Let’s set the tone for this little read…

Tonight I am fully ignoring my to-do list. It is racked with items attached to impending deadlines, goal-related to-do’s and a laundry list of chores. I’m not sure why, but instead of getting super productive I chose to re-paint my nails and watch an episode of It’s a Brad, Brad World online. Time well spent. Stepping into Brad’s world was like connecting with fashion in the middle of a week that is fashion-less (until Saturday! Blogger clothing sale!). Having a fashion moment (or an hour) amidst the paper work and writing tasks keeps me happy, it’s like that smile a dog gets when you scratch its ears and under its chin, that’s what fashion does for me. And even though I perhaps could have been checking things to do off of my list in that hour, I appreciate that that time was spent devoted to what I love. I suppose it’s like stopping to “fill up,” or “re-charge” in order to keep your internal happy level topped up.

What are the little things that make you happy in your everyday? The things that put a smile on your face or make you laugh out loud? I can share a few of mine. These are the experiences that make me happy to be me and quite dramatically, to be living (not that I wouldn’t be, or that I ever plan to not be, except for when I do eventually die and then can someone please make sure I am buried in my Chanel shoes?). *Note: this post is not to be stepping on the toes of my previous “Living Your Best Life,” this one is far more self-indulgent. Like chocolate. 

  • Flipping through the latest Vogue and dog-earing pages with pieces of inspiration, like a Fendi ad shot by Lagerfeld and featuring Arizona Muse with her darling short hair (even though it looks as though she’s currently growing it out… traitor)
  • The first bite of a lemon tart… It makes me pinch my face at the tartness and then relax in delight as the sweetness sets in
  • While I find the idea of having to carry about a coffee as though it’s a must have accessory repulsive, I can not deny the joy that can be found in being able to savour a soy chai tea latte while on the go
  • Purchasing a fancy coffee, like the above mentioned. I find the pricing of coffee absurd and therefore generally order a tea, or admittedly, a hot water for my tea bag. $5 for a cup of coffee, are you joking? Just ten of those and that’s a lovely new blouse. (I’m all about the math.)
  • Walking past the Vancouver Art Gallery. I don’t know what it is, but it makes me smile and want to plan a grand photo shoot on its steps. Perhaps I ought to go shoot there one day…
  • Wearing sunglasses, it’s like insta-chic
  • Luxe seating, like at Hotel Georgia’s gorgeous lounge/bar, 1927 Lobby Lounge
  • A very well made cosmo, like the ones at the Fairmont Pacific Rim‘s Lobby Lounge – to die for
  • As evidenced, the environment of a beautiful hotel. I just want to stand in a beautiful hotel, just being there you soak in glamorousness. Want to really treat yourself? Take yourself down to the bar of your most favorite hotel lounge and order a cocktail or martini – straight out of the Upper East Side, no? I do this with my boyfriend and sometimes even by myself. I am not in the position to splash out on a hotel room for an evening, but for $15 I can take in the ambiance and mysterious travelers for at least an hour. Not to mention the excuse to dress up…
  • Snuggle under a blanket on the couch and without any distractions (ie TV or a magazine), just sit and be. I like to let my mind wander and just being gives me a chance to appreciate where I am in my work and life. I suppose you could call this “reflection time.”
  • A crisp gala apple. It’s like my candy. Give me an apple and I’ll love you forever, not joking.
  • And the final thing that makes my heart sing? A pedicure. Seriously, a pedicure just makes my week. I feel if you’re going to wear beautiful shoes you need your feet to look beautiful too.
  • Oh! And watching Fashion Television with Jeanne Beker, it makes me feel like a dreamy 16 year old again.

All of these experiences make me feel lucky, though I can’t say for what reason. They just make me feel appreciative for being able to experience them I suppose… (And the Vague Award goes to me!) I would genuinely love to know what the moments are that you like to savor in life? If you do care to share with me, tweet me @StyleStruck and hashtag your tweet with #thelittlethings. Let’s get our appreciation on!!

P.S. By now you’ve realized that I am a big proponent of positive thinking and all that. At some point am I going to need to balance out these posts with a: “Here is What I’m Sour About?” Kidding… Kind of. 

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