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And evidently, these pictures say my sister and I both have a serious penchant for sequins, and for little fur-things, namely, my little Marie. I think these pictures do say a lot about us though, so no need for me to say anymore.

All photos by Adam Johannesson. Unfortunately, I haven’t got a clue what we’re wearing, it was all very impromptu. I do know that this dress belongs to me now though. (I was over at Monika’s and we decided on a spur-0f-the-moment photo shoot and therefor all clothes shown are (or were), hers.)

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Blog readers, you simply must watch this adorable and fun short film, titled “Weather Girls,” my friend and fashion film animator Rowena True has created. She is fantastic at what she does, I can’t wait to see more!

Weather Girls ♥ from Rowena True on Vimeo.

Too cute.

Visit Rowena’s blog here!


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Friday afternoon and Marie and I made our way over to my sister’s apartment where Marie will be staying for the next four days – the man and I are headed to Seattle! Dressing this morning, I felt very inclined to slip on some high-heeled sandals and these Louboutins certainly fit the bill. Comfortable and fabulous in one gorgeous package.

This tote I’m carrying was a parting gift from the Michael Kors at Pacific Centre opening party a couple months ago. Love the red accents.

Wearing: Massimo trench, Zara sweater, vintage pony hair belt, vintage dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, Michael Kors tote, Michael Kors tortoise-shell watch.

Photos by my sister, Monika. Check out her blog here!

This is going to be fantastic weekend with a full line up: tonight I will be taking myself to the Bill Cunningham documentary (a girl needs a date with herself once in awhile). Tomorrow morning I’ll be picking up the most gorgeous sequin dress from Monika’s then watching the man’s rugby game in the park with girlfriends and later attending a friend’s graduation party at Coast. And I’m just getting started, Sunday we leave for Seattle for a lovely little get-a-way and I am beyond excited! It’s so nice to get out of the city, even for a couple days. (And HELLO Nordstrom Rack!)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Of what the home-owner (Manhattan-based model Elettra Wiedemann), is saying here about her space, is just beautiful:

“We love to entertain at home. We usually do dinner parties or drinks and dancing. A few weeks ago, we had a chef come over and give a cooking lesson for a bunch of us and then we all pigged out and had champagne into the wee hours. It was super fun, and I learned some great dishes!”

{This picture is one of a series from Lauren Santo Domingo’s APT feature on Click here to view the full piece!}

A cozy, well-dressed room filled with happy cooks, delightful food and topped-up champagne flutes. I can hear the laughter in my head and I dream of getting all my closest friends together in an elegant room to share a toast to our combined happiness. Doesn’t that sound sensational? Speaking of sensational, I give you one of my loves, the great charmer, Dean Martin:

I do hope you enjoy Mr. Martin as much as I do!

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Photo from Anna's blog

On the Marilyn Dennis show!



And check out her blog in my reading list!

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I present to you some of my most treasured bags: (and my cat)

Apparently, what’s mine is Marie’s.

This collection of bags has come to me over the past four years, mostly from vintage shops around Vancouver.

You’ve seen this bag before – vintage Pierre Cardin, purchased from Deluxe Junk in Gastown for a fraction of what it’s worth. This bag doesn’t seem to wear down, I’ve taken it everywhere and paired it with everything from yellow snakeskin heels to Uggs during a winter outing, circa 2008. It accompanies me on all big occasions – what doesn’t snakeskin pair well with? it’s basically a neutral!

This little piece of candy, by Franchi, was something I had my eye on for weeks at Holts, and then my sister bought it. So I didn’t. Then, when I got my Miu Miu sparklers (seen in last post), I regretted not having it because obviously it wouldn’t have been too much to wear them together… or so I then thought. Anyways, my sister has recently been cleaning out her closet in an effort to downsize and gifted me with this adorable little bag for my birthday! LOVE! I see it with nude mary-janes, or perhaps a new pair of neutral snakeskin platform peep-toe pumps, those would be my perfect shoes. Do they even exist??

This leather alligator-printed bag was a find at a Main St vintage shop. It finally came home with me two months after I first saw it, a surprise gift! It is Italian leather and surprisingly completes many outfits – I love the graphic look of the print. Fabulous.

I’m quite sure you’re familiar with the yellow Kate Spade, it’s become a clear favorite. The other, the little pink vintage eel skin clutch is from Value Vintage about 2 years ago when I had first moved to Haro and Bute and Robson shopping was just a hop, skip and a jump away. I would go shopping in the mornings before work, which is actually how this blog came about – an early morning trip to Starbucks and Value Vintage. On that note, happy 2 year anniversary to this blog!

