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Have I mentioned lately that I’ve been working on a new blog?? I’m so happy to finally share it after weeks and weeks of putting it together. Two is my new online home, and one that I feel much better represents me. The look is truer to my aesthetic, as are the style shots and posts. I hope you’ll continue to follow my sartorial adventures on this new site – I think you’ll find it to be a more interesting blog read. will continue to live here, but will not display anymore new content. All older content will remain and will be visible to readers. (I can’t erase the past!)


Now go see what all my fussing is about!:

Also changed: 

Twitter: @StyleStruck is now @OliviaLovenmark

Instagram: @StyleStruck is now @OliviaLovenmark

See you there! 

*** See me and a slew of other Vancouver fashion bloggers this coming Friday at the Vancouver Home & Design Show! ***

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Wearing: Sweater (brand unknown), Old Navy t-shirt with sequined number, Zara belt & denim, J. Crew flats, Lauren Ralph Lauren bracelet, vintage Ray Bans

Saturday brought with it my first pumpkin spice latte of the season! Mmmm. Decadent! My boyfriend and I walked down Robson St. to Chapters for a lazy Saturday morning (spotted the first issue of CR Fashion Book there! I didn’t buy, I’m not quite sold yet but I suspect you fashion lovers will be interested in flipping through!), before spending the afternoon at Stanley Park’s Brockton Oval for a rugby game!

I’ve recently had my hair cut quite a bit shorter (by Mark McLeod at Kore Salon in Sinclair Centre), and am now reconsidering the colour, hence the roots! I’m leaning towards a more natural, honey blonde. I figure it’s short, I may as well play around with it before I begin growing it out again!

What else is new? Earlier on Saturday morning just before our meander down Robson St., I hosted a small film crew at our apartment on behalf of Park Royal who were filming a short video for the Vancouver Home and Design Show! This Friday the video will be aired along with those featuring a few other Vancouver style bloggers! I haven’t seen even a clip of the tape we shot, so I’m a little nervous!

See you at the Home and Design Show!


1 – Pine cone candles from The Hudson’s Bay, wooden tray by Urban Barn, books from Louis Vuitton and Chapters, 2 – pillow from The Hudson’s Bay Co, West Elm lamp, Villa Beau Interiors mirrored table

Tomorrow morning a small film crew will be coming to our home to capture our taste for interior design and my taste for all things clothing and accoutrements. The camera will be at our home on behalf of the Vancouver Home + Design Show, who, in collaboration with Park Royal, is putting on the first Style Friday Fashion Show on October 12th featuring local style bloggers. The short segment will be shared at the show, and then on my soon-to-be-launched new blog! I can not wait to share it with you, but there is still much work to be done!

Like my nails… Vacuuming… Dusting… Those mirrored tables show everything!

Que Porter?! 

P.S. When my boyfriend came home, I very excitedly showed him the new candles I purchased today that are now proudly displayed on our wooden tray. It wasn’t until later in the evening when he was looking for a wick on the mini pumpkin did I realize he thought I’d purchased three different candles… Aww. #HadToShare

P.P.S. I’ve recently subscribed to Vogue Paris and considering my ambition to become fluent in French, I couldn’t be more excited to receive my first issue in the mail! Still have to get my hands on the September issue featuring Garance Dore though… J’aime la langue! 

Wearing: Zara trench coat, Rachel Rachel Roy top (c/o), Rachel Rachel Roy skirt (c/o), Zara heels, Clutches of Karma clutch (c/o), Fossil necklace, shades of moss and forest green nail colour by Joe Fresh and makeup by NARS. (I spent a good amount of time relaxed, sitting in a chair in The Bay’s cosmetics department as a pretty Australian make up artist – with freckles I could only dream of – gave me my new look yesterday afternoon. It was heaven. I took (paid) a few of the NARS products home too!)

Last night The Bay Downtown Vancouver hosted special guest Rachel Roy to their second floor White Space for a signing and informal fashion presentation. The space was packed, Rachel clearly draws a crowd. Her Canadian PR forces were kind enough to offer to dress a few of us bloggers, this being the outfit I chose. I love a girl who appreciates chic casual wear! I may wear the top and skirt (with sporty sport-luxe wedges and a sweater), to Vancouver Rowing Club’s rugby festivities today in Stanley Park. Chartreuse would really work with the field.

