Le Mode de Jour, Ishra Sharif, Lily Nguyen of Bleed for Fashion and countless other fabulous people. I could go on and on, but instead, I’ll just give you some photos from the night!

Jeremy Szafron (Canadian TV personality), Niki Blasina, me and Adrian Mainella.

With Lisa Tant.

Adore this hat. Wearing: Denim vest from Walmart, oh about 8 years ago for $7, Target shirt, Rag & Bone silk tie, vintage leather shorts, sheer black tights and black patent Elie Tahari heels, which you can’t see. Holding my black leather bomber jacket from Zara, and black leather Franchi clutch.

Lily Nguyen, Peter Ty and Ishra Sharif.

I couldn’t resist. With Trevor Linden. Lily couldn’t resist either…

I have to give serious props to the PR team behind the event, Lisa Parker Tait PR, and Lisa Kwong who did a sensational job of coordinating the evening. Thank you for having me! And thanks for the fabulous swag bags – each attendee was gifted a Joe Fresh puffy pack-away jacket. I got a bright, fresh green jacket, which I’ll be sure to include in a post soon!

And of course, thanks to my fun-times date! Mrs. Brittany Yu! 

Nothing like a Cosmopolitan to start the evening off right! At Shore Club.

For more (and better), coverage of the event, please check out Style Quotient, and any of the blogs listed above!

Xo StyleStruck

I have a little story for you. 

Last night I ran into Tommy (whom I used to date and have featured on this blog-with his consent, of course), at a lounge. We got to chatting and he told me that he has had some weird experiences since our split. I asked him what he meant, and he told me about a recent time when he had met a girl at a bar. The girl had approached him and said, “Hey, I know who you are! You’re Tommy!” Tommy hadn’t yet introduced himself. “I’ve read about you on the StyleStruck blog! I know all about you!” she said. 

I found this story rather amusing, hence why I’m sharing it. For the record, I told Tommy jokingly that I was going to blog about this, and he said it was fine! Ladies, if you do read this blog and come across Tommy on the town, please don’t mention the blog, and consider yourself lucky! Tommy is aces.

Hahaa, still chuckling. 

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Holy domestivity, I made a double-layer pumpkin cheesecake, from scratch. That does earn a little bragging right, doesn’t it? Especially since these days my cooking and baking trials are far and few between. After letting the cheesecake cool and then sit in the fridge all night to set, I finally got to pull it out this morning for a taste! Mmmm pumpkin cheesecake heaven!! Perfect for this festive season!

Here’s the recipe I used: 

Double-Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake

2 8 oz (250 g) packages of cream cheese, softened.

1/2 cup white sugar

1/2 tspn vanilla extract

2 eggs

1 (9 in) prepared graham cracker pie crust

1/2 cup pumpkin puree

1/2 tspn ground cinnamon

1 pinch ground cloves

1 pinch ground nutmeg


1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.

2. In a large bowl, combine cream cheese, sugar and vanilla, beat until smooth. Blend in eggs one at a time. Remove 1 cup of batter and smooth into bottom of crust, set aside.

3. Add pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg to the remaining batter and stir gently until well blended.

4. Bake in pre-heated oven for 35-40 minutes, or until centre is almost set. Allow to cool, then refrigerate for 3 hours, or overnight.

Yum, yum, yum! Try it!

Xo StyleStruck


4 hours later and I’ve had success! In my last post I mentioned that I was going to cook something I hadn’t before, well I decided to start with something fairly easy, so I chose a recipe for Broccoli and tortellini dish with a homemade alfredo sauce. Of course, I had to get dressed, (out of my pajamas), to go to the grocery store, so I did:

Wearing: Express plaid wool jacket, Alternative Apparel hoodie, Fidelity skinny jeans, Browns boots. And that down at the left is my new pumpkin.

This pumpkin really needs to get carved. I had meant to do it tonight, but I decided to make a pumpkin cheesecake instead, (pics to come!), plus carving a pumpkin is way more fun with someone else. I shall just have to contain my pumpkin carving excitement for a few more days!

Dressing for fall is my favourite, warm layers and rich fabrics, it’s all very romantic I think.

Things to do this holiday season:

Ghost Train in Stanley Park, Fright Nights at PlayLand, carve a pumpkin (DO IT!), drink pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks, wear huge woolly scarves piled around your neck, pull out those fabulous earmuffs, (Holts has adorable fur earmuffs), visit a pumpkin patch, go for runs in the rain, collect big maple leafs and of course, while the leaves are still crisp and on the ground, go for a walk through Stanley Park, perhaps bring some peanuts for the squirrels. 

Tonight’s dinner: 

Mmm, delicious and healthy! (The alfredo looks a little lumpy because there are onions and garlic in it, and I’m still working on my fine chopping).


Xo StyleStruck

p.s. I’ll leave you with this beautiful photo, it’s the view from my apartment this evening…

Thursday afternoon finds me still sitting in front of my computer wearing the same grey sweat pants I pulled on this morning after my run. Hair still pulled back and wearing my pink fuzzy slippers, I have typing away all day writing and researching for various work tasks. Marie has been keeping me company for most of the day, the rest she has spent sleeping on her favourite stool right by the window. 

Though I have accomplished a few work-related goals I set out for myself, this day has felt rather uneventful. In an effort to try something new, this evening I have given myself the challenge of cooking something entirely new, though I don’t know what that is yet. I do know that I must broaden my horizons past my usual cereal, fresh fruit and chicken breast with potatoes. Right now it is 4:15 and I think I need to make a little list in order to get myself motivated, so here goes; the things I would like to accomplish this evening:

1. Go to the grocery store, Safeway will have to do I suppose as that’s all I have near me, I would prefer a Choices or WholeFoods for tonight’s goal.

