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This morning I woke up to a cat walking up my side while I was lying in bed. Marie likes to wake me up by strutting up my legs and then perching on my hip, so I can’t move. Typical cat strategy. The sun was (is) shining through the window and I thought, perfect time to get out the iPad. Sifting through my Twitter stream I came across an article from The Huffington Post‘s new print magazine (cleverly entitled, is now available at all overly priced, too-cool for anything but the latest of the latest shops, like Colette in Paris. (Again, how come we don’t live in Paris?) Anyhow, so I read through the fab article and started browsing the site, clicking tapping on the “Style” homepage and BAM! There it was. My article as a “featured blog post.” Well I’ll be. Brilliant start to the day!

P.S. The Doctor’s Closet and Alicia Fashionista have some proper paper-style treats for you… Oh, enough with being coy, they’ve each got a set of LOVE + MARK’D stationery to give away tomorrow! Better enter. (Another reason to love these women: they’re also following their own entrepreneurial pursuits! We really love that.)

{ Macarons by Kitchening with Carly }

Have you ever had a date with a cup of tea and a macaron? It’s heaven. I’ve always adored these little treats, but it wasn’t until going to Paris and visiting the infamous Ladurée that I truly fell in love with them, particularly the chilled variety (cold macarons are just to die for!). A couple of weeks ago, just after having touched down from Europe, I attended a pop-up shop event at Ishara featuring Kitchening with Carly’s macarons – yess! I’d been missing them desperately! – and they are fabulous. Carly even sent us home with a taste:

{ Mmmmm… }

Want to bring home your own box of sweet macarons? You can purchase Kitchening with Carly macarons at Ishara (38 Water St in Gastown), until September 16th, or purchase them from her website!

Snap, snap, snap! Pictures from the Ishara party!

{ Blogger friends: Alicia of Alicia Fashionista, Jen of Her Waise Choice and Monika of The Doctor’s Closet }

Macaron memories…

My last day in London we dropped by Harrods and guess what? They have their own little Ladurée! Of course I indulged again in my favourite chilled treat: macarons glacés!


Your happy hosts: Niki Blasina of A Haute Mess, Alicia Quan of Alicia Fashionista, Me, and Kelsey Dundon of The Anthology. All dressed in GUESS!

The party was a giant success, a BIG thank you to everyone who came and had a fabulous time! Vancouver’s fashion glitterati really came out in full force – I love to see you all in your best threads! Perhaps you caught some of the night’s festivities via Twitter, where us blogger hosts and the attendees were tweeting up a storm! A snapshot of some of the Twitter love: (MAJOR thanks Twitter friends!)

On the upstairs level of the Robson St. Guess store we had our DJ set up, Mr. Dre Morel, and a live blogging station for tweeting and blogging with two new Apple iPad 2s! (Though we were so busy mingling with guests, we used the fancy new tablets for sending out Twitter love and saved our blogging for later, you know we’re all perfectionists. These posts take some time.)

I’m happy to learn that many of you lovely guests took home pretty new spring frocks and playthings, which means good things for our philanthropic efforts! A percentage of your shopping sales went towards our cause: FITE! Below, the contents of the swag bags you shoppers also took home: LOVE that Cargo lip gloss!

I hope you all had a fun night, I know I sure did! It was fantastic seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones!

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