Feels like I’ve been away for a week! Maybe because I missed blogging this past weekend, usually I’m writing or posting or planning a post each day, but 3 whole days without my computer! (Though, sometimes you need to do that!) Anyways, the majority of Saturday was spent on a bus waiting to get through US customs, (we left Vancouver at 8am but didn’t arrive in Seattle until 5pm… Brutal! Turns out all of Vancouver was headed to the States on Saturday morning), so there aren’t too many glam photos from Saturday. 

Pictured above at Pink Door. But there was a glam dinner on Saturday night! If you go to Seattle, you MUST go to Pink Door for dinner! It was a magical restaurant, better than I could have imagined and so perfect for a first night in the city. The door is hidden, unmarked in an alley near the Public Market, and when you descend the stairs down into the restaurant, you walk into a dimly lit room with light pinky peach walls that are adorned with dozens of scalloped-edged vintage mirrors and many vintage chandeliers of all sizes hanging from the ceiling. That dinner was definitely one of the best I have ever had out. Our server was wonderful, the music and ambience were just perfect and the food was amazing! Five stars. After dinner the boy and I got caught in a rain storm, which apparently appeared out of nowhere while we were enjoying our triple-layer mousse cake. So we ducked into a busy Irish bar across the alley for a drink while we waited it out. It ended up being one of the most fun nights, very impromptu and spontaneous and just right for a weekend away. 

From the top: Looking out over the harbour, (wearing a Zara jacket, Trina Turk shorts, Zara silk floral blouse, yellow pashmina, Zara leather flats, vintage Raybans and vintage Pierre Cardin snakeskin purse). Pike Place Public Market, Tommy outside the market with a carriage horse, fresh peonies inside the market.

Sunday morning was spent eating a decadent breakfast of eggs benedict with crab cakes at Boka, the restaurant adjacent to our hotel, Hotel 1000. Afterwards we wandered through some fine home stores nearby, (Tommy really is a girl’s dream when travelling, if we pass a shop he knows I might like to go into, he takes me in and then sits in the designated “boyfriend chair” while I try things on. I hope he knows how much I appreciate his patience, especially when my “ten minutes” usually turns into more like 30, or 40 minutes…), and then walked over to Nordstrom Rack, (where all of the discounted designer Nordstrom merchandise go). I’d been talking about wanting to go there for weeks, and after much searching through the racks, it did not disappoint! I left the store with a pair of dark Sevens with rhinestones on the pocket for a third of the retail price, a pair of white Trina Turk jean shorts and a Jason Wu pleated silk skirt which was marked down from $1650 to $100. That’s a savings of $1550. (WHO WOULD PAY $1650 FOR A SKIRT?!) For lunch we visited McCormick and Smicks, a popular seafood restaurant that has about 85 stores across the country. I tried an oyster, I don’t know why, but I was feeling optimistic and adventurous and so I slid a fresh, or raw, oyster into my mouth. Ewwww. Never again. But the salmon burger was delish! Afterwards we went to the market, a very popular Sunday destination. (Pictures above, and below). 

After the market we wandered over to the actual Nordstrom department store where I found a charming pink Tasha bib-style necklace made of pink ribbon, lace and beads. Very pretty, and conveniently it went perfectly with my outfit for dinner on Sunday night, or maybe I planned my outfit around the necklace.

Monday was our last day in Seattle so we really made it count. We did a big walk downtown, visiting a number of shops including Barneys, Victoria’s Secret and a FABULOUS designer consignment shop that Tommy spotted where I found a white eyelet Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress, that just like my other DVF wrap dress, I swear was made for me. It was like heaven in a dressing room, that moment when you really like an item and reeaally want it to fit and work for you, and then IT DOES! Oh happy day. We went back to the Public Market again for delicious freshly-baked Nutella-covered crumpets, looked through a vintage book store and finally drank a mango cosmo, (me) and a pale ale, (Tommy) at Boka before packing up our bags and getting into a taxi destined for the bus depot. It really was a wonderful weekend away of exploring and relaxing.

(Above, wearing: Zara jacket, Guess army jacket, black Target tank top, vintage necklace, white Sirens jeans, Coach wedges and a giant Cole Haan black leather bag).

Sad to say goodbye to Seattle! Now back to Vancouver life, I’m accompanying my friend Steph to a tattoo appointment this afternoon. Never mind that needles make me squirm. 

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  1. gry says:

    I really enjoy your site ! Nice article. Thanks for share :)

  2. Colene says:

    designer consignment store?? where is that?

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