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Over the past few weeks I’ve been sending out carefully made packs of bespoke LOVE + MARK’D cards to friends of the biz, bloggers and people whose name I think would look fabulous in glitter. All of this time spent at the post office mailing packages has inspired a new style of card: the new social media card, featuring traditional-mail! We’ve all connected through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and blogging, now I think it’s time to connect through pretty surprises in our mail boxes and handwritten notes.

All of these new designs are customizable and are available from our Etsy store! And most popularly, are available in larger quantities for custom business designs! (For more info, please email: Now go get yourself some stamps! ;)

That put a hop in your step and make you smile. We love those things. You’ll see some of mine below. Not included, but certainly owed a mention is one of the things that makes me smile the most: this little treat.

{ Stella & Dot Renegade bracelets c/o (available here) }

{ Stella & Dot Luxor Link bracelet (available here) and Sidewinder snake ring (available here) c/o }

{ Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant Necklace (available here) c/o. Does this remind you of anything?? Well I’m a total Mad Men fan and this looks to me a lot like Joan’s pen necklace, worn in what seems like every episode. }

Yesterday I received a big box all the way from New York City. When I opened it, I couldn’t believe it. It was Christmas in May. I have been on somewhat of a shopping ban lately and these treats were just what the doctor ordered! I had been feeling like I needed to spruce up my bauble collection and these pieces are just the trick. I am so in love with the luxor link bracelet, I can’t wait to pile it on with my watch and an assortment bangles. I think I’ll do that today. I must say a major, major thank you to Stella & Dot, you made my week!

{ More custom LOVE + MARK’D work! These are due for NYC and Australia! We’re goin global! I so love creating personalized cards, and we can do anything at all. Just ask! (email: }

And the last thing that made me smile? Seeing this picture included as part of Fashion Magazine’s coverage of the Mary Katrantzou event at The Room. It was the first event I had brought Rae to and I’m glad it bore some results for my new party guest!

I am so thrilled to present to you the debut issue of Framework magazine. Framework, dedicated to “build[ing] your life in style” was created by Editor-in-Chief Bria Lear, a fellow student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. We both went to school to create clothes, but came out writing!  Truly, this is an online magazine you will want to read month after month. We’ve seen a lot of online mags come and go, but this one is pure substance and I’m sure is here not only to stay, but to influence. Major congratulations to Bria for a job very well done. And also a thank you!, for she featured me and the LOVE + MARK’D brand in the issue.

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New from LOVE + MARK’D for S/S 2012!

All of these designs are available on Etsy! More to come.

See you tonight at Pacific Centre lovelies!

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I have a real affinity for a handwritten note. Perhaps it is the feeling of paper chosen especially for you, or the special way a person’s handwriting looks so loopy on the page, or the fact that it offers a very personal moment in the midst of emails, tweets and Facebook messages. And of course, the fact that someone thought highly enough of you to take the time to write a special note, seal up the envelope, purchase a stamp and find the postbox.

I came across an article in the Toronto Star that perfectly illustrates my point for the love of a handwritten note, here is an excerpt:

“The modern love letter typed into Gmail contains fewer if any endearing spelling mistakes. There are no crossed-out words the recipient can hold up to the light to see if they can make them out. There are no idiosyncratic tilts or doodles, no way to know if the writer makes 8s in one sweeping motion or with two circles stacked one atop the other.

There’s also no indication of pace based on a frantic scrawl or careful letter formation. And unless the writer changes the font, there’s a ubiquity to every message — each note is in Times New Roman, Helvetica, Arial, whatever the default typeface.

‘Letter writing is a far more visceral thing — there’s a whole other reading into it,’ says 29-year-old Hayley Imerman, a Pal-Sac regular who is an intern in an architecture firm.

‘People not only see that those are the words that you’ve written, but they see the hands writing the words in a way. Personality comes through, emotion comes through.’”

LOVE + MARK’D was born as a means of adding a unique fabulosity to the practice of mailing a card, and since it was born the cards have gone through some maturation. I am very happy to share with you a peek at a couple of the new LOVE + MARK’D cards: (new website to quickly follow too!)

The new designs will be available online this weekend and will be available for purchase at the Make It show starting Friday, April 20th!

{ Wearing: Basix II dress, Chanel shoes }

I spent a good portion of today doing a shoot with Jamie. The shoot was for both StyleStruck – mega fashion, and LOVE + MARK’D! I can’t wait to show you all the rest of the shots!

OH MY HEAVENS IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS. Santa, please make my Christmas sparkly. Oh! And LOVE + MARK’D tweets now! Have a wonderful Wednesday night – you deserve it. Xx.

