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Dear Garance,

Merci beaucoup for taking me away, just for a little while. Garance Doré‘s Pardon My French series (started in February), brought to us in part by Net-a-Porter, is just wonderful. You get a real taste of Garance’s life and the french nuances are to die for. Enjoy this mini escape into the fabulous world of all things fashion!

Très bien, non? xo. Happy Friday! 

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We’ve done these kind of posts before, but every now and then, especially on a rainy, rainy day like today we need a reminder of why life is so grand. And maybe, if you’re feeling like it isn’t so great (we have all been there, my boyfriend’s lap has been the subject of my tears of frustration a time or two), these little items will serve as a reminder that your life is worth living as glamorously as possible – and it’s far simpler than a $30 lipstick and sky high heels.

Living glamorously really means living in a way that gives you reasons to be proud of yourself. Being proud of yourself brings confidence and confidence is the ultimate in glamour. Be proud of yourself for everything you do to make your life better, not just the big, big things that we spend too much time dwelling over like a super perfect career (no one has that, grass is always greener), and the perfect relationship (is there such a thing?). Be proud of adding these little things to your routine and life:

  • Wake up when the alarm says so ensuring you have enough time to properly prep yourself for the day. There is something amazing about starting your day feeling prepared. You’ve had time to do your hair and makeup without feeling rushed, you’ve eaten breakfast and maybe you’ve even had five minutes to scan through the latest industry news in the paper or on your iPad. Doing this will guarantee leaving the apartment with a smile on your face, because you’ll be thinking, “gosh I’m good.”
  • Write your grandparents a letter. You know how much they would love it and it really isn’t a very big effort at all, but the sense of self pride it’ll give you will feel like warm fuzzies.
  • It’s amazing how something as small as keeping your kitchen in order can make you feel like you’ve got control over your life. 
  • Host a dinner party, even a small one. We’ve just started hosting our friends over quite often, just two at a time due to the size of our apartment, and we love it. It’s so much easier to be a host than I had anticipated. Grab a two-pack of veggie spring rolls from Costco (everybody likes these), a bottle of wine and light a few candles. There, that’s all you need. A dinner party doesn’t have to mean all the fancy things it conjures up in your head (F the over-priced scalloped-edge cocktail napkins and dainty finger food on sticks), it’s just about getting your friends together to catch up. My must for entertaining? A beautiful scented candle in the bathroom, to me this is glamour. (Right now a peonie-scented L’Occitane candle lives in the w/c. The Cross Decor & Design also has a fantastic selection.)
  • Give yourself a beautiful bedside table display. It’s the last thing you see when you go to bed and the first thing you see when you wake up. And it’s so easy to pull together. Any side table will do, though I prefer our mirrored tables from Villa Beau Interiors on South Granville (best place for gorgeous, quality mirrored furniture at a fair price). I used to have a pine table and thought it looked rather lovely with silver pieces on it. Build your display with a few key items: a scented candle, a pretty picture frame, a gorgeous lamp (I get ALL of mine from HomeSense for $79 and under, and they’re all crystal – exactly like the $400 ones you see at ________), and a small jewelry bowl for taking pieces off in the evening.
  • Keep on top of global news from various industries, especially financial and political. I’m not saying aggressively learn all the intimate details of every issue, but it is so valuable to understand what is going on in the world, know how it will affect you and be able to give an opinion on it should the topic arise. A glamorous woman is a smart woman.
  • Live life in colour. Perhaps this means tying a scarf around your neck and calling it your Audrey Hepburn moment, or carrying a bright tote rather than the usual black, or purchasing flowers for your apartment on your route home. Colour makes people happy.
  • Add flowers. Insta-glamour. Particularly peonies and roses.
  • Keep an organized scheduler for all of your appointments. How chic. And it’s so fun picking them out! And then you’ll need a fab pen to go with it. #Accessory!
  • Smile. It’s your best accessory.
  • For an instant hit of fabulous at home, throw a soft, neutral blanket over the side of your couch or arm chair. There is currently a sumptuous cream throw living on our brown tweed couch and it is like giving a brown haired girl highlights. You know what that means.
  • Add texture to your home. Decorative storage baskets (mine are from London Drugs) and sheepskins (Ikea) have added some much needed layers to our apartment. (Really, extra marvelous sheepskin example here.)
  • Mailing your girlfriend a birthday card on her special day rather than the expected text. Imagine how much she’ll adore it and what it’ll mean to your friendship. It’s quite the amazing little gesture.
  • Having your stationery personalized. HELLO GLAMOUR. (I can help with this one.)
  • And always, always have a fresh coat of lipstick or gloss on. It’s that thing that instantly gives a finished look. (I am surely undone without it.)

