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Surely you have already seen this. I first saw it a few weeks ago when I shared this still on instagram, and have watched it numerous times since. This branding couldn’t be better. What a perfect marriage of French history for Dior and modernity. The model is also pitch perfect, if only to be able to capture that look she gives, it’s so subtle yet so strong at once.

{Barefoot Contessa soy candle (c/o)}

{I’ve been searching for some sort of pen and pencil holder lately, and this packaging for the Barefoot Contessa candle works perfectly! (And by works, I mean matches, aesthetics tend to trump functionality at this haus)}

{New make up brushes c/o Joe Fresh – I’m particularly delighted with the lipstick brush, as I accidently smushed a good portion of my Chantecaille lipstick into the cap. Don’t you just hate that?? Especially when it’s about $15 worth of lipstick smushed into the cap…}

{My fascination with nutcrackers grows. My Christmas decorating is done in two ways: 1) with nutcrackers and 2) with all things winter wonderland ie: white, crystal or frosted}

{A miniature moose head for the wall, currently sitting on a side table, from Front & Co, home of some of the best window displays in town!}

{Dior heart-shaped bowl (a crystal version here) with mini candy canes and my new favorite accessory: Social Experiment ring (c/o)}

{Pink fur earmuffs from Holt Renfrew – another fabulous pair here - lucite hook rack from Urban Barn}

{A delicious vaseline based lip balm by Perfumeria Gal, c/o Barefoot Contessa, hand towel from HomeSense}

{Making plans – a moment before heading out to last night’s London Drugs Revlon & Almay event at Sugar Studios – picture tweeted here! They sent a white stretch limo to pick us up… I could get used to that! Wearing: JNBY sweater dress (c/o), La Senza stockings, Zara boots}

Oh, and have a look at this: APT with LSD featuring Aerin Lauder – hello glamorous.

And one more thing that makes me happeee happy: a card, that along with five others, is on its way to San Francisco to the home of a favourite fashion blogger… (Get yours here)

{Wearing: Zara leather jacket and boots, 2 Elles sweater (from Paris, get similar here), wool trumpet skirt: made my me (which upon publishing I’ve just noticed the little rip in the stitching), orYANY bag (get similar here, or get it in orange here), vintage Raybans, H&M headband, Dior Rouge Pink #475, Dior tray from Dior Avenue Montaigne (Paris), Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria c/o}

Just before leaving this morning I spritzed on Calvin Klein’s new fragrance Forbidden Euphoria. The sweet notes to of the perfume make wearing it feel exotic and a little mysterious, which a girl needs now and again! Plus I love the colour of the bottle, a very pretty topper for the counter.

One of my tasks today is to upload all of my new Christmas card designs to my online store on Etsy, I hope you enjoy them! In the meantime, here are the current seasonal offerings from LOVE + MARK’D!

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{I took this picture yesterday evening while I was working – trying to work. Someone had to get in the way}

{A little rearranging: this mirrored table used to live next to the couch, but now resides near the front door. We’ll see what boyfriend says about his first picture on the blog, though you can’t tell much from that photo, except for that we were are very happy! I love the shape of this glass bowl; it holds our keys to luxury (apparently the keys allow access to luxe spots around the globe, I’m not sure if they’re of much use to us here, but they’re pretty!), and Marie’s pearl collar}

{Carrier bag from Harrods. This Marc by Marc Jacobs bag came to me by way of a sleepy phone call from my sister when she was visiting New York. She was leaving the hotel room to do some shopping and called me to see if I wanted her to bring me back a bag, it was very early morning for us in Vancouver and I sleepily said yes, get whatever, I’ll pay you for it when you’re back. I didn’t realize at the time I was saying yes to a rather expensive little bag, but I’m so glad she brought it back and that I have it! As you’ve seen, I wear it a lot!}

{I mentioned my Dior heart-shaped bowls here (in a semi-ridiculous/fabulous post), when I had just purchased them from the Dior Maison store in Paris on Avenue Montaigne, and here when I filled them with tiny, glitter-filled containers for a new project, but I never showed you the bottom! Note: There’s a great APT with LSD feature on with Devon Radziwell (an Upper East Sider – Anna LOVES those), who loves to shop at the Dior Maison store too!}

Very much looking forward to a small soiree this evening at the Four Seasons Hotel hosted by Count Down Events (and catered by Yew! Yum!). They are all about the finishing details so I’m sure it will be gorgeous! Must bring camera.

