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First, I have to say thank you to those who commented on my “feelings” post. I thought I might get some backlash for that, but your comments were so wonderful, and your words were taken to heart. Many thanks! <3

Bienvenue à Paris! Our first day in pictures:

{ The boulangerie near our hotel that makes the best crepes and serves fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast }

{ Raspberry, vanilla, citrus and grapefruit flavored macarons! }

{ The first shop that I’ve really enjoyed, mind you it was the first day we went shopping here. I found a very pretty gingham dress and a silk blouse at Tara Jarmon, and am coveting their pony-hair leopard print tote }

{ Lunch break at a very french style side walk cafe, more often called a brasserie. Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and my Armani sunnies }

{ The oldest department store in Paris - Le Bon Marché. It was here I picked up the cutest cream stationery set, complete with envelopes that are gold-lined and gold Eiffel towers printed on the cards }

{ The flower shops here are to die for, they are so beautifully arranged on the sidewalks, almost as if the flowers are bursting out of the store – j’adore! }

{ My afternoon pick-me-up }

Paris is the kind of city where you can stroll and stroll for hours and not get bored. The architecture is unlike anything I’ve seen and together with the river, the gold details everywhere and what seems to be music in the air, Paris is indeed a very magical and romantic city. Paris is a dream!


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{ No pictures allowed through our tour of Buckingham Palace, these few were captured leaving the palace. }

9:45 am we had an appointment at Buckingham Palace to see the State Rooms, Kate’s McQueen dress and the Royal Faberge. It was quite a tour, easily one of the best I have ever done. I’ve seen many castles, palaces and royal buildings in my life, but I never thought I’d have the opportunity to walk through an operating Royal Palace and home. The rooms with their opulent decor were incredible, as to be expected. The real treat was seeing Kate Middleton’s wedding dress (shown for the first time publicly), along with a video explaining the construction and design of the dress narrated by Alexander McQueen Creative Director Sarah Burton, as well as Kate’s shoes and jewelry from her wedding day.

Immediately after our tour we decided we needed to do something very girly. Naturally, we hopped on the tube for Oxford St, one of London’s busiest and best shopping destinations. (Best for tourists as Londoners have a lot of great shops we don’t in Canada.) One of the shops in that area is the enchanting department store Liberty. (I clearly have a thing for hydrangeas! *Swoon* for hydrangeas.)

{ Then we stopped, mid-shop, for tea time }

Soo many pretty things at Liberty! I have a real penchant for stationery, as displayed above. As Sunday night was our last night, we dressed up for dinner! Which didn’t really work out. We got so caught up walking down New Bond St – where all the designer shops are – that the restaurants had all closed by the time we got to them. We ended up at Pizza Hut. Real glam, particularly my garlic bread sticks.

{ Wearing: Leopard scarf from Winners, New Look t-shirt, Joe Fresh silk shorts, Christian Louboutin sandals, Dorothy perkins necklace worn as a bracelet, Franchi clutch }

London, you treated us well! Mostly. If you don’t count the first Sunday we were there (we arrived in the UK on the Friday), when my wallet was stolen in Nottinghill on Portabello Road. The thief got away with my Mastercard, debit card and ₤60 (about $90 Canadian). What a drag – a whole week was spent without access to any money! Luckily for me though that the girlfriend I’m traveling with, bless her heart, lent me money for that week and we evened it out when I finally received a new MC upon arrival in Paris. Also on that Sunday my pants ripped big right at the worst spot (as seen here), I entered a toilet stall that had no TP (meaning that no, I did not go without, but had to quickly make friends with the girl next to me who undoubtedly thought I was a real perv), and my Tube pass declined to work several times, leaving me stuck in the metal rotating thingy. TMI? London basically kicked me in the pants that day.

P.S. I miss my cat.

Xo StyleStruck

{ Did you know that 3 infamous English queens and one fashion blogger were beheaded at The Tower of London? (What’s a girl to do when captured with the oh-so-flattering “squinty eye”?) }

{ This is a trend I enjoy: friendship-style bracelets. These both purchased at New Look on Oxford St. Wearing: A Zara Uniform: Sweater, trousers & flats. Bag by Frances Cobiasia. }

Below: That evening (last Saturday), we dressed up for Beach Blanket Babylon in London’s Nottinghill area. This restaurant is quite literally the most amazing restaurant I have ever seen. I wore a white eyelet DVF wrap dress, the PC snakeskin clutch, Miu Miu heels and a bright yellow pashmina for when the night cooled. Now, this picture begs the question: Have I had anything enlarged? Absolutely not, just a funny angle (that will not be repeated), and a very fitted dress.