See it first on instagram.

Wearing: cuffed Joe Fresh cream cords (with a cream silk blouse), and navy silk and mesh Pauline heels by Charlotte Olympia (Find Charlottle Olympia at The Room at The Hudson’s Bay Co)

These towering heels and their most perfect accoutrement (hello pom!) accompanied me (or took me), to Vancouver’s Yaletown for a light salad sprinkled with prawns, a cosmopolitan, and a date. Well done Ms. Olympia.

On the walk home (walk!?) we stopped at a glamourous little ice cream parlor (7-11) for a most decadent treat (chocolate-and-nut-dipped ice cream on a stick). I loved every minute of it.

à bientôt.

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The ADR X H&M collab has given us a little “Fashion Shower” video to really get into the gold-covered, accessory-crazed, crazy fashion world that is ADR. Complete with full set of Fashion Rules from the lady herself.

Viral videos are a brilliant strategy on the part of retailers: they really deliver the lifestyle and essence of the brand and they provide fab content to be shared across a multitude (I almost took it to plethera) of platforms. There have been some vids that I have swooned over (the latest from Dior, this one by Hoss featuring Elin Kling), but Ms. Dello Russo is just too much for me. I have already shared that neutrals have me in a firm fashiony lock and in comparison to the elegant, rich looking smooth leathers and simply sumptuous fabrics that Fall brings (burgundy suede anyone?), Anna is just kind of giving me crazy. Remember that line from Sex and the City when Carries shares her financial troubles with her friends saying that all of her money has gone into her shoes rather than a apartment? She said, “I’ll be the old woman who lived in her shoes!” (Just in case: that’s in reference to the Old Woman Who Lived In a Shoe nursery story since Carrie invested heavily in designer footwear.) Well, that’s the vision I have of this woman, except we know she can’t possibly have financial problems to speak of.

On the other hand, hats off to H&M for capitalizing on her current mega-popularity status as one of the “street fashion” (HA! More like Street-Elablorate-Production-With Weeks-of-Fashion-Planning – Don’t tell me you just thought of those feather plumes this morning) it thing.

Having said all of that, I still think this little video is interesting and worth sharing. Hope you enjoyed those two and a half minutes of your life.

Hey, speaking of H&M and Elin Kling, check out the below cute short video featuring a Day in the Life of Elin Kling:

Time to comment: Tell me what you thought!

You have, I’m sure. If you comb through Tommy Ton‘s brilliant images after each fashion week, dissecting what sartorial choices each Parisian and New York editor (unanimously my style inspiration comes from these women) have made during the seven or so days as I do, you’ve seen the above cropped photos I posted earlier today on instagram and twitter. But still, a great inspiration shot lasts for seasons, as do the pieces above. I’ve been enamored with the fashiony athletic cap for two seasons now (seen here and here), black skinny jeans are hardly a standout piece, except when worn by the French – four at a time and military green certainly is a mainstay for all of us. I don’t even have to say anything about the staple camel coat. Somehow these pieces feel so fresh to me for Fall 2012. Maybe it’s because we’ve been absolutely over-saturated and bombarded with all things saccharine over the past year: from layers upon layers of tea-time-in-the-garden-like floral prints to cupcake icing-colored striped tees and a nearly obnoxious take over by polka dots to a wrist full of summery pastel braided bracelets. Fashion has been a veritable candy land, and I am so ready for something of a more savoury variety: neutral wools in deep burgundies, camels and forest green, plush corduroys in black and brown and chunky knits in dove grey, navy and cream. Doesn’t it just sound delicious? And rather than the now-typical colorful platform pump as the go-to shoe, let’s give ourselves a healthy dose of street footwear: the updated sneaker à la Isabel Marantwhich I’ve been coveting since first arrival.

Fall can’t come any sooner in my books, I adore the collegiate feel of the cool weather; a good excuse to purchase a pair of tortoiseshell framed eyeglasses and take up a new hobby. I intend to delve a little deeper into a partially-learned language (as to be expected, I plan to study French).