What do you think? Realistic? Enjoyable? I think you’ll love it. (Here’s a look at an older post featuring corners of our home.) Looking for more glamorous inspiration? You’ll certainly find it here with my Pinterest For the Home pinboard!


** P.S. Have you entered the giveaway for the chic hard-case Clutches of Karma clutch??? Now that is one easy way to add a hit of gorgeous to your life. **

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been sending out carefully made packs of bespoke LOVE + MARK’D cards to friends of the biz, bloggers and people whose name I think would look fabulous in glitter. All of this time spent at the post office mailing packages has inspired a new style of card: the new social media card, featuring traditional-mail! We’ve all connected through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and blogging, now I think it’s time to connect through pretty surprises in our mail boxes and handwritten notes.

All of these new designs are customizable and are available from our Etsy store! And most popularly, are available in larger quantities for custom business designs! (For more info, please email: Now go get yourself some stamps! ;)

It’s a frustratingly wet Monday morning. So much for those cute shoes you had planned. Hellloo wellies. At least it’s a holiday and you can spend this soggy day inside a nice cafe, or perhaps browsing through a book store. And guess what else you can do?? Invest a few minutes into entering this giveaway and spend the rest of your summer looking CHIC. Hard case clutches are IT right now, and I’m particularly in love with the Clutches of Karma collection. So in love in fact, that on my recent photoshoot with Yael Cohen at the Hotel Georgia I brought along my clutch and styled it into a feminine Valentino trench coat & pink McQueen dress combination. It was gorgeous.

{ My clutch, the morning after my March 5th birthday party – would you believe all of that was inside it? }

So here’s what we’ve got for you! Clutches of Karma and I are pleased to offer you a giveaway! Enter to win one of these three clutches - you get to choose your favourite! (Kind of dying over the Ivy.) Take a shop look!

{ The Ivy }

{ The Stitch }

{ The Shakti }


  • Comment on this post telling me which clutch you’d like to win! Please leave your email address in your comment so that I may get ahold of you! Or, if you rather, you may leave your Twitter handle instead of your email address.
  • Tweet: ” I just entered to win a fabulous clutch from @ClutchesofKarma & @StyleStruck! ”
  • And for an extra entry!: Simply RT or quote my tweet about the contest: ” RT @StyleStruck Thanks to @ClutchesofKarma I’m giving away a gorgeous clutch! You’ll want one of these! ” (Copy & paste or find it on my timeline!)

Good luck you stylish reader you, yes you, the one with amazing taste. Cheers!

Note: This giveaway is open to North American residents only. Giveaway closes on Wednesday, May 23 at 9pm PST. Enter as many times as you like!

– May 24th: CONGRATULATIONS TO DILARA, OUR WINNER! (@dilaralit) And thank you to everyone who entered! –

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{ Wearing: Brooks Brothers chambray shirt, Icone gingham shirt c/o, BCBG military pants, Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes (last seen here), Guess baguette (my first branded bag, purchased at 13), The Cross Decor & Design gifted tote, Poshlocket rose gold bangles c/o, Stella & Dot gold link & spiky bracelets, Stella & Dot snake ring c/o, H&M sunnies }

These photos were taken Friday morning just before I went to meet Rae for a LOVE + MARK’D meeting at Starbucks. Which by the way, I am largely over. Starbucks serves average coffee at outrageous prices in a could-be-described-as blah environment. There is nothing special about it at all, very much unlike my preferred spots Giovane Cafe at the Fairmont Pacific Rim and Bel Cafe at the Hotel Georgia. We met purposely to discuss a marketing campaign for the card brand and were thinking of creating one with an anti-social media element to it, being that aside from a few well-intended instagram photos, our product is meant for the traditional mail system and has nothing to do with communication 2.0. I am very proud of what we came up with after spending two plus hours sitting in the Robson at Thurlow Starbucks. I must give props to Rae for being such a major part of the creative process, it’s amazing how much more innovative you can be when it is not just you circling ideas around in your own head. We are just in the beginning stages of creating the imagery to support the campaign and we hope to launch in early June. I hope you’ll support us!