If you visit London, I simply insist you dine or drink at BBB: exquisite in the coolest, trendiest way.


{ Quick stop on route to Piccadilly: “Hello? Operator? Yes, hello, I’d like to place a collect call to George.” … “What do you mean you don’t know who that is??” Wearing: JNBY shirt dress, vintage Pierre Cardin clutch, Christian Louboutin cork sandals, crystalized friendship-style bracelet from New Look – I hear those are all the rage now. }

Exactly one week ago today we were off for a night out in London! Our destination? The infamous, glamorous and most fabulous lounge and club; Mahiki’s, which just so happens to be across the street from The Ritz! We love that. (Check out Mahiki’s celeb gallery!) We enjoyed a delicious dinner with cocktails in their very polynesian lounge and had boozy smoothies in hollowed-out pineapples before moving downstairs to the club. Just before we left I met a very interesting person; Marco, a VP of womens’ wear for Burberry London. He offered a tour of the Burberry office for the following week, which we would have gladly accepted had it not been for an early train on Monday to Paris. Darn train. Très, très triste.


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This is a personal post – let’s take a moment away from the fabulousness that is vacation and focus on real life.

So, did you know that when you are on vacay you provide yourself with more than enough (as in, far too much), time to contemplate your place in the work world, your future, your present and your outfit choices? I wasn’t prepared for this. If I had been I would have brought along a good size notebook, a beret (so quintessentially a thinker’s chapeau of choice), and wine – though that is clearly at my disposal here in Paris. (My current blog posts are a couple days behind because of the massive load of photos I’ve been taking.)

I am in fact working part time while I am away and am struggling to find the balance between letting myself completely relax and feeling energized and motivated to accomplish all my work tasks. One moment I’m sipping wine on the River Seine, the next holed up with my computer in my hotel room, albeit a lovely hotel room.

I think perhaps the outfit doubts come from the copious amounts of ridiculously chic Parisian women just strolling about, looking perfect when I know my make up is likely half way down my face, my sorbet is all down my white shirt dress and my leather flats are scuffed from tripping over cobble stone streets. Yes indeed, in a word, I am chic (or shit, depending how you pronounce it).

Sharing is caring. Off to drown these sorrows and quandaries in a Nutella crepe.



{ Wearing: Zara sweater, Zara leather studded belt, Dynamite shorts, New Look shoes (purchased in Stratford), can’t remember the name of my leather bag… and vintage Ray Ban sunnies }

Friday seemed like a lovely day to do brunch at The Wolseley in Piccadilly. The Wolseley is a fabulously, gorgeously chic restaurant next door to The Ritz that does a very “it” brunch. (Walked through The Ritz by the way, and it really took me back to my stay at The Plaza. *Swooon.* What we’ve learned here is that all impossibly cool places start with “the.”) As you can imagine, people watching there was fantastic. A lot of chic flats and cigarette trousers with designer bags. I started off with a vanilla latte – the only place I could find in London that had vanilla for their hot drinks. Pay big = get your vanilla. Brunch was french toast with bacon and lots of icing sugar… divine!

After our deliciously expensive (and well worth it!), brunch, it was over to Buckingham Palace! Naturally, as we were in the neighborhood.

And now I must run, off to dinner! (En Paris!)

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But, breakfast first at our absolute favourite little spot, Pret-a-Manger. We addooore their porridge (mine with brown sugar, Marisa’s with berry compote).

{ Then off to the London eye to get a good view of London. It was quite a wait to board the little bubble thingy, but well worth it. Course, I needed a refreshment for the line; lemonade! }

{ Wearing: Zara flats, H&M denim }

After the London Eye we went looking for a sweet spot for tea in the West End, and we found one! If you’re ever in London, you simply must stop in at Maison Bertaux!

{ Mmm Apple crisp }

We stepped into Maison Bertaux just as the rain came pouring down, what a  sweet escape!

Oh, and I recently received a note from ma petite cherie, Miss Marie. She said, “Maman, s’il vous plaît apportez-moi un macaron de Paris?” Better find some pretty treats for my little furball! ; )

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Mmmm, it was so good. The morning we left Stratford-upon-Avon we visited a very darling bakery called Box Brownie, which understandably, is famous for their delicious brownies. However, I was too tempted by this lemon tart to pass it up! Yumm.

