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I like love to shop. I know you love to do it too. I’ve even gotten on board with this whole new shopping online phenomenon! (New to me!) For the longest time I insisted I would only shop at actual shops, I really enjoy the experience of being in a store, seeing the fabrics and trying pieces on. But when a website comes along that offers us pretty-things-aholics a chance at designer merchandise at a fraction of the retail cost, we must get our shop on! (And also when an online shop offers you delightful stationery. Just sayin. ;))

Perhaps you’re already familiar with PRIVÉ (you’re fabulously savvy), if not, it is a member’s only website that offers exclusive access to limited-time shopping events featuring leading designer brands at up to 70% off retail prices! Click here or on the PRIVÉ icon to the left (in the sidebar) to start your PRIVÉ experience!

Happy shopping! 

P.S. Recently my second article for the Huffington Post Canada was published! Click HERE to see what it is that gets my pen moving.

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{Blair Eadie Bee of Atlantic-Pacific mixing leopard and burgundy. Oh, if only we were still wearing shorts on our bit of the West Coast too.}

{Garance Dore‘s piece on her love of yoga pants – too funny and a must read for us Vancouverites who are more than known to live in our yoga pants}

{News just recently broke that J.Crew big boss Jenna Lyons has left her husband for a woman. You can read the Forbes article here, or the Huffington Post article here. I’d rather re-visit her fabulous taste for interior design, brought to us by Habitually Chic.}

{The Glitter Guide‘s Glitter Girl feature on Laney Crowell of Downtown Romantic}

DID YOU KNOW that on Fridays Yew at the Four Seasons hosts Foxxy Fridays! (Which is put on in collaboration with Creme de la Creme Grand Wedding Showcase (pictured above), so there is no doubt it will be fabulous. Remember that night I had at Yew with Creme de la Creme… heaven.) AND THAT TONIGHT is the Halloween Bridesmaid Edition of Foxxy Friday!

Details: Show up at YEW between 5:30 and 6:30 pm in any preworn Bridesmaid dress (the more outrageous the better)! All who attend in bridesmaids attire will be treated to Foxxy Friday cocktails and bites and will have a big chance at winning the “Ultimate Bridesmaid Tea Party!” (Valued at $400.) FYI: You must be in attendance at the Nov. 6 Creme de le Creme Grand Wedding Showcase to qualify to win the “Ultimate Tea Party” and must be part of a wedding planned before Nov. 6 2012.

Today is the last day to enter The Doctor’s Closet and Alicia Fashionista‘s LOVE + MARK’D stationery giveaways! They’re both giving away a set of 4 cards – which the winner gets to choose from this big and fabulous selection!


This morning I woke up to a cat walking up my side while I was lying in bed. Marie likes to wake me up by strutting up my legs and then perching on my hip, so I can’t move. Typical cat strategy. The sun was (is) shining through the window and I thought, perfect time to get out the iPad. Sifting through my Twitter stream I came across an article from The Huffington Post‘s new print magazine (cleverly entitled, is now available at all overly priced, too-cool for anything but the latest of the latest shops, like Colette in Paris. (Again, how come we don’t live in Paris?) Anyhow, so I read through the fab article and started browsing the site, clicking tapping on the “Style” homepage and BAM! There it was. My article as a “featured blog post.” Well I’ll be. Brilliant start to the day!

P.S. The Doctor’s Closet and Alicia Fashionista have some proper paper-style treats for you… Oh, enough with being coy, they’ve each got a set of LOVE + MARK’D stationery to give away tomorrow! Better enter. (Another reason to love these women: they’re also following their own entrepreneurial pursuits! We really love that.)