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The ADR X H&M collab has given us a little “Fashion Shower” video to really get into the gold-covered, accessory-crazed, crazy fashion world that is ADR. Complete with full set of Fashion Rules from the lady herself.

Viral videos are a brilliant strategy on the part of retailers: they really deliver the lifestyle and essence of the brand and they provide fab content to be shared across a multitude (I almost took it to plethera) of platforms. There have been some vids that I have swooned over (the latest from Dior, this one by Hoss featuring Elin Kling), but Ms. Dello Russo is just too much for me. I have already shared that neutrals have me in a firm fashiony lock and in comparison to the elegant, rich looking smooth leathers and simply sumptuous fabrics that Fall brings (burgundy suede anyone?), Anna is just kind of giving me crazy. Remember that line from Sex and the City when Carries shares her financial troubles with her friends saying that all of her money has gone into her shoes rather than a apartment? She said, “I’ll be the old woman who lived in her shoes!” (Just in case: that’s in reference to the Old Woman Who Lived In a Shoe nursery story since Carrie invested heavily in designer footwear.) Well, that’s the vision I have of this woman, except we know she can’t possibly have financial problems to speak of.

On the other hand, hats off to H&M for capitalizing on her current mega-popularity status as one of the “street fashion” (HA! More like Street-Elablorate-Production-With Weeks-of-Fashion-Planning – Don’t tell me you just thought of those feather plumes this morning) it thing.

Having said all of that, I still think this little video is interesting and worth sharing. Hope you enjoyed those two and a half minutes of your life.

Hey, speaking of H&M and Elin Kling, check out the below cute short video featuring a Day in the Life of Elin Kling:

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