{ In front of the birth place of Shakespeare – this house is from the early 1500s! I figured I’d make myself really stand out as a tourist with this very casually British umbrella }

{ Shortly after we boarded our train back to London! Just before leaving Vancouver on the morning we flew out, I was having a freak out moment about packing my carry-on bag. I brought my leather carry-all [seen in the above photo], but deemed it not big enough. [A girl's got a lot of stuff to fly with!] This MK canvas bag has come in very handy over the trip! Canvas bag gifted as a swag bag at the MK store opening }

{ Wearing: Zara sweater, Brooks Brothers linen blouse, Fidelity denim, Zara flats, Michael Kors watch, leather & gold bracelet from a stand in SoHo, NYC }

Oh, and did I mention that last Sunday I split my pants? It was my worst day of this trip so far, after a rather miserable day out I get back to the hotel, sit down on the bed and cross my leg under me. Riiiipp. My pants ripped right in the place where you wouldn’t want them to… So train time was mend time with my new 1-pound mending kit!

Stitch, stitch, stitch.

It’s Saturday night now, about 1:15 am here in London and time for bed! We had a most wonderful dinner at Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill! And then of course I had a potent cosmo in the lounge afterwards, I have made it my mission to try a cosmo in every city I visit. So far, tonight’s at Babylon and the cosmo at Vancouver‘s Pacific Rim Fairmont Lobby Lounge are neck and neck for my top favourites. That said, I never did have one at The Plaza. So I shall have to for a fair comparison. ; )

Tuesday morning we walked over to a cute cafe along the river side for lattes. Totally taken with all the adorable sweets they have I couldn’t not snap pictures, but I got caught! One of the boys asked us why we were taking pictures of the sweets, I said because we don’t have them in Canada. So he gave us each a chocolate bug, I got the lady bug above. Mmm chocolate. We saved our treats to eat on our trip to Warwick Castle!

{ One of the staterooms, this one was home to Queen Anne when she came to visit the castle, many, many hundreds of years ago. Notice her initials on the leather chest she traveled with! Naturally, she had men carrying her luggage.}

{ On the double-decker taking us back to Stratford. That evening we attended a production of Macbeth by the Royal Shakespeare Company. I won’t bother mentioning what I’m wearing here because you’ve seen all these pieces already in my previous posts. See, the weather here is miserable and I hardly packed any warm clothing, meaning I’m forced to wear the same pants and long-sleeved pieces over and over again! A fashion bloggers’ worst nightmare. }

I had mentioned that I’d like to do a post on my latest purchases, but because we’re in a hostel right now I can’t exactly get everything out. However, when we go to Paris in a few days we will be a lovely hotel and I will certainly go picture crazy there! Eeee can’t wait!

Miss you Vancouver.


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Just finished a go-around on the London Eye and have popped into a lovely restaurant at the British Film Institute

For lunch we’re sharing cured oak smoked beef with dressed rocket for the starter and for the main gnocchi with spinach, ricotta and sun blushed tomatoes.
Below: A snippet of our view on the London Eye

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As I mentioned in my last post I’m having quite a hard time adjusting to hostel life, particularly the part about living out of a suitcase, but I’m glad we did it. I just won’t do it again, it’s like eating fresh oysters, I gave it a real go but I just couldn’t get into it and so I won’t be having them again. Ever. :)

We’re just about to pop over to our favorite breaky spot: Pret-a-Manger where we get porridge and coffee. Yumm!

YouTube Video

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{ Monday night hanging out in Stratford upon Avon at about 10 pm (notice how I’m wearing layers, it’s cold here brrr), not a lot happening in town at night, but we did find one place… Wearing: Old Navy sweater purchased for $1 years ago, Brooks Brothers chambray shirt, H&M denim, leather Zara flats, hair in my new travel favourite: french braids}

{ White chocolate cheesecake and a baileys coffee at the oldest pub in town – built in about the mid 1500s I think. Quite old anyhow }

The next day we went to Warwick castle just about a 20 minute bus ride away. Warwick is one of the oldest and most significant castles in the UK, dating back to the 1300s. This is me posing with one of their adorable little post boxes after having sent postcards home! #TouristPhoto. And I had just bought shoes, which I later wore to a production of Macbeth at the Royal Shakespeare Company theatre. Talk about gettin my culture on! Some shopping is now in order. Rest of post to come soon – I’m sitting in the common room at our ONE AND ONLY hostel on this journey and it’s obnoxiously loud. Note to self, if you don’t like 18 year olds peering over your shoulder at your computer and having strangers in your personal space, do not book at a hostel. Thank heavens we have a gorgeous hotel awaiting us in Paris in 4 nights! #Fabulous.