What makes Fall fabulous for you? And what inspirations do you follow in the colder months?

Are you onto Vogue’s 5 days, 5 looks, 1 girl feature yet? I’m constantly checking in to see if they’ve posted the latest installment. This one features Simone Tetteh, Vogue’s Bookings Associate. The majority of their features (as with the women they feature and have write for them in the print mag) are generally wealthy WASP types. Their shoes are Balenciaga, their candles designer and their hair impeccably groomed. Of course I enjoy reading about these crazy Upper East Side lifestyles, it’s certainly a whole world away from life here, but it is indeed a breath of fresh air to see a girl in denim coveralls and toting a longboard around Manhattan. What would be even better than a look at her wardrobe, is a sharing of what her life is like and how she came to work for Vogue. Not under Anna’s watch.

P.S. I opened the mail box today to find my first online shopping purchase delivered! I’ve purchased online of course, books from the Apple store, materials for the card biz, but never a pretty piece of clothing! Asos, you’ve made me so happy! This is a bit addictive…

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I suppose it’s time to say a few things. I haven’t been around in awhile. About two months ago I was hired with a large retail company. The days are early and the company is exciting: I’ve been putting the majority of my energy into my work. Starting a new job requires its own sort of work; you have to create new relationships with co-workers, figure out what the office behavioral code is, and then of course create your “office look” – which takes many after-work evenings spent at the shops trying on and dissecting various professional options. All of this has taken me two months.

But honestly, it was more than that. The blogging job and community are exhausting. After three plus years behind my computer screen creating post after post, I found I was losing what made it special in the first place. Blogging has dramatically changed over the last year and half. Before it seemed like people blogged their own unique points of view. Each one was different, from the layout to the graphics to the use of photoshop, to pictures and styling. But now, don’t so many look alike? It’s like all the blogs are working together to create the “blogger look.” We all need to have the “it” blouse that five bloggers just posted from Zara. We all need to have our nails done the same way. And while generally the latest blogger trend really isn’t my style, I would start to go along with it. Then I’d look back at my posts and think, “what the heck was that? Why did I wear that? What am I doing?!” It’s weird to me how an online peer group, of strangers no less, can deliver a sense of pressure to follow along. So I just got tired and stopped. Stopped blogging, stopped tweeting, stopped attending parties. Thank you to those who have enquired about my absence, I do appreciate it.

In terms of being a “fashion blogger,” I know I am done. My feelings towards style have changed. Dressing before was so much for the camera and for the blog. I’m more interested now in dressing purely for myself and doing it more anonymously. Though, I can’t seem to help myself from posting favourite outfit details on instagram (posted this new shoe today) – it’s mostly how fun it is to create the image that I love.

I do intend to continue blogging, though on new topics. I hope to launch that blog in late September. It’ll be a grown up StyleStruck, a blog for the curious girl who wants to know it all, and dress with designer taste.

This afternoon I was clicking through Garance’s blog and came upon this post (below). I am completely in adoration of the Parisian culture and it spoke right to me. (I am currently reading this book by Pamela Druckerman.) If I could put my above-thoughts into an analogy, I would say based on this post by Garance, I want to be the Parisian style of blogger.

And now for Garance: “Party Dressing – New York vs. Paris

“Let me say just one thing : Parisians don’t party like New Yorkers party. And vice versa. After extensive analysis, I’ve got a theory… It comes down to this:

The Parisian night is private. The New York night is public.

I had to deal with the cultural gap even before I moved to New York. It happened when, one night, I was out at the Boom Boom Room and I told a friend about my project of moving here.


And then the next day, bam. It was up on a magazine’s blog. Someone had overheard our conversation and simply reproduced it. A few hours later, it had raced around the web and I only found out because I started getting tons of texts saying things like,

“Congrats on your move to NYC, Garance!”

And that’s how a totally personal conversation that really, after thinking about it, shouldn’t interest anyone but my friends and I, became a piece of news. That’ll teach me to go have drinks at the Boom Boom Room. I was shocked !

