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Wearing: Armani Exchange metallic jacket, white tank form Dynamite, Forever 21 striped skirt, leather knee-high Zara boots.

Leather Zara clutch.

As the french do; bisou, bisou!


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Today I awoke to a grey Toronto sky just ready to shower the many bustling downtown streets. No umbrella necessary, this military style cape with an extra-big hood did just fine. I had really hoped to capture a few outdoor photos, but with the rain there was no hope of setting my camera up anywhere. (I suppose that’s what boyfriends are for, among other things.)

Wearing: Zara cape, Aritzia Cowichan wool sweater, Fidelity skinny jeans, Browns boots, Kate Spade purse and a pink plaid cashmere scarf from a neighboring store to the Pantages Hotel.

What’s in my bag when I run around a new city? Most of the usual:

In my bag: LaCoupe travel-size hair spray, Ipod Nano, black leather wallet from Zara, a baby pink day planner that I painted neon pink with craft paint, (I was bored one afternoon and was experimenting with neon pink), A Christian Lacroix notebook, a pen from the Drake Hotel, travel papers with flight and hotel confirmation numbers, my Blackberry Bold, a small Canon camera, a luggage key, blog cards, MAC pressed powder, Chanel lipgloss and Dior lipstick.

This afternoon I visited the legendary downtown Hudson’s Bay Company on Queen St. First to the 8th floor for a late lunch, which also happened to be breakfast, then after a fresh application of lipstick and gloss, down to the 3rd floor where they keep the treasure; The Room.

I snapped quite a few photos of The Room, but because I wanted to avoid looking like a creep with my camera, I took these photos with my Blackberry.

Above: Matthew Williamson brights and texture, below: the wall that divides The Room from the rest of the 3rd floor is made of these beautiful suspended blocks of glass. Through the “wall,” drawers of designer costume jewelry beneath a mannequin dressed head-to-toe in glamour.

How do you find ways of adding glamour into your life? On a casual day cashmere, beautiful leather and polished lips do it for me.

Thank you for reading!



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Not that I was at work. But I’ve certainly been doing work! This evening I met up with the fabulous Lindsay Lorimer-Stewart who does marketing and event planning for Guess? Canada. (The same wonderful woman who Niki Blasina and I worked with on the Guess by Marciano party back in June.) We chit chatted and gossiped over bellinis at Milestone’s at Yonge and Dundas. Yummyy! And naturally, I changed my outfit for the occasion.

Wearing: Armani Exchange black metallic jacket, H&M striped shirt (long sleeve), Fidelity black waxed-finish denim, black suede knee-high boots again from that random NYC shop I mentioned in the last post. Vintage Pierre Cardin snakeskin clutch. Chanel sparkly lip gloss, Michael Kors tortoise shell style watch.

Editor’s Note: I believe in my last post I referred to Toronto as being on the East Coast. You see, in my mind, as a West Coaster, NYC and Toronto are in the same group of fabulousness, being two of the main metropolitan cities in their areas, so I tend to think of them as both being on the East Coast. Forgive me for it, but in my head it makes sense. (And yes, I know, that water at Toronto’s edge isn’t the ocean, it’s a lake.)



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Here I am on Day 3, I’ve moved over to the Pantages Hotel on Victoria St and am feeling very comfortable here. This hotel is quite suited to my taste, chic and clean and modern, yet cozy. The bed is a fluffy white oasis, as is the large tub and neutral color scheme of white, cream and chocolaty tones. It seems I’ve dressed just for my room!

Wearing: Prada dress (purchased yesterday at Fashionably Yours – the most amazing designer consignment store I have ever been to! And every member of the staff seems to write a fashion blog! You never know who you’ll meet there!), tights from Mum, I think Sears or the The Bay, Report suede boots, Aritzia cowichan wool sweater, Gianni Chiarini leather carryall and vintage Rayban shades.

After I checked in to The Pantages, I met Ryan Cheung, Flare magazine’s Senior Fashion Editorial Intern, and one of their many talents, and then had a light lunch at the Bloor St. Holt Renfrew Cafe.

Blackberry photo

Blackberry photo of my appetizer - a green salad

Above: The lovely Mr. Ryan Cheung in Yorkville. Follow Ryan for the day to day life of a fashion insider on Twitter! And check out his blog here!

Must be off now,

Xo StyleStruck

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I thought I’d do a quick outfit post!

Today I had a pretty awesome, and hilarious, t-shirt made…

And I thought about wearing it tonight…

But I wasn’t really feeling the shirt with the pleather pants, so I ended up wearing this:

And of course the pictures are taken in what is the bathroom here. The rooms are quite small and this is the only place I can get far enough away from the camera to show the whole outfit. I will find some new spots for pictures tomorrow… I hear there’s a castle here in Toronto! (The dress behind the T-shirt in the first picture is Prada, we’ll talk about that tomorrow!)