{Wearing: Zara cape, Bebe top, H&M denim, vintage pony skin belt, Zara flats and Pierre Cardin snakeskin bag }

Oh, and a thank you to Rick Chung for the shout out on Vancouver is Awesome! (It was a post about the eBeauty/City TV party at Opus Hotel. He mentioned my bright red shorts, as seen here.)

Xo StyleStruck


{ Wearing: Zara cape, sweater, skirt, belt and flats. Holy Zara. Frances Cobiasia }

Sunday morning I woke up nice and early to attend St. Paul’s Cathedral morning service. This cathedral is one of the largest in all of Europe, sits upon the highest point in London and is the “Mother Church” to all the Christian churches in the UK. (If I butchered that explanation, please forgive me.) Anyhow, they put on the most amazing service, complete with members of the City of London Symphony and a boys choir. Talk about amazing acoustics! The only problem is I can’t sing worth anything, so when it came to the congregation-sung hymns, there was this blonde chick really butchering them from the third row.

{ Up, above: St. Paul’s Cathedral dome, notice that gloomy sky? Just about every hour on the hour the sky opened and let down a torrential rain on London, then the sky would clear and the sun would come out. Repeat. We got caught in it numerous times today which resulted in my purchasing a Union Jack brolly – post of my London purchases coming tomorrow! Above: A grand statue of sorts on front of St. Paul’s and a toy double decker, well it looks like a toy doesn’t it? }

I ran back to the hotel after this to freshen up, leaving my travel buddy, Marisa, to go check out the Imperial War Museum.

{ Wearing: Zara sweater, belt, pants and sandals. Apparently I shop there a lot. Scarf from Winners, same Frances Cobiasia leather bag. Fossil watch. }

{ Hopping aboard the tube to Nottinghill Gate station! Nottinghill here I come! }

{ Making my way down Portabello Road towards the shops… Below: An antiques stall }

{ The Nottinghill Travel Book Shop – Hugh Grant anyone? }

After the crazy rain periods the evening leveled off a bit, but was quite cool. Apparently London has also missed a summer – Marisa and I are sorely disappointed. It’s long pants and sweaters from here on out in London. On that note, I bought a gorgeous wool blanket at a Scottish wool shop on Portabello today, it’s a plaid blanket in shades of camel and grey.

Tomorrow we leave for the Cotswalds! Better get packing.

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Hellooo London! Musings of a Vancouver fashion blogger in Europe – Part II

The AM:

We woke up bright and early this morning to head to Harvey Nichols for breakfast. Harvey Nichols would be like a Nordstroms or Barney’s I think in North American comparative terms, and it was has a fabulously cool cafe on it’s top floor. I tweeted about it here!.

{ Waiting for our train, wearing: Brooks Brothers chambray shirt, H&M jeans, Zara leather studded belt, Zara flats, Frances Cobiasia leather bag and Fossil watch. All pictures thus far are of the touristy variety, that’s because I am a tourist, though I’m going to try and go for the more natural poses soon once all the excitement wears off }

{ Vanilla latte, fresh croissant with a mini raspberry jam and branded butter and traditional Scottish porridge with honey, sliced almonds and brown sugar – the iPad has been a fantastic help on our journey, if you go traveling I highly recommend getting one }

{ A Harrods shop window – you can literally get anything and everything at Harrods }

Harrods (a British institution), was quite the adventure. Up, down, across, back down – you can easily get lost in their many departments and five floors. We wandered through designer shoes (there’s a whole section dedicated to the most expensive shoes you can imagine, complete with signs that say “Do not touch”), women’s designer clothes, women’s contemporary clothes (where I picked up a skinny fuschia leather belt by Ted Baker), the animal kingdom, the fur department, kids clothes (mini Dior anyone?), lighting, furniture, stationery (found a set of beautiful sunny yellow note cards and envelopes, as well as a set of white leather coasters stamped with London’s skyline), musical instruments, the list goes on and on. We eventually found our way to the Harrods gift shop where I couldn’t resist one of those plastic-coated tote bags covered in iconic British and Harrods pictures. It was quite the ambitious undertaking for our first real day in London.