P.S. I hope you have a pretty umbrella – it makes these rainy Vancouver days nicer!

P.P.S. Tomorrow is the last day to order your Odessa nail colour from vegan nail polish company: Soulstice Spa for 50% off on! Just enter the code: styleodessa for for your discount! I love it!


I take a lot of pleasure in little things, from sweet stationery to a pretty ironing board covering and new boots. There is, of course, a distinction to be made between letting material goods make you happy and finding appreciation and happy moments in your possessions. Here are the corners and pieces of my home that make me smile!

Original Crown Mill boxed cards & envelopes from Harrods, Les Papiers Jean Rouget, Paris from Le Bon Marche

Printed leather coasters from Harrods featuring London landmarks

A leather postcard, too cute. Purchased at a Parisian drugstore on the Champs Elysee. Next to it is a delicious but sadly broken candle (I got careless moving a painting around), from Au Nom de la Rose in Paris.

You know who this is! My best girl, Marie

This dish towel features a recipe for chocolate mousse on it, I bought it at a market in Cassis, France

Glitter (for my new project!), organized into cute little containers sitting in a Dior heart-shaped dish (it comes with a second smaller dish), which I purchased at the Dior store in Paris!

The prefect long, striped wool sweater for fall - found on sale! Crystal door knob purchased at Home Depot

Limited edition Pillow Boots for winter, c/o of Cougar Boots - love the red lining!

A pretty ironing board cover that makes ironing much more enjoyable

Glass vase for the wall from Chintz & Co. (Only $8! A MUST buy!)

What little things make you happy? Writing letters? Making a fancy coffee at home for yourself? I’d love to know!


Shall we talk about how this all started? It’s certainly not everyday I bring home a Dior bag as big as me.

We started the day out with a stroll down the popular shopping street Champs Elysées, but of course not before a banana and Nutella crepe from our favourite boulangerie!

We visited the Arc de Triomphe, and as you can see had a little fun at Louis Vuitton

I found this fabulous LV authored guide book of NYC – they’ve created a series of some of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. I most certainly plan on returning to Manhattan again and again, and why not have the LV guide when I do? Until then it shall be a very nice addition to the coffee table. And they wrapped it soo nicely.

After conquering Champs Elysées we turned down the Rue Montaigne where the heavy hitters live. We’re talkin Prada, Chanel, Sonia Rykiel, Fendi and Gucci, among others. We came across this gorgeous hotel along the way, the Plaza Athénée, can you recognize it? I’ll give you a hint…

Oh yes, for all you Sex and the City lovers, this is indeed the hotel where Carrie bradshaw stayed in Paris. I shall never forget the scene where she squealed when she saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time. And in case you’re wondering, rates at the Plaza Athénée start at about €800.00. Then Carrie went to Dior, and I did too…

{ Wearing: Brooks Brothers chambray shirt, H&M tank, Zara belt, trousers and sandals. Armani sunnies, Fossil watch and Gianni Chiarini carryall }

I took great pleasure in walking down the Rue Montaigne with this ridiculously ENORMOUS bag, as I suspect it gave people the opportunity to think of what a big spender I am. In fact, this bag holds two overly packaged, rather small Dior pieces for the home. Small, but fabulous. This Dior store is the only location that houses a “gift” compartment. What they mean by “gift” is beautiful Dior pieces like crystal, glassware, tableware, blankets, trays, decorative pieces, bedding etc. that a very wealthy person might want to bring back for someone. This to me was more like the “splurge on your own home if your credit card can handle it” section. As I mentioned, I picked out two pieces, a small white decorative tray for displaying perhaps perfume and a candle, and two white ceramic heart-shaped bowls that came as a set, one smaller than the other and both printed with “Dior” on the underside. Both of my purchases were rather reasonable I thought, for Dior anyhow. Then I bought a lipstick and things really got out of hand. Tthey really like their packaging at Dior, and so we have “the unwrapping of Dior” next:

