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{ Wearing: Wilfred blazer, BCBG Max Azria shirt, Zara trousers, bag & sandals, H&M sunnies, necklace from Accessorize (London) }

This was Friday afternoon’s coffee meeting look at Thurlow and Robson. These sandals have been with me for a few years now, since spring 2009 when I first wore them with my Matthew Williamson for H&M peacock feather dress (seen here). I remember feeling so fabulous in that dress and these glimmering flats, actually, they’re still my go-to fabulous sandals. – And perhaps you’ve noticed that my hair is shorter, again. My last cut didn’t go as short as I’d like, though that was probably a good thing then – less shocking for me, so I had a barber cut a lot more off just this past week and I just love it. Hardly five minutes of maintenance and I’m out the door, that is my kind of hair.

With spring just around the corner (has it come? It’s hiding from us), I’ve started making changes at home to transition seasons.

{ Our Scottish wool blanket that covers the bed in winter is stored in our blanket basket, and these sequin Miu Mius have seen first light of the season just recently at the H&M Gets StyleStruck party }

{ Fresh flowers make our home feel pretty }

{ This chair has just recently been added to the bedroom from the office – I’ve finally caved and started using a more back-appropriate padded, wheely chair for my work }

{ Colourful clutches are becoming part of my regular wardrobe now as the months change, this pink Franchi sparkler was passed on to me from my sister }

{ Under the bed lie clear storage bins holding seasonal clothes – I’ve just switched winter for spring and it’s like I’ve gone shopping! There are so many pieces I’d forgotten about and am excited to see, like this heart printed BCBG Max Azria blouse }

{ Courtesy of The Cross Design, my side table has a new addition: this diamond-esque tea light holder }

{ Light lipgloss says spring to me, this is a recent purchase from Sephora held in what is meant to be a vase for the wall }

How do you transition into spring? Do you like your home to reflect the seasons?


It’s Real Housewife Wednesday kids! At my haus this means sparkling wine, girlfriends and a whole lot of glossy drama we can’t take our eyes away from. Oh yes, I am looking forward to tonight. Also on my radar right now are these fun and fanciful things from around the web:

{ Image via Honestly WTF }

 { Image via }

  • Follow Roberto Cavalli on twitter? You should. His stream has become one of the most entertaining recently, with tweets telling of his thoughts on Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs and his love life. An example:

  • Roberto Cavalli also thinks Anna has terrible style, as caught on television… Oh boy. #FashionDrama (Though, he has a point.)
  • Refinery 29 sat down with stylist Brad Goreski recently during one of his stops at Brooks Brothers’ Black Fleece stores. Find his answers to their fashion Q’s here!

{ Image via }

{ Image via The Style Spy }

  • The Style Spy covers the H&M Gets StyleStruck event here! Thanks to Meagan Hall for the write up!
  • A mid-week, rainy day quote to keep your spirits high! And also this, just because it’s true. And this as well, from Audrey Hepburn, because it’s sweet.

And that closes this week’s edition of The StyleStruck Times. I hope, as I do, you feel more fashionably learned! (Insert winky face here.)

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As shared with these images, on Tuesday morning I chatted with Breakfast Television host Jody Vance about H&M’s Conscious Collection and my then upcoming blog-in-shop, H&M Gets StyleStruck! Here is the clip!:

{ Tory Burch Foundation x FEED tote (c/o Holt Renfrew – surprise delivery tweeted here and here), Twik anarak (c/o, H&M top & denim, Christian Louboutin for DVF runway – story of how they came to be mine here, House of Leather cap (found at Park Royal) }

I’ve learned a few new fashion things this past week which I’d like to share today:

  • Tory Burch’s Tory Burch Foundation has partnered with Lauren Bush Lauren‘s co-founded FEED Projects on the festive tote above, to be available in Holt Renfrew stores on May 10, but through beginning April 30. The tote, which marries the aesthetics of the two organizations, will benefit both by giving a portion of the sales to their respective missions. The Tory Burch x FEED collaboration will retail for $50.
  • Jay Manuel, J. Alexander (or Miss J.), and Nigel Barker have not had their contracts renewed been sacked from America’s Next Top Model for cycle 19, and rumors say in their place comes the sometimes controversial blogger, Bryan Boy. Did Tyra make a good decision? I’m not certain of what I think, but if the ratings were low and they were looking for a way to spice things up, I’m not sure this was it. What do you think? Should wannabe-models be taking lessons from a self-made blogger rather than the seasoned fashion expert? Not that the two have to be mutually exclusive. Read this report on the matter from
  • Dealing with a hacked blog is a real $#@%!. This past week was undoubtedly one of the biggest weeks for this small blog, with many thanks to my friends at H&M (event images to come soon! See snaps from instagram here, here and here, and on here!), and of course this was the week I had to deal with “malware,” whatever the heck that is. I still don’t know. But it seems the issues are cleared up, and smooth blogging ahead. Thank you for being patient with me!
  • The Hunger Games is a fantastic movie, undoubtedly one of the biggest of 2012. I was having a chat recently with a very well educated fashion friend about the method of forecasting colour trends. WGSN, the leader in trend-analysis and research, she said, looks to all kinds of cultural pinpoints to determine what the next season’s hottest hues will be and noted that indeed fiery orange (of the Hunger Games flames) is a big one. This is a dot I had not quite connected (or perhaps I hadn’t given it enough thought), but I find it very interesting. Find Pantone’s Fashion Color Report here, where they name the big colours of 2012. I wonder where the others were dreamed up?

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{ Wearing: vest purchased at Wal-Mart, ohhh about ten years ago, H&M Exclusive Conscious Collection dress (c/o), Ted Baker belt, Kate Spade bag, Nine West wedges, Fossil watch, Tiffany’s bracelet, New Look crystal & embroidery thread bracelet (London), Stella & Dot ring, Armani sunnies }

Saturday the sun shone brilliantly over Vancouver, and I took my Spring outfit indoors to day two of the Make It Show. (Instagramed here, here and here). Sunday was also spent at the show, selling LOVE + MARK’D cards to people with excellent taste. (Ha.) It was a treat to meet many blog readers – thank you for coming by my booth!

This week the madness finally stops as the H&M Gets StyleStruck event festivities are over (except for the oodles of posters still living in store for the next few weeks), and the Make It Show has come to a close. Though there is still an upcoming Breakfast Television segment to be prepped, and many marketing opportunities to be had and created for the card biz. Days can never be as relaxing as you’d like when you’re your own boss. Your brain just can’t shut off, there’s always something more to do, more to plan for. So hello Monday! Work week here I come! Again.


New from LOVE + MARK’D for S/S 2012!

All of these designs are available on Etsy! More to come.

See you tonight at Pacific Centre lovelies!

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{ Pictured at Breakfast Television Vancouver with host Jody Vance. Wearing: all H&M, jacket part of the Conscious Collection }

This morning was a fabulous one. There is something so very fun and exciting about being on air at Breakfast Television, it certainly starts the day off very early on a great note. (Clip to come soon!) The models today are wearing all clothing from H&M Conscious Collection, with the exception of the denim jacket which is part of the regular collection. The neon shift dress is part of the exclusive Conscious Collection, a capsule of beautiful, more decadent pieces only available in Vancouver at the Pacific Centre store.

The anticipation for Thursday is starting to bubble up, I am so looking forward to seeing everyone and chatting fashion at the event. If you haven’t already RSVP’d, it’s not too late, just send your name into Last week I heard a few ladies were having troubles RSVPing, if this is the case, not to worry, just show the invite image on your phone at the door. The more the merrier at this party!