Because that kind of thing would never happen in Paris. Those types of blogs don’t even exist there. We don’t have Page 6 (the super gossip page in the New York Post that everybody reads). Plus in Paris, the concept of Vie Privée really means something. Which isn’t to say that gossip doesn’t circulate, but it stays pretty hush hush and in smaller circles.

The night is secret. And I can tell you, lots of things happen…”

Read the rest here

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Surely you have already seen this. I first saw it a few weeks ago when I shared this still on instagram, and have watched it numerous times since. This branding couldn’t be better. What a perfect marriage of French history for Dior and modernity. The model is also pitch perfect, if only to be able to capture that look she gives, it’s so subtle yet so strong at once.

So there’s this fabulous city-wide activity going on today… and it seems I may have something to do with it. I know some of you are looking for a clue about one of your checkpoints, so here it is:

I’ll be spending some time this morning at a popular denim store in one of Vancouver’s busiest neighbourhoods… I may or may not be at Mavi…

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It’s been awhile! Life has taken a turn, things have changed! I look forward to sharing this all with you and updating you on what is to come for These past few weeks I’ve needed a break, though I never meant to stop blogging! But I did, and now I’m back!

Things to come, I hope you’ll stay tuned.



Dear Garance,

Merci beaucoup for taking me away, just for a little while. Garance Doré‘s Pardon My French series (started in February), brought to us in part by Net-a-Porter, is just wonderful. You get a real taste of Garance’s life and the french nuances are to die for. Enjoy this mini escape into the fabulous world of all things fashion!

Très bien, non? xo. Happy Friday! 

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We’ve done these kind of posts before, but every now and then, especially on a rainy, rainy day like today we need a reminder of why life is so grand. And maybe, if you’re feeling like it isn’t so great (we have all been there, my boyfriend’s lap has been the subject of my tears of frustration a time or two), these little items will serve as a reminder that your life is worth living as glamorously as possible – and it’s far simpler than a $30 lipstick and sky high heels.

Living glamorously really means living in a way that gives you reasons to be proud of yourself. Being proud of yourself brings confidence and confidence is the ultimate in glamour. Be proud of yourself for everything you do to make your life better, not just the big, big things that we spend too much time dwelling over like a super perfect career (no one has that, grass is always greener), and the perfect relationship (is there such a thing?). Be proud of adding these little things to your routine and life:

  • Wake up when the alarm says so ensuring you have enough time to properly prep yourself for the day. There is something amazing about starting your day feeling prepared. You’ve had time to do your hair and makeup without feeling rushed, you’ve eaten breakfast and maybe you’ve even had five minutes to scan through the latest industry news in the paper or on your iPad. Doing this will guarantee leaving the apartment with a smile on your face, because you’ll be thinking, “gosh I’m good.”
  • Write your grandparents a letter. You know how much they would love it and it really isn’t a very big effort at all, but the sense of self pride it’ll give you will feel like warm fuzzies.
  • It’s amazing how something as small as keeping your kitchen in order can make you feel like you’ve got control over your life. 
  • Host a dinner party, even a small one. We’ve just started hosting our friends over quite often, just two at a time due to the size of our apartment, and we love it. It’s so much easier to be a host than I had anticipated. Grab a two-pack of veggie spring rolls from Costco (everybody likes these), a bottle of wine and light a few candles. There, that’s all you need. A dinner party doesn’t have to mean all the fancy things it conjures up in your head (F the over-priced scalloped-edge cocktail napkins and dainty finger food on sticks), it’s just about getting your friends together to catch up. My must for entertaining? A beautiful scented candle in the bathroom, to me this is glamour. (Right now a peonie-scented L’Occitane candle lives in the w/c. The Cross Decor & Design also has a fantastic selection.)
  • Give yourself a beautiful bedside table display. It’s the last thing you see when you go to bed and the first thing you see when you wake up. And it’s so easy to pull together. Any side table will do, though I prefer our mirrored tables from Villa Beau Interiors on South Granville (best place for gorgeous, quality mirrored furniture at a fair price). I used to have a pine table and thought it looked rather lovely with silver pieces on it. Build your display with a few key items: a scented candle, a pretty picture frame, a gorgeous lamp (I get ALL of mine from HomeSense for $79 and under, and they’re all crystal – exactly like the $400 ones you see at ________), and a small jewelry bowl for taking pieces off in the evening.
  • Keep on top of global news from various industries, especially financial and political. I’m not saying aggressively learn all the intimate details of every issue, but it is so valuable to understand what is going on in the world, know how it will affect you and be able to give an opinion on it should the topic arise. A glamorous woman is a smart woman.
  • Live life in colour. Perhaps this means tying a scarf around your neck and calling it your Audrey Hepburn moment, or carrying a bright tote rather than the usual black, or purchasing flowers for your apartment on your route home. Colour makes people happy.
  • Add flowers. Insta-glamour. Particularly peonies and roses.
  • Keep an organized scheduler for all of your appointments. How chic. And it’s so fun picking them out! And then you’ll need a fab pen to go with it. #Accessory!
  • Smile. It’s your best accessory.
  • For an instant hit of fabulous at home, throw a soft, neutral blanket over the side of your couch or arm chair. There is currently a sumptuous cream throw living on our brown tweed couch and it is like giving a brown haired girl highlights. You know what that means.
  • Add texture to your home. Decorative storage baskets (mine are from London Drugs) and sheepskins (Ikea) have added some much needed layers to our apartment. (Really, extra marvelous sheepskin example here.)
  • Mailing your girlfriend a birthday card on her special day rather than the expected text. Imagine how much she’ll adore it and what it’ll mean to your friendship. It’s quite the amazing little gesture.
  • Having your stationery personalized. HELLO GLAMOUR. (I can help with this one.)
  • And always, always have a fresh coat of lipstick or gloss on. It’s that thing that instantly gives a finished look. (I am surely undone without it.)

