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Wearing: Black v-neck from who knows where – I’ve had it for years and years and cut the tag out ages ago, vintage pony hair leopard print belt from Darling in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village Neighborhood (posted here), pleated leather skirt from Zara, tights from The Bay, suede-buckled boots found at Winners. Dior Haute Couleur Lipstick in #361 - my new favourite!

Painting of Kate Moss by Monika Loevenmark, my twin sister. She did this piece when we were 17, pretty amazing, hey? Monika focuses mostly on band photography now, check out her blog!

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Some more photos from Jamie Hodge and my venture to Squamish. These were taken at the back of a local school.

Wearing: Zara leather bomber jacket, gifted Bilby & Moss grey shirt, scarf found at Winners, vintage faux leather pants, Browns ID boots.

Just strolling down the streets of Squamish. What better to pair with an all leather ensemble than a super soft, casual tee? This one, by Bilby & Moss is part of a collection of ultra luxe basics created to fit seamlessly into your wardrobe and are sure to compliment your many other pieces. A classic tee lends itself well to a printed skirt, a cropped jacket and of course the boy-friendly look: jeans and heels, with your tee carelessly tucked in at one side. Add a great necklace and you’re date ready. I look forward to the many ways I can wear this lovely grey long sleeve, and I can feel good about wearing a garment that was manufactured on the west coast, in LA. Get your new favourite tee at the Oakridge Centre location! Find more on Facebook, and check out Bilby & Moss on Twitter!

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It take a long time to understand what your personal style is. Over the past year I have dabbled in many looks, from grunge to hipster to full on prep and over the top eccentric. I never felt completely me. I think though, that I’m starting to get there.

I am going to try to define my style, but you can’t hold me to this, as style is an ever changing thing:

Structured tailoring, androgyny, neutrals, organic textures like snakeskin, fur and leather, clean silhouettes, classic, preppy.

Wearing: H&M mens shirt in size small, snakeskin print silk skirt from Zara, tights from Safeway, Browns ID patent leather heels, Zara leather clutch. Dior Haute Couleur lipstick in #361.

Do you know what your personal style is?

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Mid-December photographer Jamie Hodge and I made a special trip to Squamish in search of locations exactly like this. The weather was ideal for the mood of the photos. My favourite part of the day? Aside from running around the yard shooting with Jamie, was our drive up, Jamie and I always have a great chats.

Wearing: JNBY navy sweater, vintage faux leather pants, black knee-high suede boots from NYC’s fashion district. Mussed hair courtesy of Squamish’s rainy weather.

Photos by Jamie Hodge.

You like what she does? Obviously, the girl is majorly talented! And I have a new years surprise for you! THE Jamie Hodge is offering offering a SPRING PHOTOSHOOT SPECIAL for groups of friends. Check out her site to find out more:

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His name is Stuart Weitzman, and come April 2011, you’ll be able to visit him in all his shoe-glory.

Stuart Weitzman will open shop in Pacific Centre this spring, making Vancouver S.W.’s fifth Canadian retail location and marking an expansion in all major Canadian cities from east to west. Fashionistas throw your hands up and do a little Stuart Weitzman dance! Vancouver is becoming big-time.

At the Ace Hotel, NYC, August 2010. Wearing my beloved nude patent leather Stuart Weitzman pumps.

The store will provide the full range of Stuart Weitzman footwear, as well as handbags.


Stuart, Vancouver looves you!

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Every now and then you come across a person whose style you really admire, enjoy and recognize as a little bit your own. Valerie Boster, Vogue’s Bookings Editor is featured here on as part of their Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl series. Her style is truly chic. What I love about it is her ability to make an avante garde piece look casual and how she looks effortly glamorous and feminine in structured tailoring. Fashion wise, this is a girl after my own heart.

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Ever since the third grade when I was handed an agenda to keep track of homework I have had an obsession with writing down every to-do, every task, every piece of work that must be accomplished in a day, week and month. I know there’s a scheduler on my Blackberry, but I really prefer paper. I take my day planner with me everywhere, it’s a requisite for all bags I buy to be able to comfortably fit my day planner, as well as three to four lip glosses at any given time, my BB, a mini can of hair spray, an idea notebook, several pens, my ipod and large leather wallet. As the year ends, so must my time with my current planner, and on to the next, which I got from Santa yesterday. A lovely, pink leather day planner just waiting for fresh ink and new dates.

