It’s been awhile! Life has taken a turn, things have changed! I look forward to sharing this all with you and updating you on what is to come for These past few weeks I’ve needed a break, though I never meant to stop blogging! But I did, and now I’m back!

Things to come, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


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4 Responses to CHANGES

  1. eimear says:

    I’m loving your blog.
    Just started following you as I’m moving to Canada for a year and trying to familirise myself with Canada’s fashion world.

    I’m an aspiring fashion stylist hoping to reside in either Vancouver/toronto? or wherever fashion takes me.

    just wondering if you have any advice for me when I get there? Like where to pull clothes, best places to live etc. I like to be prepared.

    Hope you can help!

    Eimear x

  2. Ann-Catrin says:

    I’m so happy that I found your blog and you continue sharing your photos and stunning outfits with us!

    Love from Germany!

  3. Ange says:

    glad your back :)

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