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We’ve done these kind of posts before, but every now and then, especially on a rainy, rainy day like today we need a reminder of why life is so grand. And maybe, if you’re feeling like it isn’t so great (we have all been there, my boyfriend’s lap has been the subject of my tears of frustration a time or two), these little items will serve as a reminder that your life is worth living as glamorously as possible – and it’s far simpler than a $30 lipstick and sky high heels.

Living glamorously really means living in a way that gives you reasons to be proud of yourself. Being proud of yourself brings confidence and confidence is the ultimate in glamour. Be proud of yourself for everything you do to make your life better, not just the big, big things that we spend too much time dwelling over like a super perfect career (no one has that, grass is always greener), and the perfect relationship (is there such a thing?). Be proud of adding these little things to your routine and life:

  • Wake up when the alarm says so ensuring you have enough time to properly prep yourself for the day. There is something amazing about starting your day feeling prepared. You’ve had time to do your hair and makeup without feeling rushed, you’ve eaten breakfast and maybe you’ve even had five minutes to scan through the latest industry news in the paper or on your iPad. Doing this will guarantee leaving the apartment with a smile on your face, because you’ll be thinking, “gosh I’m good.”
  • Write your grandparents a letter. You know how much they would love it and it really isn’t a very big effort at all, but the sense of self pride it’ll give you will feel like warm fuzzies.
  • It’s amazing how something as small as keeping your kitchen in order can make you feel like you’ve got control over your life. 
  • Host a dinner party, even a small one. We’ve just started hosting our friends over quite often, just two at a time due to the size of our apartment, and we love it. It’s so much easier to be a host than I had anticipated. Grab a two-pack of veggie spring rolls from Costco (everybody likes these), a bottle of wine and light a few candles. There, that’s all you need. A dinner party doesn’t have to mean all the fancy things it conjures up in your head (F the over-priced scalloped-edge cocktail napkins and dainty finger food on sticks), it’s just about getting your friends together to catch up. My must for entertaining? A beautiful scented candle in the bathroom, to me this is glamour. (Right now a peonie-scented L’Occitane candle lives in the w/c. The Cross Decor & Design also has a fantastic selection.)
  • Give yourself a beautiful bedside table display. It’s the last thing you see when you go to bed and the first thing you see when you wake up. And it’s so easy to pull together. Any side table will do, though I prefer our mirrored tables from Villa Beau Interiors on South Granville (best place for gorgeous, quality mirrored furniture at a fair price). I used to have a pine table and thought it looked rather lovely with silver pieces on it. Build your display with a few key items: a scented candle, a pretty picture frame, a gorgeous lamp (I get ALL of mine from HomeSense for $79 and under, and they’re all crystal – exactly like the $400 ones you see at ________), and a small jewelry bowl for taking pieces off in the evening.
  • Keep on top of global news from various industries, especially financial and political. I’m not saying aggressively learn all the intimate details of every issue, but it is so valuable to understand what is going on in the world, know how it will affect you and be able to give an opinion on it should the topic arise. A glamorous woman is a smart woman.
  • Live life in colour. Perhaps this means tying a scarf around your neck and calling it your Audrey Hepburn moment, or carrying a bright tote rather than the usual black, or purchasing flowers for your apartment on your route home. Colour makes people happy.
  • Add flowers. Insta-glamour. Particularly peonies and roses.
  • Keep an organized scheduler for all of your appointments. How chic. And it’s so fun picking them out! And then you’ll need a fab pen to go with it. #Accessory!
  • Smile. It’s your best accessory.
  • For an instant hit of fabulous at home, throw a soft, neutral blanket over the side of your couch or arm chair. There is currently a sumptuous cream throw living on our brown tweed couch and it is like giving a brown haired girl highlights. You know what that means.
  • Add texture to your home. Decorative storage baskets (mine are from London Drugs) and sheepskins (Ikea) have added some much needed layers to our apartment. (Really, extra marvelous sheepskin example here.)
  • Mailing your girlfriend a birthday card on her special day rather than the expected text. Imagine how much she’ll adore it and what it’ll mean to your friendship. It’s quite the amazing little gesture.
  • Having your stationery personalized. HELLO GLAMOUR. (I can help with this one.)
  • And always, always have a fresh coat of lipstick or gloss on. It’s that thing that instantly gives a finished look. (I am surely undone without it.)

What do you think? Realistic? Enjoyable? I think you’ll love it. (Here’s a look at an older post featuring corners of our home.) Looking for more glamorous inspiration? You’ll certainly find it here with my Pinterest For the Home pinboard!


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