Wearing: H&M sheer army green shirt, Joe Fresh pink waffle-knit shirt, Express wool skirt. Tights from Safeway.

Grey studded heels from Zara. Dior Haute Couleur Lipstick #361.

I can never get enough stationery.

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Christmas was only yesterday, but I’ve brought home two delightful little packages today. I’ve had my eye on a Dior lipstick for quite some time now, and just so happened to pass by Holts on my walk home from work today. Okay, that’s a total lie. I live ten minutes walk south from work, but walked twenty minutes east out of my way over to Holts, call it the scenic route. Then I found myself in the cosmetics department, and before you know it there was a small white bag imprinted with a name synonymous with luxury and fabulousness hanging from my arm. Satisfied with my gorgeous new lip colour, I turned to leave, but soon found myself lusting after the most lovely iridescent, pinky shade of taupe, which soon found its way into a lovely small HR bag and onto my arm. Sometimes I just can’t say no. But this is why I work, right?

Dior Haute Couleur 361 & Chantecaille Lip Sheer Super Nova

There’s something wonderfully empowering about a strong lip colour, this Dior lipstick is that colour for me. Hmmm, now for a pair of shoes to match…

Just dreaming!

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Sometimes the best little things don’t come in packages at all!

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But let’s not let this rain get us down, shall we? Last night was Ginger’s Snowball party, yet this morning I awoke fairly bright eyed and bushy-tailed (how long have I been waiting to say that??), I suppose that’s what just a few cocktails and calling it a night early will do for you. The party was pretty fabulous, if you’re from North or West Vancouver, it was a definite reunion. Lovely to see all your faces again and to catch up! And that dance floor, we tore it apart. I expect pictures will be surfacing soon!

But on to today! I’m just about to jump into the car to drive over to West Vancouver to spend a little Q.T. with Mum and Grannie, and pick up Marie’s Christmas present. It’s adorable.

Wearing: H&M sweater, Zara pleated leather skirt, tights from London Drugs (all quality, all the time), Rockport boots found at Winners, Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace, Michael Kors watch, Gianni Chiarini leather carry-all. Cranberry Shimmer Body Shop lip balm.

I first started using this lip balm when I was 15 when I found it in my Christmas stocking, ever since it’s been a nostalgic piece of the holiday season.

My Rosy Christmas:

Above: Roses on my desk, my new side table and lamp, festive decorating on my coffee table.

Happy Holidays readers, and thank you so much for visiting my blog! I appreciate it! Oh, and here’s a photo I posted earlier of Marie’s holiday wear.

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From the woman who said, “some editors, they have that, they know all the designer from the beginning of the nineteenth century. They know this is triple cashmere, this is simple cashmere. Maybe they went to fashion school. Me, I don’t. I just get a feeling about what is exciting. It is all just from feeling.” There is now a very tall pair of lace-up stiletto boots to fill at the top position of French Vogue. Carine Roitfeld, the eponymous editor in all her smoky-eyed glory, has decided that January will be her last month at the magazine. March will be the last issue she works on.

I’m not sure how to feel about this. I adore her persona, reading about her, seeing what she wears to the collections, etc. But, often French Vogue seemed to be a little off to me in its accessibility, I could never really connect with the magazine in the way I hoped to by buying it every month (for approximately $12 each time – not a cheap commitment). Though, French Vogue flourished under Carine. The big question is, who the heck will be her replacement?

The article:

In a surprise move, Carine Roitfeld said Friday she will step down as editor in chief of French Vogue at the end of January.

“It’s 10 years that I’m editor of the magazine,” Ms. Roitfeld, one of the most influential editors in the fashion business, said in a telephone interview. “I think it’s time to do something different.”

She informed Jonathan Newhouse, the chief executive of Conde Nast International, that she wished to pursue other projects. “I have no problem with Jonathan, and he understood me very well,” Ms. Roitfeld said of her ideas for the magazine, which featured bold photography and expressed a cool, physical, erotic fashion ideal.

Ms. Roitfeld often did the styling for photo shoots. “I had so much freedom to do everything I wanted. I think I did a good job.” But she added, “When everything is good, maybe I think it’s the time to do something else.” She expects to complete issues through March. She said she was not sure what she would do after that. “I have no plan at all,” she said.

