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Last week I visited the South Granville location of Bellissima to pull a few outfits for photos for their blog (I am a contributor). One of the outfits I selected is this adorable white, floral-patterned Exetera top and these high-waisted Frank Lyman trousers. Together, these garments felt very clean, very chic and were giving me a “lady in Cannes” vibe, so I went with it. Coco Chanel was a lady of the Mediterranean sea and worked as my inspiration. Naturally, I started my accessorizing with my Chanel platforms. Then added a diamante camellia cocktail ring (Aldo), simple pearl earrings, elegant tortoiseshell style sunnies (Armani Exchange), and a vintage box snakeskin purse. A simple chignon and a slick of dark pink Chanel gloss completed the look I was going for. I felt the pictures came out so well (thanks to my handsome photographer George!), I wanted to share them with you as well. My Bellissima outfit posts will be on the Bellissima blog next week, be sure to check them out!

Sighh, a lovely afternoon spent pretending to be in France… But I shall be there soon enough! T-minus 6 weeks till take off!

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Sunday morning I met my man, George, and my Mum for breakfast at Savary Island Pie Company across the Lions Gate Bridge in West Vancouver. It’s just a short couple of bus rides away from my home in the West End, and so worth the journey. The cafe (at 15th and Marine Drive), is packed with oddly matched tables and chairs, lamps and collected pictures and decorative bits. It is also home to the best muffins, pies and pastries in Vancouver (my opinion). And what a delight to park yourself in the sunny window and gaze out onto Marine Drive while sipping a vanilla latte – which is what I did while I waited for my company. Afterwards, we went for a stroll along the Ambleside Pier and George snapped a few blog-worthy pictures for me. I’ve been dying to blog about this new skirt that I recently picked up at Zara. It is, to me, my own little piece of Jil Sander, S/S 2011. However, my mother referred to me as “bohemian” (eeeeek! The antithesis of my style!) and my boyfriend referred to my skirt as “my gown.” But I love it, I think it is perfectly casual. I look forward to pairing this skirt with my Chanel platforms and a crisp white button-down shirt.

Wearing: Zara jacket, Guess cardigan, H&M tank, Zara skirt and sandals. Tiffany’s heart bracelet, and other bracelet by an unknown designer – I picked out the pieces at a shopping fair at Heritage Hall on Main St. years ago (previously seen here), Stella & Dot rose gold and silver stackable “Eternity” rings, vintage pearl ring and Fossil rose gold watch. Gianni Chiarini leather carry-all.

H&M sunnies and pearl earrings from who-knows-where. Spending time back in West Van was wonderful, it is so beautiful, particularly in the summer.

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Wednesday evening at the Shangri-La after the Style Salons discussion closed, I sat down with FMA TV host Jeremy Szafron on the patio for a little chat about his personal style (including his wearing red socks):

I quite like the idea of capturing a few minutes of conversation with interesting Vancouverites to share, I hope you enjoy it as well!

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This week in the news:

Alexandra Suhner Isenberg‘s Style Salons event at the Shangri-La went off fabulously. A great crowd, as evidenced by the pictures on her blog, and great conversation (and nibbles – courtesy of POP chips).

Count Down Events Blog

This past Friday I was thrilled to be featured as Count Down Events‘ (the brilliant company behind the Creme de la Creme Grand Wedding Showcase), #FollowFriday blog subject! Check out my interview, complete with photos!

Thank you to Alexandra for putting on such an event, Vancouver really needs more such things! And thank you to Count Down Events for featuring me, it is much appreciated!

For more thoughts, albeit often quirkier ones, follow me on Twitter! Also check out Searching for Style and Count Down Events on Twitter!

Wearing: Wilfred blazer, Zara V-neck sweater, Zara leather studded belt, Fidelity denim, red suede *rain* boots – brand unknown. (I’d like to tell you they’re Balmain, but…)

This is what I wore this evening to the Style Salon event at the Shangri-La. I was going for sophisticated, casual chic, all in the spirit of dressing for Paris. You see, I’ve been doing my research to understand the key elements of Parisian style, all of which add up to impossible chicness. Here are a few things I have learned:

1. Clothes are meant to flatter the body, not suck the body in, meaning, the French do not wear their jeans plastered to their legs as North Americans tend to do (good-bye spandex-cotton blend!).

