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Today is decidedly a dress day. Enough of jeans! This beautiful Diane von Furstenburg dress is another happy cast off from my sister’s closet from her Holts days. I love the mix of the red and pink, and the way the dress is structured is so gorgeous. I can’t wait to wear it by itself on a hot summer day with sandals. And of course, to complement the pink, I’m wearing my favorite Dior lipstick, #361.

Wearing: Kersh cardigan, Diane von Furstenburg dress, tights from who-knows-where, Rockport suede boots, Gianni Chiarini leather carry-all. Leather bracelet from a street stand in SoHo, NYC. Dior lipstick #361. I’ve got my hair pulled back today as I’m at the point between dye-jobs where your roots are just about unbearable. I am itching to get back into my colorist’s chair at Suki’s!

Have a lovely day, do something special for yourself today, whether it be ordering your favourite sweet coffee at Starbucks, or picking up the latest copy of your favourite magazine. Those little things feel so good. And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, that’s very important.

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This amazing embellished 3.1 Phillip Lim dress has been sitting in my closet for quite some time now, a cast off from my sister from her Holt Renfrew days. I love it with these forest green flats (Zara), and my favourite Dior lipstick, #361. In all honesty, tonight is a night at home, but after devouring Vogue’s February issue – it really was to die for – I couldn’t help but want to put on pretty clothes in favor of the terry robe I had on. (When I get home from work, all I want to do is put my robe on, no one can stop me. Though, I think it’s probably a bad habit, I get too comfortable with work still yet to be done.) This dress definitely fit the bill.

Time: 7:00pm. It’s practically my bed time. (By 9:30 tonight I’ll be in dreamland, where I live with a Holts card of infinite value and plenty of time to sip skim lattes and teeter between Holts’ Chanel boutique and shoe salon.)

Until tomorrow,


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That’s why I’m wearing denim cut offs, obviously. Another day working from home! Today I am a woman of few blogging words as my pile of to-do’s continues to mount (happily), but I wanted to give you a little look at what my day-to-day at-home work outfits look like.

These fantastic and stupidly comfortable shoes are my latest purchase from Aldo, or rather, the Aldo outlet! They’re practically giving away merchandise at 50% off the lowest marked price right now. Nuts! That’s some feel-good shopping right there.

Wearing: Guess by Marciano hoops, Zara shirt, H&M vest/top, vintage denim cut offs, tights from Mum (Sears), Aldo wedges. Fossil rose gold watch, White enamel bangle from Macy’s. Sunnies from Ruby Tuesday in Whistler and my favourite pink Dior lip gloss from ages ago.

Okay, off like the computer-addicted techy I’ve become. (But I still want to be a cute techy.)


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This is what I do on my lunch breaks. When I work from home, that is. It’s just too hard to feel motivated when you’re trying to get a serious project done and you’re wearing a big robe and pink fuzzy slippers. Looking out the window though, I am sure glad I don’t have to go out into that miserable weather!

Wearing: Sheer sweater from a random shop in SoHo, I ripped the tag out so I can’t tell you the brand unfortunately, Talula spandex tank underneath, woven leather belt from Accessorize – a British brand that used to have a store on Robson about 5 years ago. The skirt I designed and made when I was 18 in pattern-making class. I’ve upgraded my tights, courtesy of Mum who read on my blog I was wearing Safeway tights and went to Sears to buy me decent tights. Cobalt blue leather flats from Zara.

Xo StyleStruck

p.s. How do you keep cute on these blustery, soggy kinds of days?

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Hence our barely-there clothing. Friday night out!

~ My dear friend Stephanie Walker of Elle-Ectric! ~

We were waiting for our cab to arrive when I pulled out the camera for an impromptu photo shoot!

Wearing: H&M ribbed tank top, B.B. Dakota tiered skirt, Browns ID patent leather heels, rose gold bangle from Blue Ruby, white enamel bangle from Macy’s. Marc by Marc Jacobs quilted clutch, Aldo hoop earrings, Joe Fresh nail colour. Much more eyeliner than usual and a good dose of bronzer. (And half a can of hair spray between us.)

Stephanie is wearing a vintage crop-top, my vintage high-waisted leather shorts, Louis Vuitton purse and wedges, brand unknown.

