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Spring, are you here yet?? I only just got this BCBG MAX AZRIA vest last week (as a result of my BCBG Max Azria spring 2011 collection preview – many thanks!!), but am already OBSESSED with it. Last Thursday I wore it to the office with a white shirt and jeans, I have plans to pair it with a fitted BCBG Max Azria red dress and today it felt right with this lovely Jason Wu S/S 2010 silk pleated skirt (the skirt that was originally $1635 – obviously NOT what I paid).

Wearing: BCBG Max Azria vest, vintage skinny gold leather belt, Jason Wu skirt, Poetic Licence heels, red OPI manicure & pedicure.

I’ve been learning how to better use my camera! These pictures are the result. My cousin was in town visiting this weekend and he informed me that I’m likely using 5% (or less) of my cameras capabilities. Naturally.

As Sunday night comes to a close, I’m reflecting on what a lovely weekend it has been thus far: Friday night was spent at Goldfish celebrating a girlfriend’s 25th birthday and Saturday night resulted in a delicious dinner at a local Greek restaurant, for which I dressed the part: a white JNBY shirt dress (pictures coming soon!) and towering blue suede heels.

Tonight I did my taxes. But at least I did my taxes while wearing Prada.

Tomorrow is the dreaded Monday, find a way to make it special. Perhaps a favourite coffee in the morning, slicking on a deliciously bright lipstick or just checking in on your favorite blog on the way to work for inspiration.

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Fresh faced and fancy free, ruffled play clothes and loose, sheer blouses; SPRING IS IN THE AIR. I wouldn’t venture out in this outfit just yet, but come late April I sure will. As for today I just couldn’t wait any longer! (So I wore it around my apartment.)

Wearing: Gifted JNBY silk/cotton blouse, Sirens ruffled skort, Rockport suede buckled boots.

This blouse is one of the most interesting pieces in my closet, being from JNBY (the new spring collection!), there are multiple ways to wear it (the majority of their clothes can be worn in more than one way). Here I have it tied back (it has two ties that be worn across the front, or in the back) so create a fitted silhouette, with the top buttons undone to create an open neckline. I’ve also tucked it in quite a bit so that my little ruffled skirt/shorts show, untucked it could be worn as a tunic. I adore multifunctional clothes! One day I’m feeling feminine, the next more androgynous and the shirt moves with me. The little skort is one of those pieces I refer to as play-clothes because you feel youthful wearing it and it evokes a mood of playfulness – perfect for warm nights. When the warm weather comes I tend to forgo a fully made up face in favor of a little bronzer and light lip gloss (this gloss, by MAC, is “man-friendly”: not sticky, light in pigment and sans sparkles).

Warm days are just around the corner!

Xo StyleStruck

P.S. Meow. I mean, tweet, tweet.

P.P.S. An adorable little song

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Anna Wintour is one of the most recognizable name in fashion. The woman transcends time and trends and holds an almighty power over the fashion world. (Can you even imagine the destruction she could cause to an emerging designer she deemed “tacky” or some other such feared word? *Shudder*) I really got into this article from the Wall Street Journal about Wintour’s power over the fashion industry – I think you’ll like it too.


We’re keepin it smart ladies and gents; mixing our fashion and marketing know-how.

Xo StyleStruck

Ooooh, it’s gonna be good! And we’ve upped the ante this year! 4 VANCOUVER FASHION BLOGGERS and DJ DRE MOREL giving you the best shopping beats.

Plus, we’re all about philanthropy, so the event will be benefitting Fite, an initiative by Dermalogica supporting financial independence through entrepreneurship.

If you want to attend, you just have to RSVP to I’ll see you there, looking fabulous!


As it says, the event will feature me, Niki Blasina of A Haute Mess, Alicia Quan of Alicia Fashionista and Kelsey Dundon of The Anthology.

OHHHH SNAP it’s gonna be HAWT.

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I own three small pots, I fill them in the spring with flowers and water them when I remember (most days, but not all). So I guess I do kind of have a little city garden. Spring is in its early days now, but I couldn’t wait to pull out a floral print. I made this dress when I was 17 for a high school fashion show. It has a fitted strapless bodice and took me hours upon hours to construct. (I used to like to really manipulate my patterns in order to achieve the design and look I was after). But I used to love spending that time hunched over the machine, stitch ripper in hand making sure all my topstitching was even and straight. Happy memories.