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Today was a milestone day for my little business: today LOVE + MARK’D cards are officially available in stores! Two to be exact, both Barefoot Contessa locations on Main St. and Commercial Drive! I am so thrilled to provide a location where my cards can be found, and I hope to bring you many more! Many thanks to Barefoot Contessa for the support! Be sure to visit their stores before Christmas: they are beautifully merchandised and their gift selection is too good! (Something about a 2 for them, 1 for me ratio…)

And to continue with “All StyleStruck & Barefoot Contessa, all the time” programming, their blog is currently featuring my top picks for hostess gifts! (Along with a few well-placed Qs & As!My giveaway with Barefoot Contessa for the delightful angora beret ends tomorrow! Comment to enter the giveaway here!

Thank you for all of your support. Xx.

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TRUTH(S): So a couple months ago I started a new business venture (as you know), and thus, gave myself a pay cut. It seems brand new businesses don’t provide a consistent and dependable cash flow as corporations do. You gotta hustle for the money. Of course life has been different since having left my structured 9 – 5 office job, and while I am in no position to be buying Fendis or Pradas right now, I must say I am thoroughly enjoying the entrepreneurial ride. It is much easier to swallow the “I’m not allowed to go shopping” pill when you know you are building a business that will likely one day allow for a lot of shopping. (It better.) However, just because I am not currently shopping for myself (okay, so I might be picking up the odd thing here and there… like a pine scented Voluspa candle that was an absolute necessary purchase for the festive season! If I can’t have a Christmas tree in my apartment, I at least deserve the smell, right??), doesn’t mean that my family should suffer too. Holt Renfrew is currently having a designer sale (and a miserable one at that – slim pickings this year Holts) and I thought perhaps I’d be able to find a treat there for someone on my list. Even though I have been an avid Holt Renfrew shopper, and was indeed carrying a Cole Haan bag that I purchased there, I swear the sales people were looking at me like I was a bag lady looking to pop a bauble into my black puffer winter coat. One little sales associate followed me around. She sure killed my Christmas optimism. I wanted to punch her. I wanted to get in her face and say: “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I’VE SPENT HERE OVER THE YEARS?! THE ONLY BAG LADY I AM IS A KATE SPADE, COLE HAAN, MARC JACOBS CARRYING KIND OF BAG LADY!” But I didn’t. I kept it to myself. I found myself feeling rather blue because of the experience on my way home, thinking of the negatives rather than the positives (of which there are plenty and I must remember that) and so decided to find solace in the fact that Ms. Carrie Bradshaw at one point had some serious financial woes that would surely trump mine:

Or find the episode here. Relating to Carrie sure helped.

TIP: On the money-saving side of things, my Mum taught me a good tip years ago that I swear by today: when you notice that you’re hair is in desperate need of a deep conditioning treatment or one of those fancy hair oils to help tame the wild ends, go into your kitchen, get the olive/sunflower seed/whatever kind of oil and put a little drop in your hands. Rub the oil around the palm of your hands so that it is evenly distributed and then slightly rub the bottom half of your hair. You’ll see smooth, shiny looking hair instantly, and the oil is good for your hair! Just be light on the application and don’t go anywhere near your roots, we all know roots need all the help they can get for volume, and most products weigh them down.

TIP: The VOLTS (an exclusive, invite-only online sale site) wants to extend an invitation to StyleStruck readers to join! Join here and use invitation code: STYLESTRUCK. There’s some fab things on The Volts – things that would make you a great gift-giver! #ILoveDealsAtChristmasTime

TIP: Score yourself a pretty-something-new with my angora beret giveaway thanks to Barefoot Contessa!

TIP: One more tip, it’s about skin. For the past 8 years I have suffered through hit-and-miss boughs of acne. While it was never severe, those pesky spots always came at the wrong time, like popping up on a shoulder when I was meant to be having a beach day, or appearing over night on my chin when there was an event that evening. Even the memories make me shudder. What changed? A few months ago I was having dinner with a good girl friend who stays in fantastic shape seemingly effortlessly. I asked her what her diet was like, she said she had cut out pasta, most dairy and red meat. (Talk about will power.) I thought I’d give it a try. Cutting down on the red meat was surprisingly easy, and cutting out milk was no effort at all as I replaced it with almond milk. Pasta was another story. It was through this experimental diet that I found out I am allergic to something in milk. It seems milk creates spots on my skin. Since replacing cows with almonds my skin has dramatically changed, it is less oily, way smoother and noticeably spot-free! (98% of the time – stubborn little beasts.) If you are a regular milk drinker and have had skin issues by the likes that I did, I recommend trying cutting it out – there’s nothing to lose, other than regular concealer touch-ups. :) (Give it about three weeks, that’s when I saw changes.)

Now back to glittering up paper – the positives are back in sight! Yahoo! – Since we’re sharing, I’d love to hear your similar stories and comments! (Comment above.)

P.S. With the Christmas season now upon us and card-giving time fast approaching, I’ve put a 20% discount on all LOVE + MARK’D cards! Use code: CHRISTMAS at checkout! Merry card shopping! 