Fun fun fun.


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One man’s internet love letter to his future wife:


Read it and swoon.


I couldn’t stand it a moment longer. I HAD to have a Kit Kat bar. Had to. I’ve tried to resist for days now, but tonight as I lay on the couch, all I could think about was the chocolately wafery goodness of a Kit Kat bar. So I popped out for one. This is what I wore to visit the grocery store.

Wearing: Vintage plaid (reversible) cape from Woo Vintage in Gastown, Fidelity denim, Alternative Apparel hoodie under cape, nude leather Zara flats and Marc by Marc Jacobs quilted clutch. I’m so into a high ponytail right now, probably because it’s the first time in years that I’ve been able to have a ponytail at all. Does anyone remember what my hair used to look like?? I barely do, seems so long ago now. I’m really into the minimal make up look lately, hey? Remember to remind me that eye liner was invented for a reason.

I’m catching up on a quick bit of homework before my girl Stephanie finishes work and meets me downtown for a little trouble, err, fun. For fun and some shimmies on the dance floor. Clink! Cheers!

Xo StyleStruck

P.S. In case you were wondering:

Nipping: Verb: (used without object) Chiefly British Slang. to leave stealthily; sneak away; flee (often fol. by away). Courtesy of

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It just takes a few little things and a simple change here and there to make your home feel fresh and new. These little touches make me happy:

~ This white glittered rose use to sit upon my Christmas wreath, but has since found a new home. ~

~ I found this golden pear perched on a clearance shelf at Urban Barn for just a few dollars. I think it’s as glamorous as a pear could ever hope to be. Now to find some fresh pink roses in the middle of winter to set into my log vase. ~

~ Finding a new way to display items you already have makes them feel fresh, not that I could ever, ever, ever get bored by white pillar candles, crystal and display diamonds. Never ever. I like to display my current and most favourite magazines, Vogue of course being among them. All crystal candle holders purchased at Home Sense. ~

~ If I had my way, I would only wear two types of shoes: sweet, delicate flats like this pair from Zara, and statement heels. These imitation leather flats were found abandoned on a sale rack at Zara for a mere $14.99. They’ll look like fantastic come Springtime with white jeans, a loose white blouse and oversized tortoiseshell sunnies. ~

~ Never mind the creases, hanging these dish towels was a big moment for me. Since I moved out on my own, I’ve been using hand-me-downs from my Mum in the kitchen – her kitchen extras like the green dish towels that used to hang here. I’ve finally begun to choose my own kitchen things and my home really feels like me. My morning routine goes like this: Wake up, pet and feed the kitty, do yesterday’s left over dishes, then move over to my computer by 8:30am to send in my morning report to work. Seeing these lovelies as I wash the dishes will be a real treat. ~

~ I know where kitchen treasures are kept: HomeSense. I could preach all day long about how fantastic that store is. The glass serving bowl to the left was mine for only $8, I mean, err, I paid $80 for that. It was very expensive, of course. And that plate and dish-like-plate set next to it, no, I definitely didn’t purchase those two for only $4. No way. And I certainly never peruse the clearance sections. Hah.

I go to the clearance sections first. 4 plates for $8, for dish-like-plates for $8. A grand total of $16 for a new set of dinner ware. That’s my style. ~ And then my cat snuck into the picture.

Here’s what my mother taught me about shopping:

1. When you see something that is you to a T, bring it home. Of course, this principle varies with price. One time she insisted I needed a very expensive large black leather Cole Haan bag from Holts. At the time it was maybe a bit mature for me, I now LOVE it and can see myself carrying it for decades to come. It’s fabulous quality and gorgeous. Of course, it took me a while to pay it off, but it was worth it.

2. When you find everyday items that are on sale, even if you don’t need them at the moment, like paper towel or peanut butter for instance, buy them then because at some point soon you’ll need those things and they’re sure to be much more expensive right when you need them but don’t have them.

3. Only buy what you love.

Thanks Mumma. You’ve steered me well.

Xo StyleStruck

And  a little bit of brain food: From 10 Blogs by Entrepreneurs you should be reading, featuring Vancouver’s Matthew and Adam Toren of the blog, Young Entrepreneur and Vancouver View Magazine!