On British Vogue’s Web site, Mr. Newhouse said, “It’s impossible to overstate Carine’s powerful contribution to Vogue and to the fields of fashion and magazine publishing. Under her direction Vogue Paris received record levels of circulation and advertising and editorial success.”

- Source:, Dec. 17 2010.

And, for further enjoyment, a video profile on Roitfeld from CNN. No snacks necessary for this video experience, but perhaps you better go add a little more smudgy eye liner to your look, and throw on a pair of dangerous heels.

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Tuesday afternoon Jamie Hodge and I ventured up to Squamish for some photography. Well, she did the photography and I did the climbing and playing over parked trains, old tracks and the occasional slippery rock in high heels. The parts of Squamish we chose really were beautiful messes, from the old train yard to a mucky look out point that we navigated as the sun quickly set. Above is the first photo I’ve seen from our little trip, many more to come! I just love her style, see more at Jamie Lauren Photography!

Wearing: JNBY wool sweater.

Back soon,

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I’m taking a page here from the book of Emily, author and brilliance behind the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere, who often does posts dedicated to 5 things that make her happy, like this. In this awful, dreary grey weather it’s easy to get down. Lately I’ve been finding happy moments in little things. Here is a short list of things that are making me smile right now:

1. A new Canadian magazine

2. My Christmas advent calendar and a holiday drink from Starbucks; peppermint mocha, extra whip cream!

3. Mandarin oranges – these little goodies come in their own wrapping paper and remind me of Christmases past, specifically Christmas Day when without fail there is always a mandarin orange in the toe of my stocking.

4. A messy table full of craft supplies and glitter: my Christmas cards are finally done!

5. Muddy heels. No shoe was spared in an effort to take the best picture possible on today’s venture with Jamie Hodge. Browns ID patent leather heels.

6. My $3.50 umbrella that looks like your average $30.00 clear plastic umbrella (available at the dollar-plus store). Who doesn’t love a good deal??

7. The sweetest part of my day, every day, is curious little Marie. This kitten can really be a handful sometimes, just last week she made a real mess of my suede boots (heart break!), but I love her little furry face too much to ever be upset with her.

What little things make you happy every day?

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It’s been a little while since I’ve done this. I practically feel rusty! This past week has been very busy and unfortunately a series of events left me quite uninspired. This afternoon I was putting a few things away in my downstairs storage locker on my way out to run errands when I noticed that I quite liked the effect of the slats of the lockers. So I snapped a few pictures, naturally I had my camera with me.

Wearing: H&M circle scarf, vintage fur vest, super soft Bilby & Moss white thermal Kyla hoodie (available at Oakridge Centre), white Dynamite tank (worn underneath), BCBG Max Azria pants and a suede bag from Aldo. I love mixing comfortable pieces like the hoodie with more fabulous pieces, like the fur vest; it makes casual dressing much more fun and interesting.

I did some running around town today: a return at Zara (unfortunately, I love their stuff, but now and again you find a piece that just isn’t made for you), then over to South Granville to visit JNBY where I finally put my gift certificate to use, and thank goodness because it expires on Wednesday. A quick trip to Purdy’s and then finally the grocery store. There’s something about shopping for dinner in fur and heels that makes it more fun. I think sometime I ought to do a photo shoot in the grocery store, particularly the produce department. I’ve got a fabulous shoot planned for tomorrow afternoon with Jamie Hodge, so please stay tuned for some more, um, professional, pictures! They put my own timed photos to shame.

That’s it for now, I see a certain kitten sniffing at my Purdy’s bag, gotta go!

- SS

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Welcome to the StyleStruck guide on how to be chic. These are points that lend themselves both to a chic appearance and a chic lifestyle. Anna has also weighed in for us here at

The StyleStruck Guide to Being Chic (and How to Avoid Being Un-Chic.):

1. Always avoid yoga pants on the street. For that matter, avoid all yoga wear on the street, unless of course you are in fact on your way to a yoga class in which case you are indeed, very chic. (Please carry yoga mat with you to ensure we all know where you are headed and to avoid chic/un-chic confusion).

2. Avoid leggings as pants. This must be followed by a, “duh.” Leggings-as-pants is by far the easiest way to declare yourself to be a fashion victim, and nobody wants that. Nor do we want to see your hoo-ha or bottom as leggings so do display.