The PM:

For dinner and drinks we ventured by metro over to Islington which is in the north of London. Once out and about I realized that I really looked like a tourist – the Brits wear a lot of black.

{ Wearing BCBG Max Azria blouse, H&M shorts, Zara flats, Aldo fish ring and Pierre Cardin snakeskin bag, seen in my last post! }

Tomorrow I’ll head over to St. Paul’s Cathedral for the Sunday morning service (I like to do these things every now and again), then meet up with my travel buddy, Marisa, to visit the Imperial War Museum and then later stroll along the streets of Nottinghill. Monday we pack up for a couple days to visit the English countryside. I’m so looking forward to relaxing in the Cotswalds!

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Hello darlings (dah-lings), as the Brits say.

{ White linen blouse from Brooks Brothers – have you seen their blog?? You must! - Zara skirt, vintage Pierre Cardin clutch, Zara flats & Fossil watch }

Dressed and en route to dinner in Chelsea with my girl friend’s family who live here in London. They took us to Bluebird, a fabulous spot in the Chelsea area that was quite a “see and be seen” kind of place (a fashionista’s favourite). Everyone dining there was very smartly dressed, from their designer shoes to their coiffed hair and perfectly casual rolled up shirts on the men. Men take note: the Brits have one over on you in style; everyone wears a nicely tailored colourful shirt (pastel shades), tucked into classic dark denim, suede loafers, a gorgeous leather belt and some sort of smart hair style, usually a side part. It’s all very dapper here in England. (I must make a note though, that my boyfriend also dresses this way and so for that I swoon and say thank goodness and lucky me – a Vancouver man who really knows how to dress. Let’s go off on a wee tangent for a moment: last Saturday night boyfriend, a.k.a. George, picked me up to go to Joe Fortes for dinner wearing slim dark denim, a white collared shirt under a grey sport jacket complete with a slim back tie, black leather shoes and a roly. I died. So, so pleased!)

We are currently staying in London’s Kensington area where you find rows upon rows of gorgeous white town house with black gates and fresh flowers. It’s really quite a beautiful spot of London, we’re lucky to be staying here!

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Wednesday morning and all was hectic. Had to get to work early, my apartment was a crazy disaster, I hadn’t even begun to pack and all I really wanted to do was bloggity-blog-blog. At least I managed to get myself decently put together, and why not go out with a bang of pink on my last day in Vancouver! This Jason Wu skirt has really become a favourite, though I don’t wear it too often, after all, the original tag price was $1700 and I wouldn’t want any little thing to happen to it. At price-per-wear, I think I’m at about $425 per wear. (Good thing I only paid $80.)

Well, I had to get to London before I could blog. Here I am sitting in our hotel room in Kensington Gardens (it’s 6:30pm here), listening to Nelly’s “Ride With Me” while we get ready for dinner in Chelsea. Oops, running late for dins now, must go but will be back, for I have much to blog about! StyleStruck does Europe!

{ Blouse from an American shop that I just can’t remember the name of, Accessorize woven leather belt, Jason Wu skirt, Via Spiga leather heels, Kate Spade purse and H&M sunnies }

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“You are sooo Samantha! I am totally Carrie.”

“Nuu uhhh! You are soo Charlotte! With a little Samantha, but more Miranda.”

“How could you say that to me?!”

Just a snippet of Girls Night conversation – don’t act like you’re discussing world politics or who you volunteered with last week. I suspect after the SATC chat your convo moves onto boys, clothes and job aspirations! Well that’s what my group of girlfriends talks about anyways.

Recently Palm Bay reached out to me with a request to review their new spritzes. Umm, perhaps I should have told them I’m already a fan of Palm Bay and every night at the beach last summer was spent sipping Palm Bays out of pink straws. But the spritzes are brand new, so I got my tasting on. Sip, sip, slurrrpp mmm yummy.  Then one day, sitting there with my nicely chilled Palm Bay I thought with the four new flavors of Spritzes, and each with its own distinct coloring and taste, why don’t we turn this SATC conversation into PBS conversation. So tell me, what flavor of Palm Bay Spritz are you?

Are you the Exotic Beachy Babe?