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Monday morning, and my tasks for today are already piling up. When I have a lot to accomplish in a day, and am feeling the strain of one too many late nights last week, comfort is key. When I got dressed this morning, which resulted in a huuuuge heap of clothes on my bed – I know what I’ll be doing tonight – I could not figure out what to wear. I kept trying to work out tights and a mini with some sort of collared shirt when I finally gave up and put on this loose mens’ shirt and these worn in BCBG military style pants. And flats, of course. Minimal make up, save for my red Clinique lipstick and a few choice accessories to glamorize the look. I feel rather chic in this casual ensemble.

Wearing: H&M mens’ shirt, BCBG military style pants, Zara flats, Michael Kors tortoise-shell watch, brown leather chain bracelet from a random shop in SoHo, NYC, Aldo elephant ring, Gianni Chiarini leather carry-all, sunglasses from Ruby Tuesday in Whistler, brand unknown. Red Clinique lipstick.

I hope you have a fabulous Monday.

Xo StyleStruck

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Upon looking through my list of favourite bloggers it seems to me my style is a little different. A real mish-mash. I have no idea what to call it though, as I’ve said before. It just is. At some point in my life I’d like it to be more define-able. My top 3 fashion bloggers all have such a fashion identity: Aureta, Emily and Kelly. Here’s what I’m wearing today (mostly), as I fiddle with various programs on my computer at the local coffee shop:

I haven’t shown you my feet because I’m not wearing any shoes. I couldn’t figure out what shoes to wear with such an outfit, and I figured that by the time I figured it out I could have a whole blog post posted. Due to my shoe dilemma, I ended up switching the leather skirt for a pair of loose fitting green Fidelity cargos and Chuck Taylors. Forgive me, I feel like that’s probably a fashion-blogger no-no. *Slap on the wrist*

Wearing: New Era cap, vintage fur vest, gifted Bilby & Moss long sleeve tee, Zara pleated leather skirt and gold studded belt from Bang-On. Gifted Cheeky Monkey nail colour titled, Back Alley Sally.

Must get back to work now!

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Welcome to the space where I spend the majority of my time: my living room. Notice my little furry friend poking her head into the picture. Marie ALWAYS has to be in on the action, like right now, she’s in my lap, paws on the keyboard.

Wearing: Alternative Apparel tee (their clothes are the softest garments you’ll ever own), Fidelity dark skinnies, Forever 21 grey leopard print socks. This is what I wear when I’m working from home, I’m pretty low-key. The second I have to leave the apartment though, I’m all about a good pair of day heels, a fabulous coat and a much heavier application of lip gloss.

For the PR and Marketing savvy readers, here are several things of interest I came upon today:

Your marketing strategy made easy

Participation in Real-Time Social Media Increased 20% in 2010

Are We Too Obsessed With Facebook?

MySpace Reduces Staff by 47%

and to finish off:

‘Social media/social networking’ deemed most annoying buzzwords

Oh, and just for interest sake, your zodiac sign has officially changed, though I refuse to be anything other than a pisces.

Off to do my own PR work now,

Ta ta,

Xo SS & SS Jr


Hello dear readers. It feels like an eternity since I last posted! This past week has been nuts busy, first with work, and then a weekend trip up to Whistler, and now back to work. 2011 so far is moving very quickly. Unfortunately because of all this business, I haven’t stopped to capture any outfits, and so, there are no new outfit posts for you. (Coming soon!) However, in the mean time, here are a few shots from my Whistler weekend with bestie, Katie K.

~ Nothing like Whistler on a sunny day! ~

Wearing: Burton jacket, pants and boots. I have no idea what brands my other gear is, I bought this stuff years ago. Did you notice it’s all pink (and purple) and white? Even my board is white and hot pink. I love it.

Thanks for reading, you’re the best.


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These photos were part of the series that Jamie Hodge took back in early Decemeber. I wore this outfit out with girlfriends weeks before, but relished the chance to finally have a legit photographer capture it. I die for a textured, all back look: sequins, faux leather and patent leather. Have I mentioned lately how much I love Jamie’s photography?

Hanging out at the rocks in Caulfield, West Vancouver.