3. Be organized and prepared. Ever notice how truly chic women are never scrambling or anxious? Always stay calm, collected and poised. Whenever I feel the stress monster coming on, I just recite to myself, “cool as a cucumber, cool as a cucumber.” (Okay, that’s a lie. If I was feeling stressed and someone told me to do that, I’d probably club them, or swing my over-stuffed purse in their direction, and with this season’s craze for metal and stud details, that would be a very effective way to make them shut up.) In any case, keeping your cool is a key part of being elegant, and we all want that.

4. Be up on current events. Give your local news station’s, as well as a national news source’s website a scan to ensure you have an understanding of what’s going on in our world. Smart is always chic, and no one wants to be the person who is clueless when someone mentions that North Korea and South Korea may engage in war. That would be slightly embarrassing, and may have happened to me a couple weeks ago, but not again.

5. Lipstick, gloss, balm and tint are all easy ways to look polished.

6. Avoid looking like the place that trends go to die. Meaning, don’t wear all the trends at once, but rather mix a trend or two at a time in with your own style. This is what having “style” is all about.

7. No matter what anyone says, heels always elevate a look. Although, let’s avoid the pin-thin stilettos and gargantuan platforms for day, shall we ladies? Save those for night and for when you want to have a “shazam” moment.

8. Always be polite. Again, duh. Though, this seems to be less important to people these days, which is really a shame. Etiquette is an art that needs to be practiced! Be appreciative and respectful, it will be come back to you. Now that we find ourselves in the holiday season it is a prime time to hone your etiquette skills; when someone invites you to a party do you: a. RSVP right away to let the host plan her numbers b. Ignore the invite and wait until other offers come in (this is THE WRONG answer, unless you don’t want to be invited anymore) or c. Do not respond at all. I sincerely hope you all chose A.

9. If possible, ice your outfits (as in icing on a cupcake, not bling), with high-end accessories. I know we can not all afford designer pieces, I myself am not in the position to do this. But, a few well-made, good quality accessories can really make an outfit look luxe and take it from ho-hum to fabulous. A few tips to doing this: scout for deals! Look for products made from natural materials, such as leather. Almost every designer piece I own was found in a sale. (Hint: The Holts designer sale is currently happening…) Even if your outfit is worth $100 all pieces combined, it can look expensive with the addition of a designer bag or beautiful shoes.

10. If you’re having an “I have nothing to wear” moment with your closet, stick to neutrals in a monochromatic palette. There is no easier way to look chic than wear a head-to-toe look in a neutral tone like grey, black, cream, white or beige/tan. Mixing textures adds interest, as does a little gold or silver jewelry, depending on the neutral you choose to go with (I like gold with white, cream, beige/tan and black, silver with grey).

Now, for Anna’s (as in Wintour), take on How to be Chic:

1. Do not eat. If you insist on eating, choose celery sticks and a cube of cheese.

2. Do not be comfortable. Style is all about wearing runway looks into day including corsets, sky-high heels, oversized furs and tight leather everything.

3. Always, ALWAYS wear your sunnies everywhere. Even if you can’t see because it’s dark inside. Even if it’s raining outside and there is no possible need to shield your eyes from bright light.

4. Always wear heels. What do they mean by, “flat shoe”?

5. Operate with a sense of authoritarianism. Make sure everyone knows who is boss.

6. Be chilly. A cold demeanor will ensure… well I’m not sure what it will ensure, except for not having any friends. But who needs friends when you are impossibly chic?

7. Don’t bother learning to drive, or walk for that matter. In the chicest of lives you will always be chauffeured and sitting – preferably front row.

8. Only shop the most current racks of designer fashion. It is imperative to maintain appearances.

9. Chic people only need 8 points of advice. If you need anymore, clearly you are not meant to be chic.

Love, Anna

Editor’s note: we here at (as in Marie and I), can not be held responsible for any offense taken to Anna’s words. We do not believe in censoring our contributors. Thank you for reading and I hope this has been helpful.


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All bundled in warm layers ready for a Christmas outing! My friends and I went to the Vancouver Christmas Market last night…

Up above: Stephanie and Sarah walking through the market, above: the Christmas ornaments for sale at the market.

We all bought a mug of their festive drink, a mix of red wine, rum, orange juice and spices. Potent and delicious!