I am just in love with this little tray. Too cute. I didn’t unpack the other purchase; those two bowls, as they’re quite breakable and I figured to travel with them I better leave them packed as the experts packed them. I did have to leave the fab Dior boxes behind at our Paris hotel though (we’re in Provence now). They were just too big to bring along. Just to note, while we were in the Dior store I was in heaven, naturally, and I said to Marisa, “Wow, I love Dior!,” and the gentleman who was helping us said, “No, you must sayJ’adore Dior!‘” And so I do. J’adore Dior.

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Yep, one take. No editing of my mumbling or fast-talking, or even my funny little speech-isms, like the “uh-mazing” I dropped a few times. Oh, and I sure do love me some fabulous color-blocked heels:

Wearing: Delicious silk blouse from 212 in Gastown, black waxed Fidelity denim, Zara strappy sandals and necklace from Blue Ruby. My lip color is a mix of my two favourite pink Dior lipsticks: #361 “pink baiser” and #475 “pink preview.”

Now, let’s talk FABULOUS FURNISHING. As you’ve just seen, I am in the process of re-upholstering my vanity style bench/large stool (I’m not sure how to categorize the piece). Here is said piece, in all it’s ugly, “before-picture” glory:

The more I see what can be done to this thing, I more I am repulsed by its current state. I sure am excited to have it all finished and lovely, sitting in my living room as a show-piece! And it’ll all be thanks to The Cross! As I mentioned, I got the chance to flip through the fabric books at The Cross, here are a few of the fabrics I loved:

I am in love with the pink and beige fabric, how gorgeous is that?? And just above is the selection of velvets, so luxurious.

Want to get your upholster on too? The Cross is holding their upholstery event starting April 1st and will be offering 20% off their fabrics and services! In the mean time, check out their site and check back with me as I go through the upholstery process! (My first time, oh, I feel like such an adult.) Big thank you to Megan and Joanna of The Cross for their help in this project!

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Today is decidedly a dress day. Enough of jeans! This beautiful Diane von Furstenburg dress is another happy cast off from my sister’s closet from her Holts days. I love the mix of the red and pink, and the way the dress is structured is so gorgeous. I can’t wait to wear it by itself on a hot summer day with sandals. And of course, to complement the pink, I’m wearing my favorite Dior lipstick, #361.

Wearing: Kersh cardigan, Diane von Furstenburg dress, tights from who-knows-where, Rockport suede boots, Gianni Chiarini leather carry-all. Leather bracelet from a street stand in SoHo, NYC. Dior lipstick #361. I’ve got my hair pulled back today as I’m at the point between dye-jobs where your roots are just about unbearable. I am itching to get back into my colorist’s chair at Suki’s!

Have a lovely day, do something special for yourself today, whether it be ordering your favourite sweet coffee at Starbucks, or picking up the latest copy of your favourite magazine. Those little things feel so good. And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, that’s very important.

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This amazing embellished 3.1 Phillip Lim dress has been sitting in my closet for quite some time now, a cast off from my sister from her Holt Renfrew days. I love it with these forest green flats (Zara), and my favourite Dior lipstick, #361. In all honesty, tonight is a night at home, but after devouring Vogue’s February issue – it really was to die for – I couldn’t help but want to put on pretty clothes in favor of the terry robe I had on. (When I get home from work, all I want to do is put my robe on, no one can stop me. Though, I think it’s probably a bad habit, I get too comfortable with work still yet to be done.) This dress definitely fit the bill.

Time: 7:00pm. It’s practically my bed time. (By 9:30 tonight I’ll be in dreamland, where I live with a Holts card of infinite value and plenty of time to sip skim lattes and teeter between Holts’ Chanel boutique and shoe salon.)

Until tomorrow,


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That’s why I’m wearing denim cut offs, obviously. Another day working from home! Today I am a woman of few blogging words as my pile of to-do’s continues to mount (happily), but I wanted to give you a little look at what my day-to-day at-home work outfits look like.

