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1 – Pine cone candles from The Hudson’s Bay, wooden tray by Urban Barn, books from Louis Vuitton and Chapters, 2 – pillow from The Hudson’s Bay Co, West Elm lamp, Villa Beau Interiors mirrored table

Tomorrow morning a small film crew will be coming to our home to capture our taste for interior design and my taste for all things clothing and accoutrements. The camera will be at our home on behalf of the Vancouver Home + Design Show, who, in collaboration with Park Royal, is putting on the first Style Friday Fashion Show on October 12th featuring local style bloggers. The short segment will be shared at the show, and then on my soon-to-be-launched new blog! I can not wait to share it with you, but there is still much work to be done!

Like my nails… Vacuuming… Dusting… Those mirrored tables show everything!

Que Porter?! 

P.S. When my boyfriend came home, I very excitedly showed him the new candles I purchased today that are now proudly displayed on our wooden tray. It wasn’t until later in the evening when he was looking for a wick on the mini pumpkin did I realize he thought I’d purchased three different candles… Aww. #HadToShare

P.P.S. I’ve recently subscribed to Vogue Paris and considering my ambition to become fluent in French, I couldn’t be more excited to receive my first issue in the mail! Still have to get my hands on the September issue featuring Garance Dore though… J’aime la langue! 

Shall we talk about how this all started? It’s certainly not everyday I bring home a Dior bag as big as me.

We started the day out with a stroll down the popular shopping street Champs Elysées, but of course not before a banana and Nutella crepe from our favourite boulangerie!

We visited the Arc de Triomphe, and as you can see had a little fun at Louis Vuitton

I found this fabulous LV authored guide book of NYC – they’ve created a series of some of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. I most certainly plan on returning to Manhattan again and again, and why not have the LV guide when I do? Until then it shall be a very nice addition to the coffee table. And they wrapped it soo nicely.

After conquering Champs Elysées we turned down the Rue Montaigne where the heavy hitters live. We’re talkin Prada, Chanel, Sonia Rykiel, Fendi and Gucci, among others. We came across this gorgeous hotel along the way, the Plaza Athénée, can you recognize it? I’ll give you a hint…

Oh yes, for all you Sex and the City lovers, this is indeed the hotel where Carrie bradshaw stayed in Paris. I shall never forget the scene where she squealed when she saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time. And in case you’re wondering, rates at the Plaza Athénée start at about €800.00. Then Carrie went to Dior, and I did too…

{ Wearing: Brooks Brothers chambray shirt, H&M tank, Zara belt, trousers and sandals. Armani sunnies, Fossil watch and Gianni Chiarini carryall }

I took great pleasure in walking down the Rue Montaigne with this ridiculously ENORMOUS bag, as I suspect it gave people the opportunity to think of what a big spender I am. In fact, this bag holds two overly packaged, rather small Dior pieces for the home. Small, but fabulous. This Dior store is the only location that houses a “gift” compartment. What they mean by “gift” is beautiful Dior pieces like crystal, glassware, tableware, blankets, trays, decorative pieces, bedding etc. that a very wealthy person might want to bring back for someone. This to me was more like the “splurge on your own home if your credit card can handle it” section. As I mentioned, I picked out two pieces, a small white decorative tray for displaying perhaps perfume and a candle, and two white ceramic heart-shaped bowls that came as a set, one smaller than the other and both printed with “Dior” on the underside. Both of my purchases were rather reasonable I thought, for Dior anyhow. Then I bought a lipstick and things really got out of hand. Tthey really like their packaging at Dior, and so we have “the unwrapping of Dior” next:

I am just in love with this little tray. Too cute. I didn’t unpack the other purchase; those two bowls, as they’re quite breakable and I figured to travel with them I better leave them packed as the experts packed them. I did have to leave the fab Dior boxes behind at our Paris hotel though (we’re in Provence now). They were just too big to bring along. Just to note, while we were in the Dior store I was in heaven, naturally, and I said to Marisa, “Wow, I love Dior!,” and the gentleman who was helping us said, “No, you must sayJ’adore Dior!‘” And so I do. J’adore Dior.

Xo StyleStruck

{ No pictures allowed through our tour of Buckingham Palace, these few were captured leaving the palace. }

9:45 am we had an appointment at Buckingham Palace to see the State Rooms, Kate’s McQueen dress and the Royal Faberge. It was quite a tour, easily one of the best I have ever done. I’ve seen many castles, palaces and royal buildings in my life, but I never thought I’d have the opportunity to walk through an operating Royal Palace and home. The rooms with their opulent decor were incredible, as to be expected. The real treat was seeing Kate Middleton’s wedding dress (shown for the first time publicly), along with a video explaining the construction and design of the dress narrated by Alexander McQueen Creative Director Sarah Burton, as well as Kate’s shoes and jewelry from her wedding day.

Immediately after our tour we decided we needed to do something very girly. Naturally, we hopped on the tube for Oxford St, one of London’s busiest and best shopping destinations. (Best for tourists as Londoners have a lot of great shops we don’t in Canada.) One of the shops in that area is the enchanting department store Liberty. (I clearly have a thing for hydrangeas! *Swoon* for hydrangeas.)

{ Then we stopped, mid-shop, for tea time }

Soo many pretty things at Liberty! I have a real penchant for stationery, as displayed above. As Sunday night was our last night, we dressed up for dinner! Which didn’t really work out. We got so caught up walking down New Bond St – where all the designer shops are – that the restaurants had all closed by the time we got to them. We ended up at Pizza Hut. Real glam, particularly my garlic bread sticks.

{ Wearing: Leopard scarf from Winners, New Look t-shirt, Joe Fresh silk shorts, Christian Louboutin sandals, Dorothy perkins necklace worn as a bracelet, Franchi clutch }

London, you treated us well! Mostly. If you don’t count the first Sunday we were there (we arrived in the UK on the Friday), when my wallet was stolen in Nottinghill on Portabello Road. The thief got away with my Mastercard, debit card and ₤60 (about $90 Canadian). What a drag – a whole week was spent without access to any money! Luckily for me though that the girlfriend I’m traveling with, bless her heart, lent me money for that week and we evened it out when I finally received a new MC upon arrival in Paris. Also on that Sunday my pants ripped big right at the worst spot (as seen here), I entered a toilet stall that had no TP (meaning that no, I did not go without, but had to quickly make friends with the girl next to me who undoubtedly thought I was a real perv), and my Tube pass declined to work several times, leaving me stuck in the metal rotating thingy. TMI? London basically kicked me in the pants that day.

P.S. I miss my cat.

Xo StyleStruck

Thursday night I attended an event at The Bay celebrating the launch of the new Coach store. The party featured a candy bar, champagne and fun swag – a set of colourful Coach pencils. My good friend and fellow blogger, Stephanie Walker, seen on this blog rather frequently lately, also went and we couldn’t resist a few outfit shots before going in. This silk top, by Karen Kane, is one of my favourite pieces. It was actually my mother’s from decades ago and luckily she took excellent care of it before passing it on to me. I used to wear it with white jeans and evening sandals, now I opt for black leather and heels.

Wearing: Talula military style coat, Karen Kane (as in the Canadian ballerina), silk Jaguar printed top, pleated leather skirt from Zara, H&M tights, Browns ID patent leather heels, Kate Spade bag. Bangles from years ago, I can’t remember where I purchased those, H&M stud bracelet.

Stephanie is wearing a dress from Urban Outfitters and Louis Vuitton bag.

It was a fun and fabulous evening!

Xo StyleStruck

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