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Dear darling readers,

I would like to introduce you to a new part of my blog, tentatively titled “Thursday PM.” This new addition will be a Thursday evening feature sharing more personal thoughts, memories and general ideas about life. After the birth of Pinterest and therefore the up-spring of oh-so-many blogs focused on pretty pictures, an overdose on quotes and the pushing of online purchasing through “want” posts, I find there is room for some deeper conversation in our online-fashion world. Just because we love pretty things doesn’t mean we don’t also have pretty meaningful thoughts, right? It seems recently that many blogs are evolving around the business model of online shopping, and while this may be financially fruitful for some, I still prefer those with sentiment. Garance Dore does this well. Her posts tell a story. I think this is why Vogue is so appreciated. While Vogue is arguably our temple for the freshest and most innovative of fashions, Anna’s writers lace trend-based articles with dreamy nostalgia and a sense of reverence for what fashion means to the creative mind. Vogue offers a balance between clothes and a conversation discussing the challenges of life. I know there is a balance to be had on this fashion blog, and I strive to share that with you. And so with that, here is the first installment: a trip down memory lane from my time in France this summer and a short bit about what it meant to me. I hope you enjoy it. Xo, Olivia

{ From above: 1-Tara Jarmon dress, Old Navy cardigan, Armani sunnies, Gianni Chiarini bag, 2-Paris’ love lock bridge, 3-view from the farris wheel in the Jardin des Tuileries, 4-Au Nom de la Rose in Montmartre, 5-Posing for photos in our Paris hotel room at the request of Vancouver View }

{ From above: 1-decadent pastries in a cafe, 2-fresh hydrangeas, 3-the Eiffel Tower glittering at 10pm on a Saturday night, 4-Marie Antoinette’s bedroom, 5-about to lift off in a hot air balloon above Paris: H&M t-shirt & aviators, Zara belt & skirt, sandals from a Parisian shop }

{ From above: 1-gelato in Provence, 2-seaside in Cassis, 3-Zara sandals & H&M aviators, 4-strolling in Monaco, 5-Nice, 6-macarons glaces at Ladurée }

Visiting France as an adult was a long time in the making. I had been dreaming of the sidewalks lined with shops selling fresh flowers and cafes that spilled patrons and their drinks out onto the walkway, inadvertently making you peer into their shops as you make your way around the tables and chairs. Visions of glass cases filled with sweet, colourful pastries, delicate freshly baked croissants and chic flats on the Parisian girls, well dressed men perched lightly on slim bikes, blazers with elbow patches and haphazard book stalls edging the River Seine all filled my mind. I was not disappointed. Paris was a dream that I revisit often. There is a nonchalance in the air there, a very casual chic sense of being that seems to be ingrained into society. Life is appreciated in France; lunch breaks are not timed but stretched out into the afternoon as people luxuriate in their espressos and the romance of the sidewalk cafe. The city was inspiring. So inspiring in fact, that I promptly left my office job when I returned. After having experienced such wanderlust and fervor for the world’s offerings how was I ever to be content with staring out the sad window at the barren construction site below, knees jamming into my too-low desk, carrying out orders from a superior? Obviously I couldn’t. Thanks to my eye-opening travels I find myself on an entrepreneurial journey where new ideas fill the days with excitement, as do dreams of returning to France again as soon as possible.

What have your travels meant to you? I would love to know. Bonne nuit!

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