These fantastic and stupidly comfortable shoes are my latest purchase from Aldo, or rather, the Aldo outlet! They’re practically giving away merchandise at 50% off the lowest marked price right now. Nuts! That’s some feel-good shopping right there.

Wearing: Guess by Marciano hoops, Zara shirt, H&M vest/top, vintage denim cut offs, tights from Mum (Sears), Aldo wedges. Fossil rose gold watch, White enamel bangle from Macy’s. Sunnies from Ruby Tuesday in Whistler and my favourite pink Dior lip gloss from ages ago.

Okay, off like the computer-addicted techy I’ve become. (But I still want to be a cute techy.)


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Wearing: Black v-neck from who knows where – I’ve had it for years and years and cut the tag out ages ago, vintage pony hair leopard print belt from Darling in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village Neighborhood (posted here), pleated leather skirt from Zara, tights from The Bay, suede-buckled boots found at Winners. Dior Haute Couleur Lipstick in #361 - my new favourite!

Painting of Kate Moss by Monika Loevenmark, my twin sister. She did this piece when we were 17, pretty amazing, hey? Monika focuses mostly on band photography now, check out her blog!

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It take a long time to understand what your personal style is. Over the past year I have dabbled in many looks, from grunge to hipster to full on prep and over the top eccentric. I never felt completely me. I think though, that I’m starting to get there.

I am going to try to define my style, but you can’t hold me to this, as style is an ever changing thing:

Structured tailoring, androgyny, neutrals, organic textures like snakeskin, fur and leather, clean silhouettes, classic, preppy.

Wearing: H&M mens shirt in size small, snakeskin print silk skirt from Zara, tights from Safeway, Browns ID patent leather heels, Zara leather clutch. Dior Haute Couleur lipstick in #361.

Do you know what your personal style is?

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Christmas was only yesterday, but I’ve brought home two delightful little packages today. I’ve had my eye on a Dior lipstick for quite some time now, and just so happened to pass by Holts on my walk home from work today. Okay, that’s a total lie. I live ten minutes walk south from work, but walked twenty minutes east out of my way over to Holts, call it the scenic route. Then I found myself in the cosmetics department, and before you know it there was a small white bag imprinted with a name synonymous with luxury and fabulousness hanging from my arm. Satisfied with my gorgeous new lip colour, I turned to leave, but soon found myself lusting after the most lovely iridescent, pinky shade of taupe, which soon found its way into a lovely small HR bag and onto my arm. Sometimes I just can’t say no. But this is why I work, right?

Dior Haute Couleur 361 & Chantecaille Lip Sheer Super Nova

There’s something wonderfully empowering about a strong lip colour, this Dior lipstick is that colour for me. Hmmm, now for a pair of shoes to match…

Just dreaming!

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Sometimes the best little things don’t come in packages at all!

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Today I awoke to a grey Toronto sky just ready to shower the many bustling downtown streets. No umbrella necessary, this military style cape with an extra-big hood did just fine. I had really hoped to capture a few outdoor photos, but with the rain there was no hope of setting my camera up anywhere. (I suppose that’s what boyfriends are for, among other things.)

Wearing: Zara cape, Aritzia Cowichan wool sweater, Fidelity skinny jeans, Browns boots, Kate Spade purse and a pink plaid cashmere scarf from a neighboring store to the Pantages Hotel.

What’s in my bag when I run around a new city? Most of the usual:

In my bag: LaCoupe travel-size hair spray, Ipod Nano, black leather wallet from Zara, a baby pink day planner that I painted neon pink with craft paint, (I was bored one afternoon and was experimenting with neon pink), A Christian Lacroix notebook, a pen from the Drake Hotel, travel papers with flight and hotel confirmation numbers, my Blackberry Bold, a small Canon camera, a luggage key, blog cards, MAC pressed powder, Chanel lipgloss and Dior lipstick.

This afternoon I visited the legendary downtown Hudson’s Bay Company on Queen St. First to the 8th floor for a late lunch, which also happened to be breakfast, then after a fresh application of lipstick and gloss, down to the 3rd floor where they keep the treasure; The Room.

I snapped quite a few photos of The Room, but because I wanted to avoid looking like a creep with my camera, I took these photos with my Blackberry.