What do you think? Realistic? Enjoyable? I think you’ll love it. (Here’s a look at an older post featuring corners of our home.) Looking for more glamorous inspiration? You’ll certainly find it here with my Pinterest For the Home pinboard!


** P.S. Have you entered the giveaway for the chic hard-case Clutches of Karma clutch??? Now that is one easy way to add a hit of gorgeous to your life. **

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been sending out carefully made packs of bespoke LOVE + MARK’D cards to friends of the biz, bloggers and people whose name I think would look fabulous in glitter. All of this time spent at the post office mailing packages has inspired a new style of card: the new social media card, featuring traditional-mail! We’ve all connected through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and blogging, now I think it’s time to connect through pretty surprises in our mail boxes and handwritten notes.

All of these new designs are customizable and are available from our Etsy store! And most popularly, are available in larger quantities for custom business designs! (For more info, please email: Now go get yourself some stamps! ;)

It’s a frustratingly wet Monday morning. So much for those cute shoes you had planned. Hellloo wellies. At least it’s a holiday and you can spend this soggy day inside a nice cafe, or perhaps browsing through a book store. And guess what else you can do?? Invest a few minutes into entering this giveaway and spend the rest of your summer looking CHIC. Hard case clutches are IT right now, and I’m particularly in love with the Clutches of Karma collection. So in love in fact, that on my recent photoshoot with Yael Cohen at the Hotel Georgia I brought along my clutch and styled it into a feminine Valentino trench coat & pink McQueen dress combination. It was gorgeous.

{ My clutch, the morning after my March 5th birthday party – would you believe all of that was inside it? }

So here’s what we’ve got for you! Clutches of Karma and I are pleased to offer you a giveaway! Enter to win one of these three clutches - you get to choose your favourite! (Kind of dying over the Ivy.) Take a shop look!

{ The Ivy }

{ The Stitch }

{ The Shakti }


  • Comment on this post telling me which clutch you’d like to win! Please leave your email address in your comment so that I may get ahold of you! Or, if you rather, you may leave your Twitter handle instead of your email address.
  • Tweet: ” I just entered to win a fabulous clutch from @ClutchesofKarma & @StyleStruck! ”
  • And for an extra entry!: Simply RT or quote my tweet about the contest: ” RT @StyleStruck Thanks to @ClutchesofKarma I’m giving away a gorgeous clutch! You’ll want one of these! ” (Copy & paste or find it on my timeline!)

