{ Wearing: Tevrow + Chase jacket, Zara cardigan & bag, H&M t-shirt, Aldo accessories necklace, JNBY pants (c/o), Michael Kors boots, New Era Yankees cap }

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5 Responses to CAPPED

  1. Love the leopard touch on your handbag!

  2. Really loving caps at the moment! Though I am yet to find a decent one over here in Australia. I also really love your bag. Great styling :)

  3. From Concern says:

    I agree with Jane Doe – your style is stuck, StyleStuck. You are so chained to names, fashion house, and trend. A one trick pony you are. It’s embarassing that anyone would back you or ask you to design anything. You are the little sister who raids the trendier big sis’ closet. Time to rethink, no?

  4. Jane Doe says:

    You look like a soccer mom here, especially with those heels. I like the concept but you should try and update your look.

  5. I really like the mix with the classy and sporty style!
    Looks really really great!

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