Above: Matthew Williamson brights and texture, below: the wall that divides The Room from the rest of the 3rd floor is made of these beautiful suspended blocks of glass. Through the “wall,” drawers of designer costume jewelry beneath a mannequin dressed head-to-toe in glamour.

How do you find ways of adding glamour into your life? On a casual day cashmere, beautiful leather and polished lips do it for me.

Thank you for reading!



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In English, “Strutting up Park Avenue in six inch platforms.” 

Thursday morning we woke up ready to hit the streets! Off to the Upper East Side for some “light” shopping, as in, I brought back a lip gloss from Chanel. But nonetheless, visiting Miu Miu, Prada and Chanel was just grand. 

The Dior store was getting a facelift, so the exterior was covered by a giant quilted purse. Amazing.

Wearing: H&M army green top, Talula spandex tank, Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace, Macy’s enamel bangle, Urban Behaviour denim shorts, Gianna Chiarini leather carry-all, vintage Ray Bans and Chanel platform sandals.

For brunch we re-visited a favourite, Palace Restaurant. I couldn’t tell you where it is, but I know it’s right around the corner from Miu Miu (where sadly the shoes were fabulously impressive and also highly priced), and just down the street from Turnbull and Asser (a marvelous place to find lovely pocket squares for the gentleman in your life). Palace was full of lunching business types and women meeting to share gossip and news of their grandkids, a perfect midday stop for sugary, syrup-covered french toast! After brunch, we visited the Waldorf Hotel – I’ve never seen such amazing bathrooms! (Except for maybe at the Plaza.)

And to our third and final Upper East Side desination, Bergdorfs! I’ve really never seen a restaurant so glamorous and so full of glamorous people in my life. I could lunch there every day of my life.

My only picture of the Bergdorf’s restaurant and I’m mid-chat. Anyhow, it sure was a treat! By the way, my lunch consisted of pink champagne. After lunch I dragged poor Tommy through the shoe salon, which is more like an amazon of stilettos and leather and crystals. I practically needed blinders on, I was going shoe-crazy. Unlike the last time I visited the shoe salon though, this time I left with no bags. Plenty of wishes and wants though. (Summer 2008 my mother and visited NYC during the July sale season when I purchased a pair of leopard Manolo Blahnik flats, seen here, and Prada nude pumps, seen here. Swooon.) Of course since Bergdorf’s is just next door to the most fabulous hotel, I had to take a photo in front of the Plaza, ohh memories!

Yep, I changed into flats. Zara white leather flats. 

Fast forward about six hours and you would find me, along with a slew of other Vancouverites and hip New Yorkers sipping cocktails in the Ace Hotel lobby, which also doubles as a very popular bar in the evenings. The men went on to a bachelor party, (we went to NYC for a wedding, which happened Saturday), while one of the other boy’s girl and I marched off to the Meatpacking District to find some fun! And did we ever! I’m still waiting on the photo from Jen, but we met, and got a photo with, Lance Bass! It was all rather extraordinary the way our night panned out. We jumped in a cab from the Ace with the intention of getting out at a random spot in the Meatpacking District and getting a drink wherever looked good. It just so happened the cabbie let us off right in front of Ten June, a popular NYC club, (which, thanks to Miss Andrea Milner, I’ve been to before!). Of course, being only 10:15 or so, it was too early to go clubbing, so the bouncer told us to get a drink next door and come over around 11:30. Into the next lounge we went! Only after ordering a drink and grabbing a menu did I realize we had ended up at a spot I’ve been dying to go to for years, STK, a fantastic steak house and “it” spot, where we met Lance. 

Wearing: Sirens white t, Zara pleated leather skirt, Zara leather studded belt, Marc by Marc Jacobs quilted clutch, vintage ring and H&M stud bracelet, with matte bubblegum pink Rimmel lipstick. Martini by STK. (You can’t see my shoes, but they were Stuart Weitzman patent leather 5 inchers).

Afterwards it was off to Ten June where we danced the night away!

- End of Day 2 -


Listening to Fashion Magazine Editor-In-Chief, Bernadette Mora speak about the history of Dior watches at Holt Renfrew. 