Good luck you stylish reader you, yes you, the one with amazing taste. Cheers!

Note: This giveaway is open to North American residents only. Giveaway closes on Wednesday, May 23 at 9pm PST. Enter as many times as you like!

– May 24th: CONGRATULATIONS TO DILARA, OUR WINNER! (@dilaralit) And thank you to everyone who entered! –

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{ Wearing: Brooks Brothers chambray shirt, Icone gingham shirt c/o, BCBG military pants, Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes (last seen here), Guess baguette (my first branded bag, purchased at 13), The Cross Decor & Design gifted tote, Poshlocket rose gold bangles c/o, Stella & Dot gold link & spiky bracelets, Stella & Dot snake ring c/o, H&M sunnies }

These photos were taken Friday morning just before I went to meet Rae for a LOVE + MARK’D meeting at Starbucks. Which by the way, I am largely over. Starbucks serves average coffee at outrageous prices in a could-be-described-as blah environment. There is nothing special about it at all, very much unlike my preferred spots Giovane Cafe at the Fairmont Pacific Rim and Bel Cafe at the Hotel Georgia. We met purposely to discuss a marketing campaign for the card brand and were thinking of creating one with an anti-social media element to it, being that aside from a few well-intended instagram photos, our product is meant for the traditional mail system and has nothing to do with communication 2.0. I am very proud of what we came up with after spending two plus hours sitting in the Robson at Thurlow Starbucks. I must give props to Rae for being such a major part of the creative process, it’s amazing how much more innovative you can be when it is not just you circling ideas around in your own head. We are just in the beginning stages of creating the imagery to support the campaign and we hope to launch in early June. I hope you’ll support us!

Lately I’ve been playing around with my new-ish short hair, this weekend with a small-barrel curling iron. I helped a man at Starbucks who couldn’t find the right size of lid for his tall cup and afterwards he said, “thanks Marilyn.” It kinda made my day.

That put a hop in your step and make you smile. We love those things. You’ll see some of mine below. Not included, but certainly owed a mention is one of the things that makes me smile the most: this little treat.

{ Stella & Dot Renegade bracelets c/o (available here) }

{ Stella & Dot Luxor Link bracelet (available here) and Sidewinder snake ring (available here) c/o }

{ Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant Necklace (available here) c/o. Does this remind you of anything?? Well I’m a total Mad Men fan and this looks to me a lot like Joan’s pen necklace, worn in what seems like every episode. }

Yesterday I received a big box all the way from New York City. When I opened it, I couldn’t believe it. It was Christmas in May. I have been on somewhat of a shopping ban lately and these treats were just what the doctor ordered! I had been feeling like I needed to spruce up my bauble collection and these pieces are just the trick. I am so in love with the luxor link bracelet, I can’t wait to pile it on with my watch and an assortment bangles. I think I’ll do that today. I must say a major, major thank you to Stella & Dot, you made my week!

{ More custom LOVE + MARK’D work! These are due for NYC and Australia! We’re goin global! I so love creating personalized cards, and we can do anything at all. Just ask! (email: }

And the last thing that made me smile? Seeing this picture included as part of Fashion Magazine’s coverage of the Mary Katrantzou event at The Room. It was the first event I had brought Rae to and I’m glad it bore some results for my new party guest!

(Note: I started writing this last night, got distracted cooking dinner and finished it this morning.) Let’s start this Thursday night off with a song, shall we? It’s rather fitting. Sometimes life has a will of its own, one that can go very much against yours no matter how much you plan. Case in point was Tuesday morning’s planned Breakfast Television segment. In case any of you readers were watching and thinking, “hey, I thought she said she was going to be on this?” well I certainly did. But Monday morning the news broke that the show was overbooked and our fashion segment got bumped. So goes the media world. Not uncommon but definitely crushing. You shoulda seen what I had planned! Nothing particularly groundbreaking (jeans are jeans are jeans), but I did have 8 models, lots of hot denim and cute looks from Joe Fresh. But that’s life.