Wearing: Vintage fur vest, H&M circle scarf, Aritzia TNA Cowichan wool sweater, Zara silk shirt, BCBG Max Azria military style pants, suede boots from a random shop in the Fashion District in NYC. Gianni Chiarini leather carry-all. And yes, I’m wearing pig-tails, I haven’t done that since at least fifth grade.

A fun and very festive evening. Tonight has also been quite festive, I’ve been making Christmas cards! StyleStruck style cards, of course. Here’s one of my favourites:

Haha much better than some picture of a snowman!

Happy festivity to all of you!

Xo StyleStruck

Last night I was thrilled to make my way over to Rogers Arena to watch the Canucks game from the Metropolis Hot Seats! (It was my 3rd ever, and being a born and mostly raised Vancouverite, that’s a little shameful.) So needless to say, thrilled and very excited!

So how did I end up at the game in one of the Metropolis Hot Seats? Metropolis at Metrotown is currently holding a contest offering its shoppers a chance to win tickets to the next big concert or Canucks game from an executive suite at Rogers Arena. Click HERE for details! Enter! Last night’s game was attended by 6 contest winners! I attended the game as the guest blogger – you may have seen other posts by bloggers who also attended a game or concert, such as Niki of A Haute Mess and Nicole of Le Mode De Jour. A big thank you to Metropolis at Metrotown and Sarah Wong for having me there!

Sarah Wong and I above the ice

The game was a great one to watch, though in the end we did lose 2-3 to the St Louis Blues. Not to mention the yummy treats our box suite was provided with! Another thank you for providing me dinner as well… I don’t know about you ladies, but I have a bad habit of forgetting that I need to eat around dinner time, and will often go out unfed. I was preparing myself mentally for the stadium hot dogs and overdone churos when all of a sudden a knock at the door! Santa?!? Close enough! A man carrying trays of mini burgers and wings! Mmmm! And of course, there was this lovely spread (below) of appetizers!

This sounds like a sporting event fit a lady heyy?? Well, between your Christmas gift shopping and picking up a few things for yourself at Forever XX1, stop by the customer service counter (conveniently located right by Forever XX1, see how they’re thinking of you?!) and enter yourself in this fabulous contest. There’s also a customer service counter located near West 49/Claire’s in the mall. You can also score a ticket by following Metropolis at Metrotown on Twitter and liking the Facebook page!

Perhaps, if you follow me on Twitter, which you should!, you may have seen my live-tweeting last night from the game. I was really into it, and included tweets such as this and this. #MetropolisHotSeats

As you’ve seen above, I indeed wore a Canucks jersey to the game! Being only a third-timer I don’t own my own jersey, but I happened to mention to a male friend that I wanted to wear Canucks apparel and he generously offered his Linden jersey! Perfect! I just happened to meet the silver fox in October!

Wearing: Linden Canucks jersey (a few sizes too big!), Alternative Apparel hoodie, Joe Fresh green pack-away puffy jacket, Fidelity denim and Brown’s leather boots.

Byeee for now!

Xo StyleStruck

p.s. Marie was not too happy that she wasn’t invited…

p.p.s. Follow me on Twitter!

Lately I’ve been meeting a lot of really cool people. Last night was no exception. I ran into Mr. Smith at a bar and he wanted to grab some pizza after. How could I say no?

Hahaha. Ridiculous, I know. How could I resist??

- SS


The always chic and fabulous Mr. Kors has some Christmas tips for us! I know I already own a rose-gold watch, but I want that MK pink gold watch! Enjoy!

Festive bisous,

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I measured. That heel is a dangerous six inches from top to bottom. This would be one of my simpler looks. (I would say that after just describing the absurd height of my shoes.) No accessories, save for the tranny shoes, just a basic dark skinny jean and mens’ wear inspired shirt, buttoned up to the very top. I saw this look, (buttoned-up all the way), at Celine and Chloe and really liked the primness of it, but I find it hard to pull it off without looking too conservative. I think it works with this shirt though.

Wearing: H&M sheer army green shirt, Fidelity dark skinnies, Office London for TopShop flower-print heels, (purchased in SoHo this past August), pink Anna Sui lipstick.

The sun is breaking the clouds apart as I write this, and the blue sky beckons, “Come play outside!.” I must obey!

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