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I purchased this book at Brooks Brothers a few months ago. While most of it is filled with helpful hints on how to be a proper lady, there are a few funny ideas, like this one. Had to share!

Happy Friday! 

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{Wearing: Talula jacket, Zara sweater, Jason Wu skirt (as described here), vintage belt, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and shoes. Armani sunnies, bracelet from New Look (London)}

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{Wearing: Express wool jacket, Brooks Brothers linen shirt, H&M jeans, Tretorn Nylite shoes (c/o), Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, sunnies from Paris, Aldo cocktail ring, Clinique red lipstick “All Heart”}

This summer in the USA 35 bloggers styled Tretorns their way. Now it’s Canada’s turn, with 35 Canadian bloggers receiving Tretorn Nylite tennis shoes, called the “Nylite Project.” This is how I styled mine. To see more, check out!

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Let’s chat.

I really love the elegance and functionality of instruments used on boats, particularly classic boats. It started a few months ago when I spent a weekend with my Dad on his boat and discovered my new love for boat accessories, particularly a brass barometer used for telling the weather that he had mounted on a wall. I mentioned this to him and lucky me, yesterday he presented me with my very own barometer. Now I need a giant brass cleat…


{Wearing: Rag & Bone cardigan, H&M shirt, J Company denim, Miu Miu shoes, vintage bag, Fossil rose gold watch, Michael Kors tortoise-shell style watch, bracelet purchased from a street vendor in SoHo, NYC, vintage cocktail ring purchased at Darling in NYC’s Greenwich Village, Stella & Dot rings. Nail colour “Odessa” by Soulstice Spa, c/o}

I was recently give the opportunity to choose three bottles of vegan nail polish by Soulstice Spa from Needing a break from the usual deep nail colours of Fall, I decided to go with three lighter but versatile colours; from left Kyoto, Odessa and Paris. I haven’t had the chance to try Kyoto yet, but am loving Paris and Odessa so far. The polish goes on smooth and doesn’t chip. Fab-u-lous.



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For when you next hit New York, Paris, London or Milan Fashion Weeks. A guide to being the new fashion cool.


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Last Thursday at 3:30 pm I made my way through the doors of Sears, through the make-up department and over to a growing crowd of people. In the middle of the crowd, amongst media, fans, security guards and PR people was Jay Manuel, looking nothing less than fabulous giving an appearance for his new collection of woman’s apparel, Attitude (sold exclusively through Sears). Very aptly named as Jay can serve up some attitude (well, that’s what I saw on Top Model anyway), but in person he is a very generous and interesting person, not to mention gracious. Along with the other “fashion media” I was sent over to a corner of black carpet and a huge step-and-repeat to wait for our chance to interview Mr. Manuel. Interview? What interview… shoot, shoot, shoot, I can’t remember what the email said from the PR lady… So obviously I didn’t have any interview questions prepared, but I thought “I’ll just wing it! There’s no way I’m missing out on this – I like clothes, he likes clothes, I’m sure we’ll have loads to talk about!” And thank goodness, we did. Below is my impromptu interview filmed on my iPad (thank you to Meagan!!), with the Jay Manuel. Please do forgive the sound quality as the DJ was blaring his music (even while the TV crews interviewed…).

{Wearing: 3.1 Phillip Lim dress – which Jay said he loved! – last seen here, Mossimo trench, Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes and vintage bag}

My questions: (I can’t give you exactly word for word what was said, so this is the gist of how he answered the questions. These answers are not to be quoted.)

What is the thing that you best bring to women’s fashion?
Jay said as a child he had had a new tailored suit every year (and still has them!), and thus really understands a good fit, particularly of a suit. He has included some fantastic suitings on his collection.

What do you think of clothes becoming more demure and modest? I mentioned that from looking at his collection I could tell his clothes were more conservative – uh oh, wrong word! He cut in and made sure to let me know that his clothes are still sexy! Indeed they are, but I definitely appreciate that he chose to use sophisticated (better word), cuts and styles that show off a woman’s body, but don’t literally show it.
Jay said that he thinks women want to feel sexy and empowered in their clothing and that doesn’t have to mean showing a lot of skin. That is done through great tailoring, the right fabrics and the details that really make a piece. In one of the suit jackets he said they did a great shoulder detail where the seam (to the sleeve), is raised and tucked to give a stronger shoulder silhouette. He said he thinks women feel most confident when they feel good in what they’re wearing. (We sure do Jay!)