P.S. Emily, the PR manager, and I shopped for outfits yesterday afternoon at the Pacific Centre store for the segment and I spotted one of these… #excited

{ Wearing: Ralph Lauren Sport sweater, Jason Wu skirt, Ballin shoes (purchased in Monte Carlo), Kate Spade bag, H&M sunnies, Fossil watch }

These snaps were taken in West Vancouver yesterday after an amazing visit to the chiropractor. And a stop at Pinkberry. Mmmmmm.


Yesterday I learned that our beloved Fashion Television has come to an end after 27 years on the air. 27 years of inspiring content, insider interviews with the most talented of the talented and enough fashion to keep us dreaming until the next episode aired. I, like many, found my inspiration to be involved in fashion at a young age from Jeanne Beker. I worshipped her, I wanted to be her, still do. At first the news came as a shock, but I understood why and had wondered for some time what the health of the show was in terms of viewership. While I love Fashion Television, the channel that aired it (Fashion Television Channel – subscription based), was never up to the same standard and thus attracted a very small number of subscribers, meaning a small viewership for the show. So it was a financial decision – but still I feel Jeanne and the FT crew are leaving the party while it is still full. Today Jeanne published a look back at what her journey with FT has been like here; it is a positive remembrance of the show that changed her life.

Published yesterday in the The Globe and Mail:

Fashion news is now the same sort of cheap commodity that so much other news has become, and the taste-making outlets that helped turn it into a pillar of pop culture are being squeezed between an influx of bootstrapping bloggers and fashion houses producing their own branded content for eager, credulous consumers.

The power in fashion coverage now belongs largely to those who were not even born when Fashion Television, hosted by Jeanne Beker, first hit the air in 1985 as a series of 15-minute specials on Toronto’s downtown independent CityTV station.

Fans can now watch runway shows beamed live to their smart phones from fashion capitals around the world at the very moment magazine editors are seeing them in person. Spending tens of thousands of dollars on travel is no longer considered a smart investment when access to designers and tastemakers, which was both Fashion Television’s calling card and its currency, is now as common as base makeup.

“I remember going to the Paris runway shows 25 years ago, when hers were the only television cameras – and maybe a couple of other crews,” said Bernadette Morra, the editor-in-chief of Fashion Magazine. “But today you have a crush of people, television cameras, who are lined up to interview designers after the shows. Jeanne really pioneered that.”

But Fashion Television, which had moved to CTV, like the synthesizer-heavy 1984 tune Obsession by the New Wave band Animotion that played atop its opening credits, had become more beloved than beheld. Marooned in the Saturday night doldrums of the TV schedule, new episodes barely broke past 1,000 viewers on the show’s main home, the subscription-only Fashion Television Channel. While the show’s poor performance was due partly to the low penetration of that 11-year-old channel, which is in about 800,000 Canadian homes, a recent Sunday afternoon airing on the main CTV channel attracted a puny viewership of 171,000.

The irony of Wednesday’s announcement that the show is cancelled is that Fashion Television, which expanded to a half-hour weekly format in the fall of 1986, kicked itself into existence with the same scrappy independent spirit that is now the province of the new media outlets that have supplanted it. Ms. Beker’s assertive charm helped open doors to previously unseen redoubts, like the designer Valentino’s Paris atelier.

Its original network, CityTV, which was ruthless about using new technology to reduce the size of its crews, helped prove production could be done on the cheap. As viewers became accustomed to the new cut-rate aesthetic, the field was primed for the rise of individuals toting flip phones. Many fashion labels began to produce videos of their own shows, further squeezing the established outlets.

So now we wait and watch for what is next for our dear Jeanne Beker. Bell Media stated, “‘Ms. Beker will remain with the parent company. A spokesman said: ‘She still will be the face of fashion for Bell Media.’”

I have a real affinity for a handwritten note. Perhaps it is the feeling of paper chosen especially for you, or the special way a person’s handwriting looks so loopy on the page, or the fact that it offers a very personal moment in the midst of emails, tweets and Facebook messages. And of course, the fact that someone thought highly enough of you to take the time to write a special note, seal up the envelope, purchase a stamp and find the postbox.