2. Great style has a classic element to it, particularly the silhouette. Think tailored clothes that fit well, no matter what the trend. Maxi skirts? Hits you at the right spot and flatters the waist. Boxy, menswear inspired wool coats? Worn in proportion to the body – proportionate collar, pockets, cuff detailing – so that the body is flattered and not disguised.

3. Good quality fabrics and detailing really lends itself to the overall “polished-ness” of a look, and certainly extends the life of your garments.

4. Style is how you wear your clothes, not looking for a stand out piece that will wear you. What I mean is, styling your clothes the way you feel they look best, perhaps you like your blazer sleeves rolled up with the collar popped, or wearing your sweaters tucked into skirts rather than worn out, or adding a wild dash of color to your outfit through your sock choice, a la Jeremy Szafron! (Video chat to come!)

I am over the notion that have personal style means you are the one that stands out most in a room for your outlandish look. Great style is in the subtleties, in the nuances and most certainly in the way you carry yourself and go through life. Ever think about what the style of your life is? What do you eat? How do you eat? Go out, or grocery shop and cook in? What is your mode of transportation? How do you feed your brain, as in, do you read and what do you read? What stimulates your mind? Are you aware of how what you say and how you say it will shape the perception that people have of you? Are you organized? Do you act calmly, or are you in a state of chaos? What does your home look like, and most importantly, what kind of company do you keep? Lately I’ve been feeling very aware of the style of ones life, rather than just the style of their clothes. I think the full package is the most interesting. Wow, I digress. I must be going through some sort of self-discovery type phase. Speaking to my style, I am willing to note that I now think my apartment looks like one giant tea-party – it’s too girlie and my decorative details are too prim and petite. I need to scruff it up quite a bit.

I was going to take a good number of pictures this evening, however, there was a photographer present and so I’ll let her pictures do the work, rather than mine.



Oh, and click here for an interesting look at W Magazine!

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Well, as of today, life has never looked better. So many things to be excited and thankful for, like my upcoming trip to Europe that I’ve been talking so much about… I’m seriously delirious with excitement over visiting the south of France! Anyone read the latest issue of Vogue? There was an absolutely dreamy article written by Gully Wells (p.71) called “A Summer of Seduction,” a series of beautiful memories of time spent in Provance. I just about died and went to heaven when I read that… picturing myself on a sandy beach in St. Tropez, frolicking in the waves and wearing only the chicest of bikinis. (Quite the dream I have.)

In addition I’ve recently been given new work challenges, which I won’t share now but hope to soon. I can only say that I am thrilled to be moving my career forward, and in a direction that I feel suits my abilities to a T.

(I absolutely will not tell you that I watched Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” yesterday. I will not share that with you. The thing is, how can you not respect a 16 (17, 18?) year old kid – Canadian kid – who works as hard, and is as naturally talented as he is? You just can’t hate on that, and if you do, you likely secretly listen to his songs.)

I’ve been having great success playing around with my new iPad 2 and am now obsessed with creating videos for you, a new one coming later today!

Something else to look forward to: tonight is Alexandra Suhner Isenberg’s (of Searching for Style), first Style Salon at the Shangri-La Hotel tonight. There will be a panel set up of Vancouver fashion industry elite to discuss Vancouver’s role in the fashion industry. Interesting, I expect it’ll be quite good!

And, I must mention a little self-promotion piece here, yesterday afternoon I was sitting at my desk, minding my own bees wax when my phone vibrated, it was a Twitter alert. Ooh, a new direct message… from Fashion Canada Magazine! They wanted to know if I had seen myself in their Flashpoint section in the Summer edition of the magazine? I had not, so I rushed out to London Drugs, hair still wet, to get a copy. There I was, a picture of Kelsey Dundon (of The Anthology), and I from the Guess party from early April. How fabulous! (picture above). Thank you Fashion Magazine for including me!

