Over the past few weeks I’ve been sending out carefully made packs of bespoke LOVE + MARK’D cards to friends of the biz, bloggers and people whose name I think would look fabulous in glitter. All of this time spent at the post office mailing packages has inspired a new style of card: the new social media card, featuring traditional-mail! We’ve all connected through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and blogging, now I think it’s time to connect through pretty surprises in our mail boxes and handwritten notes.

All of these new designs are customizable and are available from our Etsy store! And most popularly, are available in larger quantities for custom business designs! (For more info, please email: loveandmarkd@gmail.com) Now go get yourself some stamps! ;)

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6 Responses to THE LATEST

  1. Jenny V says:

    Those are cool. Time to bring back the old ways of connecting!

  2. Lauren says:

    these cards are adorable. I love the neon colors!

  3. French Twist says:

    These are such adorable cards! Love the neon glitter!

  4. Harjit says:

    oh my gosh..lovee the sparkles!! and the designs pop out as they are soo cute :)

  5. Love your new collections – they’re all so cute!

  6. Danielle says:

    I absolutely agree about connecting in ways that don’t require a computer! While I love twitter and social media, I really believe a handwritten note has much more meaning and sentimentality. I always try to send thank-you notes in the mail, I think it shows much more thoughtfulness than a simple tweet or email.
    As well, congratulations on the success Love and Mark’d has been having! Your cards are beautiful, it’s great to see that people are embracing them!

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