This week has been a rager, of sorts. It week came off of a hectic Thursday/Friday of intense pulls at our favorite department stores for the last minute Monday photoshoot, and a weekend spent in Blaine, WA for a birthday over-nighter. (Hello homemade strawberry daiquiris!) Monday morning was mad. I had an early appointment for another pull (this one high end so it was rather lovely), then dashed back home to prep a few garments, ran to and fro from Robson St back to Pacific Centre to get a few last minute items from H&M (cat eye sunglasses, black heels, a somewhat nude bathing suit – just in case), and then finally got to the Hotel Georgia where our shoot was taking place just about 10 minutes before I was due. We spent from 1pm through about 8:30pm shooting, and I’m very proud of what we accomplished. Our model looked like a glamorous, feminine, modern day James Dean in one of the shots, that was my favourite look. I can’t wait to share the pictures with you. This would be my first official styling job as part of a photo shoot. I’ve done the morning TV show, the in-store displays and store windows, but not a photo shoot before. It was serious work, let me tell you. My feet have never been so sore. (That’ll teach me not to wear cute shoes on a shoot.) Take a look!:

{ Kate Spade blue and green stone necklace, H&M flowers, cuff from Holts }

{ Our model, F Cancer‘s Yael Cohen (instagramed being prepped here) in a perfect Party Skirt in a Hotel Georgia penthouse suite }

{ H&M sunnies and necklace, Ted Baket bow belt (mine), pearls from The Bay, Kenneth Jay Lane link bracelet from Holts }

{ Yael in Pucci (available at Holts) and Louboutins with me in… not Pucci… but I was wearing Manolos! }

The majority of Tuesday was spent returning all the clothes. Our apartment had come to look like an over-flowing closet. Wednesday brought a new custom LOVE + MARK’D order from a fabulous NYC based jewelry company! I had such a ball creating their cards. (The same company that sent me these!) Life has been a big bag of mixed tricks lately. On one hand, I am thoroughly frustrated with some of my fashion-related experiences, from the underlying cattiness that exists at fashion events and between bloggers when opportunities are far and few between to the amount of comparison you can start to feel in such a small community. That being said, life has been grand with the growth of the-little-card-biz-that-could and the strength in relationships I have created with various PR reps through Vancouver, across Canada and into the States. Business relationships mean everything to me and I’m finding great pride in those that are proving longevity and friendship. I bet you can relate.

Well, that’s enough “dear diary” for now. This post was due yesterday but it’s my blog so I’m posting it today. ;)


Recently I had the pleasure of enjoying tea at the lovely Bel Cafe with the two members of Ma-Luxe, a full service team that produces high-quality, luxurious photo shoots for brides-to-be as well as glamour sessions for women not counting down the days till the big white dress. I’ve been given access to images from one of Ma-Luxe’s Victoria based glamour sessions, done at the Dunmora Estate on Saanich Inlet and I am so excited to share it with you. Marion and Lisa and their team are a creative force to be reckoned with and in their early days of business have already been flown across the continent (to NYC!!) to produce shoots. Their work is fabulous. Please enjoy images from the Dunmora Diaries glamour session!

{ Photography by Ophelia Photography }

Of course a photo shoot isn’t a photo shoot without all of the wonderful vendors who provide the necessary details, from the clothes to the location: Ophelia PhotographyCarly FlintThe Magnolia HotelAdorn AtelierBlush Bridal BoutiqueSwasion Boutique in Victoria, BC, Ooh La La CupcakesPlatinum Floral DesignsStella Haute Coiffeurs and Dunmora Estate. A note about the beautiful estate: “Dunmora is a charming, classic English Tudor-revival home that was originally built in the 1920’s and designed by renowned Architect J. C. M. Keith. The historic Saanich Inlet house has recently been the subject of a very extensive restoration. The original charm and grandeur has been retained and the home now features beamed ceilings, French doors, panelled walls, high end fittings and equipment, four fireplaces, seven bedrooms and six bathrooms.” Wow. I’ll take two please!

What I love about the mission behind Ma-Luxe’s work is that they aim to empower women to discover their confidence by cultivating their own unique look. It’s not a dress-up-fits-all approach, but much more of a be your best self approach. I can’t wait to see more from this talented team!