A little while ago I mentioned that Jamie Hodge and I went down to Kits to shoot some photos, well, here they are! Jamie is ridiculous with a camera, and by ridiculous I mean amazing. Check out her other work here!

Wearing: Zara cape, plaid shawl from Winners, Wilfred wool dress, H&M tights, Aldo wedges, vintage locket necklace purchased from a street vendor in SoHo, NYC and sunnies from H&M.

These photos were taken a little while ago, maybe early February when even the sun couldn’t warm the chilly air. Being down at the beach on such a crisp, gorgeous day was glorious, and all the more fun to play and snap photos! Jamie and I experimented with some jumping photos (you know the ones, Vogue is infamous for the “casual jump-and-pose” photos). I haven’t seen any of those yet, though realistically my attempt was probably more akin to a flail than a jump-and-pose. I’m no Caroline Trentini, after all. (That’s a September Issue reference right there – the model who was jumping with the camera man, I believe his name was Bob.) Nonetheless, when said photos do surface, they’ll show up here right away.

And did I mention that Marie has a penchant for avant garde head gear?

Truth is, my little cone head was recently spayed. And she was such a good girl through the whole ordeal. Meal time was a challenge though, Marie couldn’t figure out how to maneuver her plastic cone around the food dish, so every morning we had breakfast together…

But the little miss is back to her happy self now! And sans head gear.

Best be off now, come visit us again soon,

Xo StyleStruck & StyleStruck Jr.

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2 Responses to Winter Sun

  1. Anonymous says:

    More on Marie! She is such a pretty kitty.
    Bravo on getting her fixed.

  2. Nick says:

    Those photos turned out really nice
    what kinda glasses are those?

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