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{ Tory Burch Foundation x FEED tote (c/o Holt Renfrew – surprise delivery tweeted here and here), Twik anarak (c/o, H&M top & denim, Christian Louboutin for DVF runway – story of how they came to be mine here, House of Leather cap (found at Park Royal) }

I’ve learned a few new fashion things this past week which I’d like to share today:

  • Tory Burch’s Tory Burch Foundation has partnered with Lauren Bush Lauren‘s co-founded FEED Projects on the festive tote above, to be available in Holt Renfrew stores on May 10, but through beginning April 30. The tote, which marries the aesthetics of the two organizations, will benefit both by giving a portion of the sales to their respective missions. The Tory Burch x FEED collaboration will retail for $50.
  • Jay Manuel, J. Alexander (or Miss J.), and Nigel Barker have not had their contracts renewed been sacked from America’s Next Top Model for cycle 19, and rumors say in their place comes the sometimes controversial blogger, Bryan Boy. Did Tyra make a good decision? I’m not certain of what I think, but if the ratings were low and they were looking for a way to spice things up, I’m not sure this was it. What do you think? Should wannabe-models be taking lessons from a self-made blogger rather than the seasoned fashion expert? Not that the two have to be mutually exclusive. Read this report on the matter from
  • Dealing with a hacked blog is a real $#@%!. This past week was undoubtedly one of the biggest weeks for this small blog, with many thanks to my friends at H&M (event images to come soon! See snaps from instagram here, here and here, and on here!), and of course this was the week I had to deal with “malware,” whatever the heck that is. I still don’t know. But it seems the issues are cleared up, and smooth blogging ahead. Thank you for being patient with me!
  • The Hunger Games is a fantastic movie, undoubtedly one of the biggest of 2012. I was having a chat recently with a very well educated fashion friend about the method of forecasting colour trends. WGSN, the leader in trend-analysis and research, she said, looks to all kinds of cultural pinpoints to determine what the next season’s hottest hues will be and noted that indeed fiery orange (of the Hunger Games flames) is a big one. This is a dot I had not quite connected (or perhaps I hadn’t given it enough thought), but I find it very interesting. Find Pantone’s Fashion Color Report here, where they name the big colours of 2012. I wonder where the others were dreamed up?

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