Are you onto Vogue’s 5 days, 5 looks, 1 girl feature yet? I’m constantly checking in to see if they’ve posted the latest installment. This one features Simone Tetteh, Vogue’s Bookings Associate. The majority of their features (as with the women they feature and have write for them in the print mag) are generally wealthy WASP types. Their shoes are Balenciaga, their candles designer and their hair impeccably groomed. Of course I enjoy reading about these crazy Upper East Side lifestyles, it’s certainly a whole world away from life here, but it is indeed a breath of fresh air to see a girl in denim coveralls and toting a longboard around Manhattan. What would be even better than a look at her wardrobe, is a sharing of what her life is like and how she came to work for Vogue. Not under Anna’s watch.

P.S. I opened the mail box today to find my first online shopping purchase delivered! I’ve purchased online of course, books from the Apple store, materials for the card biz, but never a pretty piece of clothing! Asos, you’ve made me so happy! This is a bit addictive…

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3 Responses to HER OWN LOOK

  1. Look Beautiful! i love you style and designs. Thanks

  2. V says:

    Im glad you’re back. Somtimes someone needs a Vassos to push em’ ;)

  3. Ahh i love those looks! and ASOS- how could you resist free shipping!

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