Off to dinner!

Xo StyleStruck

P.S. Wearing: Shirt from random SoHo shop in NYC, vintage pleather pants, leather Zara boots, OR Yany sequin purse, rose gold bangle from Blue Ruby.

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En route to the hotel!

Day 2 of the Toronto trip and I’ve just checked into the Drake Hotel, and finished brunch in their lounge. This hotel is fabulous, ridiculously trendy. But not in a negative way, in a I feel cool just staying here kind of way. My room is referred to as a “crash pad,” and it’s pretty amazing. Love it here.

This is my quick little post before I go explore Queen West and the apparently great selection of vintage shops!

Eggs benny and a latte in the lounge - Blackberry photo

Wearing: Alternative Apparel pull-over, Tommy Hilfiger striped shirt, Fidelity denim, knee-high suede boots from NYC – no idea of the brand, Fossil watch, bracelet from a SoHo street vendor in NYC. Blow-out by me. Lots of hair spray by LaCoupe.

Off exploring I go!

Xo StyleStruck

Now I’ve really made it, ullttttrraa glam. This paper cup full of piping hot tea and plastic chair I’m sitting on really do spell glamorous. Okay, that was sarcasm, but I really am so excited to be lifting off in approximately 57.5 minutes. Thus far the morning has gone rather well, I finished packing, decided last minute to change a few items in my bag for a few items from the closet (is 4am really the best time to decide what you’ll want to wear three days later?? We’ll see… so long red wool pea coat, hello navy wool cape), and gave myself a mini-blow-out. (Sorry next door neighbors - my hair dryer is quite the powerful machine). And then there was a morning time surprise for me, I went to fetch my carry on luggage, (a cute Betsey Johnson gingham bag with pink flowers), only to discover that my darling kitten had peed on it some time ago. Meaning the smell was, uh, well, it was powerful. It was like a punch of cat pee to the face really. (Forgive me for that, but there’s no other way to describe it.) And while I do hope to project somewhat of a classy image through this blog, I do not mind you knowing that my cat has made some bad urination decisions. That said, I threw the bag in the tub, gave it a scrub down, doused it in CK one and threw in my stuff. Here I sit at the airport and I’m sitting downwind of my bag… yes there’s a draft and yes there’s an odd scent of, what is it? Is that CK one and…? And?? What is that smell? Oh wait, we know what it is. But I’m going to play clueless. Clueless when I jam the bag into the overhead compartment on the plane, clueless when my friend Alex picks me up at the airport and clueless when I wheel my bags into the Drake Hotel on Sunday night. (My secret better be safe with you.)

Ohh, the trials and tribulations of owning an adorable kitten, who is with my Mum while I’m away, let’s hope she’s a good kitten house guest.

Best be off to the departure gate,

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As you can guess, today I spent the day at the office, writing pitches, researching meeting new faces and best of all, learning. This lovely soft grey top I’m wearing is courtesy of a lovely LA based PR lady from itgirl public relations, representing the Momentous Moments collection by ANAMA. The ANAMA collection pieces are luxurious and extremely eco-friendly, the fabric is an all-natural cellulose fiber made from beech wood. This also means that the fabric is so soft and comfortable.

My skirt is a project from my twelfth grade sewing class, we had to design our own skirts and then draft the patterns. I’ve always had a soft spot for tweed, so I chose this powder blue version, I still remember sewing the panels together. Now I’m getting nostalgic for my sewing days… or years rather, (I spent much of 2004-2007 sitting at a sewing machine). Boots are again the Sirens faux leather boots with my no-name tights and Fossil rose gold watch. MAC Lustre lipstick in Blow Dry. Oh, and just below is little Marie, how I love that fur ball. New blonde high lights done at Suki’s – love Suki’s for their great customer care and oh-so-fabulous head massages at the washing basin.

I better run, I’ve got to pack (and who knows how long that’s going to take!), before going out for dinner this evening. And must be to bed early tonight, 7 am flight to Toronto tomorrow morning! EAST COAST HERE I COME! Eeeeee!

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Today I awoke and as usual, shuffled out to the living room to see what kind of footwear I’d be able to wear today, as in checked the weather. To my surprise and delight, outside my 5th floor window was a world covered in a thick white blanket of snow! SNOW!!! I quickly turned on 103.5 QMFM – “Vancouver’s Christmas station, all Christmas music, all the time,” and got to work on my list of to-dos – the faster I accomplished my tasks the faster I could get outside! Around noon I started hunting for winter shoes, surprisingly I don’t have a very big selection, so that I could get on my way to meet a girlfriend for lunch on Robson St. I settled on a pair of faux leather knee high boots with a 3″ heel – perfect for keeping my feet out of the slush. (Turns out a heel is not ideal for the slippery slush at all, I was slipping and sliding all over the place.)