Thursday afternoon I headed down to Holt Renfrew to meet Fashion Mag’s Editor-In-Chief and see Dior’s beautiful watches, which did not disappoint! One of the most delightful parts of the afternoon was meeting and chatting with Holts’ West Coast PR woman, Lenirose Espiritu! Lenirose has been with Holt Renfrew for about eight years now, and started on the sales floor working for Gucci. We quickly got to talking fashion, specifically bags. Her favourite purchase is her brown leather Balenciaga tote, one of the “it bags” of 2006, (I have always coveted the pink version of this bag, even to this day). 

(And that fab Dior gift bag Lenirose is holding? Filled with the summer edition of Fashion Magazine, a Dior eyeshadow compact and a sweetly wrapped box holding four delicious macaroons! Thank you Dior and Holts for the lovely gifts!)

With Bernadette Mora. I loove her look, so Audrey Hepburn, and it’s so working for her.

With fashion journalist, and writer for String Magazine, Nadia Chu. Check out her gorgeous vintage Manolos!! A rare limited edition shoe done for a Neiman Marcus anniversary!

Fashion Magazine’s West Coast Editor Rebecca Tay admiring a friend’s shoes.

That ridiculously fabulous watch on the left has my name all over it. (A mere $23, 000).

Thank you to Lenirose for inviting me the lovely Dior event! 

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The kitten has grown! Marie loves to play and dress up! She’s definitely my little kitten! (The truth is, she puts up with my dressing her up for about ten minutes, then tries to bite the bows and kitty shoes off, yes I said kitty shoes, no I have not made her wear them.)

Sooo precious! If only I had a mini strap-on tiara… ; ) Marie is officially 10 weeks old now!

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This past Wednesday night was the JK Models 1-Year Anniversary party at Leone. Jennifer Koning, the Director of JK Models, got me involved about three months ago when she needed someone to cover her PR needs. I’m happy to say the party was a wonderful success and also rather fabulous! Thank you to everyone who came!

These bags hold boxes of designer shoes, shoes that make my rent look cheap! Among other things, I was responsible for taping the bottoms of the shoes. I didn’t mind, it meant getting close and personal with $1200 Dior strappy sandals. 

One of the girls from JK Models strutting in 5+” Pradas. 

PR representative for Leone Kim Bowie and I just before opening the doors to the guests! Looooving Kim’s fierce hair colour!

Susan Vu of Boudoir with Jillian Crago of Operation Style.

Niki Blasina of A Haute Mess with Peter Hoang of The Starving Stylist. 

Well that’s it for now, more photos to come later today! 

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Out and on the prowl for all things pretty. A casual Friday afternoon outfit. Oversized black cashmere sweater, white Sirens jeans, B. Makowsky leather bag, cheapie sunnies from Bang-On and black Aldo leather wedges. Mmm cozy.

Well, today was my big day to accomplish all of the many things I have been putting off all week. The day started off quite productive with a breakfast run to Waves, (mmm the apple muffins there are so tasty), the usual collection of newspapers, (whilst I prefer the internet, I still have a love for traditional media), two blog posts, and even a walk over to the Vancouver View office in Yaletown to pink up a few very heavy boxes of the latest issue for an event I’m helping with in mid-May. Pretty productive right? Well after I got home from the VV trip, I decided I deserved a little break and immediately got caught up with too much reality TV. Which turned into an absolutely necessary trip downtown to see what the shops had to offer. Luckily for the plastic in my purse most of what’s in stores now does not appeal to me. (ENOUGH PLEATHER ALREADY! Where are the classic, moderately priced clothes that are made of good quality fabrics with care in construction?? Does that even exist? Do I have to start making my own clothes??) 

It’s 9:15 pm and I haven’t even started on the laundry, or my homework… Good thing I’m taking a night off of being fabulous tonight, (meaning no dressing up and going out tonight!), though I am wearing a brilliantly subtle shade of Dior lipgloss that is littered with sparkles. I suppose that is rather glam, as is the new Vogue in my lap.

Okay, that’s it for now. Ta ta. 

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