I must be off for now, much more interesting content coming soon – as in, more pictures and more fashion!


As of mid April I’ve been contributing to Bellissima’s fashion and style blog. I thought I’d share what content I’ve created for them here!

Click here to check out my Bellissima posts!

Thanks for reading you wonderful, good looking and super stylish people,


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I’ve been going nuts playing with my new iPad since I got it, and finally here I am with my first iPad video post!

YouTube Video

By the way, these “tousled” locks are my attempt at working out my bed head, and my lipstick is my favorite Dior #361.
Wearing: Guess? onesie, Wilfred blazer, Via Spiga heels.

Have a fabulous Friday!

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There are no words… What this woman has done to her closet is beyond… (I don’t even want to know what kind of bank account it takes to have a closet of this level of glamour and fabulosity.)

View all the fantastical pictures here!
I now know what I aspire to.

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{ Exhibit A: Red suede buckle boots }

I believe all shoes have the right to be paired with a fabulous skirt and blouse combo, or fitted mini dress, or dark denim skinnies and silk tunic combo, or denim cut offs and striped sailor shirt, or, or, or… All shoes should get a chance to leave my closet! Which is why, I am challenging myself this (newly) warm spring season to wear the shoes that I don’t often reach for. Here they are, in no particular order: (I don’t play favorites with shoes – that’s cruel. Except Chanel.)

{ Exhibit B: Betsey Johnson }

{ Exhibit C: Zara }

{ Exhibit D: Betsey Johnson }

{ Exhibit E: Office for Top Shop }

And just to share, I wore these gorgeous peep-toes (below) last night while cooking dinner, I feel they gave my cooking an edge, or at least a lift. Haha. A lift. Love these Via Spiga heels! (I should note that I was also drinking wine while I was cooking dinner, unlike now.)

And so my shoe challenge begins!

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I’ve made a few changes to Marie’s and my club house, namely moving these fantastic mirrored tables to either side of the couch, and finally properly putting up pictures. I’m really enjoying this new set up, as is Marie. As you can see, she even gets to have her little house in the living room. (We’ve already been over this.) My apartment isn’t that girly, is it? Well, I do have pink toilet paper, and pink fluffs and high heels on my shower curtain.

Wearing: BCBG shirt, H&M shorts, Manolo Blahnik leopard flats, Kate Spade tote, Armani Exchange sun glasses, jewelry unknown.

Pictures brought to you by my “other” camera, the camera that lives in the back of my desk drawer and absolutely only comes out for emergencies when the Nikon is having issues. Oh well, if it means I can show you the latest of my outfits, then I am a happy blogger.

Au revoir!

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{ Quick Note: Last week my camera broke, hence the lack of outfit posts lately. It’s a real pain in my dark skinny denim-ed bottom. I hope for it to be repaired as soon as possible – for I am only as capable as my camera. And right now, the camera has been benched. }

I briefly mentioned not too long ago that this summer I am taking off! I am jet-setting away! And the destinations have been set (well, mostly): France, England, Greece and likely a little jaunt over to Sweden (what I consider my home country – my father is Swedish, and my sister is moving there with her man this August). What I am most excited about seeing is the south of France, particularly Cannes and then Monaco! Oh Monaco, I know I am meant for you. Our departure date is only 2 months away, and so this means I have only two months to gather all my travel necessities (oh, and save money, because obviously I am going to want to shop over there. So that means I need to take a bigger suitcase, and am going to have to try to restrain myself from filling it all the way up before I go… I did that when I went to NYC for the first time in 2008. I had to buy a giant suitcase for all my new purchases to go home, it was slightly ridiculous). Here are the things I absolutely can not travel without:

1. A leather passport holder (I already have a cognac colored passport cover, but if I didn’t, this is the one I would buy!)

2. A pashmina for when it gets chilly on the plane, and it always does. (On that note, I’m going to bring along some cozy socks for the plane ride over as well. And then I’ll ask for some bubbly.)

3. A lip gloss with staying power – you don’t want to have to be constantly reapplying when your hands are full with bag, maps, martini glass and passport.