This sweater I purchased from a hole-in-the-wall kind of shop in NYC’s SoHo district. The label says Milky Way, whatever that is; I like the loose weave and soft cream color. I’ve always had a thing for casual sneakers, I brought these Vans low tops home from Whistler last year. Something about wearing a fancy dress and pulling on a pair of sneakers makes me feel like running as fast as I can down the street into a sunset. But sitting on my West End balcony will do.

What would you wear running around in on a summers night?


LOVING this Adele song right now. It fits my mood today.

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While perusing this afternoon I came across one of my favourite features: APT with LSD. Don’t worry, I’ll translate that fashion language into english: “Lauren Santo Domingo features a beautiful apartment.” The fashion set sure have a strange way of communicating.

In her feature was shown this knock-out baby room – this is what my potential daughter’s room will look like. Except with more sparkle. And there will be really tiny shoes showcased, because, naturally, being my daughter she will have fabulous shoes. (This is all said in a dramatized future-tense. There will be no baby surprises for you anytime soon.)

Hang on, I want that room. Speaking of fantastic interiors, I dropped off my hideous bench at The Cross yesterday and cannot wait for them to work their magic! I mentioned that I was leaning towards a black velvet, but I’ve opted for a different color. Wait til you see! It’s going to be a little piece of french chic a la maison de Style Struck!

One more piece of reading: A feature of the Olsen Twins’ The Row. Worth your time.

Enjoy lovelies. And men. I know there are a few straight men reading this, and I adore you. No need to be so anonymous!

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Monday morning and I’m up at 8:15 getting a report into work (via email – which meant I got to do my work whilst wearing PJs). A quick breakfast run around the corner to Safeway and Starbucks, clad in sneakers (Coach), flared, faded jeans (Citizens – from twelfth grade), and an easy military jacket (Talula), and I’m back home whipping eggs and milk into a frenzy, pre-heating the stove and grabbing the syrup, cinnamon and butter. Mmmm french toast and caramel coffee.

Soon enough my morning escape was over and it was back to the computer to return emails, make appointments and do work-related research. Finally, in the late afternoon the sun decided to peak out of the clouds and I felt brave enough to don spring sandals – pre-loved, Christian Louboutin gold and cork sandals.

Something about this stealth panda said to me: designer sandals. I dig a mix of casual and fabulous.

Wearing: Zara leather bomber jacket, gifted Ebon Aves t-shirt, Odyn denim, H&M clutch, Fossil rose gold watch, rose gold bangle from Blue Ruby and Christian Louboutin sandals.

Stories: Clothes come to me by way of friends, family, blogging, splurging and searching. This leather jacket has been one of my staples for years now. I think it gives denim a James Dean feel and dainty floral skirts an edge. One night not too long ago I thought it was stolen at a party, I nearly lost it. What is a girl to do without a leather jacket?? And you know how hard it is to find just the right one! This t-shirt is a new addition to my closet courtesy of Ebon Aves, (pronounced eh-bon ay-veez), a local graphic apparel company that creates wittily printed t-shirts. This particular design said something to me, something along the lines of: I am a cheeky panda. What’s not to love? Odyn jeans are not easy to find, and I first found this pair at (212) in Gastown one afternoon just before a big trip to NYC in 2008. I used to rock them with cool sneakers, now in my old(er) age, I opt for heels. The Louboutins are a Christmas gift from my sister, another piece of her Holts collection that has found a new home in my closet. These shoes, which were not produced as part of a Christian Louboutin collection, were designed and made specifically for a Diane Von Furstenburg runway show a few years ago and then later sold through Holt Renfrew. I wonder which model wore them before I did… interesting past life for a pair of sandals! The clutch was a birthday gift from a good friend, a friend with great taste!

By late afternoon I was also ready for another caffeine fix in the form of a London Fog (above), though, Starbucks doesn’t make them like Delaney’s does. Not enough vanilla I suppose. That, and I’m partial to the local coffee shops – proximity won this time.

Note: I often do posts about my apartment and I am a little embarrassed to show you how lame my baseboards are, but those are one of the things you can’t change in a rental unfortunately. For now, do me the courtesy of ignoring their hideousness. Thank you.

If you’d like to check out more t-shirt designs by Ebon Aves Apparel, click HERE, or visit Lüt Boutique at 4219 Main St. in Vancouver.

