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1 – Pine cone candles from The Hudson’s Bay, wooden tray by Urban Barn, books from Louis Vuitton and Chapters, 2 – pillow from The Hudson’s Bay Co, West Elm lamp, Villa Beau Interiors mirrored table

Tomorrow morning a small film crew will be coming to our home to capture our taste for interior design and my taste for all things clothing and accoutrements. The camera will be at our home on behalf of the Vancouver Home + Design Show, who, in collaboration with Park Royal, is putting on the first Style Friday Fashion Show on October 12th featuring local style bloggers. The short segment will be shared at the show, and then on my soon-to-be-launched new blog! I can not wait to share it with you, but there is still much work to be done!

Like my nails… Vacuuming… Dusting… Those mirrored tables show everything!

Que Porter?! 

P.S. When my boyfriend came home, I very excitedly showed him the new candles I purchased today that are now proudly displayed on our wooden tray. It wasn’t until later in the evening when he was looking for a wick on the mini pumpkin did I realize he thought I’d purchased three different candles… Aww. #HadToShare

P.P.S. I’ve recently subscribed to Vogue Paris and considering my ambition to become fluent in French, I couldn’t be more excited to receive my first issue in the mail! Still have to get my hands on the September issue featuring Garance Dore though… J’aime la langue! 

In my recent DIY post I prefaced the post with a picture of my living room. Things around here have really changed since I first moved in. The furniture has been moved around at least six times, and pieces have come and gone. Finally, finally, it feels like me and it feels like the home of a young adult, rather than of a girl, as I think it did before. My taste has definitely matured in the past year and a half! Goodbye anything pink (pink font is obviously an exception), and with sparkles, hello neutrals, black and white french photographs and natural textures! I mean, hello fabulous!

Smaller mirrored side table from Villa Beau Interiors, large round mirrored table from The Cross Decor & Design. Couch (covered in a throw from The Hudson’s Bay Co.), coffee table and black shag rug all given to me by friends, family (not sure of their makers). Three black picture frames and mirrored coasters purchased at various dollar stores (my best un-kept secret!). All candlesticks, lamps, cream throw, cream jug vase and small metal table from HomeSense (a.k.a. mecca). Lucite chairs and mongolian fluffy pillow from Urban Barn, with sheepskins from Ikea (only $40!!).

Happy home decorating!

I’ve been at it again, adding a few little things to my apartment, changing some things around – any excuse to go apartment-shopping! These crown hooks were previously in the front hall, but now have a new, and better suited, home in the bathroom keeping my accessories organized.

I think this lovely table is much more aesthetically appealing as a decorative type of side table rather than setting it up as a dining table (which is what I use it for). I’m loving gold accents right now, the pear is from Urban Barn and then gold mat is from Chintz & Co. The white pillar candles are from HomeSense. My throw pillows are from Chintz & Co. (the pink) and Walmart (the taupe). Talk about high and low! Tulips are everywhere right now, at all the flower shops. They’re nice enough, but I can’t WAIT until peonies and hydrangeas are back in season!! Though I hear peonies are bad for kitties, I suppose I could put them on top of the cupboards…

This morning was one of those ideal Saturday mornings. I went for an early breakfast (10 am is early on a Saturday), with a friend and then walked around the downtown area poking into home stores, Chapters and flower shops. I picked up this book about Diana’s style at Chapters for a mere $8 – it pays to check the sale corner! I’ve long been a fan of Princess Di and her effortless casual style is a big influence on my own style. Unfortunately, my hunt for side tables was less fruitful and all I came home with were two Valentines cards from the local interior design shop (below). Who will be the lucky recipients of these gorgeous cards…

Fresh flowers have a way of lifting my spirits, through the spring I’m going to try to bring home fresh flowers every week, preferably keeping with this pink and white theme.

I can’t help but crack a smile and a laugh at Marie’s kitty tag. It is just too cute. If only she’d wear it without batting at it…

Above is my new and improved front hall area. I replaced the pine-framed mirror that was there before with this more glamorous mirror and added these lovely hooks I purchased in Toronto. The picture seen in the reflection (below), features two of my favourite members of the Rat pack: Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.

Thank you for visiting our home, lovely readers.

Xo StyleStruck & Marie, a.k.a. StyleStruck Jr.

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It just takes a few little things and a simple change here and there to make your home feel fresh and new. These little touches make me happy:

~ This white glittered rose use to sit upon my Christmas wreath, but has since found a new home. ~

~ I found this golden pear perched on a clearance shelf at Urban Barn for just a few dollars. I think it’s as glamorous as a pear could ever hope to be. Now to find some fresh pink roses in the middle of winter to set into my log vase. ~

~ Finding a new way to display items you already have makes them feel fresh, not that I could ever, ever, ever get bored by white pillar candles, crystal and display diamonds. Never ever. I like to display my current and most favourite magazines, Vogue of course being among them. All crystal candle holders purchased at Home Sense. ~

~ If I had my way, I would only wear two types of shoes: sweet, delicate flats like this pair from Zara, and statement heels. These imitation leather flats were found abandoned on a sale rack at Zara for a mere $14.99. They’ll look like fantastic come Springtime with white jeans, a loose white blouse and oversized tortoiseshell sunnies. ~

~ Never mind the creases, hanging these dish towels was a big moment for me. Since I moved out on my own, I’ve been using hand-me-downs from my Mum in the kitchen – her kitchen extras like the green dish towels that used to hang here. I’ve finally begun to choose my own kitchen things and my home really feels like me. My morning routine goes like this: Wake up, pet and feed the kitty, do yesterday’s left over dishes, then move over to my computer by 8:30am to send in my morning report to work. Seeing these lovelies as I wash the dishes will be a real treat. ~

~ I know where kitchen treasures are kept: HomeSense. I could preach all day long about how fantastic that store is. The glass serving bowl to the left was mine for only $8, I mean, err, I paid $80 for that. It was very expensive, of course. And that plate and dish-like-plate set next to it, no, I definitely didn’t purchase those two for only $4. No way. And I certainly never peruse the clearance sections. Hah.

