I suppose it’s time to say a few things. I haven’t been around in awhile. About two months ago I was hired with a large retail company. The days are early and the company is exciting: I’ve been putting the majority of my energy into my work. Starting a new job requires its own sort of work; you have to create new relationships with co-workers, figure out what the office behavioral code is, and then of course create your “office look” – which takes many after-work evenings spent at the shops trying on and dissecting various professional options. All of this has taken me two months.

But honestly, it was more than that. The blogging job and community are exhausting. After three plus years behind my computer screen creating post after post, I found I was losing what made it special in the first place. Blogging has dramatically changed over the last year and half. Before it seemed like people blogged their own unique points of view. Each one was different, from the layout to the graphics to the use of photoshop, to pictures and styling. But now, don’t so many look alike? It’s like all the blogs are working together to create the “blogger look.” We all need to have the “it” blouse that five bloggers just posted from Zara. We all need to have our nails done the same way. And while generally the latest blogger trend really isn’t my style, I would start to go along with it. Then I’d look back at my posts and think, “what the heck was that? Why did I wear that? What am I doing?!” It’s weird to me how an online peer group, of strangers no less, can deliver a sense of pressure to follow along. So I just got tired and stopped. Stopped blogging, stopped tweeting, stopped attending parties. Thank you to those who have enquired about my absence, I do appreciate it.

In terms of being a “fashion blogger,” I know I am done. My feelings towards style have changed. Dressing before was so much for the camera and for the blog. I’m more interested now in dressing purely for myself and doing it more anonymously. Though, I can’t seem to help myself from posting favourite outfit details on instagram (posted this new shoe today) – it’s mostly how fun it is to create the image that I love.

I do intend to continue blogging, though on new topics. I hope to launch that blog in late September. It’ll be a grown up StyleStruck, a blog for the curious girl who wants to know it all, and dress with designer taste.

This afternoon I was clicking through Garance’s blog and came upon this post (below). I am completely in adoration of the Parisian culture and it spoke right to me. (I am currently reading this book by Pamela Druckerman.) If I could put my above-thoughts into an analogy, I would say based on this post by Garance, I want to be the Parisian style of blogger.

And now for Garance: “Party Dressing – New York vs. Paris

“Let me say just one thing : Parisians don’t party like New Yorkers party. And vice versa. After extensive analysis, I’ve got a theory… It comes down to this:

The Parisian night is private. The New York night is public.

I had to deal with the cultural gap even before I moved to New York. It happened when, one night, I was out at the Boom Boom Room and I told a friend about my project of moving here.


And then the next day, bam. It was up on a magazine’s blog. Someone had overheard our conversation and simply reproduced it. A few hours later, it had raced around the web and I only found out because I started getting tons of texts saying things like,

“Congrats on your move to NYC, Garance!”

And that’s how a totally personal conversation that really, after thinking about it, shouldn’t interest anyone but my friends and I, became a piece of news. That’ll teach me to go have drinks at the Boom Boom Room. I was shocked !

Because that kind of thing would never happen in Paris. Those types of blogs don’t even exist there. We don’t have Page 6 (the super gossip page in the New York Post that everybody reads). Plus in Paris, the concept of Vie Privée really means something. Which isn’t to say that gossip doesn’t circulate, but it stays pretty hush hush and in smaller circles.

The night is secret. And I can tell you, lots of things happen…”

Read the rest here

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6 Responses to A NOTE

  1. Jose Reyes says:

    First of all, I want to congratulate you on your new job. I’m sure everything is going smoothly with you. I wish you luck with your new ventures and I’ll be looking forward for that new grown up StyleStruck.


  2. Miss Martinez says:

    Welcome back… I’ve missed your posts. As someone who just turned 30, I’m still trying to identify my own style and what exactly I want in life. For being much younger, seems like you have a promising career, you’re smart, entrepreneurial, confident, I adore your style. I think you’re good to go, I often keep you in mind when comes to women who inspire me. Looking forward to your new project :)

  3. Jill Lansky says:

    I admire your honesty and agree with you about the “blogging style.” Finding my own personal style is definitely something I struggle with and hearing it from someone else inspires me to really step out of the box!

  4. kole says:

    IT sounds like you made the right decision.

  5. Roxana says:

    True statement! Well pointed. As a fun act, I counted the blogs where some ladies were wearing the same pair of Zara sandals and there were about 14… Saddly, that the commerciality eclipsed the originality.

  6. Margarita says:

    Don’t you love Bringing Up Bebe? I think I’ve read it 3 times now. Don’t worry about all the other blogger trends, I usually stop reading those blogs since they all seem the same, just stay true to who you are :) cheesy, non?

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