Maybe you want some more: An interview about the collection from Toronto

And a note: I’ve created a Galleries link in the left column where I will be posting collections of photos. I’ve put one up already! Love to know your thoughts on the new look of my blog! Xo

We’re getting a makeover! Please bear with me as I bring a new look to My blog will remain an easy read, but I’m looking to simplify and clean things up a bit. Should be set for Monday. Thank you for your patience and for reading!


Yesterday as I was walking by Mavi in Yaletown I spotted this and snapped a pic with my iPad. And then the warm, happy fuzzies began. Thank you to Mavi for having me!

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You know what’s one of my favorite quotes from a movie? It was said by Joan Cusack playing Cin (short for Cindy?), to her best friend Tess, played by Melanie Griffith in the 80s classic, Working Girl. They’re getting Tess ready for a party at Tess’ boss’ apartment, raiding the closet, and Tess passes her dress of choosing over to Cin. Cin looks at the price tag and freaks: “$6,000!? It ain’t even leath-uh!” What a timeless beauty of a quote. Luckily for me, these Armani Exchange faux leather pants were gifted so there were no qualms over the price tag. Leath-uh. Haaha. You know what else? The word “pleather” makes me cringe.

{Wearing: Mossimo trench, Linq sweater, Armani Exchange pants (c/o), these would be the “faux leather” piece I am referring to, Rockport boots (last seen here), Gianni Chiarini leather carryall, H&M umbrella, aviators from Paris}

Today a collaboration between local Vancouver designer Jason Matlo and Diane’s Lingerie was revealed. Jason designed seven unique and to be noted, sheer outfits to demonstrate how confident a woman is showing off her properly-fitting lingerie from Diane’s store (2950 South Granville St), for “Bras you want to show off.” The seven models strutted their ensembles up and down South Granville, bravo ladies! To give us fashion and media people an idea of the effect a great bra has, we were treated to a fitting and complimentary bra. So today, at 23, I got my first grown up bra. It fits, it does everything it needs to and more (ha!) and it’s luxurious. My other bras will be so jealous.

{The fantasticly fabulous window displays. Where do I get one of these clear raincoats? (I promise to wear clothes underneath.)}

{My new bra from Diane’s Lingerie, by LeMystère}

Thank you, you wonderful readers for visiting my blog. I always enjoy your feedback and if you’d like to leave me a comment or a question please do on my Facebook page! I’ve had enough trouble with my comments option so I’ll be removing that shortly. Have a wonderful weekend! I hope it is filled with lovely treats and relaxing afternoons. Bisous!

{Wearing: Tevro + Chase coat, 2 Elles sweater (from Paris), vintage kilt, Zara boots & leather bag, Harrods rain bag}

{Sometimes colours don’t photograph as they are, which is a real shame and is the situation with my favourite red Mountie-esque coat.}

Photos shot just around the corner from Burnaby and Nicola in the West End.

Just before I left for Europe I had the delight of being treated to a complimentary eyebrow shaping at Bombay Brow Bar‘s new West 4th location. On the day of, I was feeling a little camera shy – the threading left my eyebrows a little red, which is to be expected (the red went away within a couple hours – and so I avoided taking snaps. Wish I had, the decor of Bombray Brow Bar is adorable and fabulous. And my brows were pleased as punch with their new shape, in fact, the shape has held so well that I’m just now thinking of going back to get a little cleaning up done. As you may have seen in my last post, I’m brow-crazy right now. Likely thanks to model Arizona Muse, check out her set here.

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When I got out of the bath this morning afternoon (the luxury of working from home!), I felt inspired to try out a DIY eyebrow/eyelash tinting kit from Beauty Mark in Yaletown. I thought it wise to forgo the eyelash colouring – I have a tendency to slip up those kinds of close-to-the-eye things, like putting on mascara – and just stick to the brows. I’ve always wanted darker brows. Here’s my documented adventure with Depend Instant Colour kit.

Depend eyebrow/eyelash colour-tinting kit

The before brows {towel from HomeSense}

Slicked petroleum jelly onto the skin around my brows to prevent the colour from bleeding

Waiting for the colour gel to do its thing - scary...

The results are darker than I had anticipated, but I’m thinking they’ll likely fade after a few washes. For now I’m quite enjoying having dramatic brows after suffering for years of too-light-brow syndrome.

