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That put a hop in your step and make you smile. We love those things. You’ll see some of mine below. Not included, but certainly owed a mention is one of the things that makes me smile the most: this little treat.

{ Stella & Dot Renegade bracelets c/o (available here) }

{ Stella & Dot Luxor Link bracelet (available here) and Sidewinder snake ring (available here) c/o }

{ Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant Necklace (available here) c/o. Does this remind you of anything?? Well I’m a total Mad Men fan and this looks to me a lot like Joan’s pen necklace, worn in what seems like every episode. }

Yesterday I received a big box all the way from New York City. When I opened it, I couldn’t believe it. It was Christmas in May. I have been on somewhat of a shopping ban lately and these treats were just what the doctor ordered! I had been feeling like I needed to spruce up my bauble collection and these pieces are just the trick. I am so in love with the luxor link bracelet, I can’t wait to pile it on with my watch and an assortment bangles. I think I’ll do that today. I must say a major, major thank you to Stella & Dot, you made my week!

{ More custom LOVE + MARK’D work! These are due for NYC and Australia! We’re goin global! I so love creating personalized cards, and we can do anything at all. Just ask! (email: }

And the last thing that made me smile? Seeing this picture included as part of Fashion Magazine’s coverage of the Mary Katrantzou event at The Room. It was the first event I had brought Rae to and I’m glad it bore some results for my new party guest!

Well, as of today, life has never looked better. So many things to be excited and thankful for, like my upcoming trip to Europe that I’ve been talking so much about… I’m seriously delirious with excitement over visiting the south of France! Anyone read the latest issue of Vogue? There was an absolutely dreamy article written by Gully Wells (p.71) called “A Summer of Seduction,” a series of beautiful memories of time spent in Provance. I just about died and went to heaven when I read that… picturing myself on a sandy beach in St. Tropez, frolicking in the waves and wearing only the chicest of bikinis. (Quite the dream I have.)

In addition I’ve recently been given new work challenges, which I won’t share now but hope to soon. I can only say that I am thrilled to be moving my career forward, and in a direction that I feel suits my abilities to a T.

(I absolutely will not tell you that I watched Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” yesterday. I will not share that with you. The thing is, how can you not respect a 16 (17, 18?) year old kid – Canadian kid – who works as hard, and is as naturally talented as he is? You just can’t hate on that, and if you do, you likely secretly listen to his songs.)

I’ve been having great success playing around with my new iPad 2 and am now obsessed with creating videos for you, a new one coming later today!

Something else to look forward to: tonight is Alexandra Suhner Isenberg’s (of Searching for Style), first Style Salon at the Shangri-La Hotel tonight. There will be a panel set up of Vancouver fashion industry elite to discuss Vancouver’s role in the fashion industry. Interesting, I expect it’ll be quite good!

And, I must mention a little self-promotion piece here, yesterday afternoon I was sitting at my desk, minding my own bees wax when my phone vibrated, it was a Twitter alert. Ooh, a new direct message… from Fashion Canada Magazine! They wanted to know if I had seen myself in their Flashpoint section in the Summer edition of the magazine? I had not, so I rushed out to London Drugs, hair still wet, to get a copy. There I was, a picture of Kelsey Dundon (of The Anthology), and I from the Guess party from early April. How fabulous! (picture above). Thank you Fashion Magazine for including me!

I must be off for now, much more interesting content coming soon – as in, more pictures and more fashion!


Listening to Fashion Magazine Editor-In-Chief, Bernadette Mora speak about the history of Dior watches at Holt Renfrew. 

Thursday afternoon I headed down to Holt Renfrew to meet Fashion Mag’s Editor-In-Chief and see Dior’s beautiful watches, which did not disappoint! One of the most delightful parts of the afternoon was meeting and chatting with Holts’ West Coast PR woman, Lenirose Espiritu! Lenirose has been with Holt Renfrew for about eight years now, and started on the sales floor working for Gucci. We quickly got to talking fashion, specifically bags. Her favourite purchase is her brown leather Balenciaga tote, one of the “it bags” of 2006, (I have always coveted the pink version of this bag, even to this day). 

(And that fab Dior gift bag Lenirose is holding? Filled with the summer edition of Fashion Magazine, a Dior eyeshadow compact and a sweetly wrapped box holding four delicious macaroons! Thank you Dior and Holts for the lovely gifts!)

With Bernadette Mora. I loove her look, so Audrey Hepburn, and it’s so working for her.

With fashion journalist, and writer for String Magazine, Nadia Chu. Check out her gorgeous vintage Manolos!! A rare limited edition shoe done for a Neiman Marcus anniversary!

Fashion Magazine’s West Coast Editor Rebecca Tay admiring a friend’s shoes.

That ridiculously fabulous watch on the left has my name all over it. (A mere $23, 000).

Thank you to Lenirose for inviting me the lovely Dior event! 

Xo StyleStruck