(Note: I started writing this last night, got distracted cooking dinner and finished it this morning.) Let’s start this Thursday night off with a song, shall we? It’s rather fitting. Sometimes life has a will of its own, one that can go very much against yours no matter how much you plan. Case in point was Tuesday morning’s planned Breakfast Television segment. In case any of you readers were watching and thinking, “hey, I thought she said she was going to be on this?” well I certainly did. But Monday morning the news broke that the show was overbooked and our fashion segment got bumped. So goes the media world. Not uncommon but definitely crushing. You shoulda seen what I had planned! Nothing particularly groundbreaking (jeans are jeans are jeans), but I did have 8 models, lots of hot denim and cute looks from Joe Fresh. But that’s life.

This week has been a rager, of sorts. It week came off of a hectic Thursday/Friday of intense pulls at our favorite department stores for the last minute Monday photoshoot, and a weekend spent in Blaine, WA for a birthday over-nighter. (Hello homemade strawberry daiquiris!) Monday morning was mad. I had an early appointment for another pull (this one high end so it was rather lovely), then dashed back home to prep a few garments, ran to and fro from Robson St back to Pacific Centre to get a few last minute items from H&M (cat eye sunglasses, black heels, a somewhat nude bathing suit – just in case), and then finally got to the Hotel Georgia where our shoot was taking place just about 10 minutes before I was due. We spent from 1pm through about 8:30pm shooting, and I’m very proud of what we accomplished. Our model looked like a glamorous, feminine, modern day James Dean in one of the shots, that was my favourite look. I can’t wait to share the pictures with you. This would be my first official styling job as part of a photo shoot. I’ve done the morning TV show, the in-store displays and store windows, but not a photo shoot before. It was serious work, let me tell you. My feet have never been so sore. (That’ll teach me not to wear cute shoes on a shoot.) Take a look!:

{ Kate Spade blue and green stone necklace, H&M flowers, cuff from Holts }

{ Our model, F Cancer‘s Yael Cohen (instagramed being prepped here) in a perfect Party Skirt in a Hotel Georgia penthouse suite }

{ H&M sunnies and necklace, Ted Baket bow belt (mine), pearls from The Bay, Kenneth Jay Lane link bracelet from Holts }

{ Yael in Pucci (available at Holts) and Louboutins with me in… not Pucci… but I was wearing Manolos! }

The majority of Tuesday was spent returning all the clothes. Our apartment had come to look like an over-flowing closet. Wednesday brought a new custom LOVE + MARK’D order from a fabulous NYC based jewelry company! I had such a ball creating their cards. (The same company that sent me these!) Life has been a big bag of mixed tricks lately. On one hand, I am thoroughly frustrated with some of my fashion-related experiences, from the underlying cattiness that exists at fashion events and between bloggers when opportunities are far and few between to the amount of comparison you can start to feel in such a small community. That being said, life has been grand with the growth of the-little-card-biz-that-could and the strength in relationships I have created with various PR reps through Vancouver, across Canada and into the States. Business relationships mean everything to me and I’m finding great pride in those that are proving longevity and friendship. I bet you can relate.

Well, that’s enough “dear diary” for now. This post was due yesterday but it’s my blog so I’m posting it today. ;)

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  1. eva says:

    love those sunglasses

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