With summer just around the corner, and hopes of making it across the Atlantic to France and England, I’m pinching my pennies. Hence a post featuring bags I already own and plan to use in fresh ways, as I plan to do with all my clothes. Actually, as you might assume, I have amassed quite a collection of clothing over the years, and this spring when I pulled out the S/S boxes from under my bed to switch the winter clothes into, there were so many pieces I had forgotten about! I’m looking forward to styling them into the current trends! (Confession: I can’t stop shopping. I’ve bought a few new things lately, and then the guilt becomes so overwhelming as I know that money should go towards my being able to sleep somewhere in Europe that I return the items right away. Fashion torture. I can’t even go near the shops. Don’t even mention Zara to me.)

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If I were a shoe…

That’s the shoe I would want to be. Also known as, my favourite pair of heels, ever. Miu Miu, Spring 2009.

Recently I was perusing H&M when these high-waisted red shorts (below), caught my eye. There’s really only one look that has caught my attention this spring, and I’ve spotted it on quite a few celebs already; wearing a high-waisted skirt or shorts with a cropped top. I think it’s darn cute exposing a sliver of your waist (above belly-button). I plan on pairing these shorts with a cropped, light denim vest and too-high espadrilles.

In the meantime, I quite like them with these pink sparkly heels and printed silk blouse.

Wearing: Zara silk blouse, H&M shorts, Miu Miu heels, Fossil watch. Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch.

Do you dress starting from the shoes, up? Or outfit first? I usually do based on one piece I want to wear. Speaking of which, I have a family brunch happening tomorrow and I want to look good, outfits must be scouted and planned.

(Oh, and I got my first tan of the season on Saturday afternoon, accidentally. I was sitting out at Nat Bailey Stadium watching baseball. Hellooo tan lines. And, why girls like baseball. But also because it’s fun, duh. Who else joined a spring league??)

Best be off,

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This is how I like to experience this city – outside, in the sun. In the very blustery sun, most of the out-takes from today are me with my hair all in my face, or rather, my lip gloss. Standing just near the lighthouse in Stanley Park, we took in the view this morning with fresh Delaney’s coffees (mine a vanilla latte). There’s no better coffee break (11:30 am), on a Monday morning.

Wearing: Zara cape, black Zara cardigan, gifted Banana Republic silk dress (S/S 2011 collection – in stores now!), H&M tights, Express knee-high socks and Michael Kors “Olivia” suede slouch boots. (I bought these boots at the wise old age of 19, partly because I love a good slouchy suede boot, but mostly because of their name. Instead of waiting for the delivery of an online purchase, I impatiently purchased them from Holts, at a mark up, of course. Four years later and I still love them – I’m quite certain my taste has been very much the same since I could pick my own clothes.) Vintage Ray Ban sunnies, rose gold bangle from Blue Ruby and leather bracelet from an NYC SoHo street vendor.

Afterwards I set up shop at the Giovane Cafe (Fairmont Pacific Rim’s cafe), and clickity clicked away on my computer in their sunny window. Posted today is my first post as a contributing blogger to the Bellisima blog. Please have a look!

Oh, and spotted in the April 14-20th edition of The West Ender are your four blogger hosts from the Guess party! Hurrah! Thank you to “Out After Dark” social columnist May Globus for the inclusion!

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We are far, far away from the land of Vogue. Thank goodness for this thing called the internet that connects us to anywhere and everywhere in the world. (Speaking of which, where are you reading from?)

I’m currently writing to you from the sunny window of the Giovane Cafe in the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel - one of Vancouver’s most simply beautiful cafes in my opinion, and perfect for people watching. (They also make a delicious london fog.) As I sit here and type, I can’t help but notice how many well dressed Vancouverites there are passing by. Serious kudos to these people who understand the beauty of a well tailored suit, a crisp pant leg and well-coifed hair. Elegant simplicity is the look down here at the water’s edge, and thanks to Banana Republic I feel that I fit the bill today as well. (Last week I was pleasantly gifted with a gorgeous pink silk dress from the Robson location of Banana Republic that I’ve worn today – they have the most adorable spring dresses in right now! Pictures to come later today.) I digress, back to Vogue. Check out the latest installment of the 5 Days, 5 Looks, 1 Girl piece from the fashion bible’s site featuring Kelly Connor, fashion assistant.


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This is what I will likely wear when I am 30-something and busy with tots: wet hair pulled back into a low chignon, a loose, silk blouse, cuffed denim, flats and a ladylike tote. Perfect for running errands and tending to antsy little ones (or so I assume). Except for that I’m 23 and I want to wear it now. (Minus the kids – the closest I’m getting to mothering any time soon is caring for my kitten, Marie.)

Wearing: JNBY blouse, Sirens denim, Zara flats, Kate Spade tote. I was just too darn lazy to do the whole hair-blow-dry production this morning, hence the easy hair style, and lack of accessories.