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I could and would bring every piece from the BCBG Max Azria spring collection home with me. Every single piece is lust-worthy, from the dove grey faux leather pants, to the sculptural white blazer to the oodles of patterns: stripes, feathers, snakeskin, tie dyes, florals and more. I. Die. And I got to try a lot of it on, life being a blogger really ain’t so bad. My favourite pieces and outfits below: (In an effort to be kind, please do picture me wearing these clothes with a tan, neutrals do look oh-so much better with a tan. Try.)

You know how I love neutrals! I am seriously coveting the grey faux leather pants (the fit was amazing), and the navy and white striped body con dress. That dress was seriously man-friendly. I also want the snakeskin printed vest I had on over it, how hot would that vest look with a loose white tee and jeans, or better yet, denim cut offs and some fabulous sandals. Corked platform sandals. I am seriously dying for those warm summer nights where you sit on patios feeling gorgeous thanks to your (natural) tan, flirty summer clothes and a few glasses of sangria. *Sigh*

Though, I suppose the months leading up to those kinds of nights give us fashion-lovers plenty of time to plan our summer wardrobes (because we know that while it may look like we just effortlessly threw on that silk blouse with that bandage “power” skirt and casually slid into those leather mules – partly because our hair is nicely tousled from a day at the beach – that that look took planning and effort. We just won’t tell our dates that, now will we.)

Til then, we have our bronzer and turtle necks.

Find all of these fabulous fashions at your local BCBG Max Azria store. I particularly like the Robson St. location where the girls are just dolls and so helpful. Shopping is fun again! Anna would be so proud. Major thanks to BCBG Max Azria for this delightful experience!

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Fresh flowers are the easiest way to make your home look glamorous and luxurious. What says “I’m fabulous every day” more than fresh flowers? These gorgeous pink hyacinths brighten up my front hall way and living room for just a tenner. And I hear they last a couple weeks if you treat them right. (Note: I’m aware that hyacinths can be harmful to kitties, so they are kept well out of reach of Marie’s little pink nose.)

Collection of vases: All given to me by my Mum. Same goes for the mirrored tray, cute, huh? The tray is from Bowrings.

I like pretty things. And sometimes I tweet about pretty adorable men.

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SEND YOUR MAN RUNNING TO HOLTS. Does your guy ever wear custom shirts? Has he ever given you the luxury of seeing him in one? Well, they are good. And then you can finish them off with man-accessories like polished silver cufflinks, or a silk striped tie, and BAM he looks hot hawt. And Holts wants to make your man look good for $100 – that’s like couture for the man who usually pulls on a shirt-off-the-shelf for only $100. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that either.)

Just a thought. The Holts Made-to-Measure custom shirt event goes on until March 21st.

That’s all.


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I don’t often post pictures of clothes I love but don’t own, it seems a little pointless to me, not to mention depressing. Like, oh hey, check out these pieces straight from the runway that I want but likely will never own. (Well you can never say never, that’s what the Holts sale is for.) But when an email popped into my inbox recently sharing the Fall/Winter 2011 Alex & Eli look book, I had to post the clothes, because I LOVE them. I am dying over the sculptural jackets and slim trousers. SO chic. Taking a page out of RZ’s book here: Ba-nanas.

All photographs by Tom Hines.

Amazing. It’s not very often I see a collection that I whole heartedly love, but the use of neutrals, the edgy cuts and powerful jackets really get me. How hot is the Abduction dress?? And in grey suede… ahh *I WANT.*
The designers, Aja Singer (Canadian) and Anna Zeman are Parsons graduates, AND will be answering a few questions for me! Stay tuned for their upcoming interview!

If you live in Toronto, you’re lucky. Alex & Eli is available at Lileo.

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Yep, one take. No editing of my mumbling or fast-talking, or even my funny little speech-isms, like the “uh-mazing” I dropped a few times. Oh, and I sure do love me some fabulous color-blocked heels:

Wearing: Delicious silk blouse from 212 in Gastown, black waxed Fidelity denim, Zara strappy sandals and necklace from Blue Ruby. My lip color is a mix of my two favourite pink Dior lipsticks: #361 “pink baiser” and #475 “pink preview.”

Now, let’s talk FABULOUS FURNISHING. As you’ve just seen, I am in the process of re-upholstering my vanity style bench/large stool (I’m not sure how to categorize the piece). Here is said piece, in all it’s ugly, “before-picture” glory:

The more I see what can be done to this thing, I more I am repulsed by its current state. I sure am excited to have it all finished and lovely, sitting in my living room as a show-piece! And it’ll all be thanks to The Cross! As I mentioned, I got the chance to flip through the fabric books at The Cross, here are a few of the fabrics I loved:

I am in love with the pink and beige fabric, how gorgeous is that?? And just above is the selection of velvets, so luxurious.