4. A comfortable pair of small sneakers for lots of walking. When I went to New York City in the fall of 2009, the only “walking” shoes I brought were a pair of knee high leather boots with a 3″ heel which I considered to be quite comfortable. I challenged that notion with a 40 (or so), block walk back to the hotel, The Plaza, from the Guggenheim Museum. I could barely walk by the time we got back. Never. Again.

5. A sturdy carry-all purse for lugging camera, iPad (I am on a mission to get the iPad 2 before I go, as well as a fabulous iPad case), and travel guides

6. Chic sunglasses (already purchased a pair when I was in Seattle! Check!)

7. A scented candle for our hotel room, little things to make it feel like home are always nice after a few weeks abroad

8. Facial cleanser and moisturizer

9. A slim, chic wallet big enough for international currency

10. A foldable weekend bag, also for bringing home new finds!

11. An easy to pack, light-weight sweater for chilly evenings

Oh, and I mustn’t forget to get myself a book on French etiquette. I’m already in the process of brushing up on the language basics! See: “Bonjour! Mon nom est Olivia, où puis-je acheter un croissant? Merci!” Oooh, and I’ve just found this delightful blog pointing out great spots in Paris!

Jusqu’à la prochaine fois mes belles! (Until next time lovelies!)

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The new Facebook photo, complete with outfit tags

This afternoon I spent a little time going through my usual sites looking for the latest in social media and tech (Mashable, Wired – I really like their “Epicentre” blog, Globe & Mail, Fast Company, etc), when I came across this interesting article: You can now tag pages in Facebook photos. Did you know you could do that? I didn’t, then again, Facebook only launched it yesterday.

As I read the article I began to wonder what it’ll mean for fashion bloggers, particularly those who generate revenue from their blogs through paid clothing sponsorship. I think it’ll give brands a reason to question whether or not to continue supporting bloggers (uh oh, I’m questioning the hand that feeds me), when they will now have thousands upon millions of people tagging the brands they are wearing in their photos, which will automatically be shared with all of their friends, and then potentially “shared” with many more. That’s guaranteed visible promotion to target audiences. Will there now be less incentive for brands to reach out to bloggers for online marketing purposes? (I wonder what Facebook gets out of this? Maybe one day it’ll cost a business to set up a page… Hmm.)

The thing is, of course, that the bloggers who receive free clothing do so because companies view them as taste makers and know they have a dedicated and loyal readership, whereas we can assume your “friends” on Facebook aren’t checking out your profile in hopes of outfit inspiration, but more likely to see what kind of debauchery you were involved in on the weekend, or who you’re now dating (perhaps as a result of said debauchery). So, now the PR folks have yet another tool to understand, figure out how to leverage and communicate to their clients. Will brands now go hunting for the taste makers of Facebook? I suppose we shall see.

In the meantime, I’ll take a blogger’s opinion over a Facebook photo any day. I’d like to know what you think, drop me a comment if you like!


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Not quite the dark side, but somewhere in the middle. It’s really the very best place to be. And what is more beautiful than a closet full of sky-high heels? I expect to the true fashion-obsessed, it’s quite like an aphrodisiac. Just see below at Khloe Kardashian’s shoe closet, thanks to The Coveteur (my FAVORITE site on the web right now), and When you see a closet this good, you have to share it.

CLICK HERE to enjoy a full look at Khloe’s shoe collection, as well as a look at corners of her home. It’s fab-u-lous. Okay, a few more…

Talk about investing in your look, Louboutins for days!

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That’s self proclaimed, of course. Iris Apfel, Manhattan’s brazenly bold style icon has become a house hold name since 2005 when an exhibit of her legendary clothes collection was shown at the Metropolitan Museum. This June Architectural Digest will publish a look at her very eclectic apartment, as well as a Q&A with Iris. Thought you might enjoy a peak inside the mind and taste of Iris, I know I did.