The Details:

Wearing: Zara cape, Aritzia Cowichan wool sweater, pink silk Party Skirt, tights from who-knows-where (probably London Drugs or Safeway), boots from Sirens (I know riiight?! Who knew Sirens made such solid footwear??), Gianni Chiarini leather carry-all, Holt Renfrew fur earmuffs, cream pashmina scarf and leather bracelet from a random shop in SoHo, NYC. (Yes, I know I have short, tiny thumbs for those of you who were going to comment on it.)

Though I spent much of my time slipping around, I had a great time running errands about town! Who doesn’t love snow? Then again, I don’t drive much these days… drivers hate snow. I have a handy, though not-so-stylish transit pass.

I hope you’re enjoying the weather! I hear the rain is going to wash it all away tonight and tomorrow… Make snow angels while you can!

Xo StyleStruck

P.S. All of these photos were taken using the same settings, but the brightness of the snow, and the lame-ness of my little point-and-shoot camera made each photo different.

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Last week I mentioned to my Mum that I wanted to hang sliver decorations in my window, then a couple days later she brought over some adorable and perfect little Christmas ornaments! I’ve been wanting to decorate the window for some time (it’s such a sore sight), and with a little silk ribbon, these silver balls are just perfect. My work area:

What you’ll need: inexpensive christmas ornaments, available at London Drugs, HomeSense, The Bay or anywhere else – just be sure to choose small sized ornaments), ribbon – I chose silk ribbon from The Cross, monofilament – the transparent thread, available at Walmart, scissors, tape, and maybe like me you like to craft with a glass of wine. Oh, and Christmas music too of course, I listened to The Rat Pack’s Christmas carols while working.

Happy festive decorating!


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That’s what the weather man reported for today’s weather! I LOVE IT. I finally get to pull out all my winter coats and accessories and have them put to good use. Last year I was DYING to wear this cape and my new fur earmuffs, but it was too warm all the way up to November! Then I went to NYC, and of course packed lots of coats, only to arrive to t-shirt weather. FINALLY! COLD! Sorry to all those who can’t stand this weather, but perk up, get yourself a holiday coffee and enjoy this crisp air while it’s here.

Happy Mittens. Wearing: Vintage plaid wool cape, H&M scarf, 525 America ribbed sweater, Target black tank, vintage faux leather pants, Report suede and leather boots, Fossil rose gold watch, Francesco Biasia leather bag, aviators from an NYC street vendor, Talula wool mittens. I wore this outfit today to do a little errand running. Stop #1: HomeSense for a new bed throw – last night I was so chilly I could barely sleep. I didn’t find one I liked, though I did see one at Hermes yesterday that I quite liked, and it was only $1200. I’ve decided to purchase one in Toronto,that way I can bring home something fabulous for my apartment. Stop #2: IGA Marketplace for an apple strudel-for sustenance. Stop #3: Chintz & Co. Chintz used to be more fun, but now everything is so darn overpriced! I saw my lucite chairs, mirrored table, place mats and candlestick holders all there all for at least double what I paid, either at The Cross, Urban Barn or HomeSense. Geez Chintz. Stop #4: The Cross for white and blue silk ribbon – you’ll see what I’m using it for soon! More festive decorating!

Last week while perusing Twitter I noticed that Stuart Weitzman was holding a Twitter contest to win SW high heel paperclips. All you had to do was be the first person to retweet their tweet! Yayy! I was the first! Yesterday I received my very stylish paperclips in the mail. Follow @Stuart_Weitzman here for your chance at one of their fabulous contests!

Must be off to accomplish real work now, and decorate, and feed Marie, and nap. 

Ta ta,


I leave you with a cute Christmas song…

Janelle Monae is amazing, from sound to style, she has it pitch perfect. This girl is a real fashion inspiration. How fabulous does she look in her tailored men’s wear?? I’m dying for those saddle shoes. Learn more about her here!

Here are a few of my favourite photos and looks of Janelle’s, as well as a small selection of her music:

In Vogue, 2008

In GQ, 2008

What I’m listening to right now:

Party Girl



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Recently I sat down for an interview with journalist Meagan Gill of the Kwantlen Chronicle. Here it is!

Thank you to Meagan for interviewing me and writing such a lovely article. Much appreciated!

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I have just the occasion for you!

Starting this THURSDAY, NOV.25th, FIDELITY DENIM is having their WAREHOUSE SALE!

The Info: Nov. 25th – 27th.

Address: Fidelity Denim Warehouse, #121-5589 Byrne Road, Burnaby BC.

Note: Enter at the back of the building at the warehouse entrance. New stock will be added daily! Men’s and women’s denim available!

Hours: Nov. 25th: 12-6, Nov.26th: 12-8 Nov.27th: 10-3 *

* That’s a lot of shopping time.

Above: You know I love my Fidelity jeans.