Lately I’ve been playing around with my new-ish short hair, this weekend with a small-barrel curling iron. I helped a man at Starbucks who couldn’t find the right size of lid for his tall cup and afterwards he said, “thanks Marilyn.” It kinda made my day.

That put a hop in your step and make you smile. We love those things. You’ll see some of mine below. Not included, but certainly owed a mention is one of the things that makes me smile the most: this little treat.

{ Stella & Dot Renegade bracelets c/o (available here) }

{ Stella & Dot Luxor Link bracelet (available here) and Sidewinder snake ring (available here) c/o }

{ Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant Necklace (available here) c/o. Does this remind you of anything?? Well I’m a total Mad Men fan and this looks to me a lot like Joan’s pen necklace, worn in what seems like every episode. }

Yesterday I received a big box all the way from New York City. When I opened it, I couldn’t believe it. It was Christmas in May. I have been on somewhat of a shopping ban lately and these treats were just what the doctor ordered! I had been feeling like I needed to spruce up my bauble collection and these pieces are just the trick. I am so in love with the luxor link bracelet, I can’t wait to pile it on with my watch and an assortment bangles. I think I’ll do that today. I must say a major, major thank you to Stella & Dot, you made my week!

{ More custom LOVE + MARK’D work! These are due for NYC and Australia! We’re goin global! I so love creating personalized cards, and we can do anything at all. Just ask! (email: }

And the last thing that made me smile? Seeing this picture included as part of Fashion Magazine’s coverage of the Mary Katrantzou event at The Room. It was the first event I had brought Rae to and I’m glad it bore some results for my new party guest!

(Note: I started writing this last night, got distracted cooking dinner and finished it this morning.) Let’s start this Thursday night off with a song, shall we? It’s rather fitting. Sometimes life has a will of its own, one that can go very much against yours no matter how much you plan. Case in point was Tuesday morning’s planned Breakfast Television segment. In case any of you readers were watching and thinking, “hey, I thought she said she was going to be on this?” well I certainly did. But Monday morning the news broke that the show was overbooked and our fashion segment got bumped. So goes the media world. Not uncommon but definitely crushing. You shoulda seen what I had planned! Nothing particularly groundbreaking (jeans are jeans are jeans), but I did have 8 models, lots of hot denim and cute looks from Joe Fresh. But that’s life.

This week has been a rager, of sorts. It week came off of a hectic Thursday/Friday of intense pulls at our favorite department stores for the last minute Monday photoshoot, and a weekend spent in Blaine, WA for a birthday over-nighter. (Hello homemade strawberry daiquiris!) Monday morning was mad. I had an early appointment for another pull (this one high end so it was rather lovely), then dashed back home to prep a few garments, ran to and fro from Robson St back to Pacific Centre to get a few last minute items from H&M (cat eye sunglasses, black heels, a somewhat nude bathing suit – just in case), and then finally got to the Hotel Georgia where our shoot was taking place just about 10 minutes before I was due. We spent from 1pm through about 8:30pm shooting, and I’m very proud of what we accomplished. Our model looked like a glamorous, feminine, modern day James Dean in one of the shots, that was my favourite look. I can’t wait to share the pictures with you. This would be my first official styling job as part of a photo shoot. I’ve done the morning TV show, the in-store displays and store windows, but not a photo shoot before. It was serious work, let me tell you. My feet have never been so sore. (That’ll teach me not to wear cute shoes on a shoot.) Take a look!:

{ Kate Spade blue and green stone necklace, H&M flowers, cuff from Holts }

{ Our model, F Cancer‘s Yael Cohen (instagramed being prepped here) in a perfect Party Skirt in a Hotel Georgia penthouse suite }