Wearing: Vintage sequin top, vintage faux leather pants, Browns ID patent leather heels.

Today I registered for an online course at BCIT, I’m kind of looking forward to it. It’s been awhile since I took a class though, hopefully I can get my head back in the books! I made a resolution this January to spend more time at home focused on work and school, I am really hoping I can keep this up. 5 days in, and so far so good! I’ve even turned down invites to go out… so unlike me. Must stay strong. My heels can wait a month to dance again!

Xo StyleStruck

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Certain people in your life influence you in ways you do not notice. Like when I started layering sweaters over collared shirts, I’d say that was because I used to spent a lot of time around a young man that liked to dress that way. I’ve left him to the pocket squares and loafers, though. Heels for me, please. Just after Christmas I went for a family lunch with my mother, her two cousins (one 61, the other 80), and my grandmother (90). For such an occasion I felt it was appropriate to dress conservatively, only to be told by my charming sister later that I looked like I was 40. Well, then fine. I look like I’m 40, and I’m happy about it.

Wearing: Ralph Lauren Sport cable-knit pull over, Zara button-up shirt, Fidelity denim, Rockport boots found at Winners. Fossil rose gold watch and $3 aviators purchased from a street vendor in midtown Manhattan.

I later went to Guilt & Co. in Gastown in this outfit, doesn’t everyone go out in a collared shirt?


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~ Popping bottles! ~

I rang in 2011 wearing a body con bandage dress in fire engine red. I had my hair done up for the first time in years and covered myself in obnoxiously sparkly accessories. That’s what I think NYE fashion is all about.

It started on Friday morning when I awoke after a miserable 2 hour sleep and ran to work, only to head back home after twenty minutes when I realized work was over staffed and I wasn’t needed. A great start to the NYE production: tired and slightly cranky. But the sun was out in full force and I decided, 2011 is going to be my year. 2010 was just a warm up. So I called up Suki’s salon and took advantage of a most generous blogger offer; a complimentary manicure and blow out. Actually, I upped the anti this new years and opted for a full on up-do, and padded the offer with some of my own cash. May as well go all out, right? Katie, one of my closest girl friends was still snuggled under the covers back at my apartment, (we did a pre-NYE celebration the night before with a DJ bash at a local club – bad girls!), but not for long. Off to Milestone’s for a quick brunch (I had a burger. Well, half a burger, I saved the rest for later), and then over to Suki’s Salon on South Granville for the ultimate in pampering. First a pedicure with the most delightful woman who painted my nails with a sparkly gun metal polish:

Then straight to Fifi, my stylist who was beyond fabulous: a British transplant with big curly blonde hair, pink reading glasses, pink lipstick and an enviable accent. Fifi bounced around my chair pinning curlers in and telling me stories of her move from Britain to our fair province. What a doll.

Next, an hour under that blow dryer that resembled a space helmet to set the curls.

Then it was time to remove the gazillion curlers from my head, and when we did, I’ve never seen a human more closely resemble a poodle. But Fifi knew what to do, she shook my hair out, lightly brushed the curls into place and proceeded to pin about 2 dozen bobby pins to my head.

~ Above: Pre-make up and a good hair toss with Fifi ~

The end result was amazing, I couldn’t believe it, after a year of growing my hair out, I actually had a real up-do!

Wearing: Rag & Bone cashmere cardi, Tommy Hilfiger button-up striped shirt, Fidelity denim.

~ Going all out, it was NYE after all! ~

What a fabulous evening, thanks to Suki’s for making me feel my very best! I’ll be back soon.

A little later in the night…

~ Taking the pins out and giving my curls a good shake, ahh that felt good! ~

~ 5 am fashion. Just keepin’ it real. ~

I made a few resolutions for the new year, one in particular to move east. Helllooo Toronto! When? I’m not sure yet. What did you wear on NYE, and what kind of resolutions do you plan to keep this year?

Xo StyleStruck

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~ A little Rockstar in a champagne glass to start the night off! ~

Thank you so much to you for visiting my blog, I really do appreciate it and I hope you continue to visit!

Wearing: BCBG Max Azria dress, Chanel shoes, ring, bracelet and earrings from Aldo. Hair by Suki’s salon on South Granville.

I hope you all had a wonderful NYE!


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