I’ll see you there!

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As in, my last name is Lovenmark! (I had to do it. How often do I get to use that??) Last night a group of journalists and bloggers gathered at BeautyMark to celebrate the store for all its fabulosity and to check out what products will be hot over the holidays. The shop was decked out in festive-goodness with canisters at every counter filled with yummy chocolate treats and delicious wine, graciously provided by Bear Flag Wine. Here’s what I wore:

Wearing: I.N.C. dress, tights from Mum, Browns ID patent leather heels (which were RIDICULOUS for walking on Yaletown’s brick sidewalks in. How’s a girl supposed to navigate those bricks in heels?? Tips?), Fossil watch, pearl earrings.

Niki Blasina with our favourite t-shirt:

Above: Erin Ireland and Christie Lohr talk samples. 2 up: Girlie Girl Bows. Below: Product variety at BeautyMark: Principessa lotions and beauty care, Smith’s Rosebud Salve, Dermalogica skin care. Niki and Erin Gee, of Haus of Hybrid, try out hair products.

With BeautyMark owner, Marc Brunet. (Tevrow + Chase wool jacket, Zara leather clutch).

It was a fun and fabulous night, and I sure do appreciate a well-planned event! Thank you to Marc and Adele Chan for hosting such a lovely party!

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Santa sits atop the table, he'll even play a Christmas song for you, you just have to wind him up.

Just missing the candles. A festive mix of crystal and red for the holiday season.

An old fashioned Christmas includes crystal glitter.

Pine cones and berries adorn the front door.

A traditional winter season doll from Sweden. She gives love.

Lamps make for the perfect place to display Christmas ornaments, like this glittery snowflake.

A feather wreath hangs above my bed all year-round. The bow is added for the holidays.

Scarves and furry earmuffs wait by the door.

I adore nutcrackers. This one sparkles and dances when you pull the hanging string!

Will you be decorating your home for the festive season? I found all of Christmas decorations at Take Me Home Decor (North Vancouver), HomeSense (the wreath, nutcracker and candle holders), H&M (the scarves), and Holt Renfrew (the earmuffs).

Xo StyleStruck

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Drake, Ft. Lykke Li – A Little Bit. Not the best video, but the best quality Youtube vid I could find.

Brendon Urie, Patrick Stump, Travis McCoy, Cee-Lo and Janelle Monae – Open Happiness. Again, not the best video, but close your eyes and enjoy the song, and try to bring back the happiness on this miserable Vancouver day!

m83 – We Own the Sky

Enjoy. I’m off to work, gotta make $$$ for my upcoming Toronto trip! Then a fabulous Yaletown party this evening with Ms. Niki Blasina of A Haute Mess.


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Tonight was the CRAVE Vancouver book launch at Canvas Lounge in Gastown, and the party impressed. CRAVE Vancouver event coordinator Arpen Thandi outdid herself, the turnout was incredible. I loved the pink carpet outside and treats laid out across the party (yayy for mini cinnamon buns and pink polka dot sugar cookies!), not to mention all the services you could try out! From eyelashes, to nails to eyebrows and styling help, it was all there tonight.

Wearing: Zara leather bomber jacket, Alternative Apparel hoodie, Zara pleated leather skirt, Talula spandex tank, Safeway brand tights, Brown’s boots (I know, I’m wearing them all the time, they’re just soo comfortable and warm!), Yany pink sequin purse, Holt Renfrew brand pink fur earmuffs.

Below, Jillian Crago and Kristy Rogerson of Operation Style at their corner booth at the event:

Jillian and Kristy are posing with their photo done for the PinUps for Pink calendar, which is now available!

Fun, fun, fun, and lovely to see the Vancouver fashion set out and done up to the nines, as usual! Be sure to pick up a copy of the book for yourself!

Night, night, Marie and I are tired, time for bed.

Xo StyleStruck

To all the lovely people who read my blog for posts on style: let’s keep fresh in the world of social media, shall we? I just came across this video posted to Twitter and had to share. Check out how Facebook plans to revolutionize the way we interact with each other, and keep track of our conversations.

Incredible what Facebook is doing.

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Friday night was the grand opening party for the new Armani Exchange store in Oakridge Centre. I snapped a few photos at home before leaving for the party. Here’s me in my festive gear in my girly apartment (in all its unedited, slightly messy glory), which has also been given a few festive touches – check out the last picture.

My look: A black metallic biker jacket, cream and indigo sequined tank, faux leather and knit pants, all Armani Exchange.  Browns ID patent leather heels, red Clinique lipstick. The ladies of Operation Style, Jillian and Kristy, were helping put the event together and chose my outfit on Thursday when we visited the A|X Robson store. Thanks for the styling ladies, I felt fierce!

What do you think makes a good party look? I think anything that gives a bit of attitude fits the bill, and of course killer heels.


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