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1. A Luxe throw from The Cross

2. A fun, graphic skirt to pair with a crisp white blouse and platform sandals from Cynthia Rowley

3. Bouquets of fresh seasonal flowers, particularly peonies, weekly

4. I dream of hosting a beautifully elaborate party for all my girlfriends, planned by Count Down Events

5. A subscription to The New York Times

And a little something extra: A Bill Cunningham “On the Street” video, complete with anecdote


Is from the ever-interesting Garance Doré.

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This has been a wonderful and interesting week. Tuesday night for one was rather cute. After watching the Canucks game with my boyfriend (whose name is George, by the way – don’t you just love that name? I do), and his roommate, George and I went over to my twin’s apartment to pick up Marie. (Monika and her boyfriend babysat the kitty while George and I visited Seattle, and took extra good care of her, lots of treats and walks.) When we met up with them they’d been celebrating the game win with a few beers, which made Monika extra sad (weepy), and hilarious when she had to give up Marie. It was too cute. My whole family is just in love with that little kitty, especially my 91 year old Grannie who is staying with me now for a few days. Just before we left Monika gave me a painting she did back in eleventh grade. I’ve just re-arranged my apartment and put the painting up (above).

{My home in all its natural glory – a stack of magazines dating back 3 years sitting by my desk, I hate to part with magazines, it’s only when they’re really out of date that I can recycle them, and my well-sat in swivel chair and new picture frame still with the manufacturer’s generic prints inside.}

I’m much happier with my desk arranged like this, it feels much more creative than staring straight at a wall. And I am in love with that painting, I seem to have a thing for felines, as my Grannie pointed out.

{Atop my desk: a hand written note from a lovely friend, Laura. She gave me this card to celebrate a small personal achievement and I couldn’t have been more touched, how lovely is it to receive a card with real hand writing in it! The picture on the far right is my first grade photo – I dressed myself for it: leopard headband, gold necklace and gold dolphin drop earrings. I love me some accessories! That tin holds Stuart Weitzman shoe-shaped paper clips, and next to it is a special silver bracelet with a pretty saying.}

A little more of my re-arranging and re-decorating: (I can’t show you everything now because Grannie was sitting reading on the couch at the time of these pictures, and I didn’t think she’d appreciate my going all paparazzi on her.)

{My favourite table (from The Cross), has found a new home; the couch is now flanked my mirrored tables. I think it rather luxe. Hydrangeas are by far one of my favourite plants, I hope to have giant bushes of hydrangeas outside my future “one-day” house. And you know about my penchant for shiny, sparkly things. Below are stacked boxes covered in a pink toile fabric, and in the back is Marie’s little house of business, as in, that’s where she does her business. I know, it’s not exactly ideal having it in the living room, but that’s the only well-ventilated place I can figure out to put it where it’s mostly out of sight and will fit. The picture two-above features my other favourite mirrored table, which usually has two books stacked under the lamp, but my Grannie is currently reading one of them, it’s a lovely book about Princess Diana’s style.}

Back to my story about the week, it has been a good one. Last night I played softball with my spring league team out at UBC and then Gran came to stay with me and we finished off the night with tea and toast. Except for that at softball I was playing first base and in an effort to make sure I caught the ball to get the other team’s runner out, I caught the ball with my right hand first, and then put it in the glove, and then tagged the runner out. So I made the play, but I’m down one hand. Fantastic. And just to note, that ball is not soft at all. *Ouch*

Happy Friday readers! Oh, and a special mention to a much-appreciated reader, Ms. Nicki C. who always leaves me the sweetest, most enjoyable comments. Thank you for reading Nicki!

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I am a believer that the most interesting stories come from those we may not look twice at, from everyday people. Consider your own stories and what you have to share, likely I’d rather listen to your thoughts and insights than know what a celebrity has to say, or rather, what their PR team has them say. On that note, here is a video featuring one of New York’s most talented modelistes, or pattern-makers, Nicolas Caito. I love little looks into everyday life like this.


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This Friday May 6 at 7pm Coquette begins their designer consignment sale at The Waldorf Hotel in Vancouver!

Pretty fantastic, non? Up to 70% off!

Sounds like a lovely thing to do with your mothers ladies! And don’t forget to bring her flowers too. I’m making brunch for my Mum and Grannie and sister!


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