I came across an article in the Toronto Star that perfectly illustrates my point for the love of a handwritten note, here is an excerpt:

“The modern love letter typed into Gmail contains fewer if any endearing spelling mistakes. There are no crossed-out words the recipient can hold up to the light to see if they can make them out. There are no idiosyncratic tilts or doodles, no way to know if the writer makes 8s in one sweeping motion or with two circles stacked one atop the other.

There’s also no indication of pace based on a frantic scrawl or careful letter formation. And unless the writer changes the font, there’s a ubiquity to every message — each note is in Times New Roman, Helvetica, Arial, whatever the default typeface.

‘Letter writing is a far more visceral thing — there’s a whole other reading into it,’ says 29-year-old Hayley Imerman, a Pal-Sac regular who is an intern in an architecture firm.

‘People not only see that those are the words that you’ve written, but they see the hands writing the words in a way. Personality comes through, emotion comes through.’”

LOVE + MARK’D was born as a means of adding a unique fabulosity to the practice of mailing a card, and since it was born the cards have gone through some maturation. I am very happy to share with you a peek at a couple of the new LOVE + MARK’D cards: (new website to quickly follow too!)

The new designs will be available online this weekend and will be available for purchase at the Make It show starting Friday, April 20th!

{ Wearing: H&M t-shirt, printed pants & sunnies, Miu Miu shoes, Kate Spade bag, Stella & Dot rings, Social Experiment ring, New Look embroidery thread bracelet, suede diamante bracelet, Tiffany’s charm bracelet }

Meet Annabelle, George and my new roommate for the next few days! We’re taking care of her for part of this week and I am so excited! I have wanted a dog since I was a kid. Of course I am a cat lover, but Annabelle is a welcome addition to our home for this week. This was Monday’s look. The day started out on the North Shore sorting out my need for a printer (printed results seen here!), and I thought, why not wear the big heels for tech-hunting? Then we decided to make our way over to Fort Langley to visit George’s sister (owner of the pup), and have lunch at the perfect cafe meets bookstore. After lunch we took Annabelle for a walk, and I sauntered through the quaint streets as if I wasn’t wearing 6″ heels.

{ Wearing: H&M men’s sweater & aviators, Twik denim (c/o, Nine West sandals (old), vintage Pierre Cardin purse, Fossil watch, leather wrap bracelet purchased from a street vendor in SoHo, NYC, leather cap from the House of Leather (found right next to a darling pair of chaps… }

On Sunday the weekend of leisure continued! My boyfriend and I met friends for brunch at the Granville Island market where we later strolled around, casually taking in all the sights – a rarity for the average Sunday. Generally there are things to do and places to be, but this Sunday was so wonderfully relaxing. The rest of our afternoon was spent getting lost in Chapters, perusing through all the books. I found a coffee table book to covet, the Jean Paul Gaultier book – see this gorgeous beaded dress I snapped from the pages.

Today there are only 9 days until the H&M Gets StyleStruck event on April 19th! I’m so excited for the evening, and I hope to see you there! Please RVSP to for your 20% discount off the regular collection and to get your name on the list!


{ BCBG Max Azria t-shirt dress, JNBY shirt dress (c/o), New Look chain necklace (purchased in London, England), Guess baguette (first bag I bought for myself at 13 for a then-staggering amount of $70 or so), Tretorn sneakers (c/o), H&M sunnies, vintage ring (purchased in NYC), Stella & Dot rings, Fossil watch }