This shot reminds me of the time (x3) that a friend’s Mom asked me when I had broken my nose. I have never broken my nose. (And she figured that out when my face turned sour in front of her). Thank you father for passing down this unique and at times frustrating Lovenmark trait. I say frustrating because pictures can be tricky, in certain lighting it does indeed look like a broken nose – like I was a hockey player in my past life who had a penchant for fighting. At least I have all my teeth.

Kiss kiss,


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Like spend hours on end sitting in a salon chair, letting dye do it’s job, or enduring the windy blow dryer in pursuit of the perfect accidentally big and fabulous hair. (It’s certainly not in vogue at the moment to show effort towards your hair – just look at the all the New York scenesters, nothing more than a pulled back chignon, or a casual side part and naturally dried hair. But that look or attitude never was very me. Remember my NYE ‘do? Also courtesy of the fantastic Suki’s Salon!)

But this was my day (the day of the Guess event) and you know I went for? Texas style hair. I wanted big and bouncy, and Suki’s gave me just that! The day prior I also spent time at Suki’s having highlights done. Oh, the maintenance involved in being a woman. This post will document my wonderfully spa-like experience at our downtown Suki’s. (Pictures courtesy of my BlackBerry.)

Day 1 at Suki’s: The Highlights – please don’t judge me too harshly on the below photo… I myself find it a little alarming. It is me sans make up and shame. Let’s preface this though with the finished result:

I rather enjoy getting my hair done, with the right colorist and stylist it can be quite relaxing. My colorist, Felicia, does wonders on my hair, I always leave feeling fresh and perky – bright blonde will do that for you. (Above wearing: Silk blouse from (212) in Gastown and Zara skirt.)

New blonde = giddy.

Day 2 at Suki’s: The Blowout

Ooooh, gettin close to Texas style!

Achieved. And now, let’s bring it down a little to Vancouver style…

Guess party here I come! Wearing: Mossimo trench, Old Navy cardigan and Fidelity denim with my Kate Spade tote.

With the Guess ladies in from Toronto and my fellow hosts! Alicia Fashionista, A Haute Mess and The Anthology. All outfits by Guess!

With Vancouver tweeters and friends, Marisa, Christine and Liz.

A big giant thank you to Suki’s for giving me the ultimate hair experience! I shall be back soon!

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Thank you to all who entered my Whistler Water Vancouver Fashion Week TICKET contest!

Congratulations to @MissPhy for winning the 2 full day VFW tickets! Her winning tweet:

I hope you have a wonderful time at the shows! And cheers to feeling healthy and fabulous!



Yes! That’s right! VFW starts today and I want to send you to see the shows! I have a pair of tickets to give away courtesy of VFW sponsor, Whistler Water, the freshest most fabulous water! I sure do love me some hydration.

THE CONTEST: I want you to tell me why you should go to VFW by saying why fashion and health go hand-in-hand. You can do this in one of two ways, or both if you feel it’ll get you more attention (which it likely will, and I’ll be looking to retweet and re-post!):

  1. TWEET your answer to me @StyleStruck and @WhistlerWater (BOTH Twitter handles necessary!).
  2. FACEBOOK your answer to me by including my name Olivia Lovenmark in your answer, as well as Whistler Water (again, BOTH names necessary!).

I’ll even give you an example tweet:

@StyleStruck @WhistlerWater Send me 2 @VFW2011 bcuz fabulous, local fashion looks best on a happy, healthy, hydrated body! #healthandfashion

These are 2 FULL DAY tickets, valued at $75 each, good for the day of your choosing. CLICK HERE to check out the VFW calendar! You can find VFW on Twitter here!

**The winner will be announced tomorrow!**

GOOD LUCK and I look forward to your entries!

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I love this JNBY (Just Naturally Be Yourself) shirt dress. It feels professional and preppy, but totally man-friendly at the same time (think: thrown-on boyfriend’s over-sized shirt). I recently wore this outfit (sans clutch, but with my pink Kate Spade bag), to meet and talk with my high school fashion teacher’s grade 11/12 sewing class. (Which was fantastic! And they have an upcoming fashion show that I’m excited to attend! Ohhh memories!).

I mentioned a little while back that I recently wore this dress out for dinner to my favorite Greek spot here in the West End. That time though I paired it with cobalt blue suede strappy heels, a darker blue version of this Marc by Marc Jacobs purse, no belt and messy hair (it was man-approved!). As with all JNBY pieces, this dress is incredibly versatile and can be worn in more than one way!

Wearing: Gifted JNBY shirt dress, vintage pony hair leopard printed belt (from Darling in NYC’s West Village), Marc by Marc Jacobs purse, Michael Kors watch, rose gold bangle from Blue Ruby, suede Rockport boots (I’m really having a moment with these boots right now), vintage Ray Bans, Cargo lipgloss (thanks to the fabulous people who put the Guess party swag bags together!).

A casual stroll in English Bay, hellloo spring time!!