{ H&M sunnies and necklace, Ted Baket bow belt (mine), pearls from The Bay, Kenneth Jay Lane link bracelet from Holts }

{ Yael in Pucci (available at Holts) and Louboutins with me in… not Pucci… but I was wearing Manolos! }

The majority of Tuesday was spent returning all the clothes. Our apartment had come to look like an over-flowing closet. Wednesday brought a new custom LOVE + MARK’D order from a fabulous NYC based jewelry company! I had such a ball creating their cards. (The same company that sent me these!) Life has been a big bag of mixed tricks lately. On one hand, I am thoroughly frustrated with some of my fashion-related experiences, from the underlying cattiness that exists at fashion events and between bloggers when opportunities are far and few between to the amount of comparison you can start to feel in such a small community. That being said, life has been grand with the growth of the-little-card-biz-that-could and the strength in relationships I have created with various PR reps through Vancouver, across Canada and into the States. Business relationships mean everything to me and I’m finding great pride in those that are proving longevity and friendship. I bet you can relate.

Well, that’s enough “dear diary” for now. This post was due yesterday but it’s my blog so I’m posting it today. ;)


Recently I had the pleasure of enjoying tea at the lovely Bel Cafe with the two members of Ma-Luxe, a full service team that produces high-quality, luxurious photo shoots for brides-to-be as well as glamour sessions for women not counting down the days till the big white dress. I’ve been given access to images from one of Ma-Luxe’s Victoria based glamour sessions, done at the Dunmora Estate on Saanich Inlet and I am so excited to share it with you. Marion and Lisa and their team are a creative force to be reckoned with and in their early days of business have already been flown across the continent (to NYC!!) to produce shoots. Their work is fabulous. Please enjoy images from the Dunmora Diaries glamour session!

{ Photography by Ophelia Photography }

Of course a photo shoot isn’t a photo shoot without all of the wonderful vendors who provide the necessary details, from the clothes to the location: Ophelia PhotographyCarly FlintThe Magnolia HotelAdorn AtelierBlush Bridal BoutiqueSwasion Boutique in Victoria, BC, Ooh La La CupcakesPlatinum Floral DesignsStella Haute Coiffeurs and Dunmora Estate. A note about the beautiful estate: “Dunmora is a charming, classic English Tudor-revival home that was originally built in the 1920’s and designed by renowned Architect J. C. M. Keith. The historic Saanich Inlet house has recently been the subject of a very extensive restoration. The original charm and grandeur has been retained and the home now features beamed ceilings, French doors, panelled walls, high end fittings and equipment, four fireplaces, seven bedrooms and six bathrooms.” Wow. I’ll take two please!

What I love about the mission behind Ma-Luxe’s work is that they aim to empower women to discover their confidence by cultivating their own unique look. It’s not a dress-up-fits-all approach, but much more of a be your best self approach. I can’t wait to see more from this talented team!

{ Wearing: Zara sweater, Fidelity pants, Ted Baker belt, Manolo Blahnik flats, H&M sunnies, Fossil watch, Poshlocket bangles (c/o) }

Some days you just want to say #$&% to the tight waist bands, fitted jeans and high, high heels. Those days are often Sundays. Sundays bring no fashion events, no meetings, just coffee strolls and brunch dates. And I want to enjoy brunch with my comfortable pants on, like these Fidelity cargo pants. I know you hear me when I say there is nothing worse than digging into your delicious eggs benny and mimosa only to feel like you’re about to pop the button on your trousers. You know that post-brunch shift in your chair thing, when you’re trying to get comfortable but your constricting skirt won’t allow it? Yeah, that’s the worst. We’re spending Sunday morning in Blaine as a result of an over-nighter birthday party bash at a beach house. And these pants are coming with me!

Happy brunch-day Sunday!

P.S. Many thanks to Poshlocket for the bangles, I am absolutely in LOVE with them, as seen here and here on instagram. Get yours here!