Saturday morning was an absolutely glorious one. The sun shone so brilliantly over our fair Vancouver, giving us a much needed dose of sun-drenched happiness. As of late I’ve been on a work out kick and so like every other day this week Saturday began with forcing myself to spend 30 agonizing glorious minutes on the tread mill. Across the Lions Gate bridge we enjoyed brunch at a favorite West Vancouver spot; Savary Island Pie Company whose sidewalk was set with darling cafe tables. Sitting outside I think the sun actually kept my soy chai latte warm longer than the ceramic mug usually does! Such a relaxed day called for a comfortable relaxed outfit, hence the sneakers, which to my delight are quickly coming back into fashion (see The Row’s version and Leandra Medine’s instagram feed for her love of a flat, rubber-soled shoe: @manrepeller). After brunch we sauntered through Ambleside and found ourselves at the much-talked about Glass House boutique, owned by Jody and Mia Claman of Real Housewives of Vancouver fame. Actually, their names were already known in West Van for Claman is synonymous with fabulosity. The Glass House, (see video here of Jody in the glamorous shop), previous to being a well known boutique, was a destination for in-the-know women seeking one-of-a-kind pieces and style inspiration from Jody and Mia themselves. The store carries a vast array of dazzling designer pieces, from the Claman’s own gorgeous M.I.A. collection (worn by Jody on the show and in pre-show interviews) to Cynthia Rowley and Balmain. Much to my absolute pleasure, as I wandered around the shop Jody came in in all her fabulousness, and I don’t say that lightly. Her pale pink dress was topped with a vintage fur cap-sleeved jacket and finished with a pair of decadent black patent leather platform heels. The show’s editing does this woman a great injustice – though we knew that was coming – for she is so funny, welcoming and open. She chatted openly with us for sometime, and I must say her positive attitude and witty remarks made my day. Get your dose of Jody on Twitter! The only way to top off a day like that was to ride around the city on bikes, stopping at Cardero’s patio for a pale ale and delicious pesto, arugula and sun-dried tomato flatbread. A truly fabulous day.

{ Vancouver’s Make It show featuring gorgeous handmade creations by merchants from all over }

Saturday, April 14th: INDULGE & DANCE - By Vancouver’s SocialBites is an after-dinner event featuring some of Vancouver’s up-and-coming pastry makers in a relaxed, fun, yet mature atmosphere; the W2 Cafe and Performance Centre. Add some great 80s/90s dance music and you have an event that is one of its kind in the city! Get tickets here

Thursday, April 19th: H&M GETS STYLESTRUCK! – H&M launches its first ever blog-in-shop featuring an edited selection of key fashion pieces from the upcoming Conscious Collection. Including an exclusive collection curated by [moi!]. 6 – 9pm at Pacific Centre’s H&M store. RSVP here: who RSVP will enjoy 20% off the new the regular collection!

Friday – Sunday, April 20-22: MAKE IT! - Shop for one-of-a-kind handmade items from over 110 of Canada’s hottest urban artisans, designers & crafters (including me and my LOVE + MARK’D cards! – the new collection debuts at Make It)! Make It fuses indie shopping, a fully licensed bar and live music from up-and-coming local musicians to create a dynamic, upbeat experience! Held at the Croatian Cultural Centre. Click here for $2 off your admission!

Thursday, June 14th: LIVING EXTRAORDINARY LIVE! – Put on by Conscious Divas, Living Extraordinary Live! is an evening of inspiration featuring 12 local luminaries sharing their consciousness-raising experiences and insights to help you live your grandest vision of a conscious life. During this consciousness-raising evening, you’ll be inspired, motivated and moved to ignite the spark of creativity & inspired action within yourself. Register here!

These events are all about living well and living FABULOUSLY! I love that! See you there! 

I’ve been having a little fun on Polyvore picking out my dream Spring/Summer wardrobe. Creating looks on Polyvore is kind of like the Cher Horowitz closet (apparently there’s a real 2012 version!), but modernized, only it doesn’t tell you if things match or not – pair at your own risk! Below is what I’ve picked out as my top S/S wishlist:

For weekend shopping:The perfect weekend outfit

For brunch:

Fresh Whites

For an afternoon picnic:

Casual Afternoon

Have a fabulous weekend! 
P.S. – And don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a Social Experiment cocktail ring of your choice! 
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{ Wearing: Cynthia Rowley dress, Franchi clutch, pink necklace purchased in Cassis, France, green beaded necklace from Macy’s, Betsey Johnson shoes, H&M sunnies - these snaps were taken as the sun went down over Georgia St }

There’s nothing like a comfortable dress to make your day just a little bit easier. Dresses can be so effortless, and best of all, flattering. You know those days when the muffin top suddenly appears and in a flash your favorite jeans are despised?? I certainly do! But a casual sheath or shift dress, oh those always look good! This sheath was a sale rack find at Cynthia Rowley’s Greenwich Village store in 2008. I remember finding it, along with a sheer crystal-dotted blouse and a pale blue paillette skirt for my sister. As a lover of design, a good number of the dresses in my closet are designer (most of them come to me by way of consignment and sale racks), but a good many of them are also from the shops that provide garments for less than your average paycheck: H&M, Zara, Joe Fresh, etc. I was recently introduced to a very cute British site that sells gorgeous women’s dresses for agreeable prices. The site, features a good range of stylish going out dresses as well as casual options. I particularly want this sunny shift, how cute for a summer picnic! What’s your go-to garment when it’s one of those days?

{ Photo by Jalani Morgan }

My nerves are getting the best of me right now. Excited nerves though, this is the first *finished* image (we all like a little editing!) I’ve seen from the Toronto photo shoot and it’s here to tell you all that YOU’RE INVITED!

Won’t you please come down to H&M at Pacific Centre on April 19th for a very fabulous all-fashion event!? H&M has given me FULL REIGN OF THE STORE A PART OF THE STORE! (crazy!) I will be putting the StyleStruck stamp on a portion of the Granville room (the bit where the Granville St entrance lives), with styled mannequins featuring the gorgeous Conscious Collection and props and what not, all to give it a special flare for this first-of-its-kind event! The event promises to be fashion-blogger and media heavy, for I’ve already made my fashion friends pinky promise to clear their schedules for that evening. Because that’s what friends do! And don’t forget to RSVP dolls!

The rest of the final images will be hung in-store on April 9th… I am beyond nervous and excited about this. I asked for a little touch up courtesy to be given, I’d say that’s warranted when your picture will be hanging in a window on Granville Street. If you see them, snap a pic and tweet me! @StyleStruck

See you there!

P.S. – Check out the Conscious Collection on Facebook here


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As you’ve seen with my outfits, I am a big fan of the Social Experiment cocktail ring

{ At the penthouse suite of the Rosewood Hotel Georgia }

{ On Granville Island }

Walking along Robson St }

I am pleased to announce that with Social Experiment, I am giving away one of their gorgeous cocktail rings! And the best part is that when you win, you get to choose which ring you’d like!

I have seen these gems on all the hands of the lady bloggers here in Vancouver, and many more. These are clearly a fashion-favorite! So, how to get one for yourself?? 

  • Visit Social Experiment’s Etsy shop and comment below telling me which ring you love! (And how to get ahold of you! This is very important!)

You can also enter via Twitteror do both! Two entries is better than one entry! 

  • Tweet to me @StyleStruck and @Soc_Experiment telling us which ring you love with the hashtag #StyleStruckGiveaway
Want to know more about this Vancouver-based company and its owner, Georgia Heraty? Check out this interview she did with! 

*The giveaway is open until Tuesday, April 10th, with the winner announced on Wednesday. This giveaway is only open to Canadian residents.* Bonne chance! 

WINNER ANNOUNCED!: Congratulations to Dusty Yurkin, you have scored yourself a fabulous new Social Experiment cocktail ring! We’ll be in touch!


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Amazing how a rainy Tuesday can dampen spirits, but these shots are keeping my mood high – I am so excited for the H&M Gets StyleStruck event on April 19th! I meant to share the invitation with you all today, but that’s being held just a little while longer. Can’t wait! 

{ Behind the scenes shots taken by @GeorgeIsMIA at the Hermann & Audrey studio in Toronto }