{Wearing: JNBY Fall 2011 sweater (c/o), skirt from Bang-On, Boots: brand unknown (Balmain copy cat!), Fossil watch, leather Zara wallet, “William Tell Me About OPI” OPI nailpolish, Depend eyebrow tint c/o Beauty Mark}

I’ve got to make a note about this sweater: it is fabulous. It’s that perfect piece to throw on when I want to look polished but not have to try at all. Last night I wore it to dinner with a pair of dark, waxed, flared jeans and felt quite chic, like the Angelina Jolie brand of chic: she seriously owns the loose casual sweater, aviators and minimal make-up look.

It’s raining here in Vancouver, you know what’s good about that? Hot teas in to-go cups, cute umbrellas and soggy dogs.

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Tuesday morning and the alarm goes off, and I miss it. Then I realize I have 30 minutes to dress and get over to a DKNY fall fashion preview on South Granville – insert fashion panic here. (A fashion panic is different from the usual morning panic because it involves a lot of running around trying to find the right necklace with the right blouse – items that haven’t been worn to an event or featured in a blog post recently – and trying to achieve that fashion editor hair: perfectly, effortlessly messy, which obviously takes work.) Don’t let these casual shots fool you, there was no calm at the Haus of StyleStruck this morning.

{ Wearing: Brooks Brothers chambray shirt, Talula Babaton trousers, Christian Louboutin cork sandals, Zara bag, New Look chain necklace, Fossil rose gold watch, aviators from Paris }

Whatdya think of my little kitchen? It’s made for microwave meals, though I do my best to cook as much as I can in it. Don’t even bother telling me how much you envy my 1960′s tile laminate or counter tops, I already know it. (Ha!) On the fridge is a sweet bon bons bag I picked up in Paris (it was full of sweets at the time), a pink dry erase board and decorative jugs on top. My yellow mug is from Harrods and in it I’m drinking tea from Ladurée, another delight from Paris. The pine mirror that you see a smidgen of I made in wood-shop class back in high school. I actually have a few pieces in my home that I have made. And that unsightly brown box behind me by the door? Proud to say that is now empty as I’ve just assembled a new piece of “office” (but more realistically a section of living room) furniture for my new biz. Which will launch soon. Tease.

The DKNY Fashion Preview – I’m going to let the clothes and bags do the talking…

{ Lisa Kwong of Tara Parker Tait PR passing out bags to Kendra of Van City Pretty, Lisa of SoloLisa and Jen of HerWaiseChoice }

{ The above woolly jacket: I want, I want, I want. }

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Because it’s that time of year and we all need a refresher – I haven’t looked at the runway videos since March!

For more Fall 2011 runway videos visit

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{ Wearing: Zara leather jacket, New Look white tee (London), JNBY fall 2011 pants (c/o), Zara heels, vintage leather bag (once belonged to my Dad), Accessorize necklace, Stella & Dot ring, aviators from Paris }

Ready for Fall! No posts this past weekend, I spent the weekend away with my boyfriend on my Dad’s boat on the east coast of Vancouver Island.

{ This is by no means a fashion shot, it’s boat-wear: Talula army jacket, H&M mens’ sweater & white tee, Dynamite leggings (not worn as pants as my sweater and jacket cover everything), Coach sneakers, New Era hat, no make-up (Eeek.) }

{ A quick pic of me at the Global Party last Thursday night at Opus in Yaletown. This was taken in the Penthouse suite. Wearing: Diane von Furstenburg dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs Clutch, Fossil watch, Chanel silver heels (link includes a Chanel DIY fix-it, which I used the day of the Global Party!). More pics to come! }

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Today started off in the best way; with fashion! Tara Parker Tait PR and the NYC reps from Eileen Fisher held a breakfast presentation for the fashion crowd this morning at the Eileen Fisher store on South Granville (2721 S Granville). We mingled as mini smoothies, french toast and coffee were passed around and viewed the favorite Fall looks. I’m happy to report the rain didn’t stop the attendees from looking super stylish, like a preggo lady dressed to the nines in a long body skimming skirt, a loose knit top, killer snakeskin print stilettos and fantastic accessories, not to mention perfect Bardot-esque hair. Oh to be so put together!