I go to the clearance sections first. 4 plates for $8, for dish-like-plates for $8. A grand total of $16 for a new set of dinner ware. That’s my style. ~ And then my cat snuck into the picture.

Here’s what my mother taught me about shopping:

1. When you see something that is you to a T, bring it home. Of course, this principle varies with price. One time she insisted I needed a very expensive large black leather Cole Haan bag from Holts. At the time it was maybe a bit mature for me, I now LOVE it and can see myself carrying it for decades to come. It’s fabulous quality and gorgeous. Of course, it took me a while to pay it off, but it was worth it.

2. When you find everyday items that are on sale, even if you don’t need them at the moment, like paper towel or peanut butter for instance, buy them then because at some point soon you’ll need those things and they’re sure to be much more expensive right when you need them but don’t have them.

3. Only buy what you love.

Thanks Mumma. You’ve steered me well.

Xo StyleStruck

And  a little bit of brain food: From 10 Blogs by Entrepreneurs you should be reading, featuring Vancouver’s Matthew and Adam Toren of the blog, Young Entrepreneur and Vancouver View Magazine!

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That’s what the weather man reported for today’s weather! I LOVE IT. I finally get to pull out all my winter coats and accessories and have them put to good use. Last year I was DYING to wear this cape and my new fur earmuffs, but it was too warm all the way up to November! Then I went to NYC, and of course packed lots of coats, only to arrive to t-shirt weather. FINALLY! COLD! Sorry to all those who can’t stand this weather, but perk up, get yourself a holiday coffee and enjoy this crisp air while it’s here.

Happy Mittens. Wearing: Vintage plaid wool cape, H&M scarf, 525 America ribbed sweater, Target black tank, vintage faux leather pants, Report suede and leather boots, Fossil rose gold watch, Francesco Biasia leather bag, aviators from an NYC street vendor, Talula wool mittens. I wore this outfit today to do a little errand running. Stop #1: HomeSense for a new bed throw – last night I was so chilly I could barely sleep. I didn’t find one I liked, though I did see one at Hermes yesterday that I quite liked, and it was only $1200. I’ve decided to purchase one in Toronto,that way I can bring home something fabulous for my apartment. Stop #2: IGA Marketplace for an apple strudel-for sustenance. Stop #3: Chintz & Co. Chintz used to be more fun, but now everything is so darn overpriced! I saw my lucite chairs, mirrored table, place mats and candlestick holders all there all for at least double what I paid, either at The Cross, Urban Barn or HomeSense. Geez Chintz. Stop #4: The Cross for white and blue silk ribbon – you’ll see what I’m using it for soon! More festive decorating!

Last week while perusing Twitter I noticed that Stuart Weitzman was holding a Twitter contest to win SW high heel paperclips. All you had to do was be the first person to retweet their tweet! Yayy! I was the first! Yesterday I received my very stylish paperclips in the mail. Follow @Stuart_Weitzman here for your chance at one of their fabulous contests!

Must be off to accomplish real work now, and decorate, and feed Marie, and nap. 

Ta ta,


I leave you with a cute Christmas song…

What I wore to do my daily blogging duties: H&M striped top, BCBG Max Azria army green skinnies, Gianni Chiarini leather bag, sunnies from Bang-On, plaid cape – unknown brand. Chair from Urban Barn, table from The Cross Design


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Monday morning and there is a blustery wind storm making an incredible racket outside my window. The kitten is scared, she’s curled up in a ball in my lap and won’t leave. I’m a bit late with this blog post, the past few days have brought with them a lot of late nights, (thank you work), and a serious dizzy spell. Anyways, I owe you some pictures of this new table and chair set I mentioned!! But this post is a little different than any other I’ve done, I decided to snap a few photos soon as I woke up, as to make it natural, sans make up! HORROR! I didn’t even brush my hair, which you’ll see. Welcome to breakfast at my place! Mmm raison bran!!

My new favourite seat in the house. You’ll notice the shabby curtains that my landlord has stuck me with. But first things first, 1: table & chair set, (check!), 2: living room rug, 3: coffee table, 4: new curtains! One at a time, unless anyone wants to sponsor the fixing up of my apartment?? (Note: Wearing: Pajamas. Tank from Le Chateau, sweat pants from El Costco and slippers from La Senza!)

Chairs from, table from The Cross, (my FAVOURITE store!), pine desk from Ikea and desk stool that Marie is enjoying, from Walmart! So very cheap and chic, non?

Now I really do need some gorgeous white sheer curtains, or perhaps white curtains with a light taupe design on them… or black and white?? Something subtle or dramatic?? This could take awhile. 

Xo StyleStruck

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Lately I’ve really been feeling like I need to get my apartment in order. I need to make it an adult apartment, with real furniture. A couple days ago my Mum and I arranged for the delivery of two lucite chairs from Urban Barn! I’ve had my eye on these chairs for what seems like at least a year now, and they’ll finally be mine! Now I just need a fabulous table, maybe something in black lacquer? A white vintage wooden table? Round or square? I have no idea, but I need to find one quickly!

What would you put with chairs like this? Help!

Xo StyleStruck

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