It’s Real Housewife Wednesday kids! At my haus this means sparkling wine, girlfriends and a whole lot of glossy drama we can’t take our eyes away from. Oh yes, I am looking forward to tonight. Also on my radar right now are these fun and fanciful things from around the web:

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  • Follow Roberto Cavalli on twitter? You should. His stream has become one of the most entertaining recently, with tweets telling of his thoughts on Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs and his love life. An example:

  • Roberto Cavalli also thinks Anna has terrible style, as caught on television… Oh boy. #FashionDrama (Though, he has a point.)
  • Refinery 29 sat down with stylist Brad Goreski recently during one of his stops at Brooks Brothers’ Black Fleece stores. Find his answers to their fashion Q’s here!

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{ Image via The Style Spy }

  • The Style Spy covers the H&M Gets StyleStruck event here! Thanks to Meagan Hall for the write up!
  • A mid-week, rainy day quote to keep your spirits high! And also this, just because it’s true. And this as well, from Audrey Hepburn, because it’s sweet.

And that closes this week’s edition of The StyleStruck Times. I hope, as I do, you feel more fashionably learned! (Insert winky face here.)

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  1. Glenda says:

    I remember making friendship bracelets when I was in grade school. Who would’ve thought it would become a trend again well into my adulthood!

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