You love to run with wild abandon into the sunset, swim in the ocean and let the salt water turn your tresses into beachy waves. Animal prints and textures (like these snakeskin textured Zara sandals), speak to your adventurous side and accessorize your bohemian personality (just like this vintage tie-dye scarf does). You’re the girl who’s up for anything and everything and will always take a cold imported beer or a Palm Bay Pineapple Mandarin Orange Spritz over a fussy cocktail any patio-lounging-afternoon.

Are you the Classic Lady?

Strawberry and Pineapple go together like pearls and diamonds, or like cheap and chic – a smart lady knows that style starts with a smart mix of high and low, like these black patent leather Elie Tahari heels and this satin H&M scarf. How do you accessorize your petite beverage? With pink straws naturally – they save your perfectly lined and glossed lips from any nasty smudges. You’re the girl who doesn’t blink when trouble arises and will only step out coiffed and heeled just so. You have our envy.

Are you the Bold & Feisty Adventuress?

With just two clicks of your sequined Miu Miu heels your imagination runs away with you, you’re swept into the land of all things exciting, full-flavored and mix-matchy! You die for print on print and change your hair color and style regularly. Stagnant isn’t in your dictionary, but thrill-seeking and shock-value are. Your feisty personality is the lime to our cocktail, the cherry to our whip cream covered sundae. So no better bevy for you than a sweet and sour mix of key lime and cherry.

Are you the Fabulous 5th Ave Girl?

“I’ll have a side of Cartier and Tiffany’s with my non-fat, half-soy, extra shot, extra foam latte,” you say. Your cream leather birkin matches your just-highlighted blonde mane, as do your silver Chanel heels and diamond tennis bracelet. Manhattan is your epicenter and your playground and only 5-star restaurants and town cars will do. You believe in being well-heeled and the classic nooner – as in a cocktail at lunch of course (likely at Cipriani, STK in the Meat Packing District for after-hours play time). Ruby (jewels, always jewels), grapefruit is the perfect antidote to your midday boredom, as is a stop in at Prada, which may as well be your middle name.

So, which one are you? Find your flavor at all of our fine BC Liquor stores and let me know, is it just the right mix for you?


Love, StyleStruck

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What do men look at online? __________. (Fill in the blank – I think we all know) What do women look at online? Chanel Haute Couture, naturally. It’s why we’re so fabulous.


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{ Me in all my original-outfit glory. I’m being sarcastic because that’s really not a very original outfit at all, now is it? }

Here we are on a quiet Thursday evening, blogging before softball, which I’ll be spectating at tonight, seeing as the oh-so-convenient cold has laid one on me this week. Must get better before Europe: the 1 week countdown begins today!

You may have noticed I’ve taken a little time off from blogging, life has been busy lately! Planning a month-long trip, working a new job and everything else that life throws at you makes for a packed schedule. Though I did get some R&R last weekend when the boyfriend whisked me away to Penticton for two nights. We rented bikes and did a winery tour, floated down the channel, swam in the lake and enjoyed two lovely dinners out. Walking to one of these dinners a very sweet passerby on a ridiculous cart that you self power by peddling (what’s that thing called?), referred to me as “Vegas.” How nice. Apparently Penticton locals don’t appreciate a cute dress with heels as a man in Yaletown might. His loss.

Monday it was back to work, but by Tuesday we were again enjoying Summer festivities at the movie in the park in Stanley Park. My first time seeing Jurassic Park! We even packed a delicious picnic of brie, fresh sourdough bread, spinach dip, strawberries, grapes, brownies and Palm Bays Spritzes. Deeelish!

{ This blog post is really all about unique fashion choices, notice Tuesday night’s mini-sweater and rouched-top maxi dress. Never seen those before, but hey, comfort wins when squatting on the grass. Boy did I enjoy that Palm Bay. Always with a straw. }

Europe is officially 1 week away and there are soo many things to do! Who knew traveling for leisure is so much work! We finally got all of our accommodations booked (we being my grilfriend Marisa and I), our train tickets purchased and are now focusing on the more mundane tasks of photocopying the important pieces, printing out travel itineraries, buying medical insurance, I could go on and on. I haven’t even begun to think about packing, lots of cute choices that make for great photos? Or pack light and wear the same pieces over and over *gasp! the horror!* I’m really going to try to bring only one pair of heels. (Yeah, right. Okay two.) One pair of jeans, maybe, and just a couple purses. Packing is a nightmare.

Softball and a cold one calls my name – by cold one I mean popsicle, I am a sickie tonight.

Have a fabulous Thursday night. I bet I’ll be back tomorrow.