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On Monday morning dozens of entrepreneurial women joined the CRAVE Vancouver team at Heritage Hall on Main St. for the CRAVE Symposium; an event held to support various local business women and help them figure out how to grow their existing businesses. There were 8 businesses chosen that needed support. The attendees, about ten to a table, sat with one of the designated businesses and bounced around ideas that could help each business with marketing, branding, the financials, team building, etc. There were also a number of mentors at the event, who led each session. Andrea Baxter, of Bratface Marketing and Smart Cookies was a mentor in marketing, as was Heather White of Ghost CEO and 20/20 Communications. I have never learned so much in just one day. Some pics from the event! (Photos by Candice Albach of Albach Studios).

From the top: 1-Arpen Thandi of CRAVE Vancouver, 2-Danielle LaPorte of and Cortnie Clarke of Crave Beauty, CRAVE Founder, 3-Melody Biringer looks over one of the business sessions, 4-marketing mentor Andrea Baxter, 5-Heather White, a marketing mentor weighs in on local biz Urbanity, 6-the CRAVE books. 

If you are interested in learning how to grow your biz, then I highly recommend attending the CRAVE Symposium next year. It seemed it was best to come if you were a business owner, or on the verge of starting your own business. 


Now for some exciting news for you, the reader! Would you like to own a CRAVE book?? This book is  wealth of knowledge of many, many local businesses, (owned by women!), from retail to marketing firms to aesthetics, the entrepreneurial women of Vancouver are documented in this book! To enter, just leave me a comment about why you think CRAVE is great, or tweet it to me at @StyleStruck! I’ll have a winner picked by next week and will send you the book! Good luck!

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