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Have you heard of Rush? Put on by the BC Lung Association, Rush is an annual race and urban scavenger hunt through the streets of Vancouver! Sounds fun right?? If I wasn’t one of your checkpoints I’d wanna be winning participating! – I can get a bit competitive. The event goes like this (official description here): teams of two run around Vancouver deciphering clues to get to their next checkpoint where they must complete a challenge. With all challenges completed, the team that crosses the finish line first wins a trip around the world! It’s ridiculously fun and for a very good cause. So what’s my part in it?? Well kids, you’re going to bump into me along the way, and I’m going to give RUSH a good dose of style in amongst those leggings and headbands! Ha. I’m SO into it!! You can read my interview on the Rush website here and more importantly, register here!

{ Wearing: Guess jacket, Diane Von Furstenburg dress, Zara shoes, Frances Cobiasia bag, Armani sunnies, rose gold bangle from Blue Ruby, the rest from a street vendor in NYC’s SoHo }

I picked this outfit for Friday’s errands: picking up denim for Tuesday’s BT segment and pulling clothes and accessories at The Bay. Rae and I left feeling great about our outfit options for Monday’s Hotel Georgia photo shoot, amongst them this and this combo!

I tend to love all of my clothes equally. Some may be designer, some high street, some on trend and some very old, but they’re all special pieces to me. I picked up this jacket in Whistler during a spring trip up the mountain when the Balmain embellish military jacket was all the rage. I still enjoy the military look and love how I can belt this right at my waist, particularly when this DVF dress billows out, as seen here in January 2011.

Now, to tend to my apartment. Which currently looks more like a closet. SO MANY CLOTHES. That are not for me. Styling is bitter sweet.

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You know I am a big, big fan of Clutches of Karma! I’m thrilled to share with you that for two days they are available as part of a pop-up shop at Jennyfleur Loves! So go visit and find yourself a gorgeous clutch! See my pick here!

{ Wearing: Cynthia Rowley dress (as tunic), Twik denim (c/o, Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes, Zara belt, Franchi clutch }

Last evening saw England’s Mary Katrantzou at The Room at The Bay downtown Vancouver. The designer gathered a big crowd and a fabulous party including fashion bloggers, socialites, clientele of The Room, journalists and photographers. Also amongst the crowd was the new addition to my StyleStruck & LOVE + MARK’D team, Rae Stevenson. Rae is a Blanche MacDonald student studying fashion merchandising and now interning with me! Actually, for all official LOVE + MARK’D biz we’ve named her “Creative + Social Media” because she does indeed take care of a lot of creative things and our social media. What did I ever do without her??

{ With Lisa Kwong and Niki Blasina (of A Haute Mess) }

Many thanks to The Bay for having us at the lovely fête, it was very much enjoyed! Now on to the rest of today:

12:30 – Pulling clothing options at The Bay with Rae for Monday’s hotel shoot.

2:30 – Male model fitting (don’t tell George… haha. I kid, I kid. Rae will be there too.)

3:00 – Creative work for LOVE + MARK’D, we’re working on an email campaign right now and I am quite excited to show you what we’ve come up with!

5:00 – I won’t want to work anymore. I will want to go play outside. Maybe I’ll go to yoga.

Recently someone asked me the age-old (annoying) question upon seeing me for the first time in quite awhile, she said: “So what are you doing lately?” But rather than let me answer, she said, “Just your blog, the cards and Breakfast Television?” I thought to myself, “just??” Why the need to insert a just in there? Three things isn’t enough? I get asked this all the darn time, so what do I do? To answer this question in general (or perhaps mostly to myself), I decided to do a post dedicated to a day in the life of me. Let’s do today:

{ From this morning. Wearing: Armani sunnies, Danier leather jacket, H&M tee }

8am  - wake up (yay the sun is shining!) and throw on a quick outfit to have my boyfriend drive me over to the Breakfast Television studios before he has to go to work. A denim brand rep left two pairs of jeans there for me for an upcoming Denim Day segment and I need them for fittings this weekend.

9:15 – Got the jeans. Oooh, pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous mint colour of the female pair (you can’t always tell what you’re going to get from a computer image). We were ahead of schedule so we popped over to Starbucks for a coffee. Or rather, George did, I can’t do coffee in the morning, it makes me cray crazy.