2. Cook said dinner… what to cook? What to cook? Hmm… I need to think of sides too… Well I have been craving scalloped potatoes for awhile…

3. Carve my ginormous pumpkin that I lugged, (sloppily carried), home from the store the other day. I think I’ll go for something cute, maybe a portrait of me and Marie.

4. Have a glass of wine to celebrate my productivity and sense of accomplishment. 

Alright, here I go on my self-fulfilling Thursday night! Song of the night: Katy Perry’s Teenage Dreams.


Hangin out in Edmonton. 

Wearing: Alternative Apparel hoodie, BCBG Max Azria pants, Zara leather flats, Gianni Chiarini carry-all and H&M sunnies.

Friday morning bright and early my family out here on the West coast, (Mum and twin), flew out to Edmonton to visit Mum’s side of the family. She has five brothers and a twin sister too, which makes for a lot of cousins and even some little second cousins! I’m back home now with Marie, but it was a great trip and I sure do love catching up with everyone, especially over a giant turkey dinner!

Monika, (my twin), en route to Value Village for Halloween costume inspiration! We didn’t find any…

Playing with my little second cuz, Andrew, and again in the video. Andrew’s older brother Blake is meaning to take a photo of Andrew and I, but accidentally hit video. Cute little guy!

It was a short trip over the long weekend, but certainly well worth it! What was your favourite part of Thanksgiving? And did you say what you’re thankful for? I’m thankful for my family and friends, my kitty and everything else that makes up this life that I’m so happy to live.

Oh, and I was so worried about my lack of fitness over the weekend due to a tv thing happening tomorrow, I even squeezed in a run. Yep, TV! Not for unfortunately, but a segment on Urban Rush for Fidelity Denim! I’ll keep you posted on the details of when the show airs!

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Thursday, noon, and Stephanie, of Elle-ectric, and I can be found frolicking around Stanley Park! I just felt like wearing this, the park was our only destination. Who doesn’t LOVE a good fall frolic??

Wearing: Vintage fur vest, H&M dress, Safeway tights, (haha yep! $6.99!), Zara leather boots. And later on you’ll see my big leather Cole Haan bag!

Just runnin around, loving nature.

Stephanie is chasing the geese wearing: Vintage blouse and skirt, H&M tights, suede Zara boots.

That’s all our frolicking for now! Next adventure? Hopefully a trip to the pumpkin patch!

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Kate Spade, that is. Wearing: Zara coat, Linq snakeskin print sweater, BCBG pants, Michael Kors silver snakeskin flats, Kate Spade bag, vintage Rayban sunnies and no make up – part of the joy of going for a facial.

This morning I had an appointment at Skoah in Yaletown, I go about once every 4-6 weeks, and boy, do they do wonders for your skin! Now off to do a little work before heading over to the North Shore to do the Grind!

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This morning I woke up to the most annoying sound: my alarm. I hate that thing. But, I must obey its command, otherwise I’ll be late. Since the beginning of September I spend every Tuesday morning at Best Buy Canada‘s head office working in Corporate Communications. My job there being part time, I do the rest from home. But on these days when I do the hour long commute to the office, I like to dress the part. Luckily for me, the dress code at Best Buy Canada’s Head Quarters is quite relaxed, so denim is okay. Here’s what I wore today:

Sitting in my living room wearing an H&M ruffled cardigan, H&M scarf, Dynamite white tank, Fidelity Denim black waxed skinnies, Marc by Marc Jacobs patent leather mary-janes and my Fossil watch. Bag displayed under the coffee table is Kate Spade.

On my way home, I stopped at Metrotown and picked up a very cute hot pink work-out zip-up hoodie that I plan to wear as I ascend the million steps on the Grouse Grind tomorrow afternoon. But not before I hit Skoah for a facial, I think when asked what time we should do the grind I told my friend, “Um, well I have an appointment in Yaletown in the morning…” Those are my favourite kind of appointments. ; )

Xo StyleStruck

Brittany Yu and I at Opus, holding two drinks for the sake of a party photo. (Wearing: Vintage sequin jacket, H&M oversized tee, Fidelity black jeans, vintage ring, Fossil watch and I have no idea who made my leather bracelet. Oh, and I had on my nude Stuart Weitzman pumps!)

Thursday night Opus played host to a very stylish group of fashion enthusiasts celebrating Obakki and Painted Rock Winery. There were Chanel shoes, sequin skirts, velvet jackets and endless high heels. I attended with friend Brittany Yu, one half of Stiletto Marketing, a local PR, social media and marketing agency. The wine was fabulous, the Obakki models beautifully dressed and the crowd happy. All in all, a very fun night out! The party benefitted the Savong School and Orphanage in Cambodia. 

The party was so fun in fact, I forgot to take pictures. Luckily a few others snapped a few!

An Obakki model on display.

Operation Style‘s Jillian Crago and Anthony Sedlak.

Plaid and sequins.

Xo StyleStruck

For all the skeptics out there, please tell me you’ve become a Twitter-using, LinkedIn-posting, Facebook-liking social media know-it-all, (Vancouver needs more “social media experts”). Social media is as legit as any form of traditional PR, just look at where Electronics retailer giant Future Shop is looking for their next group of employees, Twitter and Facebook. I came across this article in the Vancouver Sun just this morning and think it’s a must share:

Job-hunting 2.0: It’s who you know and how you know them

This past week I joined dozens of fashion loving social people at Opus for an Obakki showcase. I do have a small post coming, but in the meantime, here’s a photo that Anthony Sedlak, entrepreneur and chef extraordinaire, took on his iPhone and sent to me. (Wearing: Vintage sequin jacket, H&M oversized tee, and Fidelity jeans, but you can’t see them.)

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