This weekend was one of those perfectly festive couple of days that really get you in the mood for the current season. The leaves here have been turning from green to yellow, orange and red (as noted in my recent fall frolic), and the pumpkin spice lattes are out in force, but it’s getting friends together over cupcakes, tea and a very festively decorated table that makes me feel like a season is in full swing.

SATURDAY I held a LOVE + MARK’D pop-up shop/tea party! Pictures of my home, pre-party:

{Apple cinnamon muffins – I had one a bit early… mmm}
{A completed order of Thank You cards ready for pick-up}

It was a wonderful day of chatting stationery, fashion and business ventures! Thank you to all the ladies (and gents) who came and took home their favorite cards! I loved having you over.

SUNDAY boyfriend and I ventured out to a giant pumpkin patch, complete with animals!

{Naturally I took my hot dog with me out into the field}

{Wearing: Talula jacket, New Look white shirt (London), Fidelity denim, Juicy Couture boots, Armani sunnies, necklace was a gift in part from my Mum and her twin, my Auntie J}

Do you have your pumpkin yet? And what’s your costume plan this year: something creative? Or maybe one of our fashion favorites?? (Two years ago I paraded around as Karl.)

Check out my first article for The Huffington Post Canada!

P.S. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest updates! 

Happy Monday! The Doctor’s Closet and I have a treat for you today: a giveaway!

Click to visit The Doctor’s Closet and learn how to enter – it’s as easy as a few clicks! The winner will be announced Friday – good luck! Xo

Want to see more LOVE + MARK’D stationery? Check out my boutique!

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{Quick pic as I’m in full cozy-party-planning mode getting ready for a whole lotta ladies to come over tomorrow! In the works: mini cupcakes galore, fall themed treats and of course oodles of cards – new designs too! Wearing: Neff hat (c/o), Jay Manuel Attitude sweater c/o Sears, JNBY pants (c/o), Prada mary-janes from Bergdorfs! Oh how I miss NYC…}

A few of my favourite new LOVE + MARK’D card designs: (click on each to review on Etsy!)

Back to work! Have a great weekend!


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{Wearing: H&M denim & wool sweater (men’s department), shirt c/o Bilby & Moss, shoes c/o Tretorn, Cole Haan, cheapie sunnies: unknown brand – got them aaages ago!}

Just out the door to run errands this afternoon (must buy new shades of glitter for new stationery orders! Which in my books is fab-u-lous.), and being absolutely in love with this new H&M sweater (with leather pockets), thought I’d snap a quick photo.

I’m really enjoying a nice little sneaker over a flat right now, much better for running around town. (Many thanks to Tretorn for these comfy Nylite sneakers! Posted wearing them here for the Nylite Project) This big Cole Haan bag is brilliant: it’s big enough for my iPad, my notebook, headphones, iPod and a myriad of other knickknacks and lots of pockets.

Today is the last day to take advantage of my 25% off discount code on LOVE + MARK’D stationery! Click, click, click to see it! (Discount code: stylestruck to be used at checkout)

A big congrats to @Rymarie15 who won the giveaway for the Kensie sweater from Courtney Boutique!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! Hope you get to spend time outside!  

About six weeks ago I mentioned that I had left my office job in favor of pursuing my own business. Well, today is THE DAY! I am very happy to introduce you to LOVE + MARK’D, my new stationery collection!

{A set of Fall Thank You cards}

Falling in love with stationery happened at a very young age, I’ve always been taken with pretty sets of paper, the fact that they came with matching envelopes just bowled me over! But starting my own company came about on a train from Paris to Provence. My girl friend and I had just finished spending an inordinate amount of time perusing  a Papeterie (stationery shop), in Paris, and I thought, how come we don’t have such a grand selection back home? I want more than the usual drug store cards or book store stationery offerings. I purchased a pretty yellow notebook and mauve felt tip pen and got to work calculating a plan and sketching out potential card designs, all the while staring out onto the French countryside. It was rather inspiring. I think there is certainly something to be said about traveling and how it makes you want to realize your ambitions. My cards are customizable, personalized and handmade, each one being one of a kind. Below are some of my favourites, all of which are available on my Etsy shop (I ship internationally!), and my LOVE + MARK’D tab in my bog menu! I do hope you’ll have a look and enjoy them as I do!

Because I’m feeling giddy with excitement over sharing this with you and in the spirit of launching my new business, today through Saturday I am offering 25% off all card sets with the coupon code: stylestruck. Just enter it at checkout to get your discount! #Fabulous. So go on, mail some love with one of these sweet treats!

With many thanks for reading and clicking,


StyleStruck for LOVE + MARK’D stationery by Olivia Lovenmark for LOVE + MARK’D by StyleStruck in collaboration with StyleStruck by Olivia for LOVE + MARK’D stationery