9:30 – My day starts with LOVE + MARK’D. I spend time carefully putting together two packages of LOVE + MARK’D cards, with cards from our latest collection and also a good dose of custom monogrammed cards. One package to Toronto, the other to a PR firm in Vancouver. This is the majority of how our marketing goes, direct mail, except it’s the kind you like. I really enjoy the packaging part of the process, from the grosgrain ribbon to the clear case for each card. Seeing a finished product of your conception is a little proud moment.

11:15 – Time to properly get dressed. I can’t dress in neutrals (unless it’s white). If I’m not wearing a sufficient amount of colour I just don’t feel very me. I choose my floral H&M pants (seen here), a white cotton tee and a pink leather jacket.

11:45 – Off to the post office. I spend a good amount of time here, soon I’ll be on a first name basis with the clerks I’m sure. And with $4.79 my packages are off to their destinations!

12:15 – Public transit. Oh yes, how I love public transit. Now, I’m not too much of a jerk about it, I do love how quick and easy the sky train and some buses can be, but sometimes there are just too many bizarre conversations and smells going on for me to be at ease. In any case, I hop on the sky train at Granville for Edmonds station.

12:35 – Arrive at Edmonds station – a meeting point for me and the PR rep from Fidelity Denim – to collect two pairs of Fidelity jeans for the BT segment. Quick chat and back on the train. I spend the travel time writing emails on my iPad. There is hardly a moment any more when I am not focused on a computer, blackberry or iPad. I send emails to some fancy designer-carrying stores – I will be styling a magazine shoot this Monday at a fabulous hotel and am in need of clothing options. Perfect: I get my confirmation on two pull appointments during the ride. Check, check! Feeelin good.

1:30 – Back home. Homemade sandwich of turkey, some sort of fancy cheese, lettuce and mayo. Marie looks on with envy so I pour her a little cream.

2:00 – More emails. They never end. This time they’re to send my mailing address to two New York based jewelry companies who want blog exposure – fun!! And more photo shoot planning.

2:30 – A male model comes by for his fitting. I’ve got him in a gorgeous kelly green knit from Joe Fresh and grey Mavi jeans. I push up his sleeves to give him that casual cool look. One fitting down, seven to go.

3:00 – I start writing this blog post. It’ll take me until about 3:40…. #writefaster

4:00 – My new intern (intern! What!? I know! I have help now, I love her. You’ll meet her tomorrow.) is coming over to work on a LOVE + MARK’D project, the mentioned styling jobs and various other related things. We’ll work until 6pm.

6:15 – Mary Katrantzou comes to The Room for a fabulous fashion event. This will be my first time bringing my intern out to an invent with me and I am very much looking forward to introducing her around. We’ll mingle, sip champagne and see the clothes…

7:15 – We’ll walk over to H&M for a pull. I LOVE pulling at H&M, it’s like being in a candy store! Luckily the shoot only calls for a handful of looks so this ones easy and there aren’t loads to carry about.

8:30 – Home. The heels come off. The day is finally over and I will try (though not likely succeed) to put my computer/iPad/blackberry down for the evening.

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Today marks the launch of the FEED x Tory Burch bags at Holt Renfrew! See Lauren Bush Lauren, CEO and founder of FEED, chatting about the bags on Canada AM this morning below.

You may have seen me post a pic or two (or three, or four) of my pink FEED bag (c/o of Holt Renfrew). I just love it. Last week I used it as a chic mail bag en route to the Post Office with an abundance of LOVE + MARK’D treats:

Me and my bag also seen here on Robson St! Which colour are you going to choose??

The other day I was browsing my closet options for last night’s The Art of Romance Jason Matlo bridal show at The Hotel Georgia. George (boyfriend) took a couple snaps as I toyed with a sequined option:

{ Wearing: H&M Conscious Collection blouse (c/o), Zara skirt, Ballin shoes, Fossil watch }

Here’s what I ended up wearing:

{ Wearing: Vintage sequin jacket, Joe Fresh silk blouse (details instagramed here), Zara trousers, Elie Tahari shoes, Franchi clutch, Fossil watch, Poshlocket bangles (c/o – also seen here) }

The event was beautiful, from the spectacular room with it’s decadent wall paper and crown moldings to the weddings dresses Jason Matlo showed. I did tote along my camera, but when I saw the talented Georgia Esporlas snapping shots, I thought, I’ll wait. No point trying to reinvent the wheel, especially when Georgia does it so well.