Want to get your upholster on too? The Cross is holding their upholstery event starting April 1st and will be offering 20% off their fabrics and services! In the mean time, check out their site and check back with me as I go through the upholstery process! (My first time, oh, I feel like such an adult.) Big thank you to Megan and Joanna of The Cross for their help in this project!

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This is one of my favourite types of outfits: casual and relaxed. It is my personal belief that loose, soft blouses are more attractive that tight tops, though I obviously do wear those as well. But in this outfit I feel the most me. (With the exception of my pink sequin Miu Mius.)
Wearing: Cecico blouse (found in a very random shop in SoHo, NYC), Fidelity waxed flared jeans, H&M mens’ leather belt, Aldo wedges.


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My favourite feature of Five Days, Five Looks, One Girl

Check out the latest installment, five looks from Vogue editor Lauren Howell during NYFW.

Click here!


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Marc is just killing it. KILLING IT. Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2011 was brilliant. The girls looked like a cross between school marms and old school police traffic women. I covet one of thse LV monogrammed hats, and adore the little white peter pan collars. So prim and proper, yet a hint of dominatrix with all the patent leather. Check out Style.coms coverage of the fifteen minute show below. (Can you imagine how much that show production cost for just fifteen minutes??!) But the elevators were genius.

What are your thoughts? Love it or hate it?

Xo StyleStruck


Don’t you just love picking up little treats for your home? I certainly do. (As you may have noticed.) Here are some of my favourite homey additions:

Mirrored coasters

A new porcelain friend, affectionately named Ming Pao

Floating tea lights at the entry way

Pretty birthday gerberas

A black picture frame with a mirrored mat – With a picture of me biking on Savary Island, 2007

A delicious pink citron scented Voluspa candle

Lavender scented, french-made soap for the bathroom

While I do love to shop and pick up nice things for my apartment, I am definitely an economical shopper. Most of the time. Birthday presents to yourself excluded, naturally. Same goes for scented candles, they’re a weakness of mine.

1. Mirrored coasters: From the local dollar store – $1.50 each. (Crazy right?!)

2. Porcelain cat: A birthday gift, I can only assume where he got such a thing, so can you.

3. Glass tea light holders: Small, single tea light holder from the local dollar store – $4.00, large, triple tea light holder from Chintz & Co – $20.00

4. Birthday gerberas: From your local florist – thank you Marisa! Lovely!

5. Black frame with mirrored mat: From your local dollar store – $8.00 (A ridiculous find. I would have paid much more, I just love it. On that note, I should have bought more than one.)

6. Voluspa pink citron candle: From The Cross – $9.95

7. French lavender soap: From HomeSense – $5.99

Happy Friday!

Xo StyleStruck

Fabulosity, brought to you by Uncle Karl.

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Not quite what I was going for, but there you have it.

And loving these shoes right now:

Aldo wedges. Photo by Jamie Lauren Photography.


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A little while ago I mentioned that Jamie Hodge and I went down to Kits to shoot some photos, well, here they are! Jamie is ridiculous with a camera, and by ridiculous I mean amazing. Check out her other work here!

Wearing: Zara cape, plaid shawl from Winners, Wilfred wool dress, H&M tights, Aldo wedges, vintage locket necklace purchased from a street vendor in SoHo, NYC and sunnies from H&M.

These photos were taken a little while ago, maybe early February when even the sun couldn’t warm the chilly air. Being down at the beach on such a crisp, gorgeous day was glorious, and all the more fun to play and snap photos! Jamie and I experimented with some jumping photos (you know the ones, Vogue is infamous for the “casual jump-and-pose” photos). I haven’t seen any of those yet, though realistically my attempt was probably more akin to a flail than a jump-and-pose. I’m no Caroline Trentini, after all. (That’s a September Issue reference right there – the model who was jumping with the camera man, I believe his name was Bob.) Nonetheless, when said photos do surface, they’ll show up here right away.

And did I mention that Marie has a penchant for avant garde head gear?

Truth is, my little cone head was recently spayed. And she was such a good girl through the whole ordeal. Meal time was a challenge though, Marie couldn’t figure out how to maneuver her plastic cone around the food dish, so every morning we had breakfast together…

But the little miss is back to her happy self now! And sans head gear.

Best be off now, come visit us again soon,

Xo StyleStruck & StyleStruck Jr.

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