{ Wearing: Zara blouse, Fidelity denim, Ballin shoes, Gianni Chiarini bag, Michael Kors watch, Stella & Dot rings and sweater brand unknown – new hair colour by Suki’s! I’ve gone a warmer, darker blonde for Fall and loving it! (A year ago at this time my hair was looking like this! #GrowingPains) }

That’s my coffee sitting there. I’d love to own a loose knit sweater like this, it’d be fantastic belted over flared denim.

Malania Dela Cruz gave us colour with our coffee

I want, I need, I can’t live without. So many perfect layering pieces, Eileen Fisher, welcome to Canada!

P.S. Event Notice: Who’s going to Spend on Trend this weekend on Main St?? A perfect time to mix vintage with pleasure!

White?! After Labor Day?! Oh my! Oh yes! I love white. White on white on white. My bedroom is all white; it’s like waking up at a lovely beach house. Wearing white, and like colours, makes me feel so fresh and crisp. And feminine!

{ Wearing well travelled pieces: Tara Jarmon blouse (Paris), Oasis jeans (London), Kate Spade bag (Palm Dessert), Zara shoes and sunnies from who-knows-where (they cost about $3, but I love them) }

Fashion is my happy place!” – Rachel Zoe. Me too!

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In the world of fashion, the Fall season is already upon us, with the cozy collections having being shown back in February and now beckoning us to don their trousers, blouses and woolly wraps. I am so for it. So ready for a change, I despise tiny tank tops and short shorts, I pull my denim cut offs on in disgust. Of course, mother nature disagrees. But she’s never been much for fashion ; rain, hail, wind? Of course there are fabulous things about summer: sangria on patios, strappy sandals, a tan and picnics in summer dresses, but still, Fall is just so much better. In the words of Candy Pratts Price, “September is the Jaaaannuary in Fashion.”

{ Wearing: TNA Cowichan sweater, Brooks Brothers chambray shirt, Express skirt & socks, Fossil watch, Betsey Johnson heart watch, H&M sunnies & my Pillow Boots (c/o Cougar Boots) }

These past few weeks have been big for my relationship with the mail man. Parcels and packages are so much more fun to receive than those pesky bills! Not too long ago I pulled these toasty boots out of a giant box (poor mail man), courtesy of Cougar Boots. 50 Canadian fashion bloggers received the limited edition Pillow Boots (only 900 pairs were made); this is how I plan to style mine when the weather turns colder (soon, please). See how Jen of Her Waise Choice and Alicia of Alicia Fashionista styled theirs too!

P.S. Event Notice:

How many of you are not 100% sure of your career path or what your goals are for the next 5 or even 10 years of your life? And if you do know what goal you want to reach (I’d like to write a book), but don’t know how to reach that goal (where the heck do I start, who knows an editor?? A publisher??), then here’s a tip for you:

Heather White, a local Vancouver gal and entrepreneur with an incredible knack for understanding how to help people discover their own abilities and paths (and treasured friend), is hosting a workshop all about what you want your life to look like, it’s called: Life Design: A Lesson in Customization. Heather will be discussing:

Having a vision for your life
Goal Setting
Mental/Physical/Emotional/Spiritual Well-Being
Foundation Development 
And much more
Find the workshop (to be held September 15th), here on EventBrite. I know most of us fashionistas are on a budget, so use the discount code word “thinktank,” and receive 25% off the ticket price. What you will spend on a ticket you will reap back and much, much more after a session with Heather. Remember how I mentioned I made a big life decision and decided to go into biz for myself? That liberating decision was made largely in part due to a long conversation Heather and I had. Happy discovering!
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{ Wearing: Cape by Cloth by Initial J, c/o EgoCloset, Dynamite tank & shorts, Old Navy belt, Rockport boots, necklaces: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Accessorize (London), w/ camera & eiffel tower, found in Paris, Michael Kors watch, aviators purchased in the Marai district of Paris }

A little clip from today…

YouTube Video

Pssst, like this cape? Check out EgoCloset’s site, and if you “like” their Facebook page, you get 10% off your shopping!

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Thank you to everyone who entered to win the Stella & Dot giveaway! We have a winner! Congratulations to Jen Tink, you’ve got yourself a gorgeous new pair of earrings! Hope you’ll let me know how you choose to style ‘em up! Note to Jen: Christina of Stella & Dot (whose Facebook page you “liked”), will be contacting you!

Looking forward to the next giveaway!

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