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You have, I’m sure. If you comb through Tommy Ton‘s brilliant images after each fashion week, dissecting what sartorial choices each Parisian and New York editor (unanimously my style inspiration comes from these women) have made during the seven or so days as I do, you’ve seen the above cropped photos I posted earlier today on instagram and twitter. But still, a great inspiration shot lasts for seasons, as do the pieces above. I’ve been enamored with the fashiony athletic cap for two seasons now (seen here and here), black skinny jeans are hardly a standout piece, except when worn by the French – four at a time and military green certainly is a mainstay for all of us. I don’t even have to say anything about the staple camel coat. Somehow these pieces feel so fresh to me for Fall 2012. Maybe it’s because we’ve been absolutely over-saturated and bombarded with all things saccharine over the past year: from layers upon layers of tea-time-in-the-garden-like floral prints to cupcake icing-colored striped tees and a nearly obnoxious take over by polka dots to a wrist full of summery pastel braided bracelets. Fashion has been a veritable candy land, and I am so ready for something of a more savoury variety: neutral wools in deep burgundies, camels and forest green, plush corduroys in black and brown and chunky knits in dove grey, navy and cream. Doesn’t it just sound delicious? And rather than the now-typical colorful platform pump as the go-to shoe, let’s give ourselves a healthy dose of street footwear: the updated sneaker à la Isabel Marantwhich I’ve been coveting since first arrival.

Fall can’t come any sooner in my books, I adore the collegiate feel of the cool weather; a good excuse to purchase a pair of tortoiseshell framed eyeglasses and take up a new hobby. I intend to delve a little deeper into a partially-learned language (as to be expected, I plan to study French).

What makes Fall fabulous for you? And what inspirations do you follow in the colder months?