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Welcome to Thursday lovelies! 

As seen before (here), I’d like to bring you a Thursday edition of The StyleStruck Times: a round up of all the best things I’ve found on the web this week.

  • Vogue has introduced a new feature of items their top editors are currently obsessing over: Editor’s Eye. I particularly enjoy Tonne Goodman’s obsession:

  • is currently selling the most beautiful agate trivets (fyi, for those who don’t know, because I didn’t know, a trivet is “a stand for cooking vessels”). Agate, so hot right now! ($17 each.) For a girl like me who is trying to add manly touches to her home, these cabin-style coasters are perfection.

  • These pastel framed chalkboards on Etsy are so adorable (especially the blue one) and are the perfect way to bring Spring’s pastel colours to your home!
  • This quote on Pinterest.
  • My 24th birthday is coming up on March 5th and I can’t decide which shoes are most birthday appropriate, so far these are in the lead!

  • And finally, the DIY Bijoux Bar, coming up on March 16th! (Imagine, what a weekend! DIY on Saturday, then blogger sale on Sunday!)