This dress was a wonderful gift from JNBY, many thanks! Their wonderful head visual merchandiser Raffaele recently took me through a look of the Spring 2011 collection and it is fantastic. Lots of amazing casual shirts and jackets just waiting to be dressed up with a belt and a great little skirt or printed leggings. I think I’m going to have to go back for one of their very original origami-inspired skirts too!

Find JNBY on South Granville, West 4th, or in Metrotown!


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Is having an event to make your home look even MORE FABULOUS.

Above: A snapshot from their site. 20% off all drapery and upholstery! And do they ever have some amazing fabrics to choose from. So many that it took me days to decide! Can’t wait to see my finished bench!

Until April 30th you can take advantage of this offer at The Cross. So do! Click on the above image to go to the site!


P.S. I tweet, too.

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Your happy hosts: Niki Blasina of A Haute Mess, Alicia Quan of Alicia Fashionista, Me, and Kelsey Dundon of The Anthology. All dressed in GUESS!

The party was a giant success, a BIG thank you to everyone who came and had a fabulous time! Vancouver’s fashion glitterati really came out in full force – I love to see you all in your best threads! Perhaps you caught some of the night’s festivities via Twitter, where us blogger hosts and the attendees were tweeting up a storm! A snapshot of some of the Twitter love: (MAJOR thanks Twitter friends!)

On the upstairs level of the Robson St. Guess store we had our DJ set up, Mr. Dre Morel, and a live blogging station for tweeting and blogging with two new Apple iPad 2s! (Though we were so busy mingling with guests, we used the fancy new tablets for sending out Twitter love and saved our blogging for later, you know we’re all perfectionists. These posts take some time.)

I’m happy to learn that many of you lovely guests took home pretty new spring frocks and playthings, which means good things for our philanthropic efforts! A percentage of your shopping sales went towards our cause: FITE! Below, the contents of the swag bags you shoppers also took home: LOVE that Cargo lip gloss!

I hope you all had a fun night, I know I sure did! It was fantastic seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones!

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Hey fashion people! Check this out, Pacific Centre wants to give you some sweet stuff! All you gotta do is enter their contest!

Enter to win:

  • A day with a professional stylist to find you that perfect outfit (Combo valued at $800!)
  • $200 to Yaletown’s newest hot spot: The New Oxford
  • A night’s stay and breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel
  • Utter chicness.

CLICK HERE TO ENTER! And good luck!


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I snapped these pictures quickly yesterday afternoon just before I left my apartment for Suki’s downtown salon. A major blow out was in my future, and it was fabulous. My stylist gave me what I like to call “Texas hair.” Though, I took a bus home after the appointment and by the time I got to the Guess store on Robson St. for last night’s party, my hair had lost a little of the Texas-size volume, but kept all the bounce. Thank you Suki’s for making me feel GLAMOROUS!

Just before leaving, I threw on a beige trench coat and cinched it at the waist, I thought the overall effect of my outfit was rather Audrey, particularly the vintage Ray Bans.

Wearing: Tulle blouse (from Darling in NYC’s West Village), Fidelity denim, Zara flats, Kate Spade bag. Vintage Ray Bans. Sparkly Chanel lip gloss.

Watch for a post coming SOON, SOON, SOON about last night’s GUESS party! Lots of pictures! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED! You were all fabulous. It was such a fun evening, and so great to meet everyone!

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Man Love: A fashion event for the boys! As you’ve just read above, Holts is holding a trunk show for Mens’ denim expert Naked & Famous Denim and its creator, Brandon Svarc. Says Holts: “During the trunk show, Brandon Svarc will be present to help clients create their own unique pair of jeans.  Clients can choose from a selection of fabrics, threads, fits and leather detailing.” It’s like made-to-measure suiting! But for denim! So boss. (That’s what the man in my life says. I’ve stolen his line.) One of my favourite things about Naked & Famous is that it is based in Canada, and all merchandise is ethically made here in Canada as well. Yep, boss.

Be there and be fabulous, you’ll be your man’s best accessory. (Now that is a line I stole from Alexis on The Real Housewives of Orange County. I simply can’t take credit for such genius.)

- SS

P.S. SEE Y’ALL TONIGHT AT THE GUESS PARTY! Am I excited?? Just a bit. A LOT! See you there!

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Until the fabulous GUESS party! Just in case you haven’t heard…

I can’t wait to see everyone Wednesday evening! Haven’t RSVP’d yet? Well, send a quick email to and you’ll be on the list!

Our event is featuring Vancouver fashion bloggers Niki Blasina, Alicia Quan and Kelsey Dundon, as well as myself, and DJ Dre Morel! Plus there will be shopping, treats and drinks! A recipe for fabulosity.

Below: From last year’s event at Guess by Marciano, hosted by Niki Blasina and me.

See you Wednesday night!


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