 And also, this:

I’ve mentioned before that at LOVE + MARK’D we do a lot of custom work. We’ve (there are two of us now! Not including our creative consultant, the cat), just finished a good number of custom “From the desk of…” sets and since we keep (some of) our clients cards private, I thought I’d show you our work via StyleStruck. See them in-store here!

Today the collection grows! Two designs have been added to the LOVE + MARK’D card offering: the neon eiffel towers and the neon lady bags! Both make a wonderful mail box surprise for your gals, they’d love you for it! Buy them here.

Also new!: LOVE + MARK’D moves on from the days of existing as a blog tab into a full grown website!

**Now available for downtown Vancouver residents only: need a last minute special occasion card? LOVE + MARK’D will deliver downtown with a minimum purchase of one set of cards (4).

Just imagine how much your pals would love to get a pretty card in the mail from you! What a friend you’d be! And we can do ‘em custom too! Whatever you want, just ask:

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{ Twik anorak (c/o – can you tell I’ve been quite into this coat as of late?), JNBY blouse (c/o), Mavi denim (c/o), Aldo sandals, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Fossil watch, H&M sunnies }

On Wednesday evening I met up with Eryne Ordel (Mavi Canada’s PR & Marketing Manager), for a drink at the fabulous Hotel Georgia‘s outdoor, fourth floor lounge Reflections. Just being there is a treat. I ordered a Cosmopolitan Daisy martini – a cosmo made with gin instead of vodka and oh my, was it ever good. I’ll definitely be going back for another one of those! I walked the few blocks home afterwards to co-host a couple friends for a movie night which meant popcorn, m&m’s, red wine and spring rolls… so much for my diet. Our movie of choice: The Count of Monte Cristo – sooo good! Do you host friends over very often? We’ve just started having people over to our new place and are really enjoying it! My key host necessities: a couple scented candles lit, one on the coffee table and one near the door to create ambiance, a great bottle of wine, blankets draped over the couch for easy access during the movie and fancy wine glasses – you know the ones.

{ VOGUE magazine, May 2012, Tech Support: The iBag – page 174 & 176 }

My boyfriend and I spent Friday night relaxing at home, a welcome evening of watching TLC and reading the latest Vogue. As I flipped through I came to an article that I really enjoyed (well a few actually, this one very much as well), about fashion following the consumers needs for their technology. It’s not exactly ground breaking, but nonetheless I found the piece clever and well written. I particularly enjoyed Natalie Massanet‘s (founder and executive chairman of Net-a-Porter) comment on the matter: “Today, Apple sneezes and out comes the Burberry Kleenex box!”

The article isn’t available online for reading, but The Daily Mail UK did quote most of it in their version of the story here.

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On Tuesday afternoon I visited Vancouver-based artist Sarah Holtom at the Waldorf Hotel to have my portrait painted. (I tweeted my outfit for the adventure here! Wearing: Zara jacket, skirt & flats, Brooks Brothers shirt) Sarah is a fantastic artist who has been painting portraits for years, with a 100 piece collection, entitled 100 Portraits of Calgary Artists, purchased and hanging in Calgary’s Glenbow Museum. Sarah has a new project now: 50 portraits in 15 days. Hosted by the Waldorf Hotel, Sarah will spending just over two weeks capturing the likeness of many notable Vancouverites, including ex-mayor Sam Sullivan. And there are still a few appointments available!

Beginning yesterday, May 3rd, oil-on-wood portraits (12×12”) will be completed in a 1-2 hour sitting in the gallery at the special rate of $250 (single) $350 (couple). Pets and children are welcome; costumes and personality are encouraged. Sarah will maintain full-time hours at the Waldorf Hotel gallery during her residency (12-7pm, Monday – Saturday) and will accept both appointments and drop-in’s, time permitting. Appointments are limited to 50 portraits.

May 3rd- May 18th – Live painting in gallery, by drop-in and appointment.
May 18th – Closing reception.
Work remains on display until May 31st.

Book appointments via: Graeme Berglund // Gallery Director -

I haven’t received an image of my completed portrait yet, but below shows the painting part way through:

{ Images by Graeme Berglund }